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Looking for new recruits for an upcoming hytale server I am creating. Everything will be funded for when hytale fully releases. If you would like to join and help the brand new community feel free to come by our discord. First members will be given staff positions and perks after full release.
Warriors is a roleplay discord for fans of the series 'Warriors'. There are many positions open for you to claim including Deputys, Leaders, and Medicine Cats. Come roleplay with us! Where your actions provide the plot, what will you decide? The Dark Forest or Starclan?
ayy you stumbled upon a pretty rad server :) you should join cuz we're always looking for more members to help this server become as active as possible.

this server includes:
- self roles
- color select
- memes and lots of them
- music
- netflix
- animals
- faq
- billie eilish
- roleplay
- gaming
and lots of other fun stuff!

please read the rules when you join cuz rules are important! we try to make this server fun, so if you have any suggestions, there's a channel for that :)

we hope you decide to join us and help this server grow!
this server is also a wip so please don't leave just cuz it's "dead" or "boring" :(
We're a fast pace growing community of gamers. Join us for more info. You'll love it.
Welcome to Highness Gaming Clan, HGC for short. We are a growing Fortnite Battle Royale Clan recruiting new clan members! Come join today for unforgettable fun with an interactive community!
```Angelic Esports

Welcome To Angelic Esports!
We Are A North American Competitive Gaming Team That Is Looking To Be Successful And To Compete In Tournaments.

Our Rosters

Angelic Esports - RL (Rocket League)
Angelic Premier - RL (Rocket League)
Angelic Elite - RL (Rocket League)
Angelic Esports - FN (Fortnite)
Angelic Premier - FN (Fortnite)
Angelic Elite - FN (Fortnite)
Angelic Honor - FN (Fortnite)

Discord Link:```
We are a relatively new fortnite clan that just created a discord for general conversations and recruiting. We need new members to fill our comp and casual teamsl; Join today!
we are a discord server that do mostly everything. we are recruiting youtubers/other discord servers to partner with.
you can advertise youre channel and youre youtube if you get the rank. or you can find other players to play gamed with.
Nova eSports

• We are a newly formed EU Fortnite team recruiting skilled PC and PS4 players.

• We also host custom games and will be getting more hosts in the future!

• If you use Code : Oynxxx in the Fortnite Item Shop and send proof in #sac-proof you will receive a supporter role!

• Once you accumulate 10 invites you will receive the V.I.P role which has special perks!
Team Optimal is a Fortnite Competitive team founded on 4/3/2019 by iNitsua. The team strives to bring the best gameplay, and work great together as a team!
This server is for Gmod players who want to join different servers, devs who need jobs for a server, and Owners who need population and players.

If you're an owner please DM me your server. - Thank you Glutton
I am about to purchase a GTA V server for LSPDFR. Right now I am looking to recruit for positions I would like to fill before I purchased the server If you are interested message me in the app.

As of right now we will be focusing on just LSPD I have it broken down into north east south and west sectors once we grow LSPD will be merged into north and south and we will add a sheriffs dept and state trooper.

Recruiting (16+) (I’m 27)
3x’s captain (oversees the assigned sector)
4x’s LT, SGT, and CPL (one of each for all sectors)

Also I Will be live streaming in this Game Server. Anyone with private server exp, live streaming community, or law enforcement exp moves to the top of applications

Website coming soon!
Hey! Join here for FREE channel art and a job as a designer for DowN's Channel Art Service!

We Will Be A Big Service For Editing And Channel Art

You Choose Your Payment Options

Looking For Designers

Make Sure To Join And Have Fun!
Join the 11th Armored Division today to join an elite team of Battlefield V soldiers. All types of players are welcome including infantry, tankers, and pilots.
We are a clan, looking to go competitive in the near future.
A place to advertise your servers if you'd like! Help make this server boom with life and advertise and search for servers here!
I present to you the *true* roman gaming clan, what sets us apart from the many pretenders is our proud use of classical latin, the form of latin that the romans actually used in the time of the principate. What sets us apart from the other many gaming clans out there is our rich civilized roman culture (minus the paganism #constantinethegreat), our use of time tested roman military tactics in pvp (even to the point of training our centurions with historical battle documentaries), and our legionnares that pvp in solid disciplined formation! We aim to grow and revive the roman empire as much as we can using the modern medium of video games. ADIMPERIVM!
We are a building faction, with experienced, and dedicated members! We hope you apply!

Things we have:

An economy system with virtual money.
Music bots for relaxing.
A fun filled server, casually planning out world domination. Though mostly through nonviolent means... Not always 😬
Are you looking to join a Epic and fun gaming community for Xbox and PC , Look no further Check out The Viperion Dynasty. Viperion was founded by Liege Maximo on January 1st, 2018. Our age limit is 16+ and you must have a working mic. Our goal is to help others and be there for people that are in need of friends or a group of people to play with after a long day. We never leave anyone out of anything and we always do our best to help our members grow and learn in the games we play or even in real life. Our ranking structure is set in three tiers. The last two ranks listed are always available to members to obtain if they put in effort. Along with the possibility of promotions, we also host bi weekly contests and events for our members to participate in.