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No Sleep 'Til Bookdun

No Sleep 'Til Bookdun (NS'TB) is a community of creative writers who want to write a novel and actually finish it. We offer a 6-month novel writing challenge where you pledge to write a novel in 6 months. Along the way, we help each other to reach our goals.

We currently offer the following three main pillars:

1. Our Community. We are a friendly and respectful bunch. We help each other, discuss creative writing and many other topics, kick each other in the butt, celebrate successes together, and ultimately have a lot of fun doing it. We are even writing a book together!

2. The Challenge. Every March 1st and September 1st, we challenge ourselves to write a novel in six months. For some folks it means finishing the first draft, while others want to get their novel out to beta readers. We offer two teams, Team Purple and Team Green, which help you track your progress and provide good grounds for some friendly banter. (Team Leaf for life!)

3. The Critique. We offer a framework for getting feedback on your writing! You can either ask for critique in a global channel or create/join a private writing group with a few others. We have a lot of friendly and active users who’d surely love to make a writing group with you.

You can join anytime! The challenge is entirely optional, but can be entered at any time, too. You don’t have to participate in every round, either. We just want to challenge ourselves and help each other the best way we can.
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Ratings & Reviews

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BatmanMoose713 BatmanMoose713
Great Server
NSTB is a great server for writers of all levels who are focused on finishing projects. The challenge format allows for a healthy competitive feel while allowing people to join a community very easily. The people who run this server are absolutely wonderful, and I am so glad I found it when I did.
67 days ago
CalliesKennel CalliesKennel
The community is very helpful and they do help one another. They are also very welcoming
161 days ago
Xol Xol
Wonderful Writing Server!
If you're looking to become a better writer for fun or for future publishing I highly recommend this server! They are a great community of people who are truly passionate about writing!
Since joining NSTB I've been able to work on two of my projects and get constructive feedback on them! I've grown so much as a writer in that time and have made some friends along the way! <3
227 days ago
1 1
kez kez
The Best Writer Chat
I've been in other discord writer chats before, and none have been as organized, friendly, and fun as this one. There's regular contests, lots of encouragement to get your wip finished, channels for word sprints, writing prompts, and plenty of active members (both casual and serious writers). Not to mention the great feedback system in place so that you actually get constructive critique of your work. If you're looking for a writer chat, look no further :)
238 days ago