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Join Japanese LCS, a new server with a close-knit community! We play games such as CS:GO, LoL, MMO's and more. Come and join! We also like anime and talking about our favourite ones. Come and meet the uhh.. unique people we have here.
2 hours ago
MOBA Games 40
Somos una pequeña comunidad llamada Buitre Army, que busca crecer mediante Torneos por este juego llamado LoL (League of Legends) donde nuestro objetivo es entretener a la comunidad y divertirnos todos juntos.
14 hours ago
MOBA Games 129
League of Legends based community.

Progressing at a consistent rate to becoming a larger server. Find others to play with, a new team, or participate in an inhouse and win awesome prizes. Join us on the server to find out more and get involved! Please feel welcome to invite your friends.
22 hours ago
Community 36
Welcome to Family goals.
This server is for our gay ass family invite whoever the fuck you want. Welcome to our gay server, try not be an asshole. Thanks.
7 days ago
Hello, Welcome to Project Zed. I created this community for the sake of people just wanting to get away and play games with each other! We have lots of rooms for every game and private rooms for you and your friends! Stop by and take a look!
18 days ago
MOBA Games 21
This is a place of gathering for all players who wants to be involved in community of the game we all know and LOVE TO PLAY, League of Legends!
26 days ago
A nice Discord-Server for Gamers. If you join, you are a nice Gamer! :D
28 days ago
Hello everyone! Playing League Of Legends ? Looking for friends ? Join our community now! Find a duo partner or a team for tournaments! We can also help you to climb from bronze to silver! Skins lotery every week! Join us now! We are waiting for you!

29 days ago
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Welcome to the intellectual, fun, socialising and tech savvy gamer discord. Join in the fun talk of gaming but also debate about technology and your own opinions. Come and join now for the best experience on Discord!
31 days ago
A small but ever growing server focused on making the best community possible!
70 days ago
Venha conhecer o nosso servidor, muita diversão para você e seus amigos, bot de música, ranks e muito mais!
103 days ago
This is a chill place to hang out, talk, or listen to music with others. While this is a server also pertaining to a specific Twitch streamer, do not feel as though you are pressured to enjoy them. Relax, kick back, and enjoy the ride.

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117 days ago