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This is a story about a man with a wish. That wish being to live safely with his friends and family, though that may never happen. Come join us as we try to hide from the government, from the world.... you’ll only make it more interesting.
Writer's Block is a storywriting/RP server with a cat as the owner (not because we're furries, but because we think cats are superior than humans [totally not the owner typing here]). Join to RP in a fantasy world and gain experience!
Reparations takes place in 1994, post worldwide disaster and interplanetary war. The world is finally rebuilding. You live in Stockholm, Sweden or, possibly, in a rural town not so far from it. The UN has just started its mission in Scandinavia, so the boots on the ground are few. Food and clean water is scarce. Scavengers roam abandoned towns. Martian refugees are coming in huge waves. There's a lot to clean up. All of that with rumors of a war heating back up, life could be about to get a whole helluva lot harder.