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An AU{ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE} where the event of the PJ books had never taken place. Never even existed, a joke to us.

We shall make our own story! Be our own heroes and legends shall we not?!

Ay ay!


A server, fresh off the market. Made not that long ago but it will suit anyone who joins it!

A shop in the server that happens to connect with the roleplay. "The Demi-Shop" is an all access store that allows any demigod child to buy anything and have it Iris Messaged to themat lightspeed!

《More Areas and Locations and even Quest》

You can buy uncharted quest and bring along your friends or even discover more areas of Camp that you hadn't seen yet within any other roleplay.

Please join us! Be one helluva ride.
Remember all those stories of Greek Gods and Monsters you learned in middle schools well they're not just stories. They're all around you, you just have to know where to look. Thousands of Years have past sense the rise and fall of Greece and Rome sense then the Olympians have had to adapt to the modern day.
-Play as a God,Monster or Demi-god
-Active Owners
-Small but growing community
- Hades is the owner so really whats not to love.
What is.. this? You have been sent an invitation to the one of a kind MIHS, The Mortals and Immortals High-school! From what you've heard, this school is a place where Gods, Humans, Demi-Humans and many more learn. It's purpose is to teach the students, and guide them to help the planet not fall into destruction.

The Negatis always lurk around, being apposed to helping Earth.. What will you do? Join the school, and train by Gods of Water and Lightning? Or will you join the Negatis, serving under Hades?

The choice is yours.

《Hello! Let me introduce you to MIHS, the school for species alike! We are a new server, but already fully equipped with experienced Admins and plot at hand! We offer--》
↳ Many species and roles you can partake in!
↳ Fun and loving Admins and Members!
↳ Literate/Semi-Literate Roleplay!
↳ OOC Channels for Art, and Events to come!
↳ An enjoyable Family you can join!

❝What do you say? Will you help the Gods? Or help us.. destroy them..?❞
Welcome to Demigod Experiment

In our server, we aim to provide a unique RP experience, with a custom Power/Item system, and unique lore. We have fantastic staff, that is always open to help, answering any question. We've tried our best to create an original storyline, that should offer quite the RP experience for all!

Take a look; once you do, you'll be hooked. Join before our inciting event-- you won't regret it. While we have quite a few systems, they aren't complicated, and are only put in place to make the RP as realistic as possible, whilst still keeping the creativity aspect present.

We look to bring in top-tier roleplayers, and help those who aren't there yet progress. Our community of members are always willing to give tips to improve roleplay-- whether it be by helping in descriptiveness or something else, our members are always willing to help.

So take a look-- you won't regret it.
A Percy Jackson based rp server for greek mythology fans! Welcome to Camp Greek! Make your own half blood or full blood boy or girl! Also, powers from other things are possable to include! Now, welcome to Camp greek!
The children of Greek Gods and Goddesses finally have a safe haven to call home: Mythykos
The Olympus - Greek Mythology RP!

Hello there, we currently search for active people to join our RP group. It is an advanced literate, modern time themed Roleplay around the deities of the greek mythology, all having a twist since it takes place in our time. The storyline is to be shaped and molded by you in the frame of events that will regularly occur on the whole server!

We would love to see your OCs too!

If you want to join the roleplay and take one of the many vacant roles, or create your own.

We will be happy to welcome you!
This server is set in the Ancient Greek mythological era, where people worshipped the Greek gods and goddesses known as the Olympians. The Olympians, being graceful and just, judge those that they deem worthy of judging, wether it be punishment, or reward. These gods and goddesses reside in Mount Olympus, where they look out at the mortal world and handle their own business their. Now, are you ready to start your story and please the gods?
Camp Half Blood : New Generations is a roleplay server based in the world of Percy Jackson. Set 25 years after the events of The Last Olympian (With the Heroes of Olympus never taking place). Camp Half Blood is more open than ever, even with children of Primordial Deities roaming the camp! We include plot in our roleplay, both server-wide and individually. Come join the fun, today!
My name is Broly and I welcome you to a compelling adventure that takes place after the events that take place in the Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series we all love. I've been roleplaying for quite a while and decided that I would designate my time and effort into making a warm and engaging server that revolves around this amazing picture he left us with and to give everyone a chance to have their own adventures alongside all of their favorite gods and areas featured in the canon lore. Create your own character and interact with almost unlimited freedom as you build relationships and strengthen your powers alongside your friends.

Server Features
Active and friendly staff!
An engaging plotline!
Monster and Quest encounters!
Chance for loot and rare gear!
*~ Many people come from all around the world to Camp Half Blood! Demi-gods of all gods. Hybrids of all animals. Everyone is invited!

*~ LGBTQ+ Friendly!
*~ PG 13+
*~ Amazing Community!
*~ Always active members.
Olympus is a community where you can talk to others about anything but don't swear or Medusa (MEE6) will murder you.
This server is basically what the title says! Feel free to join and rp as a hetalia character mixed with something from Greek mythology!
Hello, and welcome to the Hidden Home of The Gods, based off of Greek Mythology!
We are a small server looking for staff and roleplayers!
Currently, we only have claimable characters while the owner sets up a god and goddess OC template.
We allow all sorts of stuff, like roleplay, erp, and general chatting. Share memes, too! And pictures, art, selfies, photos of your pets and such too. If you'd like to be staff we need that and please share with your friends. Before you join, please know this is a LITERATE server. We don't settle for half baked responses. We are currently setting up the channels so it is not role playable YET but you can help if you would like, and it would be appreciated. I hope you enjoy your time here! - 💋
Camp Half-Blood is a Percy Jackson inspired roleplaying server from the author Rick Riordan where you can roleplay as a demigod, nymph, satyr, or centaur!

-- Many channels to roleplay in!

-- LGBTQ+ friendly and active! Age 14+!

-- Choose from over 50 unique Greek Gods/Goddesses to be the demigod of! One of the biggest selections out there! (We even have primordials, but with very strict prerequisites to become the demigod of one.)

-- A very large variety of powers for every godly parent, even for ones like Ares, Hermes, Artemis, and Athena!

-- Also choose from over 10 different nymph types!

-- Pick from a multitude of different locations to roleplay!

-- Battle against friends in our well-known Capture the Flag game!

-- Bring along a friend or two to embark on a quest of your own!

-- Chat and send memes with our friendly campers and staff in our out-of-character chat!

-- Easily create a character in the span of a few minutes with the help of our friendly staff!

-- Our layout is organized and neat!
Welcome to the World of Camp New Plains

The United States is vast, two known camps being on either end of it. Those that cant make it to one end of the country are liable to die. The world is dangerous, demigods in the middle of America having no haven Iris, seeing this problem, formed a camp in Kansas, a beautiful and wild state. In the Great Plains, there is a mirage, a shimmering wall that only those of Godly Heritage can see. Iris, the goddess of rainbows, made a deal with Eurytion, the head of the Triple G Ranch, and together, they made Camp New Plains, a place where Roman and Greek demigods flourish together.

Roman and Greek Godly Parentage is available!

At a certain level, you could even be a Satyr, Nymph, or Centaur!

We are in the mythoverse with Camp Half Blood | Odyssey!

Come join us and have fun, we may partner

We are LGBTQ+ accepting!
Hi, We’re a new EU-based server and would love to gain some new members, we are a server who discuss Greek, Roman, Norse and Egyptian mythology. Come on in to find out some more.
Zeus' womanizing ways finally caught up to him when all the Titan Goddesses rallied against him and his family. All the Olympians were overthrown and was cursed to live as mortals. With Chronos back in power controlling time and Mnemosyne suppressing the Deities memories, will they ever regain their places in Olympus?
A Percy Jackson-based (original series and Heroes of Olympus series) roleplay server organized by Flameheart#1372, along with a team of staff. We hope to grow larger, as the fandom of Rick Riordan beloved series is. We give you choices to create your unique characters through applications. We write our own story between the lines of Rick Riordan's words.
You stand at a hill and gaze around. You still feel that empty feeling of being alone.... Now, you have the choice. Keep treading to Camp Half-blood, or turn left to Camp Jupiter. Or, you could roam free... Anything could change your future, and may as well be a new life for you. What will you choose?
Your imagination and Rick Riordan's are your limits. This is where you will discover a new world between the lines of the books.
What We Offer:
- Active roleplaying in many places open for all members
- Applying your characters in channels, as well as freedom to make unique biographies!
- Tupperbox! A bot you can use to make NPC profiles to roleplay as instead of typing it yourself (OPTIONAL)
- Choices for you to make on your characters! Make monsters, campers, members of the Council of the Cloven Elders, centaurs, pegasi, instructors, head counselors, and be in many cabins! NO limit on characters!
- Sever-wide challenges/activities (working on that, discussing/organizing/waiting for more members to join)
Will you go beyond the myths?
Welcome to Camp Jupiter

Here children born from the Roman gods can train to join the Legion.
Danger is rising from the shores, an ancient evil that has long been forgotten is rising, will you survive? Find out at camp jupiter.

This server includes:
Active staff.
Plenty of Gods
Developing questline
Camp jupiter
Chances to get your character involved! <3
So join us at camp jupiter
Heya, this server is based on ReaperTale and or greek-mythology. if your an admin or co-owner you can be a god, if not you may be a human, with some capabilities, if I trust ya enough I may let you be an apprentice for a god. if you would like to add something then ask, I am open for ideas =)
The gods have ruled the cosmos for eons, maintaining a state of stability...more or less. With Zeus as the king, the gods live to serve mankind, providing all they need to prosper on earth...or be judged from down bellow. As long as mortals continue to read their stories, as long as there are a few faithful souls that believe in their power and wrath, the gods will always be there, a guide for the people to live by.
But this is 2019. The Greek Gods of old are beginning to turn into myths. Every god now survives on the amount of people that still believes in them, that still prays and offers what they can at their temple. Something must be done. Will your god/goddess interfere with the mortal world to save their soul? Or will the power of a god/goddess be eliminated, leaving the earth in an unsteady balance?
So much pressure under so little time. The titans hear the way the souls in The River Styx talk...they hear the rumors of a dying belief...and with that dead, comes a hope for rebellion.
The titans are restless...somethings just can’t be caged...
The question is
Will your god/goddess have what it takes to survive?

Important Note: to make things less weird, the only gods that are related in this AU are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. No incestuous relationships please. Must be 18 or older to join roleplay.
This server welcomes all fans of Greek Myths and puts it into ROLEPLAY, become your favorite Greek character and level to become stronger! *your role can increase gradually*
-Minor Titan
-Minor God
-Elder Cyclops
-Human King
-Chaotic Void
-Royal Elite
-Royal Knight
-High Lander
-Homo-Sapien (default)
-Rised Dead