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Hello and welcome to the random trash server so pls support me and join 🙃
Welcome to San Alandria! A dream city filled with shops, people and opportunity awaiting for your character by the sea. Be an innocent new comer to the city or choose to be a residence that knows of the underground gang activity. Associate with a gang, the law or just try to live life.
Hello! My name is fincatlol, it would be awesome if you joined our gang, any problems? DM fincatlol#0001

We are fast growing Roblox Gang and we need YOU!

Look, there are plenty of servers out there, so you better choose for yourself what kind of place suits ya.

I welcome you in, if you welcome me in.


In a city where crime seems to be most profitable most people are left with a crushing decision.Try to outlive the problems, try to stop them, or become the problems. There are many gangs to choose from and if you feel like none suit you, you may start your own. (But me and fellow staff must approve it.) Either that or join the police force to put a stop to this! It's your choice...

There's a variety of roles and soon to be gangs to choose from! We have active staff and extremely engaged story. We only just started out so we're hoping to grow! We also have invite rewards to give you a bonus for inviting people.
Welcome to Jupiter ♡ We are friendly and active , we have active voice chats, meme and aesthetic spam channels, events, and much more!
Cloak is a club, for everyone who is excluded, Earn our Loyalty and keep it for life. We have Chapters in Many cities and hope to expand. Trust is above all, we are Family, one you are in you are in for life.
-Brand New
-A community, and a loyal family
-Rank system you can climb.

Hope you Come and at least See What we are about! - Mara Reign, Queen and Founder of CLOAK, International Chapter President.
Rap fans only, we take no L's
= You are tired of bad communities right? You want to be respected, loved right? =
[We will be the ones, that will respect and love you, so hurry up!]

阴险 𝓘𝓷𝓼𝓲𝓭𝓲𝓸𝓾𝓼 阴险

⇝ 🎁 Amazing giveaways!
⇝ 🎮We play a wide array of games!
⇝ 👻 Weekly/Daily Events that everyone can enjoy!
⇝ 😸Great Community
⇝ 🔥Helpful Staff!
⇝ 🌈Family roles
⇝ 👯‍♀️Cool Members!
⇝💗 Growing!
⇝ 🚨 Excellent moderation and spam control!

Contact @阴险 | ֆʏռʀɢʏ for Partnerships
We love everyone that is here!

彡ღ▼Be Part of our Family Here!▼ღ彡
【阴险 𝓘𝓷𝓼𝓲𝓭𝓲𝓸𝓾𝓼 阴险】

Our Website
Hello! My name is Olex, and I am here to welcome you to my server! We expect new members to have fun and make new friends here.
Here are the stuff we have here


Voice Chat✅




Reaction Roles✅

Music Channels✅



Thanks for reading, hope you join! We love to meet new people. :D
This is an underground server which was a secret until now.
We have active members join and have fun talkin to us.
I hope you'll have a wonderful time on this server.
Hey! I am the owner of 'The Gang'. This server is about fun and it is social. So go on and get some friends. We have level rewards, self-assignable roles. Nice staff too.
OKAY SO ya know we just a small asf little gang trying to grow so come join so we can be besties or not that's on you.......... PEACE
GTD is a brand new one of a kind roleplay server similar to the game Grand Theft Auto. You can earn money by completing jobs and gambling, but it isn't all fair play - steal money from other players or earn it through gang wars. Team up, strategize, and dominate the leaderboards!
- Earn money through completing jobs!

- Gamble your money at the casino!

- Rob other players!

- Level up through chatting and participation for perks!

- Upgrade weapons and armor to increase power!

- Form a gang and challenge other gangs to wars!

- All in a single custom bot!
Join us or perish

Our server is a epic place to hang out where you can meet new people, and talk about a wide range of topics.
Tired of toxic slotbot gangs? Were the gang for you! Were a friendly community based on SlotBot. Here are some of the things we offer!

Friendly and Un-bias staff
Cool Events/Giveaways
We listen to the community
We will hopefully grow (This depends on you :) )
Anti Raid, Strong Moderation System.
We play video games too!

Want to become a ATS partner? Dm SemiMute#2018 for some information regarding partnerships
1924, in an alternate New York. On the surface, all seems fine. Life drags on under prohibition, but small speakeasies on almost every street fight back, serving alcohol and accommodating other such illict activities like gambling or drug use under the table in the most covert ways. Such establishments are run by the warring gangs, dictating most of what goes on in downtown NY. With police and government in their pockets, those with the real power can practically do whatever they wish.
Gang Beasts is a roleplay server about Gang Life. Its pretty dank.
We are a gang playing surviv for competition purposes, We also play fortnite, for fun, as well as surviv. after that just chat.
If you’re into titties and choochoo trains you should fuck wit this server. We’re small rn but we’re growing! We have more egirls than males atm. So gang gang gang get in the caboose and get ready for the ride of you life. (That was so fucking cheezy I’m sorry)