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A place for artistic witches both new and experienced to learn and share what they know. A safe spot to talk to others about anything like books, art, memes not just magick.
Ouroboros is a brand spankin' new witchcraft server for all races, peoples, genders, sexualities, and magickal practices and/or religions! We want to create a tight knit community of open minded people and a space for practice, interaction, and learning!
-Suggestions are welcome!
-Swear to your heart's content if you wish!
-Discussion/debate, writing prompts, media sharing, and even memes!
-Classes & Teachers to come soon!
-Automatic role assignment!
-Many more things to come with YOUR HELP!
Welcome to WICCA GUIDANCE! here we offer :
. Guidance for beginners
. Advice
. A great community
. Active staff
Welcome to the Moon Rose Coven! A 13+ server coven welcome to all who seek knowledge in the world of wicca, witchcraft, and paganism! Folklore, spells, herbalism, you name it! We have it all, and are willing to expand our horizons as we gain more and more members! We welcome all ages, races, sexualities, genders, and level of knowledge in these subjects. We're all learners, why not learn this craft together? So, Welcome, welcome, we look forward to your stay!~
We are a text roleplay community entirely based of off the American Horror Story season known as Coven. In the server you are given the unique opportunity to be a part of the magical world that Coven takes place in. Choose to fight on whatever side you wish. Maintain a rich lineage with the Voodoo Queens, or be one with the salem witches, the choice is yours. Tell your story and grow!
Welcome to surreality! A server where you can talk to others who think outside the box like you do. Interested in the Occult? Converse with other witches or learn from others. Discuss various topics such as divination, astrology, conspiracy, reality, ect. Join and help us grow today! Looking for Moderators also.
Interested in theistic satanism? Oriri potest satanas (satan May rise) Offers a safe haven for theistic satanist. Others are welcome. As satanist we are on a long life journey to lift the veil and enlighten others on knowledge. Satan is our muse of creativity. Without him we would have never began to think for ourselves. So join and meet our family!

We offer satanist debates, memes, nsfw, art channel, homework help, a drug centered chat and even a venting channel.

Humans and entities of all kinds welcome!
Our goal is to create a community where everyone feels they have a place.

We have several “helpful members” dedicated to helping others find their own way, along with channels for as many paths as possible. (As well as open to suggestions 😊)

Looking for more experienced occultists to make up for the recent surge in beginner witches.
COVEN OF THE BURNING BROOMSTICK🔥 is a group of practitioners,witches and occultists forming a coven of spiritual and magickal people.

•We have chat rooms too with a community of like minded people

We also offer services like tarot and pendulum readings,Shops and shop reviews.

•Hobbies and events also make part of our server so don't stray away with sharing your hobbies and personal life.

•We are forming a big library to source the practicing and soon to be practicing witch...
Welcome to New Exodus! a Roleplaying server about mages attempting to survive humans trying to kill them at every corner! In New Exodus, You can choose from a variety of different types of mages. Each type of mage has its own sets of abilities, allowing the mage to survive being hunted by human "Mage Hunters".
On the opposite end, you can also choose to be a human, or one of the Mage Hunters! The goal of Mage Hunters is to hunt down and kill any mages they find. Warning: Mages, Humans, And Mage Hunters are not allowed to attack eachother in purgatory, a small neutral tavern inside all of the major cities!
If you have any questions, You can ask one of the Advisors or Coven Leaders for information! We'd love to have you!
The Raven's Perch is a discord server specifically designed to help people on their journey to practising Witchcraft. If you also want to learn about it but not practice it then this is the place for you. In The Raven's Perch, we have many features such as:

● Self Assignable Roles
● Suggestion System
● Happy Thoughts channel where you can share happy thoughts to spread positive energies
● A Venting channel where you can vent about everyday issues
● Weekly discussions for all users to participate in
● Classes on different magickal topics every month
● No anti-curse policy
merry meet! this is a server for witches and pagans to practice and learn together! sort of like a coven but less strict! we are LGBT friendly ! no terfs or nazis allowed! sexism and racism will not be tolerated!
a very small group so far, so please consider stopping by!
☾suggestions are accepted!
☾tarot readers!
☾resources for baby witches! including pdfs of magickal grimoires!
Join our coven!
We've got...
✧ Cute colors and 70+ self roles!
✧ 30+ magick based channels!
✧ Mentorships, Events, daily questions, and more!
✧ Friendly community!
✧ Safespace!
A server for the Circle of the Attuned Coven to communicate and guide each other in the education and practice of witchcraft and wicca.
-This is a safe haven that prides itself in diversity and open-mindedness.
-We are here to answer any questions that you may have.
-New members and friends are always welcome!
| : | Enchanted Coven | : |

Welcome to Enchanted Coven!

Come join us for inclusive magic discussions, new friends and more! It is what the server says, a Coven. Part is roleplay, part is wiccan

We offer...
✦ An active non-toxic community
✦ Friendly and helpful staff
✦ Self-assigned roles
✦ Rooms for every topic under the moon - Astrology, Curses, Dream Interpretation, Divination, Spirit Work, and more!
Whether you've been practicing for 10 years or 10 minutes, you'll always be welcome.

We are extremely open to suggestions and requests from the community!
Welcome to the Musicals & Magick Coven!
We have a bunch of different self assignable roles, a fun community and open environment! We are currently a small community but hope to grow. Please consider joining us if you:
❤️ Love musicals.
🧡 Want to meet fellow witches.
💛 Want to be in an LGBT+ safe community!
💚 Are simply interested in witchcraft.
💙 Are looking for a new community.

We look forward to possibly seeing you in our server. Thank you!
Welcome to Coven! Here, we are magic supporters. You can rise to supreme, become voodoo queen. Thrive to kill, and survive while gaining powers at the same time! We roleplay and hair lessons that are useful for storylines.
Welcome to Briarthorn Coven! This little witchy server is very new and we're just getting started, but we're looking to advance things very soon with bots, self-assignable roles, and more! All we need is some support from new people! We're looking for 18+ members who are simply willing to be active and contribute to the small community we have growing, regardless of your experience.

Hope to see you soon!
🐍 Witches of the Black Serpent 🖤 is an open pantheon online coven and witchcraft community. The coven does not have a set pantheon, but rather, it is open for you to worship as you wish, we just invoke the gods and goddesses using general terminology and from there you can personally worship to your heart's content. If you’re just someone who practices witchcraft or curious of the craft you are more than welcome to come and join! We are 100% LGBT+ and PoC inclusive and include unique spaces for those communities within the server as well.

We are currently in BETA mode, so some of the features below are not available yet but WILL be integrated very soon! This message will be edited once they are all live.

🖤 Several free to access resources for genuine learning including books, weblinks, and more
🖤 A traditional ranking system to allow you to transition from first to third degree in Wicca
🖤 Traditional events, initiatory ceremonies, sabbats, esbats, etc.
🖤 Open access mentoring
🖤 Free divinatory readings and practice areas
🖤 Spaces to share your artistic, relevant content and advertise it
🖤 The largest selection of divinatory self-assignable roles across Discord, and more
🖤 Daily horoscope readings and more by our server bot familiars
🖤 Shared coven grimoire
🖤 Anti-troll verification system

🐍 Plus more! Check us out and join a hybrid community (and perhaps coven) of witchcraft and Wicca alike. We look forward to meeting you!
Si vous êtes Intéresser, Mage ou Sorcier. Vous pouvez venir !!!
Serveur, ou on parle de magie blanche, rouge, verte et élémental
Tirage de tarots etc...
Et d'autre chose Occulte les Druide, Wiccan, etc... Son les bienvenue !
Ayritha is a safe and open server for practitioners of the craft and anyone who's into Astrology and magick itself!
Anybody whether intrested in the craft or not is welcome to join - we accept people from all paths, faiths, sexualities, genders and races.

Some of what we offer:

-An online grimoire
-Accepting community
-Places to post artwork, stories and photography
-Meme chats
-Meditation Groups
-Horoscope and tarot readings
-Lessons for beginner practicioners
-Many roles (self assignable)
-Giveaways and events
-Celebrations for the solstices
-Help with your craft
And just a community of people to make friends and socialize with in general.

~Mentors and Staff needed!~