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In this Greek-English server, you will be able to debate, take part in elections, have fun with the economy system (with products from our country) and participate in polls Question of the day and More!
This. Is. SPARTA

What we have to offer:
- Our government is modelled as closely as possible to the real government of ancient Sparta, and includes the dual monarchy, the Gerousia (counil of elders), the Ephors (government), and the Apella (people's assembly). Just like in real life, elections for Ephors are partially random, which means that anyone has a chance to become part of our government!
- The strongest Greek city state! Every full citizen of Sparta is required to serve in the military.
- We have an economy, with Iron Bars as currency.
- An enslaved Helot population, providing Spartan citizens with the wealth that allows us to focus on our military power.
The biggest and most active Brawl Stars related Discord Server in Greece.

Pitagyro is currently placed at the #1 spot on the local leaderboard and it keeps rising.

⚔️ Organized
⚔️ Well Designed
⚔️ Exclusive Emojis

Languages: Greek & English.

You are all welcomed to join.

#PitagyroArmy 🌊
Hello! This server is made in order to bring together lovers of Hellenic/Greek culture, traditions and language. We can help you learn Greek too, but we do not host a lot of lessons because that's very hard to do. Everyone is welcome to join!
A server dedicated to the rich history of Ancient Greece, from it's beautiful architecture, to it's many inspiring tales of the Greek Heroes such as Perseus and Jason.

Seasons (Season 1)
Oof Pass (With Rewards)
Channel for XP farming
Reaction Roles
And more!
Ο official server του παλιού ορθόδοξου πασοκ. Που έχει ως σκοπό την επανεκλογή του πασοκ. ΓΙΑ ΕΛΛΆΔΑ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΗ ΚΑΙ ΣΟΣΙΑΛΙΣΤΙΚΗ.
Κοινότητα Ελλήνων
~Ελεύθερες συζητήσεις.
~Ανταλλαγή απόψεων.
This is an rp based on Greek Gods come and have fun ! :) You can any god you want to rp just not the ones that are already rped by other people !
-- Ελληνικός Server --
-- Μέσος όρος ηλικίας 16 --
-- Ένας ελεύθερος σχετικά server όπου υπάρχουν mini games , voice channels
,text channels κ.α. --
-- Για roles επικοινωνήστε με τον Server Owner - "Dafuk" --
-- Μέλη : 55 --

Ο πρώτος και μοναδικός ελληνικός dating server. Σας περιμένουμε για να γνωριστούμε!
Join the Hellenic People’s Republic!

We are an active and growing server with helpful staff members, a growing and organized military, police and security, realistic government positions and elections for congress and parliament, many partnerships and we’re open to new ones, political parties you can make, and so much more that you can see once you join. We accept any ideology unless no one breaks the rules or attempts to raid.

So join the server comrades, we guarantee you to enjoy yourself here amongst all our members!
Minecraft Java 1.15 (mostly vanilla, no mod downloads), Ancient Greece City State RP.

Diplomacy, trade, disease, war, basically just a Paradox game in Minecraft.

Tyracia is a sprawling fantasy continent, full of mortals and gods alike, inspired by Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and other different cultures and mythologies. With tensions now growing between the nations of Tyracia, a new age is about to begin.

What we offer:
- Helpful staff
- A friendly community
- A variety of races and factions to choose from
- A large map, full of unique locations to roleplay in
- Multiple storylines to join, or create your own!
Saitox Clan Discord Server:

Our Clan Games:
(1) Minecraft
(2) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
The BIGGEST Ancient Greek Mythology server on Discord! Whether you're enthusiast or not Join and meet new people from the globe! Join our rapidly growing community.
Join the great nation of Crete. Crete, instead of an island in Greece is now a Independent country!
1st GREEK gtfo voice server for squads and taking Rundown Rapidly …
with giveaways …game updates and more