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Hello, come and join the Empire! We are doing our best to recreate an accurate vision of the Roman Empire while maintaining both a Senate and the Plebeian Council! In the Roman Empie, you can

- Join politics, and make a name for yourself, writing legislation.

- Join the Praetorian Guard, enforce the Emperor's will and keep peace on the streets of Rome, do you have what it takes to take upon the prestigious position of Prefect of the Praetorian Guard?

- Join the Legions (Coming soon), rise through the ranks of the Legions and become Legatus Legionis of your own Legion?

- Participate in a functioning economy (Coming soon)

- Participate in the Plebeian Council, propose bills with the help of your fellow Plebeians, and pass your own legislation!

- For a bit more info, go to the website:

Join below at
Ihr wacht plötzlich auf und seid nicht mehr auf eurer Heimatwelt. Euch wird schnell bewusst, dass ihr nicht mal mehr in eurer Existenzebene seid.
Diese Welt ist Finyaril, eine Welt unabhängig der anderen Dimensionen - ihr Erschaffer heißt Myzneas. Und das wird euch schnell bewusst, denn die Dame fackelt nicht lange damit, sich euch vorzustellen.
Myzneas ist eine sanfte Göttin, die ihr Leben dem Helfen von Kreaturen verschrieben hat. Hier auf Finyaril seid ihr - als einer der Helden eurer Welt, ohne vielleicht davon zu wissen - dazu auserkoren, euch auf jene Kämpfe vorzubereiten, die auf eurer Welt und zu eurer Zeit ausgefochten werden. Egal ob Krieg, Spionage, oder eine andere wichtige Aufgabe. Myzneas und die Welt hier helfen euch, euch auf diese Aufgabe vorzubereiten. Dabei habt ihr so viel Zeit wie ihr möchtet, da Zeit für Myzneas relativ ist. Lebt in Finyaril, entdeckt es - findet dort Freunde oder aber Feinde.
Begebt euch auf epische Quests, lebt mit den anderen Helden in einem Dorf, feiert mit ihnen in der Taverne... vielleicht verliebt ihr euch?
This is not any old roleplay server. Here, YOU get to be a Roman citizen. You get to vote, work and play as part of a community of great people. It is not 100% accurate, but still a fun server, JOIN SPQR NOW!
Celebrate in the glory and prestige of the Roman Republic! Here's what you can do in our server:

Participate in the Roman government and ascend the Cursus Honorum to become Head of State!

Observe the gods and conduct masses for them!

Make money and buy property, making a business along the way to become rich!

Create or join a political party and gain political dominance!

Read and write news and influence [@ everyone] in the Republic with your voice!

Participate in (and other) events and have fun with the community!

Join the Litteratus and become a scholarly member of the Republic!

Become Magnus (great) by helping the Republic!

And much, much more!

Join today. Senatus Populusque Romanus!
I love talking about Greek & Roman mythology and history and couldn’t find any discords for them so I cracked and made one.

Come discuss myths, modern and ancient tellings of them, ancient history/culture, share art, memes, etc. Iliad, Odyssey, “Song of Achilles”, Aesop’s fables, “Hadestown”, The Golden Ass, etc. ALL OF IT.

The largest Rome server on Discord! If you love ancient Rome, this is the server for you.
Whether you just love Total War games, the Gladiator movie or you're a history buff with a special interest for Rome, our server has plenty to offer.
Here's what you can expect if you join our growing community:

- A dynamic and interesting role system.
- Elections for most important roles.
- Interesting debates.
- A friendly place for all Rome and history enthusiasts to share their ideas.
- Quizzes, contests, and debates.
- Awards based on merit.

We listen to community feedback and always try to improve our server by adding new features.

We welcome new members to join the server and start their Roman adventure!


Roma Invicta!
this is a brand new server only now opened to the public. we have self assignable roles, automated nsfw things, an active owner, open spots for admins helpers and mods, colour roles with much more on the way (hopefully) so we encourage you to join and bring this server to life!
Welcome to the Neo Byzantine Empire!
Here we have
-A political system
-An elected senator
-Fun Bots

Join now and help us out!
Les HDRiens en folie accueille tous ceux qui veulent parler de romans, de poèmes, de littérature en général, ou tout simplement venir parler de vos essais en écriture ou de votre projet en cours. Vous pouvez aussi vous amusez avec des bots ou participer à des RP en notre compagnie.
Erkunde die Welt Amagina's
Jeder ist willkommen auf unserem Fantasy Roleplay Server!
Was wir bieten:
- Actonreiche Roleplays!
- Freundliches Team!
- Romanstyle RPG!
- Eigenerfundene Rassen!
- +15 spielbare Rassen!
- Kreative Welten!
Wir freuen uns auf euch!
Angenehmen Tag noch!

You thought we wouldn't be victorious? Such foolish peasants, filled of hopes and dreams! The Imperium will now rule your lives.

Imperii Electii - The City of Lestyria; is a gothic horror-themed politics-revolved but also Slice-of-Life medieval roleplay server.
We are focused on the logic side of things, the darker, truer counterpart of what you usually encounter in historical fiction.
We want the blood, the anger, the rage, the cries; we want as much realism as possible, with the most grotesque touch you can give.

General key points:

•Strictly +18, no underage ANYTHING.
• ERP not allowed.
• Realism-based with minimal fantasy!
• Dice-based combat system for those who decide to partake in them.
•The server topic may involve blood, gore (and heavy one), drugs, religious themes, etc. Do not join if you're light-hearted.
•Good vibes only, let's all be respectful despite the adult themes.
•Friendly staff that can help and guide you!
The Monarchy Of Greater Alexandria
What we offer
-Civil Administration
-Roman Style Government
-so much more
So Join the hopefully greatest and most stable Discordian mock government around
Сервер по Древнему Риму. Качественное рп, приятные собеседники, звания, а так же много другого. Сервер ещё слабо развит, но мы работаем над этим
(This is based around the books of Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase and the Kane chronicles)

The gods have been having children for a very long timr but they have always tryed to keep them all separated so there wouldn't be any fighting between them. But like all the ideas the gods have it works for a little while and then falls on its face. The dimi gods found out about each other quickly sparking rivalrys and heated relationships.
Novia Empire is a brand new historical fiction, Roman based RP server! We have over 50+ unique channels to RP in, fun bots and friendly members to help if you're new to RP, and more when you join! So join today and server your Emperor!
Rome has fallen, and the decades that followed arise Kingdoms from the ashes of former Roman Lands, many of them would also then attempt to emulate the Romans of the old, and wish to be recognised as the continuation of the Roman Empire in the west.
One such Kingdom was that of the Franks.
The Franks aspire to be what Rome once was. Charlemagne made this aspiration to fruition, expanding the Frankish realm from Northern Hispania to Croatia, and he then was proclaimed the Holy Roman Emperor of the West by Pope Leo.

However, even great men couldn't defeat death, and Karolus Magnus was no different. Charlemagne died in 814, passing his large realm onto his son, Louis, a young and able ruler.

The realm is currently prospering under the Carolingian dynasty and Louis' reign. But even then there are still those eager to be the Emperor or simply break free from the Frankish rule. Will you stay by the side of your liege? Or do you wish to rid of him and to be your own master?
Will you become a great ruler and bring prosperity, and be emulated by men alike as a new Charlemagne? Or will you be remembered as an incompetent tyrant that brought chaos and destruction to their realm?

Join now! and forge your path in this unforgiving world, live as a ruler or live as a vassal. Make your named fall into the history books and have your House be awed by men alike for centuries to come!

Please note the server is new and is in its early stages so there aren't too many players yet, so join the server and spread the word so we can see this server grow to as big as the Holy Roman Empire was!
This is the Roman realm of our Multiverse and the connection between the Norse and Egyptian worlds. They are scientifically advanced and own the portals to the other realms.

+We have a good staff and community. You could even be a staff member

+We have a large list of gods and powers to choose from and we are always open to expand that list

+You can make your own character with their own unique stories

+We are a new server and we need a LOT of new people

We really hope you join 😊😊
A fantasy setting based on a fantasized Imperial Rome. The Emperor has died and his three heirs are amassing power. The Ungrim gather in their halls to throw off the yoke of the Empire. The slaves of Algamatya cry out for freedom. The Legionnari stationed in Gulaccia ready themselves to fight off the next wave of barbarian invaders.
In a world where Roman God's, their offsprings, monsters, Titans, and more all roam throughout the land and walk the very earth we live on, you as a Demigod, an unlikely child of one of those Godly beings, must do your best to survive! Here at Camp Jupiter you will learn to fight, make friends, learn to control your power, serve for the legion with honor, and become legends! Only the strong can make it to the end of their service. Do you have what it takes?

Hey, you! Are you sick and tired of only seeing Camp Half Blood servers that are active and you check Camp Jupiter servers and none of them are as active as you'd like? This server will solve that problem. Instead of Greek stuff, we focus on Roman stuff. Come over and choose the Roman god YOU want to be in! Major or Non. We don't judge. Have suggestions? You can tell us. We want to make this server strive!

What You'll Find here.
♡ A LGBTQ+ Friendly Community!
♡ An Active Community!
♡ War Games!
♡ Mee6 Leveling System
♡ Fresh New Plots!
♡ Quests!
♡ A Staff Team That Maybe You Can Join?
Rome, the largest empire in the world. The year is 120 AD and the Emperor, Imperator Caesar Publius Aelius Traianus Lucius Augustus, rules Rome with an iron fist, he is viewed by most to be a ruthless dictator, a tyrant and a madman, though all are afraid to oppose him. The senate fears to make a move against him for risk of loosing a loved-one, or their own lives. The Colosseum of Rome is filled with Gladiators, slaves are sold to it to fight to the death for their freedom. Bandits lay in wait on trade routes, ready to pounce on all shipments of supplies. And still, there is a darker force at work, for deep within the darkest corners of the empire, witches work, some work to destroy while others are merely here to see and observe... And possibly, to aid the tyrannical Emperor rule.
What is conquestia? Conquestia is a geopolitical earth faction server, more specifically its set during the punic wars (back when the roman republic and carthage went toe to toe). Let's break it all down. We are set on a map of the IRL earth but a 1:1000 scale of it (don't worry, it's still big) and we use a faction plugin where you can create to join your very own nation! Here is where it gets special, were set during the punic wars, and with that all our nation's focus on this time period, we plan to have unique events and custom weapons. There is an element of roleplay in our server so you feel like your apart of the time!