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The Grocery Store: A roleplay inspired by Welcome to Night Vale and my awful long shifts working in a grocery store.

Open "world" (it's a store, not a world) the Grocery Store is the premier shopping center around! Though things can be a little crazy, considering the swarm of bees acting as security, the beasts roaming the aisles, the sentient Sandwich that's building and army and the fact that nobody's seen the store manager in seven years.

The Grocery Store is a roleplay designed for whichever type of character you like best - the store is insane, with a myriad of species and abilities, all mindlessly working together to try and survive the next rush... Or the next flesh eating hell beast who really really wants almond milk.

You know, the usual.
Join the global version of a group made by me, ApoCodeLypse and my friend Sumthinginthefuture. The Holy Eraser originates in the cold, depressing land of Illinois. We encourage gamers, memers, and programmers to join.
[ Hello, Welcome to TreeXjones™ I hope you'll have a Great In there! ]
Description:We are kind and peaceful
-100 Custom Emotes!
-Self-assign Roles!
One of the most uniqe servers on discord!
New server brought to you by Tuna Mods!
This server is fully customizable by you!
I've built the server, set it up, made it pretty. Now it's up to you to make it your home. Use ~suggest in the channel labeled suggestion box to help be a part of this movement.
:hammer_pick: Member made
:see_no_evil: Invisible names
:right_facing_fist: :left_facing_fist: Partnerships
:chains: Strong community
Three Silver Pearls
This is a fan-made Warriorcats server, we made three custom clans, Shardclan, Threadclan, and Barredclan.

In The Three Silver Pearls, you will roleplay as whatever warrior cat you choose to be (can't be a name that is from the books/arc).
( Warning! Storyline! )
'The three clans arrived at the moonstone tunnel after the Hurricane in a hurry. The tunnel was blocked off from boulders, rocks, and twigs. The only remains of the moonstone that could be seen by the cats, was a small set of cloudy, small, broken shards on the surface. The warriors, and apprentices who had followed to check on the moonstone that day had arrived home, their head low, ears pinned.'

'Months had passed, eventually all the clans met a strange, silver-colored pearl, three in all, one in each clan. They soon realized that these pearls were not made of silver. They were made out of Moonstone. Decades of failed attempts at using the pearls to interact with Starclan had passed... only two had succeeded in dreaming with the pearls in their grasp on a full moon, leaving them with a Starclan dream. The first time it worked, it warned of a hurricane. The warrior who witnessed that dream, died during the hurricane..'

'In the present were we are now... a new warning, and a brand new dream had occurred, leaving the three clans in complete worry.
Here is where it started... an unknown tom was able to grab a hold of the pearl in Shardclan, on a full moon... after the dream, he explained to his clan in a shocked tone, he said that there would be a war between the clans, and it could only be prevented in one way- if every clan decided to hunt till their prey is scarce, and trade their kills to another clan in an entirety.'

'If a clan messed up in the trading process, not properly letting the trio of food flow... the clan who would get no food traded in return... would suffer.'
Welcome travelers to the center of the multiverse where you will encounter creatures and races of all kinds. We welcome you to barter, buy, sell, and just socialize with the others within this realm. We have a currency is usually Universal which means copper, silver, gold, and platinum pieces are used for business here. We do hope you enjoy yourselves here please try to be respectful we do understand that some beings have tempers but do control yourself for we do not like to clean up after you and will DEAL with you how we see fit if you break our laws here.
**welcome to Tokyo ghoul**
This chat takes place in a alternate Tokyo ghoul universe.

"Ghouls are a carnivorous and cannibalistic species that is only able to feed on humans and other ghouls. They are as close to humans as possible: They normally have the same physical appearance and intelligence as a human with the exception of diet, mentality and inner biology.
If certain rare conditions are met, ghouls and humans may even be able to have offspring- however it is rare -and a ghoul's organs can be successfully transplanted into a human.”

It’s 2025, japan the once world superpower has been split in half by ghouls, the organization O.O.G controlling a large proportion of japan. The organization null is the last line of defense for the human population in japan, defending the other half which is still in human control. Even though there is a split humans live there lives nonchalantly, believing the null organization will protect them from any invasion. What will they do once they find out ghouls have been breaching their paradise for years, stealing there people one by one to feed the ghouls endless hunger. Can the null organization be fully trusted? Is there something their not telling the public? Will the O.O.G organization stay in power? Will they be able to bring all the ghouls together to take over the rest of japan? Who knows, only time will tell in this new world of Tokyo ghoul.