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Fun server based in the Uk
English speaking
just here to have fun
A cool place to hangout and have some laughs. It can be somewhat offensive, but not too much. If you're bored and have time to spare, come right in! (I just made this server and it's kind of empty as of now, but if more people join then there's more fun to have!)
The official military of Horse City, Antarctica.

(This is basically the discord server equivalent of that weird girl who liked horses in middle school, except it has almost nothing to do with horses)

Also Horsism is the server's religion.
This is basically weird as fuck, we use Yggdrasil to userphone random people and sort of rp we're a store. Join the chaos!
five guys burgers and fries

just play around a meme around and whatever
This server is just a joke you join get a message pinned and get banned
Hey, ici on ne se prend pas la tête. Je t'invite à rejoindre le serveur et à passer le test MBTI (un super test de personnalité pas très long). Ici on ne se prend pas la tête, on déconne, on rigole, on s'énerve, on rage, il y a de tout et on veut voir de tout ! Alors ramène tes fesses poto!

⭐ On a du meme MBTI et autres
⭐Des salons vocaux et textuels
⭐ Des artistes, des penseurs, des fans de tout et n'importe quoi
⭐Des salons de partage et de débat évidemment (musiques, vidéos, films, articles...)
🔞 Et ouais, on a aussi des salons NSFW pour les plus de 18 ans

La partie un peu barbante c'est le règlement mais c'est rapide à lire je te le promets mon pote

-Stupid INTP-T
Hey are u intrested to join our FUCKING MEME server where u post memes and you can even get a FUCKIN WAIFU so what do u say JOIN TODAY!
Just a fun ass server where we can joke around, send memes, listen to music, and much more
Don't worry my friends the name and picture are JOKES, we do not promote bigoted ideas of extremism, infact we are moderate and progressive Muslims and Islam means peace and so we will spread love!

no kuffar doe
دولتي باقية
النصر للقاعدة
(Disclaimer: We are currently trying to gain members so we have enough people to effectively achieve our goal.)

There are very many so-called "malevolent" servers out there on Discord, namely furries and disgusting gore people.

- Join Servers
- Make an Impression
- Convert Brainwashed Fools to Our Cause

Welcome to Donacdumnalds! where we only serve you our finest Hiestfast food! We hope you enjoy your time here and please remember to always enjoy your meal!
Notice: If you find a thermal drill next to your wallet, you should eat your wallet.
This is a chill server meant to hang out at to talk about things to relax and make new friends this isnt a place to flirt if you start bother members or staff leave or be kicked/ban, THIS IS A NEW SERVER SO ITS DEAD RN
The Cult welcomes all who are in seek of the truth. Come and join us in the path of righteousness.
This is an Meme server where we joke around and have laughs i hope you join! :D
Funny things where we all come together as a community and talk about random stuff and stuff cause we like to get lit.
--Join The Legion--
--Be One With Crompton--

Spread it on
Welcome Potati! YOU run the server! Any Veteran can delete messages, kick members, and edit roles! Use these permissions sparingly and fairly. If you are found abusing your powers you will be removed from the server without warning! That's all!
No rules this is a free speech zone you can say what ever come on in and tell us your woes
Do you ever just want to make an ERP server that can be both taken non and actual seriousness? Well this server is just for you. Join this knockoff ERP server we made off from another ERP server for the sake of comedy and/or actual ERPs.
UK is in texas we have proof.(lol this is a joke server)