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This is a small server with bots and events where writers can collectively come together to collaborate, share ideas, critique and ultimately improve on their writing skills as one.

Let the writing commence!
No Sleep 'Til Bookdun (NS'TB) is a community of creative writers who want to write a novel and actually finish it. We offer a 6-month novel writing challenge where you pledge to write a novel in 6 months. Along the way, we help each other to reach our goals.

We currently offer the following three main pillars:

1. Our Community. We are a friendly and respectful bunch. We help each other, discuss creative writing and many other topics, kick each other in the butt, celebrate successes together, and ultimately have a lot of fun doing it. We are even writing a book together!

2. The Challenge. Every March 1st and September 1st, we challenge ourselves to write a novel in six months. For some folks it means finishing the first draft, while others want to get their novel out to beta readers. We offer two teams, Team Purple and Team Green, which help you track your progress and provide good grounds for some friendly banter. (Team Leaf for life!)

3. The Critique. We offer a framework for getting feedback on your writing! You can either ask for critique in a global channel or create/join a private writing group with a few others. We have a lot of friendly and active users who’d surely love to make a writing group with you.

You can join anytime! The challenge is entirely optional, but can be entered at any time, too. You don’t have to participate in every round, either. We just want to challenge ourselves and help each other the best way we can.
The Atomic Cafe is a new server dedicated to the online storytelling and creative community. This is a platform to share your fanfiction, your stories, your art, and to have fun.

We also welcome and include roleplay!

Come, have a coffee and tell a story surrounded by friends, here at The Atomic Cafe.
A community for artists, writers, and other creators of fiction to share their work and discuss their ideas!
- Strictly 13+ (16+ recommended)
- Intro required for access to server
- LGBT+-friendly
- Must be registered on Discord for 5 minutes
Do you like Star Wars? Do you like rp? Well, this is the perfect server for you. We are set 30 years after The Rise of Skywalker and our community is ever growing. Even if you don’t know how to rp, we are more than willing to help you get started!
A server about kingdoms who are at war and people are trying to just live life as the war rages throughout them
If you're a writer, artist, fanfic writer, fanfic artist or just a person who needs to finish school papers, come join us!

You can keep track of your progresses, set up goals and even listen to music!
You can request for a written piece or artwork.
You can talk about anything in the relax chats!
You can also share your work and ask for critiques.

Join now!

If you have any questions, go to discord group and tag me @TangSakura#9163 at #whatever-say-anything or #questions
Long ago two kingdoms were built, in a time before recorded history, once was built by humanity, Aldovia.The other built by an eleven/human alliance, named Ellesmere. The elves are gone now leaving their half elf descendants, resembling humans with pointed ears like their ancestors. While it’s sister city is mostly man. Aldovia, sophisticated and well kept and Ellesmere, laid back and humble have their differences but they try to maintain a good relationship. However, anything could happen...
A basic server with minimal channels to help you focus on work and get it done yesterday. For Fiction, Nonfiction, and Fanfiction writers. Readers are welcome too!
~A small Rp server for those who are constantly bored ~

In a world where super powers are just being discovered and very few have them (first gen) the polititians are concerned not knowing how this will affect the crime rate and law enforcement. Hero activities are illegal and as well as using powers in public many have chosen to stay hidden and never let anyone know about their powers because they don’t want to be shunned by others, some have choses a secret path where they decided to do secret hero work under ground as well as those who choose to be villains, a selected few have chosen to go to a academy where they are trained to control their powers as are protected from the publics violent outbreaks while being trained into using their powers for future good.
Storyzine Magazine is a community of short fiction writers. All types of writing is welcome. All genres. Whether you love reading or writing short fiction, this is the perfect community made just for you. With activities and support, too!
Founded by Aeðrvallr as the official server for his fictional works such as Harvest of Chivalry, A World Anew, etc. By extension, this server also welcomes aspiring fiction and sci-fi role-players, writers, and illustrators of any skill level and provides them with opportunities to express themselves fully in their field of specialty. If you are working on fantasy or sci-fi and love to collaborate with other artists/writers, we are sure you'll find good friends and enjoy your stay! We are still small in number but we will find it easier to interact with everyone, so we would love to have you as part of our community.

► Friendly users of different personalities
► Immersive open-world role-plays
► Theme roleplays (available when we have enough members)
► NSFW section for special stuff
► Bots imported to kill time and have fun along with fellow users
► Collaboration with fellow artists (e.g. crossovers)
► A place to call home and be part of Aeðrvallr's fam
► Mature and responsible moderators carefully chosen by Aeðrvallr himself
Its the early 1900s times are changing and war looks imminent by the powers of Europe. Come participate in problems and inventions. Come join lead a nation, do scandals, prevent wars, do wars
*{credit to <@!453683060764835850> for the ad}*

The Two Realms
A place of mysterious creatures, big and small, and an even more mysterious world.

All the way back before the first great war the Kingdoms of Yanozo, Llano, and Treno seemed to live in harmony, It was any other day for the three, At least on the surface it seemed so...

The smaller kingdoms of Llano and Treno had a secret unity behind the back of Yanozo, It was their time to take the main land... Or so they tried

The defense and Army of Yanozo was known for its strength and durability but the smaller kingdoms got to witness this in person, On Yanozo's land none the less

The destruction of the others army's was swift yet consuming, With the greater single military, better trained soldiers and terrain advantage most thought that Yanozo would win flawlessly until they soon learned that the enemy wasn't gonna play fair

Mercenaries, Thieves, Criminals, Fallen warriors, Demons of all types, What ever It took to win, The Adjoined Kingdoms would take it.

Now, 5 years after the war, The three kingdoms sit patiently, anxiously, waiting for someone to make the first move...


What we offer:

•A great community
•Fun Bots
•Reaction Roles
•A well made RP
A friendly discord chat to share creative writing ideas or something you’re working on or would like feedback for. Everyone’s welcome!
This is a discord for anyone who loves The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. We are a small server but we hope to grow! due to the gory nature of the subject material, users under 16 will not be permitted in the server.
This server is an RP server in WW2 era. The story is currently 1940 and no confrontations are occuring yet. Will you cause war on another country? Will you win the war for Nazi Germany? Will you bomb the hearts of Paris? This RP is completely fictional and battles must be coordinated with the other country before hand. I hope you have fun Roleplaying!
A server for those who enjoy writing! Sections for both fanfic writers and original writers alike!

This server does require a command to be input when you arrive. Anti-spammer mechanism.
The Santa Marta RP Server is a rp server based in a fiction Pacific Northwest city. There are many legends and myths about, and talk of cryptic creatures amongst the busy city streets. Live in houses and apartments. Make friends and romances. Message from the owner: Just don't mind the fact that Cities:Skylines is here to model the city.
Welcome to the unofficial Samurai of Hyuga Discord server, as such we're mainly a community that holds discussions about SoH and contributes to the fandom. Feel free to join and we hope you enjoy your time with us.
Welcome To Spooky's House of Jumpscares RP!

Here we have a ton of cool things to share from canon characters, to OC creation, to completely brand new areas!

Branching off a different lore from the original game, both veterans and completely new people have a chance to enjoy what this server has to offer.

Do note that our server is new and not many people will be in it to begin with, but we look forward to building a community off of this great game. Thanks for checking us out and maybe consider joining?
Bonjour à toi jeune Na'vi !

●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸● AVATAR ●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸●

Je vais te présenter un serveur. Quel est le thème, me demanderas-tu. Et bien, ici, c'est un RP sur Avatar (de James Cameron) ! Tu peux TOUT jouer : les Na'vi, les humains, les scientifiques et même les animaux de Pandora ! Je te laisse lire le contexte pour plus d'informations…

●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸● CONTEXTE ●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸●

2145. Terre - Voix Lactée.

La Terre a épuisé toutes ses ressources fossiles. Le pétrole n'est plus. Les énergies nucléaire et électrique sont devenues chères. Les gouvernements s'affolent : comment gérer une telle crise ? Alors que la colère des humains grondent, les scientifiques apportent une nouvelle des plus importantes : une planète contenant une énergie pouvant remplacer celles perdues est découverte. Pandora. Des gisements "d'unobtainium" recouvrent cette planète. Ce matériau a la propriété d'être plus efficace que toutes les énergies terriennes réunies. Les scientifiques travaillent, construisent des vaisseaux capables de voyager six ans avec des centaines d'hommes et femmes à bord.

2148. Terre - Voix Lactée.

Les vaisseaux sont construits et prêt à l'emploi. Une première mission est envoyée un an plus tôt, la seconde débute en 2148. Les hommes et femmes choisis partent à la découverte de cette nouvelle planète inconnue. Ils ne reverront jamais la Terre. Un long voyage de six ans démarre, laissant les humains "congelés" à l'intérieur des vaisseaux.

2154. Pandora - Alpha Centauri A.

La mission 2 est arrivée plusieurs mois après la numéro 1. Tout est prêt, le QG est monté et les scientifiques s'affairent aux nombreuses recherches que leur offre Pandora. Le Général ainsi que le Commandant s'occupèrent de tout gérer, à part le côté administratif. Ils découvrirent Pandora sous toutes ses formes et commencèrent les hostilités avec les peuples Na'vi. Ceux-ci ne se laissèrent pas faire et les deux camps perdirent énormément d'effectifs… Encore aujourd'hui, les humains se battent pour récupérer l'unobtainium et les Na'vi défendent leur nature.

●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸● PETITE NOTE ●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸●

Cette histoire exclut les personnages du film. Toutefois, l'environnement est le même et les conflits sont basés sur les mêmes centres d'intérêts.

Que le meilleur gagne !

P.S : Pour plus d'informations, demandez à ÉquiNoxe#1711.

No one knows what happened but one day, across the planes of many realms, the sky opened up, and Before they knew it, a large portion of the dimensions strongest, and potential-filled warriors vanished. Everything went back to normal not long after, Howbeit, to those taken nothing would ever be the same again. They found themselves on a strange planet, with no other life similar to themselves other than those that had been dragged from their dimension with them. Soon they encountered other's, the ones who were brought there from yet another realm, and eventually fought over territory, food supplies, water bodies, and so on. It is now generations later, and new realms and people are pouring into this strange and seemingly infinite world. Technology is scarce and some kingdoms in the realm don't possess any common technology at all. What is happening and where are all of these different beings coming from is unknown….but war rages.



The setting of this rp is on an infinite and never-ending plane of existence, the world is never-ending and would seem to go on infinitely without end. You are a person who was taken from your home universe and plopped into another, something foreign, something unknown. This is an rp that encompasses all of the universes in fictions, constantly expanding with whichever one you choose to bring in. If the universe you wish to incorporate into the rp isn’t there yet, go to #✑_add_new_universe-fiction_submission and apply to have another one added. I hope you enjoy and have a fun time exploring this vast new universe we are creating together.

✧ Welcome to Khane City, A modern Fantasy city RP✧

In the beautiful city of Khane Humans and Fantasy creatures live together. Happily? Uh- I guess? There can be a tad bit of speciesism against the fantasy creatures... Some parks ban werewolves, Some areas like the city centre ban flying, Some places like cafes, Apartment buildings and Shops ban “Creatures” All together.

However there is one place all the creatures can’t be discriminated against, Parkson street. Just two blocks away from the city centre there is a street jam packed with apartment buildings, Shops and cafes entirely populated by creatures. There’s even a roof top park for the little ones! There aren’t any humans living there and none even bother going there to shop. Some creatures are grateful for Parkson street and others hate it, Saying the the segregation of creatures is wrong (Which it is) But it isn’t the humans fault a whole bunch of creatures took residence on Parkson street right? Creatures are still allowed to live elsewhere in the city, Parkson street is just more popular.

Now it’s time for a question. Are you a human? Okay with speciesism or against it? Or are you a creature? Are you happy with living on Parkson Street or do you hate it? Do you even live /on/ Parkson street? Let’s find out.

Here we have:
* 70+ RP channels
* Six Different Districts
* Easy to navigate categories
* Friendly and accepting staff
* Bots to make your life easier
* Fun and Interesting lore
* A good character template
* Reaction Roles