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Justice started as a server for all my friends, but now im trying to upgrade it to a big community. Most of the users play video games (mainly Paladins, but not only), post memes and we even have a funny-cats channel! You can get subscribed to free games and get pinged for them.
Free speech is welcome as long as you don't intentionally try to harass other people for no valid reason.
If u are looking for the server where you can interact with people online and team up with pro in Paladins or OverWatch.....then this is the server we have --
Ranting and Roasting
Help corner to ask for opinion from better player
and many more.......

Welcome to Flozzzzzzzz's (Flozqfy's) Discord server!
discord server:
This server is about paladins streamers gathering together, to form a big community for other twitch streamers to enjoy their time here!

IF you wish to advertise your twitch paladins channel here, DM me on discord (sw0shy#9312) and i will tell you what you need to do.
This server is a funny ass server made for 2 games: Brawlhalla/Paladins . Also a Community server for anyone, looking for partners! Also a choice of roles that you can pick for your country!

Link: If the link doesn't work, dm me on discord sw0shy#9312
Hi, we are a new server community and we're aiming to grow exponentially🔥.
❓If your question is "why do I have to join this server?" The answer is very simple: because we are amazing.
🎮We count a lot of games in our list such as: GTA5, Apex Legends, Fortnite and more to come....
So, what are you waiting for, join now and come play with others👊🏻.
Давно искал сервер с игровой тематикой? Тогда заходи в нам! У нас своя атмосфера, дружелюбные участники, отзывчивые администраторы. У сервера есть свои плюшки и приколы. И все это в одном сервере! Добро пожаловать!
A server where you can group up with other Players and play some paladins.
New Paladins Team And Realm Royale Team server for you!!!
We are also looking for staff to moderate and be admin! DM @Harrisonbyrne#4939 if you are interested (Not Payed)
What our server offers!!!
- New Paladins Team and Realm Royale team!
- A community to chill and play games with!
- Emotes of the champions from Paladins!
- A place to meet new people!
- Advertise your Twitch and YouTube in our dedicated channels
- If you want to join our AWESOME new Paladins/Realm Royale server then click 'join' below.
Server for splatoon and smash bros ultimate originally new games if I've played them and enjoyed them! The more friends the better!
Este es un servidor de discord para pasarla bien, conocer gente nueva y jugar con nuestros amigos o jugar con los intengrantes del server tenemos salas para Apex Legends, Fortnite, Warframe, Paladins y League Of Legends
Just a server for my Steam Followers/Friends everyone is welcome! Join to chat with awesome members. only 2 Channels to keep it Simple
We are a small server, just starting out, solely based around the game Paladins by Hi-Rez
Less than 100 members
- New server that we’re *always* tweaking to make it better, with a suggestions channel to offer your suggestions
- Self-assignable roles(console, region...)
- Accept all platforms!!
- Easy to follow rules
- Paladins stats bot, Pokecord, and more
- Rage Corner💢 to let out all your frustrations and vent after a stressful game, along with a No-Rage Zone to get away from the nonsense
Just a server to play and talk about the game, meet new people, discuss topics, debate, play together and to have fun!
Feel free to join us! Hope to see you there
PS: We are a bit toxic not gonna lie, it be like that sometimes
We are gamers who play lot of games and also we have chill chat. We would like to also have some new player so we can grow our clan/community with you!
we are a english speaking server with people all over the world (most of us are from europe). we play all kinds of games. we mainly play on pc.
if you have any question don't be afraid to ask them.
This is i new sever just made recently for paladins distinctions and general social interaction with other paladins players
-Bots: MEE6, Nadeko, PatchBot, Senpai
-Updates from r/paladins
-Feat. r/Dankmemes for constant memes
Hi you you will like this server because you are fan of FPS games like csgo, paladins and Apex legends. You will get games update news also in this server. And no NSFW server are there. Pls most welcome

Hej wszystkim,

mam przyjemność zaprosić Was na serwer Eden - miejsce od graczy dla graczy.
Znajdzie się tu miejsce dla fanów **gier, anime, rysunku, furry i innych stworzeń, nsfw oraz wielu, wielu innych.**
Każdy powinien znaleźć coś dla siebie, ale po co pięknie to opisywać, po prostu wejdź i sprawdź!

Serdecznie zapraszamy!

Paladins RU Community - это молодой, но активно развивающийся дружный сервер, с приятной атмосферой по нашей любимой игре - Paladins. Основная цель сервера - собрать в одном уютном месте, всех русскоговорящих игроков, помогать друг другу и развиваться в нашей игре! Мы рады всем, кто к нам приходит и ценим каждого участника.

На этом сервере ты можешь найти собеседника, игрока в пати, даже друга, узнать информацию или просто приятно провести время. Сервер красиво и удобно оформлен. Он не привязан к блогеру или стримеру, он привязан к русскому комьюнити игры, прежде всего вы тут главные! Сервер оснащён самыми крутыми ботами и у нас множество разных фишек таких как:

◾Ранговая система сервера;
◾Внутрисерверная валюта;
◾Фракции и кланы;
◾Музыкальные и стат. боты;
◾Красиво оформленные и удобные каналы/чаты;
◾Ивенты, розыгрыши и конкурсы;
◾Топовые игроки по рейтингу (Мастера, ГрандМастера)
◾Серверные эмодзи по Paladins.

Сервер постоянно обновляется, и вводятся новые функции и фичи! Администрация и модерация отзывчивые и очень хорошие, они знают своё дело, ответят на любые вопросы и помогут!