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The journey inwards (or outwards) is the focus of this discord.

We dabble in socionics, MBTI and other general areas of metacognition to promote self-growth, better understanding of interpersonal dynamics, and sometimes just because we enjoy abstract conversations.

We hope that companionship and community will improve the journey towards introspection.
A server where we chat and chill, talk about mbti, sometimes enneagram and iv too, feel free to join us! We’re a pretty small community so far but I hope we’ll be able to grow and have people of all different types join us!

Please be 18+ to join!
Welcome to The Fridge!

Made by Fi users, for Fi users (and of course other types are welcome!) As the server name suggests, we are a chill and laidback server. Don't be shy to join us! :D

- Active members and staff
- Information on the MBTI and Enneagram
- Art channels to pour your creativity into
- Occasional game events!
- Custom colour roles once you reach a certain rank

🚮mbti trash🚮

we are a small, casual chat with members who are or were previously interested in typology. we mainly focus on mbti, but people interested in any other personality typology are welcome. you don't even need to talk about typology on this server. this is just a place for typology lovers to unite.

the aim of this chat is that it's a chill place to be, so there's ideally as little rules as possible. basically, the discord guidelines
Join us on the pursuit of self-actualization! We're a growing community of individuals seeking to understand ourselves and develop our potential. This is a space for civil academic discussions and casual socialization alike. Overarching themes are psychology, philosophy, and personality typology (MBTI, Socionics, Enneagram, and more). We also have channels for gaming, art, literature, music, film, etc.
Laid-back community with a focus on personality type theories as a means of self-discovery.

🦋 500 animal emotes.
🦋 All the important bots.
🦋 Daily movie nights.
🦋 Daily VCs.

Features for Nitro Boosting:

• Access to the Booster/Patron-only bot text channel.
• Ability to self-assign palette-based vanity roles that are otherwise only available from achievement roles of levels 25, 50 and 75 on Mee6.
• Access to #lounge-3 and #archival.
• 💧12500 currency awarded on the Easterlies bot per boost monthly. Synergises with Patron role for extra droplets. 2.5k bonus for each boost.
• Access to #biographies, #pokémon and #stories.
• Ability to use the kotatsu and library voice channels.
MBTI FR est un tout nouveau serveur Discord aspirant à rassembler une communauté francophone autour du MBTI et de l'ennéagramme. Que vous soyez novice ou expert, nous sommes ouverts à toutes les personnes intéressées. Alors, n'hésitez pas : rejoignez-nous !
The word "agora" means "gathering place" in Ancient Greek, and this is exactly what we aspire to be - a gathering place for everyone interested in typology, where they could talk and learn together in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Our main focus is socionics, but we also dabble into enneagram, cognitive typology, and might consider other systems in the future. We have typists, self-assignable roles (including color), some bots for fun, and are open to suggestions and partnership. We hope you join Agora and enjoy your stay!
Slope System Is a 4-Sided Jungian / MBTI Theory extending from the works of John Beebe. The theory observes attitude shifts and transitional changes that occur in conversations and track thinking in real time.
We are laid-back and accepting community for self-discovery with a main focus on Jungian typology, MBTI, Socionics, Enneagram and psychology in general. If you are new and inexperienced we have a lot of resources to help you to learn.

✨ Study bot which can help you find everything typology based to study and learn
✨ List of typology resources and tests
✨ Channels for everything
✨ Cute emotes
✨ Questions of the day and daily polls
✨ All the important bots
✨ Unique ranking system where activity will increase your rank. Higher levels will give you access to more color roles as well as higher position in members list
✨ Our own Minecraft server
✨ Looking for partnerships!
An active & friendly community dedicated to the study and understanding of Socionics, Enneagram, and other personality theory to incite personal growth and a better understanding of others.

Server features include:
• Active VCs
• Type Verification
• Self-assignable roles
• Channels for MBTI, philosophy, astrology, & other interests.
Okay! so this is a server about many things!
Psychology, MBTI, Enneagram, Astrology, Anime Dere types
We have a cute layout and lots to offer!
Miejsce dla miłośników wszelkiego rodzaju typologii, od MBTI przez enneagram po quizy z bravo girl. Zapraszamy również osoby, które dopiero zaczęły się tym interesować. Jeśli uważasz się za znawcę tematu, to lepiej nie wchodź, bo dostaniesz ataku serca.//
// We also have an English-speaking channel, so don't be afraid to join us if you don't speak Polish! :)

Please join via:

- Friendly and active Voice Chat for you to talk on.

- Daily Polls with fun questions so you can see how different personalities compare to you.

- Lots of fun Bots like Chess for you to play with other people interested in MBTI just like you.

- Self-assign role that you can use to show your type, astrology signs, and more.

- Our Mods/Admins are friendly and we welcome new members who are interested in MBTI just like you!

- MBTI, Typology, Enneagram, Personality, Socionics discussion on here, too!
Many of us have heard about MBTI discord servers. But what about a MBTI server that specifically targets teenagers?

Over here we aim to gather all 16 types to discuss personality theory and how it may manifest in school and environments surrounding us, as well as function developments in our ages. We also have channels to talk casually and meet like minded people.

If you are interested, join us now!
We're a relatively small niche server gathered around the study of personality typing (Meyers Briggs, Enneagram, etc), and are looking for other adults that want to talk about that and/or anything chill in general

*To control spam, accounts less than 20 days old and users with blank avatars are automatically kicked*

Welcome to Synthesis! We are a socionics based community where we are focused on creating an environment that encourages productive discussions on socionics and other typological systems, with the goal of helping and encouraging each other to grow, and to learn about ourselves and others.