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-Glow of Faith-
We are an anime/gaming based community with the royalty theme added to it. A chill place where you can meet a lot of cool new people and we are looking to make this server a safe place/home for everyone to have fun in
**Join us at The Dump!**
An English NA/EUW LoL server with much to offer!

╔New and improving server
╔Nontoxic community
╔Active working staff
╔More quality than an LFG server

╔Several dozen channels
╔5 bots for interaction/leveling like Miki, Tatsu, and Pollux
╔Streamer and visual artist friendly channels to host and sell content
╔Over 200 roles and 5 role categories to make you unique
╔Spam and Venting channels
╔Custom VC lobbies
╔7 Dedicated League channels
╔Large category for _Discord Dungeons_ for self-assign

Join us and be a DumpsterBaby today!
Salut marin d'eaux douces!
Je t'invite a venir nous rejoindre pour faire des parties de League of Legends (ou autre) dans une bonne ambiance.
On est un groupe d'amis (entre 20 et 35 ans) et on se retrouve en général en soirée pour s'amuser tous ensemble.
Tu es le bienvenu parmis nous si tu le souhaites!

tag : fr french francais français lol wow overwatch fortnite
This is the League of Legends Discord server run by community volunteers for the community.
Friendly/No hate community for League of Legends. A great place to meet new people and make new friends and a fast growing community.
Poro Paradise is a League of Legends based discord server. Our main purpose is to help build friendships with a little competition/fun events while on/off the rifts of league of legends.

Poro Paradise also strives to be clean and organized. To make sure we accomplish this we have planned out and scheduled events such as Custom 5v5 Inhouses, Movie Nights, and more. As for bot optimization.. Not only do we include your standard bots for music.. We also have league bots for builds, counters, and updates on new patches!

Poro Paradise is looking for active and friendly individuals!

- We do not discriminate against rank/everyone is welcomed!
- The community is very friendly and higher ranks typically will give tips to help you improve!

We just hit 1000 members and are constantly growing!

*What do we do Offer?

Organized Weekly Custom Inhouses (Mon,Wed,Fri)
Organized Movie Nights - Every Saturday!
Draft Pick, Solo/Duo Queue, 5v5 Flex
LFG Organization for ease of use finding a duo partner
League of Legends Bots to enhance your LoL experience
Pokecord (If you're a pokemon fan)
Steam Group - PubG/Deceit/BlackSquad/RocketLeague (Fun break time from league)
Giveaways for reaching milestones including RP Giveaways/Steam Codes.
Fun Anime/Gif bots for an enhanced experience
Anime Nights
Movie Nights

*Features coming soon!

Tournaments - COMING SOON
Improved Coaching Category within the server - COMING SOON
Scribblio Nights - COMING SOON
Karaoke Nights - COMING SOON

Join Today!
League of Legends based community.

Progressing at a consistent rate to becoming a larger server. Find others to play with, a new team, or participate in an inhouse and win awesome prizes. Join us on the server to find out more and get involved! Please feel welcome to invite your friends.
Hey! te comento, hemos creado un servidor con bots de música, casino, akinator... poco a poco iremos metiendo mas. Si estas interesado en conocer a mas gente entra, te gustara!
The unofficial League of Legends community group consisting of all varieties of people who love the game, play the game, watch the game, and more. We have channels dedicated to finding games if you dont want to play alone, as well as groups for everything esports or sharing your plays with others. The server has dedicated bots to aid in learning how to best those tough enemies and cheat sheets to help you better yourself with your favorite champion! Come join the fun!
See you on the rift!
gia sas , pera apo ton ironiko titlo ,eimaste mia poli filiki kai orea omada apo cool atoma aneksartitou filou h ilikias ,sinithos pezoume games opos Fortnite, CSGO, LoL , PUBG kai ala pola, ala genika kanoume kai ala pragmata , opos spamaroume memes , kai leme vlakies sto Voice Chat :D , exoume akoma kai NSFW channel (+18) kai eimaste anikti gia promotes/ads triton kai sinergasies :) , eimaste sxetika mikri akoma (60+ atoma),ala eimaste esiodoksi me megales prosdokies :D
Kesair's Kool Krew was originally created by a group of friends just to play games together, and slowly has evolved into a small, but close, community of people. Although all of us speak English, most of the original crew speaks Spanish as well. We are open to suggestions for new games, provided that they're easy for people to acquire. Currently, we primarily play League of Legends.

We have a wide variety of bots, including Pokécord, BoxBot, IdleRPG, Tatsumaki, Yggdrasil, MEE6, NotSoBot, Mantaro, Arraybot, pbot, Pokedex, Aki, and Rythm.

There are numerous themed sections. Goldenrod City is an entire section dedicated to Pokécord, and the Hotel is a large section with numerous chat rooms dedicated to certain bots or topics. Despite this, you are not required to stay on the intended topics. For example, you won't be punished for using Pokécord in a gambling chat

The server is relaxed. Nobody is super strict on rules; as long as you're not being a complete nuisance to the people around you, you should be fine. Members who get their friends or people they know to join can be granted titles of nobility with some moderation powers.
hello ♡ its a small server but everyone's very friendly and welcoming ^_^ we host events every now and then. feel free to join ♡
Einfacher deutscher Server, um sich kennenzulernen, zu reden und Tipps und Tricks zu bekommen. Aktuell nur WoW und LoL, auf Wunsch werden weitere Spiele hinzugefügt.
Join this server to have a good time!make new friends!
ein Discord server auf dem es ein League of Legends Turnier gibt mit ca. 7 - 8 teams die sich über neue Mitglieder freuen und wer will kann den server Leiter oder einen der Mod fragen ob sie selbst auch ein Team machen können. Wir helfen Anfängern gerne und machen um zu testen oder Spaß zu haben auch 1v1. Natürlich gibt es auch für die Leute die kein League of legends spielen auch andere Spiele angeboten wichtig ist aber das ihr euch an die Regeln haltet
- Kein Rassistmus
- Kein Mobbing
- Kein Hate/Flame sondern konstruktive Kritik
- Kein Trollen ( damit ist gemeint das man nicht mit Absicht das Team sabotiert soll)
- Keine Leute die sich kindischverhalten
- Mindest Alter 12+ (wenn ihr euch benehmen könnt kann auch darüber gesprochen werden)

Würde mich auf euren beitreten des Servers freuen
Honestly we just some bored lil peeps shitposting our way through life come join tho fam, we not that boring
We're just a rather small group of people that just hangout. Nothing more. Nothing less.
[We change the name a ton lmao]

This server includes;
-A good atmosphere to text and chat!
-Able to pick and choose roles! [Self-assignment is in testing, but will be included very shortly.]
-Art channels to be able to show and post your artwork! [Requested]
-Advertisement channel
-Limited rules [For example, no porn on the chatting channel lol]
-Giveways! [Admin powers, kick/ban, etc.]
-NSFW channels and bots [Roleplaying, porn, etc. have their own channels if your into that type of stuff.]
+ Requests are considered!
An active friendly League of Legends server whos looking to grow their community. Are you interested in playing with masters? Making new league friends? Getting tips and help trying to better yourself?
league of legends server join if you want to play or just to talk or mess around
Hey guys, this server was made to have fun. We post daily memes and are always having fun. We play almost all games, but mostly nintendo. If you like anything related to gaming, the word dank, memes, or even Discord in general. You should join!
Muy buenas a todos! Bienvenidos al Búnker Secreto Árabe, un servidor donde podrás encontrar gente interesada desde el manga, anime y cosplays hasta fotografía, juegos y música. En resumen: En este servidor encontrarás un poco de todo.

Todo esta separado y organizado por canales a los que se accede solo teniendo el rol respecto

¿Como consigo el rol para entrar al canal?

Muy fácil, tenemos un sistema de roles autoasignables que funciona de la siguiente manera:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Roles autoasignables ­ Selecciona tu rol de colores favorito según el nombre del personaje a través del canal #👤roles-autoasignables .iam <Nombre del personaje> (Para añadir). .iamn <Nombre del personaje actual añadido (Para quitar). Roles disponibles: -Roles de anime: Rem. Ram, Ichigo, Homura, Edward, Deku, Zero Two, Ash, Megumin, Aqua, Emilia,. -Roles de Juegos: Osu!, Fortnite, Overwatch, Lol, WoW, ARK , CSGO //, Tracer, Ahri -Otros roles: Porreo, Alcohólico -Para tener acceso al canal NSFW debes autoasignarte el rol Pajero con el comando .iam Pajero :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Roles de nivel Para subir, se debe participar de manera activa. Se penalizará a aquellos miembros que hagan spam o flood con el objetivo de subir más rápido. Para consultar tu puntaje en el servidor, escribe el comando !rank en el canal #🔺nivel

Nos vemos en el Búnker Secreto Árabe ^^ <3