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In this Greek-English server, you will be able to debate, take part in elections, have fun with the economy system (with products from our country) and participate in polls Question of the day and More!
Hello, this server is mainly greek & english but we have other languages channels!
We have many bots which you can have fun & spend time with them. We have cool roles!
We have friendly members! We are non-toxic server without nsfw!
The biggest and most active Brawl Stars related Discord Server in Greece.

Pitagyro is currently placed at the #1 spot on the local leaderboard and it keeps rising.

⚔️ Organized
⚔️ Well Designed
⚔️ Exclusive Emojis

Languages: Greek & English.

You are all welcomed to join.

#PitagyroArmy 🌊
A Greek multi-gaming server for people willing to try and play new games, as well as discuss common interests.

✔️ Languages spoken 🇬🇷 Greek & 🇬🇧 English
✔️ Our 1100+ members play 1000+ games
✔️ Board Games & other IRL activities (Athens only for now)
✔️ Channels about Free / Offer Games, Anime, Memes, Hardware, Movies, Series, Art, Programming, NSFW, Music, Animals
✔️ Automatic role assignment & other unique features supported by our custom server bot
✔️ Game specific notification / Find people for any game
✔️ Streamer friendly
✔️ Transparent moderation (visible bans, reasons etc)

Steam group:
Gods of the Modern Age

👋 You're Invited! 👋
Welcome to the server! This server is controlled by the server's most trustworthy and fair staff members. This server takes Greek Mythology and brings it to life through roleplay! There are tons of classes you can choose from; from the classes of Gods to Humans to Demons, we've got you covered!

🎉 Specialized Events! 🎉
We've got SPECIALIZED EVENTS for you! A huge storyarch is awaiting you, it's only a matter of time before shit hits the fucking fan.

😂💩 Shitposting 💩😂
A specific channel for making fun of a lot of shit, we've got you covered!

💦🍆 N.S.F.W. 🍆💦
If you want to post your N.S.F.W. (Not Safe For Work) content of any kind, we have specialized channels for you! From pornography to gory content, we have you covered!

🏳️‍🌈 L.G.B.T.Q.+ Friendly! 🏳️‍🌈
If you're a member of the "L.G.B.T.Q.+" community, like how our staff members are, then you're more than welcome to join the server! This is an L.G.B.T.Q.+ friendly server and we (The Staff Crew) will do everything we can to keep a friendly atmosphere within the server.

Come Join Us!

NOTE: This Is An "OC Only" Server; This Is Also A "Greek Mythology Only" Server As Well; Canon Greek Mythology Characters Will Be NPC'd By Staff During Events.
Γειά χαρά σε όλους!
Είμαστε οι TGM , ένας νέος πρωτοποριακός σέρβερ κατάλληλος για κάθε Gamer! Στόχος μας να φτιάξουμε ένα όμορφο περιβάλλον για την ελληνική κοινότητα του Gaming.🎮🇬🇷

Free Games✔️
Rank System ✔️
Find Party✔️

Join Us!!✌🏻
In the moonlight survivors you can make friends, talk about the new games and even watch each others streams.
Ever wanted to become a greek god? Now you can! If not we have so much more to offer:
~ Different chats tailored to your specific needs!
~ We're an LGBTQ+ friendly server.
~ Fun bots to play games with
~Looking for partnerships!
Come join to help our small server grow! Disclaimer: We are not an RP server
Είμαστε ένας server που δημιουργήθηκε για να φέρει κοντά άτομα της ελληνικής ΛΟΑΤ+ κοινότητας αλλά και άτομα εκτός της κοινότητας που μας υποστηρίζουν. Όλοι είναι ευπρόσδεκτοι. :)
Camp Half-Blood based in New York fell under siege from mysterious forces of darkness and has been wiped from the face of the planet. Many heroes were lost in the desperate resistance to push back the forces of darkness before the inevitable destruction annihilated the land.Chiron watched in horror as he was forced to watch his students fall yet be doomed to carry on as his purpose was not yet done. A few years passed and a new outpost was established on the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia. Chiron has moved what few heroes remain as well as his team of satyr scouts to a more remote location in attempts to rebuild. The process was long and arduous but finally, a new camp was established. This base camp has yet to be named and consists of a few tents for new campers as well as general areas for training and eating.

Server features:
⇢Friendly staff!
⇢Unique and Familiar Characters!
⇢A story driven plot that is open to character interaction!
⇢An interactive store!
Our server is a discussion based server with elements of RP added in. We're a friendly community that discusses the Successor States founded by Alexander's Generals and Companions along with other Hellenistic era topics. From time to time, we set up roleplaying events that you can participate in.
The Finngreek language, or Hypæ, is based on archaic Greek that is proposed in the Finnish, Finnic, and Uralic languages. It is easy to learn for both Finns and Greeks. This server is for learning Finngreek, talking about linguistics and anthropology, and having fun with cool people. We use English, Finnish, Greek, and Finngreek in the server. Thanks a lot!

Kiitos Paljon = Kiiđos Poljon = Κύδος Πολέων
Οι ομάδα μας ασχολείται με διάφορα, απο βιντεοπαιχνίδια μέχρι και DnD, έχουμε λάτρεις απο όλες τις ασχολίες! Είσαι λοιπόν Ελληνίδα/νας και σου αρέσουν τα βιντεοπαιχνίδια ή ακόμα και το DnD; Μπες στον Server μου, γίνε μέλος αυτής της όμορφης παρέας και έλα να παίξουμε μαζί!
Ο Server επίσης υποστηρίζει τους Greators και έχει κανάλια για να προμοτάρετε βίντεο σας απο το YouTube, και Stream σας αμα είστε και Streamers!

Δεν ειμαστε ενας τυχαιος σερβερ, Δεν ειμαστε μια τυχαια κοινοτητα, Δεν ειμαστε ενα τυχαιο Ελληνικο Community, ΕΙΜΑΣΤΕ ΠΑΡΕΑ & ΦΙΛΟΙ

-Εδω ειναι το ελευθερο σπιτι της μεγαλυτερης Ελληνικη Clan στο Warframe αλλα φυσικα ως γνησιοι gamers δεν παιζουμε μονο ενα παιχνιδι αλλα πολλα γιαυτο εχουμε φτιαξει πολλες ομαδες στα παιχνιδια που παιζουμε ολοι. Ζητηστε απο τους διαχειριστες να μπειτε στις ομαδες μας για να βρειτε παρεα να παιξετε τα παιχνιδια που αγαπατε.

Discord Server:

✪ Welcome to Olympus! ✪

- What is Olympus (RP)?
✪ Olympus is a roleplay based of Greek mythology and the Greek Gods and goddesss. Here, we can choose to roleplay whichever God or Goddess which we’d like. The theme isn’t all Ancient Greek as it’s modern! For example. It’s similar to Lore Olympus but with a few more twists.

- Do I have to be an expert at knowing Greek myths?
✪ Of course not! We’re not expecting you to know all of the tales but we would like you to know at least one tale and a few God and Goddesses.

✪ Without further being said. We accept all kinds of people here. This server is for pure fun, we aren’t very strict or picky about the rules either. This is for enjoyable purposes.✪

✪ Olympus. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay. ✪
this is a camp half blood rp, centered around the percy jackson universe. it's tons of fun!
we're fairly well established, but not crazy, you know? and growing every day!
-active rpers
-almost 80 friendly faces
-nonbiased mod team (no favoritism)
- over 35 rp channels!
-capture the flag and campfires
-easy application
-LGBTQIA friendly
A Greek Anime Server!! ♡

What does this server have to offer?? OwO

- Self assignable roles!

- Level Roles (achieving them by activity)

- Anime Emojis

- Chill conversations with friendly ppl ♡

- Voice Channels & Music Channels ♡

- Anime & Manga , Games and many more Channels ♡

- NSFW Channels accessible only with a specific role!

Drop by and say Hello!! Don't be shy ♡♡♡
Welcome to The Cult Of Dionysus! An aesthetic ancient greek themed server that's just trying to grow to be a chill place to hang out! Everyone welcome.
Just a random discord server in which the members will chill and play games, with other members of the server. All ages are accepted.

Welcome to the Clans of the Gods. Here, in this alternate Earth, there are three Clans of Cats:

ZeusClan, cats of thunder and lightining, living at the peaks of the mountains.

PosiedonClan, cats of roaring waves and sand, living at the ocean shore.

HadesClan, cats of old lands and fog, living among the shadowed forests.

Don't forget the Faithless, those cats who have shunned the ways of the Clans, never to bow to a God.

All of these groups live alongside each other, competing for food and territory, borders as unstable as ever.

Where will you find yourself?


Hello! This is the server owner, Anakin. We hope to see you soon!

There's plenty of bots here, and we're open for suggestions!

It's also a very accepting server, with no harsh words meant to hurt another.

We hope you have fun!
This roleplay takes place in Ancient Greece, starting from the year 482 BC right before The Second Persian Invasion. Everything takes place in a different parallel universe, where all of the creatures from the Greek Mythology exist, as well as magic, though it is VERY rare. Many of the people that even gained magic died instantly, because they couldn't handle it. Most of the magic users are natural born, meaning they were born with it. Currently there are around 500 magic users.

The server isn't 100% complete, and is just starting out but we have a "loving" and "friendly" community and greet you with open arms.

-Mr Wooloo

Seasons (Season 1)
Oof Pass (With Rewards)
Channel for XP farming
Reaction Roles
And more!