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Late Roman Empire is a server dedicated to political discussion, YouTube Drama, and learning. We're mostly a small group of friends that banded together from DP, DFF, Kraut and Tea's, Naked Ape's, and several other Discord servers to merge into one.
- Late Roman Theme
- Bloodsports and other news related stuff
- Free books in the form of pdf's and audiobooks
- Freedom of Speech guaranteed
Many more things will come of this server in the future, we'll be looking to grow into a decent sized group of people and expand from there.
The Roman Empire has returned!
We have a mighty gaming empire with an outstanding army.
Join if you want! We are always looking for new and talented soldiers. Or just come have some fun!
All hail the Roman Empire!
RP and political server based over the ancient Roman Empire with a complete hierarchy of both civilian and military roles, promotions based over activity