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It's the 8th year of the Trojan war, that started when Paris, Prince of Troy, kidnapped Helen, wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta.

A Greek fleet, lead by Agammenon, King of Micenes, Menelaus, and the hero Achilles, followed by almost all the Greek kings and heroes has besieged Troy, in hopes of taking the city and rescuing Helen.

Priamus, King of Troy, and his son, Hector, lead the Trojan defense, while Paris and Helen, deeply in love, stand by.

The Gods watch from the skies, deciding to help either side, or simply watch.
Welcome to Rift University where Gods, Goddesses and other beings attend. The University was built by Chaos, the Primordial of the Void and the creatore of the godly race. The gods, nymphs and other being began drifting away from humanity and slowly but surely began to stop helping them. This school was built to bring them all back to the mortals, so they would no longer fade from the minds of those who have fallen over the years.

--- What we offer? ---

over 100 Gods/Goddess to choose from and if there isn't one on the list you would like to be then just tell me and i'll add it to the list!

You can make an OC such as, Nymphs, Sirens/Mermaids, Oracles, Gorgons, Shades, Sytars or Centaurs and lots more!

Self Assignable Roles, For such as. An R.P. ping role, Server ping roles and Even Pronounce roles.

LGBTQ+ Friendly.

(And you don't have to join to role play you can join and just hang around and chat! We do have a "Watcher" Role you can give yourself if you do not wish to Role Play but still want to Watch. We are always open to suggestions and advice to make the server better.)
Welcome to the new Olympus!

(This takes place in modern time) Our beloved gods haves kids. These kids is called demigods. They are half human and half gods. Before these kids had normal life’s at earth and the gods would contact them when they needed help. But this system didn’t work out. So the gods decided that they would create a island above earth there they would keep their kids. Of course their kids could go down to earth but only for a limited time with a gods permission. This island got to be called “The new Olympus.”. The gods used to inseminate the humans so the demigods would get created. When the child was about 10-16 the kids would get moved up to the new Olympus. Now the island is full of the gods children called demigods. They’re training and living somewhat normal life’s.

We offer:
+ Many bots (and more to come)
+ Colorful roles
+ Chill and relaxed rules
+ Nice staff
+ Many gods to choose from
+ Self roles
+ Many emojis
+ We’re looking for partners
Present all around the world and yet at only one place, Hellas is the home for all the Greeks of this world. Founded millennia ago, this camp has been dormant for centuries after The Desolation, the event which wiped out the Greek Gods temporarily. But very recently reinvigorated with the rising strength of the gods, the camp has regained its lost power. The demigods, satyrs, nymphs, and various other beings from the long-forgotten and glorious past are welcomed with atmost joy in this heavenly abode. A sense of belonging, a family, and a sanctuary await everyone with the blood of the ancient spirits. This Hellenic Haven is the only place for you and your kin. Come, discover your heritage and be the warrior you were meant to be. Come, and let your presence be felt.
Camp Half-Blood is a Percy Jackson inspired roleplaying server from the author Rick Riordan where you can roleplay as a demigod, nymph, satyr, or centaur! We pride ourselves in our long and literate roleplays! We have strict character description and roleplay guidelines, so please check with our rules first to see if this is the right server for you!

-- Many channels to roleplay in!

-- Highly detailed roleplays & character descriptions!

-- LGBTQ+ friendly & active! Age 14+!

-- Choose from over 50 unique Greek Gods/Goddesses to be the demigod of!

-- A very large variety of powers for every godly parent, even for ones like Ares, Hermes, Artemis, & Athena!

-- Choose from over 10 different nymph types!

-- Pick from a multitude of different locations to roleplay!

-- Battle against friends in our well-known Capture the Flag game!

-- Bring along a friend or two to embark on a quest of your own!

-- Chat & send memes with others in our out-of-character chat!

-- Easily create a character in the span of a few minutes with the help of our staff!
As a huge fan of the Rachael Smythe’s Lore Olympus comic series, I decided to create this server where you can roleplay as her amazing characters! However, there is an opportunity to just come and chat with other on the server about the series. Overall, I just wanted a place on Discord for Lore Olympus fans! So please, come, have fun and talk about/roleplay your favourite series. 💗
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! A you a Demi-God? If so, quickly join! If you didn’t already know, the Greek Gods and Godesses are real! And they sometimes have kids, your one of them. So hurry up and come before it’s to late!

What we include:

LGBTQ+ Friendly server
Awesome Staff team that happy to help and assist
Lots of Roleplay channels
Lots of character options
And so much more!
In the beginning.....
Zeus had defeated his father, Kronos, and the six were united once more.

The Gods began constructing their new home. Through the powers of prophecy, they constructed a tower, disguised as a mountain, very modern at the time. The tower evolved into a city itself. Designing the rooms as their own, the gods thrived through a few hundred years...... But a fight broke out between three brothers.

Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades had ruled the skies together, yet the mortal world below suffered. The seas and the underworld left unguarded, creatures and demigods almost destroyed the world. Hades, the wisest brother, took notice of this destruction. He brought his concerns to his brother Zeus. Poseidon heard a rumour of Domain Dealing, and Hera popped in to suggest a stick draw. It was much better than Zeus's suggestion, battle to the death. The biggest stick picked would be the ruler of the sky. The middle, the sea. And the smallest, the underworld. Hera held the sticks, evening them out to be a fair pick. Poseidon chose the sea, Zeus chose the sky, and Hades went with what was left. The underworld. They eased into their spots, Olympus, The Seas, The mortal world, and The Underworld. Each blossomed in their own way.

Welcome to Greece.
Have you been looking for a server which clings to the canon of Percy Jackson more heavily, whilst still giving it a unique feel to it? Look no further. In this Camp Half-Blood roleplay, you can find yourself within camp as an unclaimed demigod; climbing up until your divine parent feels it's fit to claim you.

With our unique system of choosing your parent based off of your character's unique personality traits, we can assure you'll be left on the edge of your seat constantly.

So please, look no further and join our welcoming community.

Any problems? Go to a Mod+ with any and we will have them resolved ASAP.
We are a new server, about Greek mythology. Mythology Roleplay, infact. Come join us, and have fun! We'd love to see you here!
This server is basically what the title says! Feel free to join and rp as a hetalia character mixed with something from Greek mythology!
Are you interested in Greek Mythology? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play the Greek gods’ descendants? Well hop on into UGMR! This is a roleplay where your oc gets accepted into UGMR School of the Gifted, which is one of the top schools in the country, but also extremely hard to get in. Little do the students know is that there is a huge secret going on between the teachers. Want to know what will happen? Then feel free to join!

LGBTQ+ friendly 🌟
Literate + Semi-literate rp 🌟
Friendly staff 🌟
Custom plot 🌟
Family Friendly 🌟

If you join we hope you will enjoy your time here!
Hello, and welcome to this wonderful server!
This is a modern Greek mythos where modern technology, greek myths, and magic mix! Since this contains all of the fixings of greek mythology, all Discord users under 18 and PJO/Riordan fans need not apply. There are no camps, dyslexic Greek readings, lightning thieves, or dorky satyrs to be found in this server.

Don't be afraid to stop by, chat about your favorite myths, and join in on being a part of Olympia!
Camp Half Blood : New Generations is a roleplay server based in the world of Percy Jackson. Set 25 years after the events of The Last Olympian (With the Heroes of Olympus never taking place). Camp Half Blood is more open than ever, even with children of Primordial Deities roaming the camp! We include plot in our roleplay, both server-wide and individually. Come join the fun, today!
the server is an fun server were you can
-role play
- be social
- have fun
-be yourself
-- The New World --

After the Ancient Greeks died off and the Gods and Goddesses of greek Mythology were not being praised and worshiped by many anymore Chaos the Primordial of the Void and creator of everything made a whole new world. In that new world, Chaos had put all the Gods, Goddesses and other creatures into a peaceful like home.

The only mortals that Chaos allowed to follow were the Witches and Oracles, for they followed with loyalty to the gods and they had magical gifts. This left the old world drained of magic and power, leaving earth, there old home 'The planet of no magic' behind for good.

Chaos had made this new world just like the old one, with the other primordials help of course, the grass was green the water was blue. There was no plastic hurting the seas or toxic waste thanks to the gods. It was a paradise just like the old times, the Gods and Goddesses had homes built for them to live in of course but nothing that would hurt the world.
Hello everyone! This server is for people who would like to roleplay as a God or Goddess from any culture; as if you were in high school! The environment is extremely friendly, and we're partnered up with a Camp Half-Blood server. Hopefully you join and have fun!
Welcome students to Mythología Academy!

This school is a place for the children and descendants of the heroes of Ancient Greek myths. They come to learn how to find their place and carry their parent’s name with humility and dignity.
The Heroes themselves have come to teach and help the next generation grow into strong warriors and wise thinkers.

I hope you enjoy your time here!
Mythología Academy is a Roleplay server where you can play as the child of a Greek myth hero

So what’s the hype? Well:
-Self assignable roles
-the ability to have a student and/or a staff character
-four different houses
-dorm rooms
-memes, incorrect quotes and student headcanons
-LGBT+ friendly server
-Minor friendly server
-Trigger mindful server

So come and enrol yourself! See you there!
***Disclaimer, this is a roleplay server:***
*So, you know the stories of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. But this, this is what happens when both Camps are combined, and those issues between the Greek and Roman demigods never occurred. Yes, I am Chaos, the famous Greek Creator of the Universe. Anyhow, let's not focus on that. Your life is in grave danger. If you don't follow me to **Camp Olympus | A New Era** you may get caught by a monster. Yes, in this reality they are still around and they will kill you if you don't find safety. Come on, the demigods are waiting for you, and so is my brother Order. Are you going to join and join us in the fun we are having here, then come and join **Camp Olympus | A New Era** today!*

**Great Community**

*The community of **Camp Olympus | A New Era** is an amazing community. There is tons of feedback and opinions that are shared to staff about the server so we can change things that people want changed. Also everyone is nice and funny and active and it’s just amazing!

**Good Roleplay**

*The roleplay here at **Camp Olympus | A New Era** is just spectacular. The roleplay is active and people are welcoming and opening for you to roleplay! It’s awesome, the roleplay is tons of fun and everyone enjoys it!*

**Come join me today at *Camp Olympus | A New Era* today!**
Legends of Olympus takes place in mythological Ancient Greece, the cradle for some of the most inspiring developments and myths in human history. This is a land of great mysteries, power and tragedy, and can only be tamed by those who have proven themselves. Take on the life as an immortal and govern the natural order of the world, become a being of myth or a hero to craft their own legend, or a simple mortal finding their path. The choice is yours, for regardless, the fates have much in store for you, whichever life you choose...

- Literate RP Server
- Live the life you want in mythological Ancient Greece
- Go on epic adventures and explore the world of the Gods.
- Play as a blessed mortal, satyr, nymph and even a God.
- Your choices matter, and will effect the world around you.

Join today, and begin your path to Apotheosis!
An 18+ server that heavily influenced by Greek mythology and is based in ancient Greece. The story line will be very character-based and creativity is welcomed! We are currently open and accepting OC's. The plot is set in the fictional city of Epizo where people lived their life as best as they could while under the watchful eyes of the gods. However, a sudden prophecy that seems to deadly to ignore has caused a sudden uproar among the population and a dark being is looming closer to destroying the once peaceful lands.
In this RP we offer:
-A helpful team of admins that can answer any questions and help with any issues.
-Many RP related roles
-Plenty of chats to RP and interact in
-Friendly community
-Self-assigned roles
Come join us and submit a character sheet! We look forward to seeing you in the proud city-state of Epizo.
Welcome to Mount the 21st century?

Still the same Gods and Goddesses you know and love... just with iPhones and Vaccines!

✨Literate RP server! ✨
✨LGBTQ+ Friendly ✨
✨Active Admins ✨
Camp Cerberus a place where demigods group up and hang out trying to make sense out of what life has throw at them. A lot of potential here just give it a shot.
Welcome to Olympus Academy! This role play is based off Percy Jackson, but my mods and I changed a few things. Our group is small, but we would love for it to expand! In this world, you are a demigod, human, or a satyr. You are the children of the gods. Some gods in our world are Apollo, Ares, Iris, Dionysus, Demeter, and more! Sometimes, we have monster attacks, and other events, just to make it a bit more interesting. Make a character and have fun! More information will be in the server! Thank you for reading!