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Welcome to the arena!

We play Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and Clash of Clans! We also have Pokécord, Pokémon for discord, and tons of other Mini Games for you to play!

We are extremely active and have multiple clans in our family. Don't want to join one of our clans? That's fine! Join now to socialize, mess about and have a great time!

We do memes, trades and more! Need help? No prob! Just ask one of our professional players! Our bots serve every purpose from stats to memes and we have tons of crazy emotes and GIFs to offer!

Anything we don't have that you want? Just ask and we will make it happen!

DM me, Gray#4958, for anything related.

Clash On!
This server is great for people who play video games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Supercell Games and want to play with others and make friends. This server might be small now, but will grow into a sprawling discord server.
Сервер по всеми любимой и набирающей популярность игре Brawl Stars. На сервере всем рады и всегда вам ответят. Нет NSFW контента
Welcome to KnightlyParadox Of an official Dragonball/Supercell and other gaming experiences!

What does this server provide?
- Self roles
- Gaming discussion
- Anime discussion
- Fun bots to use
- Teambuilders
- Giveaways and more!
Join now for the full experience!!
__🌟Brawl Stars🌟__

This server is a Brawl Stars server focusing on getting good players together.

⭐We help each other to climb the trophy road and give players some tips to get a head start.

⭐We also offer a leaderboard with every player in the server so that you can play with players who are at a similar level to yours.

⭐We accept users from everywhere and we have lot of english players; we will offer you a place to go if you dont already have one (our official club).

⭐You can even advert your club or youtube channels in special advertising sections made for that.

⭐Plus we have pokecord! Not just pokecord but pokecord gyms and giveaways!

Join us here:
We welcome you to the new SUPERCELL discord server were you could talk about all SUPERCELL related games with your friends and even make new ones, you can setup a team or duo here.
Nous venons de créé un clan 🏹 très chaleureux 🔥 qui grimpe de jours en jours au rythme des GDC. Et nous souhaitons que tu viennes dans notre clan pour nous aider à avancer encore plus vite 😉. Grâce à ce serveur discord, ont peut discuter sérieusement de sujets sur COC et être plus soudés.

Clan Français 1 - ArMada

#france #Clashofclan #COC #Discord #ArMaDA #Clash-of-clans #supercell
DO NOT join here if you're a gamer. We shun and despise all gamers and video game enthusiasts. This server is only to be used for Discords true purpose, and that is talking about any topic other than gaming. We will BAN you on the spot if you come here and start talking about your nerd stuff
Dark Paradise was founded in 2014 and since has grown to what we are now.
We love to war, and we take it seriously. We like to joke around, but are respectful.
We are chill but love to learn/teach and develop our bases to the best of our knowledge.
Imperium Gaming Brawl Stars is a server for anyone who does or doesn’t play Brawl Stars, but mainly for those who do! (230+ Members)
-Great Economy
-Great Community
Play Brawlstars? Looking for an active team but don't have enough trophies yet? Come join the Celestial Dragons club! We are an upcoming clan looking to grow members at any rank or level. Anyone and everyone will be welcome to join, no amount of trophies necessary!

With enough participants, we will be seeking to find other clubs for moderate scaled tournaments. Join if interested!
Clan Invite: <>
Do you play Brawl Stars and can’t find a good team then join The Official Brawl Stars Matchmaking Discord Server were you can find players with the same trophies and stats as you so you can brawl and get those trophies so if you don’t have Brawl Stars download it now on iOS and android and start brawling and looking for good teams to brawl with you in this fast pace multiplayer game hope to see you soon and don’t forgot to keep on brawling.
Supercell is a server made for people who play Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and Hay Day and want to meet other people who play these games. This server is meant to connect other players who play these games and to find other people to play with. Please note this isn't an official server but we have many members waiting for you to come to play with them. Come now to the server.
Welcome to Créamstee clan! A Clash Royale clan ! Friendly, no toxic, and help others
Serveur Discord de la Team Elite Unit V !
RECRUTEMENT: Recherche principalement des hdv 8 CRISTAL 3 Minimum !
Communauté COC
Les pubs sur le serveur ne seront pas accepté !
N'hésitez pas à rejoindre !
PS: On mange personne ;p