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The Pontiff's College is a server dedicated to the discussion and debate of religion, politics, and philosophy. We have roles for different religions and a small, simple set of channels that are easy to navigate. We are also relatively rule free and follow a Roman theme for any who care about their freedoms or their aesthetics. We prune inactive members often. Of course, this isn't all that this server is for. We regularly discuss other topics, such as the happenings of the daily lives of internet strangers and, if you so please, anything your heart desires.
Welcome to Children of Mars!

We are a nation roleplay server set amidst the wars of the Diadochoi, rise of Rome and the rise and fall of Epirus! Take control of a nation and do what you can to lead it to greatness... or failure.

Just a quick warning that you have to keep realism in mind while you roleplay.
The largest Rome server on Discord! If you love ancient Rome, this is the server for you.
Whether you just love Total War games, the Gladiator movie or you're a history buff with a special interest for Rome, our server has plenty to offer.
Here's what you can expect if you join our growing community:

- A dynamic and interesting role system.
- Elections for most important roles.
- Interesting debates.
- A friendly place for all Rome and history enthusiasts to share their ideas.
- Quizzes, contests, and debates.
- Awards based on merit.

We listen to community feedback and always try to improve our server by adding new features.

We welcome new members to join the server and start their Roman adventure!


Roma Invicta!
Late Roman Empire is a server dedicated to political discussion, YouTube Drama, and learning. We're mostly a small group of friends that banded together from DP, DFF, Kraut and Tea's, Naked Ape's, and several other Discord servers to merge into one.
- Late Roman Theme
- Bloodsports and other news related stuff
- Free books in the form of pdf's and audiobooks
- Freedom of Speech guaranteed
Many more things will come of this server in the future, we'll be looking to grow into a decent sized group of people and expand from there.
Pantheon; have you ever wished to become a God? wished for reverence and praise among your loyal followers? or wish to interact with other esteemed and holy or crude and unholy beings? Pantheon is the place for you. Simply design your God or Goddess and submit them, if it's seen fit you might gain a throne and room in the temple itself.
- Interesting character dynamics, as well as interesting interactions with the world above and on the earth.
- You can be a god, angel, demon, vampire, werewolf, fallen angel, skinwalker, arachnids, phoenix, griffin, dragon, demigod, warlock, cambion, nephilim, incubus, succubus, neko, dwarf, leviathan, gigori, and much much more!
- Welcome the Elves, Orcs and Druids
- daily and nightly events that may only happen for the right person.
- high quality and literate roleplay group with a focus on keeping things active and alive
- new faction system in the works with new city states and total war!
-a special 18+ section with a verification system

Warning; as with most mythological stories this roleplay may touch on content less acceptable for those of younger ages such as disturbing monsters. Use discretion.
Salve est, welcome to the IMERIVM ROMANVM. We are the Neo Roman empire of the cyberworld, and instead of just being RP we decided to create a digital empire in multiplayer/mmo games. We have several branches, such as the modding team, the server network (we plan to open up ingame servers), the knights of libertas (dead but when we get more members I plan to revive, the knights of libertas are an anti cyberbullying group that investigates and reports cyberbullies and raid groups), our milsim style legions, and more. We are a complete digital empire!
Have fun in here, we do like the romans do! < VERIFICATION REQUIRED! >
Aceasta comunitate a fost creata pentru a ne face noi prieteni pentru a comunica,pentru a face caterinca in conditiile serverului, va asteptam si pe voi sa va alaturati acestei comunitati ! :>
Salutation à toi,si tu aimes lire ou que tu as envie de t'y mettre le sanctuaire t'ouvres ses portes !
Qu'importe que tu sois un novice ou un gros lecteurs,le sanctuaire s'adresse à tout ceux partagent cette passion pour la lecture.
Rome is falling, barbaric tribes have flooded through Roman defences and have pillaged many cities. Rebellions have also stirred within the Empire and have inspired many from within to try to break from the Empire to establish their own realm.

Will you stay loyal to Rome and defend your homeland or will you exploit her weakness to pursue your own ambitions?
Join now play with other players in an Antiquity Roleplay set in 235, play as a historical figure or create your own with or without relations with history. Be anyone you want! From a Peasant to an Emperor, From a Hellenic to a Zoroastrian. Forge alliances with others or fight others through war and diplomacy to make your name and house be awed by people for centuries to come!

Please note the server is new and is on its early stages so there aren't too many players yet, join the server so we can see this server grow to as big as the Roman Empire was!
The Imperium of Rubicon is a Minecraft gaming community. The primary focus of the group is modded servers with a spice of roleplaying, being inspired by the Roman Empire.
A fantasy setting based on a fantasized Imperial Rome. The Emperor has died and his three heirs are amassing power. The Ungrim gather in their halls to throw off the yoke of the Empire. The slaves of Algamatya cry out for freedom. The Legionnari stationed in Gulaccia ready themselves to fight off the next wave of barbarian invaders.
Welcome to the city of Acanna! The golden city of a gleaming world in the face of horrid creatures and savages with defiance and the strength of her legions!

In Acanna; you can be anything from a simple pleb to a renown Senator or a valiant legionary, or even become one of the nine Hierarchs of religion! The doors are open to the golden city!
In a world where Roman God's, their offsprings, monsters, Titans, and more all roam throughout the land and walk the very earth we live on, you as a Demigod, an unlikely child of one of those Godly beings, must do your best to survive! Here at Camp Jupiter you will learn to fight, make friends, learn to control your power, serve for the legion with honor, and become legends! Only the strong can make it to the end of their service. Do you have what it takes?

Hey, you! Are you sick and tired of only seeing Camp Half Blood servers that are active and you check Camp Jupiter servers and none of them are as active as you'd like? This server will solve that problem. Instead of Greek stuff, we focus on Roman stuff. Come over and choose the Roman god YOU want to be in! Major or Non. We don't judge. Have suggestions? You can tell us. We want to make this server strive!

What You'll Find here.
♡ A LGBTQ+ Friendly Community!
♡ An Active Community!
♡ War Games!
♡ Mee6 Leveling System
♡ Fresh New Plots!
♡ Quests!
♡ A Staff Team That Maybe You Can Join?
Veni, Vidi, Vici.. (I came, I saw, I conquered)-Julius Caesar

In the years of tales about Gods, Titans, Warriors and mythical creatures, One nation stands out..

Rome, A city of wealth and prosperity, governed by its senate and consul and later its imperators. Barbarism engulfs a very large portion of the world and is constantly a major threat to Rome and its people. The greeks are an indecisive bunch; Sparta, Eprirus, Athens, Macedon and many others, Friend or foe is a question commonly asked.

Roma calls upon the strongest of fighters, the best of negotiators, the best of merchants and musicians, the best of practically all ways of life. The legions march upon the lands of the wicked and it requires your aid in its endeavors. Will you fight for Roma?

|--What to Expect--|
▪ This is a new RP, Looking for active members and what not
▪ A Helpful staff
▪ Helpful Information on Units, Ranks and equipment
▪ RP Is based in Chapters
▪ Joinable Legions and Fleets (More being available the later the years)
▪ This is historically accurate for the most part, The only thing that is not is the fact that all equipment is available at the start
Welcome to Camp Jupiter campers. This is a place where demigods can be safe from the monsters that could chase you. You either just completed training with Lupa at the Wolf house or you have been at the camp for a few years. In this camp you will be put into Legions when you prove yourself and get deemed fit. This server is a growing community that has:
A growing staff
An ever evolving plot
And much much more
Come Newest Generation of heros and make you mark on the world.
Alexandria is a mixed Polytheist community which focuses on contemporary religious, philosophical, and esoteric traditions that seek to revive or draw inspiration from Hellenic, Roman, Kemetic, Sumerian, and Semitic cultures.
We are a celeb server, we support nicki minaj, Ariana grande, and more! I hope you join Red Roman!
Welcome to Mythopoeia! A server dedicated to the discussion, sharing, and adoring of myths! Here we discuss Roman mythology, Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, even Middle Earth, among many others.
I present to you the *true* roman gaming clan, what sets us apart from the many pretenders is our proud use of classical latin, the form of latin that the romans actually used in the time of the principate. What sets us apart from the other many gaming clans out there is our rich civilized roman culture (minus the paganism #constantinethegreat), our use of time tested roman military tactics in pvp (even to the point of training our centurions with historical battle documentaries), and our legionnares that pvp in solid disciplined formation! We aim to grow and revive the roman empire as much as we can using the modern medium of video games. ADIMPERIVM!
We are the camp Jupiter role play server join if you want some community and fun
Gods. Daemons. Giants and other deities. You are among them. Birthed and given powers and titles beyond your imagination.
You can grow, learn, develop and create ever lasting bonds while you guide the mortal humans across the lands of Earth and change civilisation, gain followers and revel in glory... Or will you seek to destroy them? Submit your deity, based on anything and everything, and jump into Avaheim, the home of Gods.

♛ Active and friendly roleplayers of all skill, all welcome.
♛ Welcoming and lovable admins/Council.
♛ Rewarding system.
♛ Regularly scheduled events that rewards roles, items, powers and other unlockables.

Warning: This server may contain content inappropriate for the younger audience, viewer discretion is advised.