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This is a fun server set in a universe where the princes and princesses of the kingdoms rule. Queen Nature and King Time have died or vanished... leaving a kingdom in need of unity. Hope to see you there!
welcome to the kingdom of vadenburg
in this server we don't have stuff like tv's and phones but we have the old stuff where you can also become a slave or be a rich noble or do you like to be a fighter becuse we have even that stuff like knights, assassins, thief's and more, or do you wanna take it simple becuse we have the stuff for that aswell

we are a fast growing comunity and you are welcome to join us aswell we have pokecord in the server

we throw events and man hunts for you aswell

so join us in our story and fuck all the whores you want
✨✨✨ **Celestial** ✨✨✨

⚜️ Helpful and Supportive Staff
⚜️ Character Building
⚜️ Creative Writing (Para Writing)
⚜️ Medieval Fantasy
⚜️ Human, Fairy, Orc, Giant, Elves & Drow
⚜️ War, Love, Betrayal, Conquer
⚜️ 17+

__**Brief Story**__
Since the beginning of man, the world wasn't always as peaceful due to the wars of man and many creatures of the world. They sought out power much greater than their own and believed, that one day, they would become at top. However, due to the great War in Utopia, all came to pass when the Emperor of the Fairies, wield the ability of the Celestial Stars. Things came together after the war even more so these great races and Kingdoms, learnt to stand together as *one* yet, there were some that were hungry for more. The world was once a peaceful place but something much greater than everyone, was lurking within the shadows.
An alliance was forged between many of these great Kingdoms and many would stand together today, however within the shadows, there is something coming but nobody dares to know what that is at the given moment.

Celestial is designed to give the role players a place to be free and allowing their creativity to flow but also a proper storyline to follow.
This server is an RP centered during the middle of a steam punk esk renaissance era. The RP is centered around a new kingdom known as Stellaris United, a place that used to be colonies from multiple empires has now transpired into a strong independent kingdom. But, War lurks on the Horizon; the Kingdoms who sent the to colonies the central island, a place that used to be a mid-ground for the kingdoms great wars, want to dominate them once again.

Will you help the people of the Archipelago through this time of strife through peace, or through war?

The Choice is yours, if you decide to Join the Archipelago.
The Kingdom Community is the most active Discord community dedicated to discussing the manga series Kingdom by Hara Yasuhisa.
Looking for a wolf-pack to join? We are recruiting and looking for wolf role-players interested in a kingdom/medieval plot. We are a friendly community of wolf lovers who would love to have you come join in the fun. Hang out with us in the chat and decide if you'd like to join or not!

🐺You must be 16+ to join!
🐺Please do not ask us for NSFW chat or roles; we do not have them.
🐺Simple character creation with self-assignable roles to choose from!
🐺Social-media channels such as video sharing, memes, selfies/rl, and much more!
🐺Plot-discussions and other things to satisfy your role-play needs!
🐺Become a visitor or a member; the choice is yours!

- Humans went extinct well before they could begin to develop intelligence, and the Dire Wolves took their place in the food chain, but stronger. The wolves of Katadiki are civilized, having built villages and established ranks, from Royalty all the way down to a Peasant or Slave. All role-play is consensual and fun for all involved! Come give us a look!
Welcome to the Moon Kingdom RP Server. We are a bunch of roleplayers who like to make stories and romance. If you want to ERP, come on over
The World of Catharis.
A DnD inspired, Fantasy Medieval/Reinnisance/Sengoku Period themed server full of different sorts of characters, affiliations and monsters.
The World of Catharsis has unique mechanics for a Discord Server, like our original DnD-like Battle System and our Adoption Character Center!


♡ERP Sections, Weekly Quests and Events! ♡

♤Places to hang out and meet people, battle monsters, Different Jobs, Factions and Places to explore in over 11 different kingdoms! ♤

□Friendly Staff ready to assist you! □

○Tons of Adoption characters from many franchises and many OCs!○
☆ ~ ♣️♥️♠️♦️ FOLLOW SUIT ♦️♠️♥️♣️ ~ ☆
Hello! Welcome to Follow Suit, a brand new playing card-based, reply-at-your-own-leisure roleplay focused on character communication and sleuthing! Our goal is to create a fun, safe environment for people who want to roleplay as their favorite OCs in a modern kingdom-like setting.
♦️ Art, music, and OC sharing channels!
♥️ Fully developed character sheets with stats!
♠️ Game mechanics inspired by the all-famous DnD!
♣️ User-based story development!
We're brand new, so please keep in mind that we may not start the actual roleplay until we get at least 10 members. Also, the server and plot are both subject to change. Other than that, we hope to see you there!
So this is my idea it’s a basic server needing assistance yes.
So the point is there are kings followers etc followers train knights make weapons etc and the kings wage wars. Princesses/princes can designate followers as maids or butlers and the rest is soon to come
Hi, Welcome to the Bean Kingdom!
We are an active and growing server, looking for new active members. A rather small but friendly server, feel free to join and start chatting!
We also have a decent amount of bots for you to mess around with.
May the beans be with you fellow traveler. ŌMŌ
The Molten Lion Gang is reviving powerful magicians left and right. The Burrowmill princess, Bella, somehow found herself with an ancient, blue, and oddly dressed knight at her command. Matt, the teen wizard that quite literally messes up everything he touches, is friends with an undead skull dragon named Skully. Crisis, one of the best wizards, is an avid reader of Magnus Magistrate’s books. Ave, the runaway circus member, is just the sweetest little pumpkin. This is Burrowmill Kingdom. And these are just some of the people you might encounter.

Burrowmill Kingdom is a fictional, fantasy free reign roleplay server! We feature:

⭐️Many plots, some server wide, and some between characters. Whatever you do, you’re probably gonna find someone who you can mesh a subplot together with!
⭐️The freedom of characters, as long as they have original concepts and they are actually original!
⭐️A community that would love to socialize with you!
And finally…
⭐️Almost anything you might want! If you like to stay true with fantasy and/or sci-fi, the ongoing war between Burrowmill and the Woodland Kingdom might entertain you! If you prefer horror, interactions with Marco the demonic wizard could be fun! If you like action or adventures, the Molten Lion Gang should be a point of interest to you! It’s possible that comedy’s your thing. Which in that case, we have tons!

The region of Burrowmill welcomes you with wide open arms!
Welcome to The Kingdom Of Asrius.
Fun, friendly, kind server for anyone. We don't discriminate nor do we tolerate racism. Toxicity is unacceptable.
✧༺✿༻∞ k i n g d o m w i t h p r o b l e m s ∞༺✿༻✧

Looking for a community server with just about anything you could possibly ask for? Well, you're in luck!


»»————- What we offer… ————-««

♔┊steam code giveaways, art contests, and fun events
♕┊an active community with fun members and helpful staff
♖┊tons of roles to let everyone know about you, as well as leveled ranks
♗┊fun bots such as uno, avrae (dungeons and dragons), and discord RPG
♘┊nsfw that can only be accessed through verification (18+ only)
♙┊and lots more!**


**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ JOIN TODAY AND BECOME A CITIZEN! ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*
Three Kingdoms, each seperated by race, will learn that there is more than species that set them apart.

Secrets that have kept them apart will be unveiled, species will mean nothing in the face of romance, loyalties will be tested, and trust will be broken and forged on this journey.

Where do you belong? Which kingdom do you call home? Where do your loyalties lie?

Choose a kingdom, make your profile, and immerse yourself in the fantasy that will leave you wishing it were all real! Romance, Adventure, Betrayal, Heartbreak, and Self Discovery, it all awaits you within!

**We are a new server and welcoming any staff members! ^-^ We are a literate roleplay server!**
˖⑅❝Once, there was the Great Kingdom, it stood tall and proud. It was divided into three to sanctions with the Xoraneth sanction being created first, then the Rovaryn sanction, then lastly, the Aesenworth sanction. Each sanction played a role in providing for the Great Kingdom, and keeping it thriving. But soon the ruler that governed each sanction grew hungry, starving, for more power. They fought each other for years, passing on the rivalry and hatred they carried in their hearts to their heirs, and allowing them to carry on their bloody legacy. They fought for generations, economically and politically crippling each of the sanctions, cities were crumbling, families were dying, it was a horrid time to be alive. The war lasted for about a hundred years, until, it finally came to an end.

˖⑅❝But they grew tired of fighting, and tired of using their peoples resources to fuel the war. So the three leaders in running each sanction decided to hold a meeting, where they lined out the requirements they wanted for each of their sanctions, and decided, to finally, separate the three sanctions into three kingdoms, allowing for each of them to take the head of their own kingdom. And slowly, they began to rebuild all the damage that had been done to their homes. And after three hundred years, the kingdoms Aesenworth, Rovaryn, and Xoraneth were formed, each of them prospering and growing.

Welcome to the Three Kingdoms! We have lots to offer including:

↠30+ Roleplay channels

↠20+ self assignable roles

↠A friendly staff!

↠Active roleplay and vc channels!

↠Lore to base your characters around!

So come join us!
Welcome, Young Enchanters and Enchantresses! It is the Medieval times in an empire named Aetha. This kingdom has been ruled by humans and Elves for the past few hundred years. Everything was in total harmony- until the Orcs decided to fight for power. The Orcs have been terrorizing the people of Aetha, destroying buildings and breaking families. The Elves and Humans are on the brink of declaring war on the Orcs, hoping to stop them in their tracks. The Aethan Empire is under great danger, and needs many great Wizards and Witches to save it. Good luck!
Do you want to lead an army as a king fighting for your land? A vassal serving loyal to your king, or not so loyal? Or do you want to be the son or daughter of a great king or vassal? How about a mercenary to sell your swords to a lord or king? Or your not wanting to take a hostile route to make your fortune! Maybe try becoming a trader from far off lands!

In this roleplay server, you can be whatever you want! This is a (low fantasy) so no medieval races and such, sorry. Here we have our own custom map that I've made personally that's updated weekly! at the moment were accepting members! It may be closed again in the future if the server needs any work. So what are you waiting for! Join the Five kingdoms roleplay server now with are never-ending link below ↓
The Lands of Nexarial
A beautiful world filled with mythical creatures as far as the eye can see. Dragons and griffins fill the sky. Mermaids and sea monsters in the ocean and so much more! These lands have been conquered by many. The two most known being Gravitis and Seadour. Both large and wealthy kingdoms, but of course these kingdoms hate each other. Gravitis is ruled by a young tyrannical king who only lets his people leave the walls of the kingdom for war or trade, and then there is Seadour. Seadour is ruled by a wise queen and a loving king, but who knows what they could be hiding within their walls. Then again we have to keep in mind the world is always changing. In that case kingdoms may rise and kingdoms may fall so who knows what will happen!

-We accept many species

-Fun Bots

-All forms of roleplay allowed

-And much more!
Friendly staff members, with friendly members. Rules are simple, just don't break it. Let's get along well!
Five defendants, seven weapons. Chaos has broken out across the land and strange things are happening.

Legend has that there were once six mythical weapons, and five wielders. Wielder of Trident, whose purity and support keeps any team together, The wielder of a scythe, who takes upon the sword of light and scythe of sin, Gauntlets of bravery, who knows of wisdom and courage, A Hammer of creation, granted to one who's desires is to build something that will help for the betterment of society, lastly the Sword of Justice, the one who's known as the Sin of Wrath, sins that taint them, but they have a desire to lead a powerful team and make decisions for the better of his team and land.

It's been hundreds of years these weapons lay dormant. It is time they rise, with a new edition to the team, who will be the next defendants of Darius?
Right so. I have always wanted to try be a dom. This is a chance for me to try out being a dom. Basically i will pick 5 slaves that will be roleplaying with me, doing tasks in discord that take real life time and require details to do them. It will be based around the kingdom and you will be able to level up from slave to noble and even the royal court
Once people start gaining ranks they will gain more privlidges and can hold auctions of their own.
You can apply for roles by typing /apply
You can become
Slaver: Low class citizen that has a few slaves of their own. Must be a good slave first.
Royal Court: Staff role, Need to be noticed by blazy
You can register as a slave by doing /register
Przyjazny serwer dla każdego, każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie, dobra atmosfera. Serdecznie zapraszamy