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New Harper
Set in a alternate Earth where all the continents except a few islands are merged into one, New Harper is a city in a world recovering from a faction war, a union pact between said factions and a burst of magical power that wiped out the memory of almost half the population and drove some to insanity.
It's a new era, with growth and prosperity like never before. Or so it would seem. Although things would seem like it's paving the way for a new future, some would say that another war is inevitable. By who, nobody knows, although they have their assumptions. All they know is that the peace won't last forever, when war is looming on the horizon.

-chill and friendly staff that are willing to help
-rules set up to make sure the server is fun and comfortable for everyone
-lore that is constantly being added to and updated
- We'd be happy partner! Just ask
- random events to make rping more interesting
- an accepting and open environment
Edit : I would like to personally apologise for doing a big oof. I have put on the ten minute verification level, so anyone who joined wasn't able to send messages for ten minutes. It has been fixed now, so I'm sorry to anyone who joined recently. I hope you can give us a second chance.
Welcome to Iota, a world where gods walk the planet and you choose where your destiny lies. Our community would be honored to have you be apart of this mystical experience. In Iota, you have the ability to make a unique character, choose from multiple professions, and reside in or swear fealty to multiple unique kingdoms. You may also choose to be a nomad and travel! We will try our best to make this an experience that you will never forget, so come join us and see where your fate takes you.

🏰 Medieval setting 🏰

🎭 Fun and detailed rp 🎭

⚙ Multiple bots to suit individual needs ⚙

🎮 Gaming and pokecord channels! 🎮

😁 Helpful but relaxed staff team 😁

💰 Money system 💰

📜 In depth lore 📜

⚖ Open applications to apply for staff! ⚖

🎉 Special role and profession giveaways for characters 🎉

💎 And so much more! 💎
Lush is a discord roleplayer community that offers a world in which resides a wide array of fantastical beings. We are first and foremost a mature community of 18+ literate roleplayers looking to add more quality writers to this world! We write anywhere from novella to a minimum of paragraph length, offer clean organised OOC chats, and a team of dedicated and responsive staff.

Even though our lore is fairly extensive, it is split in a way to ease access for new characters in must-read and optional sections. We welcome original characters who are looking for a natural progression through Lush be it through learning magic, acquiring magical items or accessing high society in a moderated way.
Fifteen years ago, a human toddler was found at the edge of Sunset Pack's territory in the middle of winter. The Alpha Female found the child, and, taking pity, returned to the camp with the human in her jaws. After much arguing with her mate, they ultimately decided to raise the human as their own. Since then, the human, named Aurora, has been raised in the pack as the daughter of the Alphas of Sunset Pack. It has become more frequent for packs to take in human children found in their borders.

Now, to discuss the Packs

Sunset Pack is infamous for being the first pack to take in a human child as their own. They are respectful towards the other packs, and tend to keep their distance from the other's borders, but usually keep close eyes on the other packs, all except Blossom Pack and Pearl Pack, whom they are closely aligned with

Moonlit Pack is 75% wolf, 10% dog, and 15% human. This pack loves finding humans and often takes them in without a second thought. They often hunt at night and are very social during cliff gatherings.

Blossom Pack is known as the kindest and most gullible pack of the six. They often hand out all their prey and medicine to wolves who need it most. They also live up to their nickname, "Omen Pack." This pack often gets omens and dreams from their ancestors, and often call unnecessary meetings for the other packs to discuss them. They rarely take in humans, believing they are a bad sign to the extinction of all wolves.
Pearl Pack has the most beautiful wolves any pack would ever dream of having. These wolves are highly trained in battle, so they often, "use their beauty to their advantage." Most wolves of other packs marry Pearl Pack wolves instead of wolves within their own pack. 79% of this pack are female. Elk Pack is a highly suspicious pack, often watching the other packs and stalking their camps. They rarely attend gatherings unless they must. They never take things from other camps unless it is to prove something or they are starving / very sickly and take offers for help at the last second. These wolves never take in humans, believing them to be a spying device from other packs. Bloodmoon Pack is a very dark and bruiting pack. It's a dangerous pack to live in for those innocent wolves. Pups are murdered daily that are believed to be "too weak". Seniors are murdered for now being useless to the pack. The disabled are murdered for "bringing the pack down over their conditions". Wars are often caused by this pack. They often take in humans, believing they will be easier to rid of the other packs. This pack is 68% wolf.

Welcome to OBSOLETE! This is my first original server / roleplay, so I hopw it shows you some interest!

We have...

Open high ranks and staff


LGBTQ characters

Different animals able to be played as

An interesting plot that thins quickly!

Come on and join us!
Welcome to The Chains That Bind Us!
This is a server that has weekly giveaways, roleplay events, lots of fun bots, tons of exciting things to do, roleplay, and a lot of original lore and other content. Though we are only starting out and hope to have this place be more active soon. Join to create a character of your choice and make sure to come and have some fun.
This is a brand new server and we’re looking for people!

Welcome to Abnormality Academy! This is a place where children born with powers called "Abnormalities." These are classified into different categories. Pick your own Abnormality and have fun in this amazing server!

During the mid 1900's, children were suddenly born with odd abilities the world had never seen or thought could have existed. Scientists ran all kinds of tests on these abilities, had figured out that they can classify them into different categories, and found out that people could have the same abilities but weaker or stronger. However, these "Abnormalities" did not go well within the world. They were heavily discriminated against by the people who did not have these abilities, they feared that these people would one day overthrow everything. This eventually died down, even though this discrimination still exists, which still affects these Abnormality Wielders to this day. To prevent this from affecting the wielders of these Abnormalities, the Head Master, Sayasho Nakatsuyi, founded the school, "Abnormality Academy."

The school, Abnormality Academy, was founded to be a safe haven for children with these powers, so that they could strengthen and develop them without getting injured, along with develop their academic skill to succeed, making it one of the most prestigious schools in the world. The school protected their students and helped them gain control of their powers, to make a better, brighter future.
✯Come Join Shinseina World Now✯

❃What We Have To Offer:

➩Active Roleplay and Chat Community.
➩Original none ripoff Lore.
➩Over 60 Races of all kind to choose from.
➩Lots of Roleplay channels and Cities to use.
➩In-depth but not Overly detailed Character Format.
Oc Haven is a very active server where you can talk about your creations with many supportive people. Everything has their designated channel and everyone is very welcoming to newcomers! It's easy to find your place among many people, you're bound to make a new friend or two!
This is a new original server.
A school hidden in the woods, for magical creatures.
Roleplay as:
We have classes for the different creatures and 100+ channels!
The universe is no more than a thousand years old. And yet, it has been graced by sentient life, magic, gods, and war.

Magic is the most common and fundamental force in our universe; and with such widespread magic, millions of collective individuals have had the potential to end the universe as we know it. And yet, we hold. In the beginning, it was nothing more than an empty void.

This void was discovered by a deity who we call the God of Plenty. Throughout the years, it's become the vessel for life, magic, and the universe as we know it. The God of Plenty would continue to form a group of five gods which govern over the general universe. They are called the Five Rulers. They are some of the most powerful gods to ever be known.

Their position doesn't remain unchallenged, though. Two wars have threatened everything they have established. The Divine Forces have had to overcome corruption, dragons, curses, gods, and more.

Today, the world is diverse with different conflicts and nations. It's been hundreds of years since the last great war. But, with the Morai cult and the Seven Deadly Sins getting restless, anticipation is growing for what may be the third Great War... Where will you come in?

+ Relaxed and welcoming community
+ Week-long events that anyone can partake in
- The server is currently being rebooted so things may be outdated
- The verification process is 100% manual so it may take a while
+ Unique plot and storyline
+ Your character has an influence
【Come join the roleplay at Manamore High!】

This is a school for all mages. However, unlike any old magical school, we are training you to fight along side Lord Satan to ensure his victory against God. The war between heaven and hell has been going on for centuries. Although you are training, you can still have fun and meet new people. Your headmaster is none other that the Grim reaper himself. You don't want to end up in his office. Pack your stuff and get ready for action- Good luck, students!

『We are a growing server, and we would appreciate if you could be a part of our community. Join today and you'll make a large impact on our world for sure! You'll fit in just fine. We're very friendly, so what are you waiting for?』

『We are growing at a rapid pace. 3 weeks and we already have 150+ members』

『Another server made by @shad0wb0xer73#5559』

Discord link:
Paradise Station is the only home of humanity. 50 years ago, everything changed. The Earth became impossible to live on and humanity got separated into two completely different worlds. The Old Ones, living of scavenging in their small part of the station and the Perfect Ones, beings of great perfection, living a life of luxury in the rest of the station. Along with this separation came the entertainment ban. Most medias disappeared completely.
But hope is coming back, as the main scavenging team of a group of Old ones discovers Lily Hope, a very special girl who could bring back music and life to the station and potentially help, with others, to reunite humanity.
Which side will you choose?
WARNING: In this roleplay, your character can die. However, death is avoidable if you make smart and rational decisions. If staff having full permission to kill off characters bothers you, please don't join - this rule will not be changing.


"To all members of Overwatch, both currently still affiliated and members of the past - this is a cry for help. The Crisis around the world is doing nothing but get worse. Fighting is hard and lasts for weeks on end, and is ending in stalemate after stalemate. The world as we all know it is falling apart at the seams."

This certainly was not some lame attempt to relive the glory days.

With more and more families endangered by the Omnic Crisis, it is time for the world to recognize that they need help. They themselves are not enough. It will take everyone working together to get it under control, and whether the world wants to believe it or not...

...they need Overwatch.

Will you answer the call and fight for valor? Or will you fall to the hands of the Omnics?


> New server with friendly staff
> Community roleplay with the ability to audition for a canon character or make an original character
> Self-assignable color, gender, and ping roles
> Geared towards literate roleplay
Welcome to the Containment Zone

We thought the Vaccine would help cure this shit but it only made it worse, it caused the dead to start rising and to cause them to crave the flesh of the living. Now you all need to hold out until the military solves the problem... or abandons everyone.

The Virus didn’t always start out as a virus, it was originally meant to be a Vaccine to cure the Ebola Virus, reports and tests suggested that the mixture of Rabies, Meningitis and Mad Cow Disease would overrun the virus before soon being vaccinated.

When enough of the vaccines were made, they were soon brought to the location of a quarantine site where an outbreak had occurred, the vaccines were successfully administered and the patients showed some signs of recovery, but 3 days later the small town went silent, the next town over hearing gunshots and even some screams.

It had turned out that the tests and reports were falsified by a Doctor James Carlton, the man turned out to be apart of a doomsday cult of sorts, creating a Bioweapon that killed the victim before resurrecting them, turning them into bloodthirsty, cannibalistic, violent humans, the symptoms were quickly released to the public along with the name. Black Fever, the symptoms in order included High Fever, Constant Sweating, Constant Dehydration, Paranoia, Growing of Blackheads on back, Trouble Breathing, Vomiting, Salivation, Death and finally Reanimation. The virus quickly spread throughout the United States, infecting towns, then cities, then whole states, the infected having the intelligence to stay in large hordes of even small packs, strangely however the infected still decompose, the ways of infection are, being bit from the infected, exchanging fluids with an infected or turned individual, being scratched by an infected individual that previously devoured another individual, drinking water contaminated by the virus, devouring infected flesh and getting blood or other fluids in the mouth, nose, eyes, ears or wounds.

__What you’ll find__

-Dedicated Staff
-A Custom Virus
-Looting System
-Faction Creation
-An Evolving World
Presenting the RP Hosting server. Featuring my world. (And yours too if ya want!)
Welcome to my terrible world I call The Chaos Cluster.
A place in which Everything exists, all at once, and causing a post-apocalypse. One of such stupidly overpowered proportions, it still lingers even after several centuries.
Guns! Wizards! Horrible fusion abominations! Lasers! Romance? It's anything in this guideless world. Player's choice.

**Choose literally ANY of your OC's.**
Yeah, that's right, ANY.
Whether it be a rambo-esque action guy or a edgy magical shadow girl, It doesn't matter in the context of the Chaos Cluster! It all makes sense in this world.

**Be as stupid as you want**
Yep, That's all. You can basically muck around as much as you want. Whether you choose to be peaceful or to fight a cybernetic spider monster in a destroyed Walmart. Again, it's up to the players in the RP.

*So take a gander why don't cha? Have a good time maybe?*
A server where you can roleplay in an alternate universe based off the game Undertale. Come join us in an adventure across this universe known as Distancetale.
Here in the halls of Valhalla, the greatest heroes (and occasionally villains!) of the universe feast, drink, and fight for glory until the end of time. In this roleplay, Valhalla is open across all of space and time, meaning a huge variety of people to meet. Come make a character, celebrate their past life and enjoy total freedom for the rest of eternity.

Tournaments will be held regularly for combat roleplay, with permanent role rewards and esteemed titles for yourself and your character! A simplistic dice combat system ensures fairness while keeping everything interesting!
See you in Valhalla!

- Now with: Non-Tournament/Combat events!
- Now with: Optional NSFW content!
- Now with: A member-created bestiary, random monster encounters, and hidden boss monsters with great rewards!
Welcome to Symbiotic Dimensions, a newly created server dedicated towards the interests, creation and world building of both scifi and fantasy original characters. Come join, we are eager to meet and find others of similar interests.
Complete lore, fully functional server, self-roles, experienced staff, and freedom in RPing.

Join the United Astral Empire (located on Mars) on their fight against the nations of Earth. Events, hardcore battles, badass ships, oh and did we mention it's the year 3343? If you like discovering new universes but appreciate it being simple enough to be able to build on the universe and create your own niche character, I think this may be your server. All RPers welcome, new or experienced. See you there!
The Molten Lion Gang is reviving powerful magicians left and right. The Burrowmill princess, Bella, somehow found herself with an ancient, blue, and oddly dressed knight at her command. Matt, the teen wizard that quite literally messes up everything he touches, is friends with an undead skull dragon named Skully. Crisis, one of the best wizards, is an avid reader of Magnus Magistrate’s books. Ave, the runaway circus member, is just the sweetest little pumpkin. This is Burrowmill Kingdom. And these are just some of the people you might encounter.

Burrowmill Kingdom is a fictional, fantasy free reign roleplay server! We feature:

⭐️Many plots, some server wide, and some between characters. Whatever you do, you’re probably gonna find someone who you can mesh a subplot together with!
⭐️The freedom of characters, as long as they have original concepts and they are actually original!
⭐️A community that would love to socialize with you!
And finally…
⭐️Almost anything you might want! If you like to stay true with fantasy and/or sci-fi, the ongoing war between Burrowmill and the Woodland Kingdom might entertain you! If you prefer horror, interactions with Marco the demonic wizard could be fun! If you like action or adventures, the Molten Lion Gang should be a point of interest to you! It’s possible that comedy’s your thing. Which in that case, we have tons!

The region of Burrowmill welcomes you with wide open arms!
Welcome to RWBY: Indra Imblazed! A server combined with a little plot twist of out own to make sure this is the best RP server!
In our story Ruby Rose and her friends have grown to old to fight, and they are sick as well. While the White Fang is gone, a new threat, two actually, arise from the depths.
The Bloody Fang: A continuation of their previous gang, only difference is world domination and complete eradication of Faunus, unless they become servants of course.

INDRA CRYSTALS: A special crystal that can unlock ones secret power other than a semblance. Very few are known to control this, but Grimm on the other hand have become Elementals, terrifying beasts with much more power.

We have all kinds of chats for you to use! We also have these listed below!

- 114 RP channels, as Remnant is a vast world.
- Staff Oppurtunities OPEN!
- Giveaways!
- Blitz events!
- Bots for serious and fun use!

Come Join, and be a special part of this fantastic server!
In the new world of Mundus, a world filled with magic, dragons and danger. In this world you can become a multitude of things from a baker to a holy knight fighting for the gods. This server is a love letter to fantasy, having races such as Dwarves, Elves and even Dragonborn from Dungeons and Dragons. Create your character from a list of races and playable monsters with multiple spells, weapons, armor and potions, or just have a normal life living in one of the last remaining cities, but be warned, these are troubling times with the Seven Deadly on the attack, searching for what they require to resurrect the Fallen One, and they WILL destroy anyone in their path. I have been working on this server and lore for 4 years now.

__What You’ll Find Here__

-Dedicated Staff
-Custom Lore
-Race, Spells, Location and Rune Requests
-An Open World
-A Kind Owner (What people tell me)

Rule #1: If you’re not sure of something, make sure to ask a lord.
Rule #2: Please be respectful to others and their opinions.
Rule #3: If a monster says NON PLAYABLE then you are not allowed to play them, no exceptions except for Lords.
Rule #4: Likewise if it says Ask a Lord, ask a DM for that monster.
Rule #5: When it comes to character creation please give us everything in your inventory, we don’t want to just see Dagger or just a sword, we want to see what clothing they want what armor they have and what it’s made of etc etc.
Rule #6: Do not start arguments in general or in RP channels, if you have a problem bring it to a Lord or Knight.
Rule #7 Don’t auto Hit and auto dodge or block, it’s no fun, take a couple of hits and if you’re taking hits but the other person isn’t, being it up with staff.
Rule #8: In order to kill someone you need PTK, but if they start a fight with you with nothing but a stick but you are armed with a Hammer, Tower Shield and Full plate, you are allowed to kill them.
Rule #9: You cannot cut through plate armor with like a katana or greatsword, yes there is magic but weapons and armor still act the same as in real life.
Rule #10: Do not Metagame, if you do not know something in character but know it out of character you cannot know it in character.
Rule #11: Please ask for partnerships before posting advertisements, also you must 20 people or over in your server so both servers profit from this.
Rule #12: Do not post lewd, offensive and if Illegal images in the server, doing this will result in a ban.

__What we are looking for__
We are currently looking for these things.
-Dedicated Roleplayers
-People willing to sign up and apply for staff or GM
-People to fill in roles willingly as things such as blacksmiths and general shopkeepers
SCU is a relatively new, 13+ roleplay server filled with fun and friends. Come here to make characters, friends and much, much more! Here in SCU we will partner with most servers that aren't dedicated to furries or erp (erotic role-play) as long as they contain fifteen human members or more.
⇢ Unique lore and role-play
⇢ Variety and choices for OCs
⇢ Fun events to participate in
⇢ Variety of role-play areas with different themes
⇢ Lots of partnerships thanks to the easily met requirements
⇢ Giveaways giving both in and out of role-play perks
⇢ LGBT friendly community
⇢ Custom income system