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~ Welcome To The Capo Club ~

~ The Capo Club is a Commuinty where you can make new friends & Have a laughs!
~ Active Staff Members!
~ Rules are set to make the Community Safe!
~ Memes are allowed!
~ Voice Channels are added!
~ Come join and have a Chat :D!
~ Always looking out for Suggestions!
~ Show off your art to other users!
~ Its a easy going Communtiy and Creep Free!
~ Very Friendly & Welcoming!
~ Join Today & Even Invite Some Friends!
A friendly 16+ dating server with friendly staff and a relaxing community to talk with and make new friends or find someone to date.
fun place to meet people and enjoy each others company
specifically made to meet new people and get to know and make friends
hope to see you soon mate UwU
Arc's Angels is a hang out server that has music and level bots with over 20+ customization roles. So come on in and talk :))
This server is a place to chill and talk to people, we have a amazing staff and a growing community, we love any and all who join as long as they don't break any rules. Come join to make some friends!
◦°˚Welcome to Chalcis˚°◦

Welcome to the land of Chalcis, a wondrous city based in Ancient Greece for you to come and explore. Grab your friends and join us for exhilarating roleplay experiences such as dungeons, battles, games, and more.

◦°˚You may be wondering, what do we have to offer? Well I'll tell you:˚°◦

❖〚A benevolent and growing community with over 100 members.〛❖

❖〚A active staff team to answer all of your questions.〛❖

❖〚Over 30 in character channels for you to express your roleplay creativity in.〛❖

❖〚Events, events, events! Dungeons, Karaoke, fight nights, and more!〛❖

❖〚Detailed lore and tons of adventures for you to explore.〛❖

❖〚Self assignable roles and color choices.〛❖

❖〚Tons of contests and prizes to win.〛❖
Just A Friendly New Server , Looking for new friends also since cant say ive had true ones! so if youre looking for new friends.. ! start here!
Come on in! And meet new friends, make ur own friendship, get to know each other!
Welcome to ChillSpot
This is a server where people just talk,chill and have a good time
This server has just started up and we accept every new member
We have custom roles for Active people in the server!

Join now!
This server is a great server for people who like to chill and make new friends. We have so many things you could think of, we have self roles, memes and nsfwwe also have a venting channel, introduction channel and many more channels you could use so please join us! :)
This server is just for pure fun. Just a place to meet new people, and of course look at loads of weird stuff. But you totally don't have to do that, noooo, that's just harassment!

Also! Everyone in here is totally chill and definitely not toxic at all. (Surprisingly not sarcasm)

And of course we accept ANYONE and EVERYONE here.
Just note that this server is still new and will always be need of improvement. If you have any ideas feel free to tell me in #suggestions and @Min Min#0001 when you have an idea.
Just a chill place for peeps under 18 :)
This new chat is for the people that like to make characters, lore, and even monsters.

We all have ideas in our head, this chat is so that those ideas are shared and possibly become a reality.
Hey! Welcome to the Party; Or should I say... a PartyZone.

PartyZone is like a mixture of 2 different types of typical ordinary servers, Partying, and a Chillzone.

Our theme is any type of purple, specifically Lavender.

What we do is like no other. We are ORIGINAL.

So why not check the party out?

Currently in beta, so expect updates.

afar with the extra roles

But if you need anything (anything appropriate. ) Don't hesitate to ask!

This is a community based server. People can chill, roleplay about military things. We also have a minigame. A war simulation. It will be played with reasonable thinking. It challenges peoples thinking and social skills. Also just join to have fun. I just want people to have a good time as a community. Also a very small community.
Small community where you can share your thoughts,make some new friends and have fun.Mainly for bulgarians but everyone is welcome to join.