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If you're a writer, artist, fanfic writer, fanfic artist or just a person who needs to finish school papers, come join us!

You can keep track of your progresses, set up goals and even listen to music!
You can request for a written piece or artwork.
You can talk about anything in the relax chats!
You can also share your work and ask for critiques.

Join now!

If you have any questions, go to discord group and tag me @TangSakura#9163 at #whatever-say-anything or #questions
This Discord is so that others, including myself, can share their fanfictions or fanfiction ideas. I want people to be able to speak their criticisms more directly, talk to each other about ideas for their stories, or simply hang out and chat.

As of now, we are pretty small... So everyone that joins is a welcomed addition, as long as the rules aren't broken of course.
this is a server for those who aim to be an author, enjoys reading or drawing. We target any with those interest, being it writing books or comics etc.
Just join and meet a lot of new friends and we'll help you on your way.
We have lots of tools for beginners too.
Hello, and welcome to Authors Studio! Authors Studio is a safe haven for writers of any kind, including roleplayers and erotica writing. There aren't many discord groups out there for aspiring writers, which is why this group was created. Join us and you can get advice, share any stories you're comfortable with sharing, roleplay with other members, and more! We even have a section where you can game with other members and send memes!

We're fairly brand new, so we hope you take a chance and join us!
Do you like to write stories and share with a community of like-minded people?
Do you want feedback on your latest piece?

Here at the Authors' Haven we have a custom bot to provide zany writing prompts, a friendly community that love to read each others' work, and some awesome stories.
Are you an author of novels, short stories, poetry, even fanfiction - or maybe someone wanting to try writing or enjoys reading books? Well, this is the place for you! We are a new community looking to expand and develop a welcoming environment for authors and readers alike.
A nice place where you can share your writing with others, or just read some cool fiction. All abilities welcome, just a fun place to write and learn.
Creator's Guild

A relatively new server, this guild is a place for all kinds of creators:
- Artists
- Writers
- Original music creators
- Chefs
- And more!

What I have in mind is a community of people who create "things" in any form, and want to share them with other people.

There's no specific age limit or restriction, but just be aware that there is an NSFW category available to those who are 18+.

We have working bots!
- Fredboat
- Dyno
- Gaius
- Reminder
- Rhythm
- Unbelievaboat

(Also looking for staff, too. There's no formal application; if you want it you must be relatively active and trustworthy.)

Come join!
This is a community of people who use Wattpad where we talk about not only writing, but anything else!
——————————- ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ -——————————
☆ Little Maid Café ☆
——————————- ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ -——————————
``❥ The Little Maid Café is a small author/writer server made for both causal discord users and author's alike.``
``❥ We offer Daily Prompts for people once the server meets a certain member count!``
``❥ Always looking for partnerships!``
``❥ Offer channels for non authors, so all are welcome!``
``❥ Future events and activities!``