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The Kingdom Community is the most active Discord community dedicated to discussing the manga series Kingdom by Hara Yasuhisa.
The worlds always been in chaos. Theres something menacing that's recently brought back the heroes of old. These heroes that once protected the people have turn into monster ad are causing problems. There are four standing kingdoms that have been successful in surviving.
- The kingdom of Gammouzra; a strongly fortified kingdom with a king that can't ever die.
- The kingdom of Ethossia; a weak country that is strong in religion.
- The Unicorn kingdom; a small and humble land that has new ideas for war and defense. It also has a strong naval presents.
- The kingdom of Silverborough; a country covered in controversy. But strong in defense and magic.
With these four kingdoms in place, the world had hopes to fight back.
A Amazing fantasy kingdom roleplay! We have a amazing community with many active roleplayers! This fantasy server helps you seek out the impossible!
тнe ĸιngdoм oғ ιѕengard cordιally ιnvιтeѕ any and all тravelerѕ тo вrιng coммerce тo тнe land.

Isengard is a plot driven, fantasy based, medieval rp set on a dimensional worm hole. People from many places come to converge in the kingdom, of course this causing magic to flow freely and many other races to intermingle with humans.
The roleplay is semi-literature, being more than a few lines to a paragraph all in third person or first person descriptive.

Our mods (The royal guard) will be willing to help you out at any time to solve any confusions or mishaps! We hope you enjoy our server!
Friendly staff members, with friendly members. Rules are simple, just don't break it. Let's get along well!
In the peaceful Paqullonian Kingdom trouble is brewing, the Crown is rusted, Parliament is weak, the High Court is powerless, and our enemies are nigh. Join the fight, defend the Kingdom through the executive, legislative, or judicial branch. Or take action as an independent citizen and make your own change.
Oxwick is a Medieval Roleplay server!
We have:
Good Staff


Small but Growing

Oxwick is a vast land full of many opportunities, through the Kingdom is at war with a rivaling town. Hadleigh the rivaling town is more harsh on its citizens curfew is forced, men are also forced into service, and the King and Queen only think of their quality of life. This worries the Rulers and the citizens. Which side will you pick, will you become royalty? The answer is yours to chose.
Five defendants, seven weapons. Chaos has broken out across the land and strange things are happening.

Legend has that there were once six mythical weapons, and five wielders. Wielder of Trident, whose purity and support keeps any team together, The wielder of a scythe, who takes upon the sword of light and scythe of sin, Gauntlets of bravery, who knows of wisdom and courage, A Hammer of creation, granted to one who's desires is to build something that will help for the betterment of society, lastly the Sword of Justice, the one who's known as the Sin of Wrath, sins that taint them, but they have a desire to lead a powerful team and make decisions for the better of his team and land.

It's been hundreds of years these weapons lay dormant. It is time they rise, with a new edition to the team, who will be the next defendants of Darius?
In a middle of a very arid desert, there lies a kingdom called Ash Heim. Ash Heim, unlike many other kingdoms. Is probably ranked one of the most, or rather the most hostile kingdom you can go to due to how dangerous the environment is, how unfair the law is. And so much more. Nothing much can be done due to the corruption taken place here, a given reason why so much people are treated unfairly here. Only the most mentally prepared, toughest, or the most intelligent people can overcome these problems that may occur daily in Ash Heim.

Are you ready for the adventure? Are you ready to write your story? Let's begin.

(Era: Medieval Age)
(Timeline: 1136)
✧ Welcome to Kingdoms Of Zekunda! We are a fantasy RP server based in the Renaissance period, and are very accepting of everyone, and are always willing to help you make a bio to fit this world! Develop characters, stories, and interact with other people on your various missions. Anyone can make a character, and anyone can make their own unique story! ✧


✧ ❃ ╠══ We are an active server with helpful and chill staff 👋 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Always looking for new staff 📩 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Creative lore, races, and social roles 📚 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ A varying group of people, from pirates, to royalty, to just simple travelers 🌱 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Fun bots, and creative members 🎨 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Lots of NSFW channels 💋 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ A very accepting, non-toxic community 💕 ══╣❃ ✧


✧ Come join us today, I bet you’ll find something you like ✧

Welcome to Monarchy of Mysteria! Thanks for taking a look at our server! This server isn't very old, (it only being about a month old to be exact) but we do hope you have fun here! We promise to try to give you the best time we can!

Ever since the beginning of time, the only substances in the universe were Good and Evil. They were always battling each other eternally, with no victor. Until one time, some of the elements from the both of them mixed up with each other, causing a eruption of living beings, foreign intruders, and the pure "good" and "evil" were gone. Every single thing in the universe now was a different combination of good and evil, and prejudice, riots, and outbreaks were everywhere. However, these living beings, no matter how evil, agreed to side with each other, or the price was death.

After a brief period of that, life began to look up. The Era of Gold was a time where economic standards tripled, and mostly everyone was living a happy life. This is when, on one cold night, the King was overthrown by disgruntled foreign invaders, and it's up to you and others to beat these invaders and save the kingdom from the panic. Are you up to the task?
Hello Welcome to THE GLOOP KINGDOM! (Gloop is an iniside joke and youll get it once you join) We are a brand new server! We have all kinda of channels and we will be adding more based on your input and what you want. :) This server doesn't really have a reason or theme other than for anyone who is anyone to just come and hang out and meet new people and make awesome friends. if you don't have a family? Then come right in and we'll be your family. We accept anyone for who they are no matter what. We hope to see you there!
Have you ever want to roleplay as a Mario boosette, goombaette, chompette, bowserette, or bowser? Well this is the server for you! It’s a roleplay server! Create your character, and when it’s approved you have jump into an rp! Even create your own! Have fun!
A server where you can advertise other servers and/or partner. Also royalty themed
Hi! Welcome to the KINGDOM OF LAYDES! This is a server built around having fun and running an active economy with jobs... (Like a kingdom). We have NSFW, MUSIC, MEMES, AND MORE! So join the kingdom, and enjoy!

Sincerely, The King
- Ja$0n
Fantasia Kingdom is a magic-based RP. Though magic may be abundant, it is not uncommon for those without magical innate capabilities to roam the soil of Fantasia. Fantasia Kingdom is aiming for a literate set of roleplayers who enjoy a certain type of RP-ing environment. The premise of Fantasia Kingdom is bringing a regular human who came from earth and putting them in a completely different world of magic and treasures.

Now, they may choose whatever role they'd like to fulfill; a politician? A member of the Ulysses Order? A good ol' chef? They can be anything, so long as it fits in with the world of Fantasia. There are certain roles that you may need to apply a character for, however.

Come join!

- new -
- in need of staff and members -
- looking for partnership -
- sfw -
Join us in the Kingdom of Avalon! I swear you won’t regret it.

Home with us in this kingdom and live the life of an hentai pervert with some touch of anime
The land of Relian has just emerged from a bloody and long civil war. The farmlands are in ruins. The lords are at eachother's throats. And the King's youngest daughter is wed off to keep Viohmo in check. Seawatch threatens to sail it's ships and raze Usuku, while Harrenwood is too busy picking up the scraps of their region, the one hit hardest by the civil war. The king seeks to wed off his eldest daughter to stop the conflict, but she disapproves greatly. And to top it all off, in their weakened state, sellsword companies and foreign invaders take the opportunity to carve a piece of Relian for themselves. With the country in chaos, it's up to a few heroes and adventurers to save Relian, from foreign enemies, and itself.
Good day Misthios! I see you are in need of a residency. How about you join us in the Kingdom of Illusion Valley. Where all may play a role in strengthening the best kingdom in the land!

What is the cause of our kingdom?
Our cause is to provide an environment where you may rise in the ranks and create your own path in the kingdom. As you rise higher and gain power in the political or hidden cultist sides you may gain more options and roles! Now there is only one thing left. And that is devoting your loyalty to the sun. So just with a tap on that link. Join us and conquer the world as a whole!

Though our kingdom is still small, our ability to grow is immense. So join the ranks and recruit those around you so we may grow and make an environment for everyone to enjoy and thrive!

- Whether you converse in the town square or gamble with Kanna in the pub we have something for you
- Meet other residents
- Chat about anything that interests you
- Build long-lasting alliances :sparkles:
- Play Pokémon with the Pokecord bot and enjoy our many other bots!
- And be sure to give your support and concerns to the royals
A friendly Foot fetish Centered server i have been working on for a year or more. I created this so that people can come together with similar tastes in a friendly safe community!
A roleplaying server for mythical creatures such as Centaur, Merfolk, and even Harpies! We're working on a map for the land and we'll implement some plot soon. We answer any questions you may have and we take suggestions!
The server the Kingdom of Aldnoah is a fantasy based server in the medieval time period, we are a very new role play server looking for some active members. As long as your character makes sense you can make it here, by makes sense I mean don’t make it modern or futuristic. We respect all fandoms and such so come here and have a good time role playing!