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Our Community is really friendly and we talk about pretty much anything, mostly gamers here League related but we accept everyone. Join us!
Scuttle Meta is a growing League of Legends server where all ranks and roles are welcome. Featuring a friendly, experienced and active staff team, LFG channels for casual and ranked play, fun events and the most popular League of Legends Discord bots to provide you with the latest patches, your personal ingame stats and to keep your rank and region roles updated. Join the server and you won't regret it!
This server was originally created to have a place to hangout with my friends while playing video games and just chillin. now looking to grow the server and turn it into something that is active 24/7 so when people get on they have someone to play with :)
Server para reunir todos os Gamers do Brasil and World, Otakus, fãs de Seriados e Animes em geral. Jogos Atuais como CS, LOL, Minecrat, Dota, Freefire, Fortine, Battlegrounds ETC..e Retro GameS.
Family to all genders, sexualities, races, and ages!

Fun events, roles, giveaways, and real bonding!
Looking for friends or just someone to beat in a video game, we got you covered!
-Glow of Faith-
We are an anime/gaming based community with the royalty theme added to it. A chill place where you can meet a lot of cool new people and we are looking to make this server a safe place/home for everyone to have fun in
Hey! Welcome to the Gamer Club. If you are looking for a place to joke around over voice chat, talk about memes and gaming, then this is the right place. This is the place for gaming, memes, roleplaying, and more. So come in and join the fun!
La Moonlight community, accoglie qualsiasi persona voglia divertirsi con i propri amici o persone che si trovano all'interno del server discord, ci sono un sacco di canali vocali dedicati a vari videogiochi. Cosa aspettati, entra nel server discord dei Moonlight e divertiti.
This is a server to meet other league players :3 and also organize 5v5s in custom games in a more competitive environment

Hopefully one day we can have tournaments would be cool owo

Server NA but all are welcome
Zapraszamy na nasz serwer, który jest stworzony z myślą o graczach jak i zarówno tych którzy lubią sobie po prostu z kimś popisać bądź porozmawiać. Na naszym serwerze znajdziesz ludzi którzy tak samo jak ty będą chcieli poznac nowych znajomych do grania w wszelakie gry takie jak:
-League of Legends
-Dota 2
-Rainbow Six Siege
-World of Tanks
-Euro Truck Simulator 2
-American Truck Simulator
- Game giveaways; most likely one per month!
- Steam news thread, we want to keep all of our members up to date!
- Own TeamSpeak3 and Discord server
╔════════Join us at The Dump!════════╗
An English NA/EUW League of Legends server with much to offer!

╔SFW (All ages are welcome)
╔Non-toxic community
╔Actively working and socializing staff

╔════════WHAT WE OFFER═════════╗
╔9 Dedicated League channels for those only in it to win in
╔Weekly to monthly 5v5 customs events in which most honorable receives a reward and temporary special role
╔Server-wide 1v1 Tournaments in development
╔Coaching/Sharing channel to focus on the mentoring and training old and new players alike
╔Custom VC lobbies you control to host your games
╔Several dozen channels to suit your various needs
╔Streamer- and visual artist-friendly channels to host and sell content (Artists are eligible to have their own channel for commissioning on request)
╔6 bots used for social interaction and leveling such as OwO, Tatsumaki, and Pollux
╔Large category for text-only RPG game Discord Dungeons for anyone who self-assigns for it
Just some weebs doin some weird stuff. feel free to come have some fun we play league at night and talk about plenty of thinks also some asshole called ains ool gown is single if you're a girl you should 100% dm him lol come have fun with us!
Just a Coffee é um server brasileiro que tem o intuito de aproximar pessoas. Venha conversa sobre animes, jogos, series e fazer novas amizades.
Come join! This server is made for fun and other stuffs! It is still a bit quiet, but over time it will surely change! :3
Serwer opiera się na grach jak i na społeczności :)
Znajdziesz u nas:
🎮Kanały do gier🎮 :
🔍League Of Legends🔍
💣Cs Go💣
👽Pokemon Go 👽itp.
🔥Kanały społecznościowe i rozrywkowe🔥 np.:
😎Losowanie 😎
✅Głosowanie ❎
📇Pisanie z botem itp.📇
📋Serwer posiada dobrze skonfigurowane rangi i boty.📋
🎉Wbijaj I sam się przekonaj!🎉
Doing a wood giveaway. Shoutout to those who own paper.
We are a discord server focused on the MOBA game League of Legends!