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League of Legends based community.

Progressing at a consistent rate to becoming a larger server. Find others to play with, a new team, or participate in an inhouse and win awesome prizes. Join us on the server to find out more and get involved! Please feel welcome to invite your friends.
13 minutes ago
16+ server filled with chill people. We play games, talk, and play around. Join and make new friends! We have all sorts of life in this server! The games we play include Overwatch (PC and Xbox), League of Legands, and Fortnite.
2 hours ago
Salut marin d'eaux douces!
Je t'invite a venir nous rejoindre pour faire des parties de League of Legends (ou autre) dans une bonne ambiance.
On est un groupe d'amis (entre 20 et 35 ans) et on se retrouve en général en soirée pour s'amuser tous ensemble.
Tu es le bienvenu parmis nous si tu le souhaites!

tag : fr french francais français lol wow overwatch fortnite
13 hours ago
Olmalo Gaming is a relatively new self-established 16+ multi-gaming community. With a very social community, events, and an active voice chat you are sure to make lots of friends here.
14 hours ago
Join Japanese LCS, a new server with a close-knit community! We play games such as CS:GO, LoL, MMO's and more. Come and join! We also like anime and talking about our favourite ones. Come and meet the uhh.. unique people we have here.
1 days ago
*Welcome to MemeCord!

*We are your #1 Meme Server!*

**We have:
→Dedicated Members
→ Active Chat
→ Events & Giveaways
→ Level Rewards
→ Memes Channel
3 days ago
This is just a random server to make friends with voice chat and chat with other people and look at memes!
4 days ago
O servidor mais amigável de League of Legends que você já encontrará. atendendo às necessidades da comunidade, Fornecemos canais e recursos para interessar a galera. Venha participar da festa!
6 days ago
Join our League of Legends and Fortnite Tournaments everyday for daily Rewards like Lots of RP in League of Legends or V-Bucks in Fortnite.
9 days ago
Paradox is an extremely active server with a welcoming community. We have channels for gamers, musicians, and artists. We have gaming channels for all the top games. Assignable gaming roles. Extremely helpful staff that has plenty of experiance.
15 days ago
We are a league of legends EUW community Discord server.
In our server you can meet awesome new people and also find people to play with!
You can find people from any rank in the server even challengers
You can also ask higher elos for tips! We also have tournaments, karaokes, movie nights!
17 days ago
New place to hang out with new cool people without racism , come join us to the new world of gaming everyone is welcome.
20 days ago
We are a lewd gaming community (18+) that likes to offer both roleplaying and gaming partners for our whole community, we play a lot of games and are always open to playing new games.
21 days ago
Serveur français pour les joueurs et les fans d'animes. Nous sommes également des gamers fan de League of Legends et PUBG. [NSFW] Yaoi, Ecchi et Hentai. Nous souhaitons créer une grande famille sans accroche, Serveur ouvert à tous !
23 days ago
Seveur communautaire français ! On évolue dans la bonne ambiance et l'entraide à travers du gaming et du partage ! Tout joueurs avec une envie de s'amuser dans la bonne humeur est le bienvenue !
32 days ago
Just a Coffee é um server brasileiro que tem o intuito de aproximar pessoas. Venha conversa sobre animes, jogos, series e fazer novas amizades.
36 days ago
You! yes YOU! i see you scrolling through the webcam! >:D (wow that's not creepy at all)

If you're just looking for someone to chat or talk or even just a company, this space is created just for you :) I am someone who feels lonely half the time, so feel free to come in and join me! <3
This is judgement free zone!

It might be shiny new, but I will try my best to make you feel welcome and at home! :p
37 days ago
Discord de Fortnite Latinoamerica :
League of Legend Latinoamerica :
Gamers Latinoamerica
38 days ago
we are a close knit family type discord with people usually in a call. if you see someone in a call feel free to join and also pm me with any questions. looking for unique individuals with cool personalities to add to our little family. +.+
38 days ago