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This server is just a joke you join get a message pinned and get banned
Baby gang is a joke server where we fuck around and act like babies and stuff. We have some q u a l i t y emotes too.
This is a joke, dont take it like we have sick twisted fantasies. Wait...some of us do...
--Join The Legion--
--Be One With Crompton--

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Join our server its pretty great, lolis are just a meme, though if you are gonna post nsfw related stuff in here, keep it in its respective channel. Have a good time.
Welcome Potati! YOU run the server! Any Veteran can delete messages, kick members, and edit roles! Use these permissions sparingly and fairly. If you are found abusing your powers you will be removed from the server without warning! That's all!
No rules this is a free speech zone you can say what ever come on in and tell us your woes
Do you ever just want to make an ERP server that can be both taken non and actual seriousness? Well this server is just for you. Join this knockoff ERP server we made off from another ERP server for the sake of comedy and/or actual ERPs.
UK is in texas we have proof.(lol this is a joke server)
leftists dont dox me for a joke
This is an Meme server where we joke around and have laughs i hope you join! :D
Server for edgy cunts and offensive jokes.

If you have to ask if a joke is too far, it probably is. Ask anyway because i may let it slide.