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Welcome to Iota, a world where gods walk the planet and you choose where your destiny lies. Our community would be honored to have you be apart of this mystical experience. In Iota, you have the ability to make a unique character, choose from multiple professions, and reside in or swear fealty to multiple unique kingdoms. You may also choose to be a nomad and travel! We will try our best to make this an experience that you will never forget, so come join us and see where your fate takes you.

🏰 Medieval setting 🏰

🎭 Fun and detailed rp 🎭

⚙ Multiple bots to suit individual needs ⚙

🎮 Gaming and pokecord channels! 🎮

😁 Helpful but relaxed staff team 😁

💰 Money system 💰

📜 In depth lore 📜

⚖ Open applications to apply for staff! ⚖

🎉 Special role and profession giveaways for characters 🎉

💎 And so much more! 💎
Welcome to The Chains That Bind Us!
This is a server that has weekly giveaways, roleplay events, lots of fun bots, tons of exciting things to do, roleplay, and a lot of original lore and other content. Though we are only starting out and hope to have this place be more active soon. Join to create a character of your choice and make sure to come and have some fun.
The lands of Zakr is a roleplay server where gods and monsters exist you can also make a custom race if you want the server also has giveaways, roleplay events, tons of exciting things to do, Erp if you want that, and a lot of original lore and other content. Though we are only starting out and hope to have this place be more active soon. And make sure to have some fun.
In 1978, a large EMP-like explosion went off. People started to develop powers from this and the man behind the explosions (Sine Virtute) was caught and sentenced to life in prison. Meanwhile, people continued forming their powers. A place named Sigourney had the highest concentration of people with powers and their powers quickly got out of hand making the city put on lockdown. Nobody with powers can get in or out of the city anymore. The system keeping them in took a while to make and the current year is 2019

Welcome to Sigourney City! We're a small SFW original superhero RP server (unlike all of those Marvel-based ones) that allow you to be either a hero, villain, or neutral! Here's some of the things we have to offer:
☆ Availability to most ages
☆ RP Types for people that wanna be wordy and people that don't
☆ A completely original lore
☆ Active staff that's willing to help
☆ LGBTQ friendly
☆ A whole bunch of channels for you to RP in
☆ Groups that can be built for heroes and villains alike
So please consider joining us here in Sigourney City! We're sure to have something that can catch your eye
✯Come Join Shinseina World Now✯

❃What We Have To Offer:

➩Active Roleplay and Chat Community.
➩Original none ripoff Lore.
➩Over 60 Races of all kind to choose from.
➩Lots of Roleplay channels and Cities to use.
➩In-depth but not Overly detailed Character Format.
```Enkamenos, the town of Betrayal, Heartbreak, Crime, and Massacres.
That last part wasn't sarcastic. There has literally been 14 massacres throughout the ages. Strangest part, it wasn't remembered by anyone.
They just know from people who had written in their journals about the event when it occurred. Of course, this could be fake. A tale written for Historians to find. Ever since the town was founded in 1452 by the Original Founders of the Founding Families,
Mathias, Paige, Moore, Vistal, Banara, and Qurrance. There has been a serious of unexplained Disappearances. Even bodies drained of blood, or sometimes they're dismembered and hanged for people to see.
It is rumored that the Police and Founder Council are covering up 'Supernatural' Crimes with excuses like Gas Leaks, Fire, or completely hiding the fact that someone had passed.
Why do people still live there? Yes, it's expensive. Yes, the crime rate is high. Outsiders have asked why the Townies haven't left, but.. They always laugh it off. I could only guess that they are there for the town's history.```
You don’t have to RolePlay! This is also a community server, with loads of bots and games! We have custom emojis, and the best Supporters who only want to improve the server.

Join Us!
✦Welcome to Flux City✦

In the year 2000 a portal to a fantastical place with swords and magic appeared in the middle of nowhere, a settlement has now established itself around it and is now known as the City of Flux. A few races have migrated to the City of Flux enamored by the promise of technology and peace.

With the appearance of the portal a new magical energy, called flux, has begun to seep in the world as we know it. This new energy has given people different kinds of magical abilities and mutations that are more often than not unique to them.

It is now the year 2050 and a strong new world embassy has been established and flux is now a well established concept that many are seeking to master and capitalize on.

**[How will the modern world react to the emergence of this new world?**

**[How will the magical energy known as flux impact society and the lives of those who live in it?**

**[What unknown entities and artifacts lies beyond that portal?**

Those are things you yourself shall find out and influence yourself....

What this server has to offer:

✦A dynamic and detailed lore ✦
✦ Fun Roleplay and Events ✦
✦Active Staff ✦
✦A unique and balanced roleplaying system✦
✦Rewards for active roleplayers✦
Lush is a discord roleplayer community that offers a world in which resides a wide array of fantastical beings. We are first and foremost a mature community of 18+ literate roleplayers looking to add more quality writers to this world! We write anywhere from novella to a minimum of paragraph length, offer clean organised OOC chats, and a team of dedicated and responsive staff.

Even though our lore is fairly extensive, it is split in a way to ease access for new characters in must-read and optional sections. We welcome original characters who are looking for a natural progression through Lush be it through learning magic, acquiring magical items or accessing high society in a moderated way.
Presenting the Chaos Cluster RP server!
Featuring my world. (And extras)

Welcome to a place in which Everything exists, all at once, and causing a post-apocalypse. One of such stupidly overpowered proportions, it still lingers even after several centuries.
Guns! Wizards! Horrible fusion abominations! It's anything in this guideless world. Player's choice.

**Choose literally ANY of your OC's.**
Yeah, that's right, ANY.
Whether it be a rambo-esque action guy or a edgy magical shadow girl, It doesn't matter in the context of the Chaos Cluster! It all makes sense in this world for some odd reason.

**Be as stupid as you want**
Yep, That's all. You can basically muck around as much as you want. Whether you choose to be peaceful or to fight a cybernetic spider monster in a destroyed Walmart. Again, it's up to the players in the RP and the RP room.

*So take a gander why don't cha? Have a good time maybe?*
A Roleplay server about an original anime/cyberpunk idea.
CEP: is the perfect fusion of one's supernatural essence with advanced weaponry and body augmentation. This linking of technology and energy allows extraordinary hosts to channel their inner essence into physical manifestations, and, in rare cases, trancsend the corporeal plane...
We are a new server, with an active community that can help you anytime.
We got Staff from all the 3 Main timezones (America;Europe;Asia)

RP is SciFi based with some elements of survival. We try to treat RP as a game and have fun. Join us now to drop into

The Ark: A intergalactic space station with many many things to do with no threat to your life.

Or be on

Planet Cerulean: A planet with many different environments and biomes. Filled with wildlife and vegetation, where any task could take your life.

You can have a team of up to 5 characters (including main OC) or be part of another member's team. You can also play solo and either help the people stranded on Cerulean from The Ark or be on Cerulean yourself. The lore will progress with RP, opening up ways to new planets and endless opportunities. There will be random events that take place, organised by the Game Masters. Join us in our adventures and feel the world of Cerulean for yourselves.

We hope you'll have fun with us and that you'll like our original lore!
Qwelefort Metropolis is a community server, that can be used to talk with people. It contains more than 150 members. It offers an economy system, level and invite systems, and entertainment (spamming, counting,...). What are you waiting for? Join now!
Welcome to Ark!

What do we offer? We offer...
-Great Staff Team
-Amazing community of Roleplayers
-Deep lore
-Easy to learn Combat system
-Progression system
-Everyone is treated equally
-There is 18+ content but no erp

If you wish to join our slice of the multiverse please join, the Ark you can to a point create any type of character from a worm that devours people’s insides too a commander of a armada of ships or even your favorite type of species (aka saiyans gods demons ect)
🤨A large group of people were on a plane- flying to god knows where until their plane suddenly blew up and killed 14 members. However- the rest of the passengers were dropped down onto a mysterious island that was the size of multiple countries in one. The island was made up of multiple parts- or rather- multiple habitats that represented a certain element like water, ice and so on. Each person landed in the habitat that best described their personality and gained the ability to control that specific element.🤨
However, 2 lucky people landed on the highest mountain in the land and gained the 2 superior elements other than the Gods power- Illusion and Destruction. The two with these abilities were capable of majorly powerful attacks and were far more powerful than even people who were experienced in their element.
Ever want to be in a fantasy RP where you can potentially cause huge changes in the world? Where every decision you make could have far-reaching consequences down the line? This server offers that, as well as a unique twist: this server allows you to be a god, a member of a pantheon that can guide your followers in their time of need. Will you be a diety watching the future unfold before you, or will you be a mortal, causing those changes with your own hands? Why not both?

We offer:

- Original monsters to fight, as well as unique twists on existing ones
- A wide variety of different species and races to RP as
- A new world filled with treasures to find and mysteries to be solved
- A large variety of ways to use magic, or even the ability to make your own magic in the form of a divine blessing
- The ability to influence and add content to the server through suggestions

We hope to see you soon!
In the new world of Mundus, a world filled with magic, dragons and danger. In this world you can become a multitude of things from a baker to a holy knight fighting for the gods. This server is a love letter to fantasy, having races such as Dwarves, Elves and even Dragonborn from Dungeons and Dragons. Create your character from a list of races and playable monsters with multiple spells, weapons, armor and potions, or just have a normal life living in one of the last remaining cities, but be warned, these are troubling times with the Seven Deadly on the attack, searching for what they require to resurrect the Fallen One, and they WILL destroy anyone in their path. I have been working on this server and lore for 4 years now.

__What You’ll Find Here__

-Dedicated Staff
-Custom Lore
-Race, Spells, Location and Rune Requests
-An Open World
-A Kind Owner (What people tell me)

Rule #1: If you’re not sure of something, make sure to ask a lord.
Rule #2: Please be respectful to others and their opinions.
Rule #3: If a monster says NON PLAYABLE then you are not allowed to play them, no exceptions except for Lords.
Rule #4: Likewise if it says Ask a Lord, ask a DM for that monster.
Rule #5: When it comes to character creation please give us everything in your inventory, we don’t want to just see Dagger or just a sword, we want to see what clothing they want what armor they have and what it’s made of etc etc.
Rule #6: Do not start arguments in general or in RP channels, if you have a problem bring it to a Lord or Knight.
Rule #7 Don’t auto Hit and auto dodge or block, it’s no fun, take a couple of hits and if you’re taking hits but the other person isn’t, being it up with staff.
Rule #8: In order to kill someone you need PTK, but if they start a fight with you with nothing but a stick but you are armed with a Hammer, Tower Shield and Full plate, you are allowed to kill them.
Rule #9: You cannot cut through plate armor with like a katana or greatsword, yes there is magic but weapons and armor still act the same as in real life.
Rule #10: Do not Metagame, if you do not know something in character but know it out of character you cannot know it in character.
Rule #11: Please ask for partnerships before posting advertisements, also you must 20 people or over in your server so both servers profit from this.
Rule #12: Do not post lewd, offensive and if Illegal images in the server, doing this will result in a ban.

__What we are looking for__
We are currently looking for these things.
-Dedicated Roleplayers
-People willing to sign up and apply for staff or GM
-People to fill in roles willingly as things such as blacksmiths and general shopkeepers
Welcome to RWBY: Indra Imblazed! A server combined with a little plot twist of out own to make sure this is the best RP server!
In our story Ruby Rose and her friends have grown to old to fight, and they are sick as well. While the White Fang is gone, a new threat, two actually, arise from the depths.
The Bloody Fang: A continuation of their previous gang, only difference is world domination and complete eradication of Faunus, unless they become servants of course.

INDRA CRYSTALS: A special crystal that can unlock ones secret power other than a semblance. Very few are known to control this, but Grimm on the other hand have become Elementals, terrifying beasts with much more power.

We have all kinds of chats for you to use! We also have these listed below!

- 114 RP channels, as Remnant is a vast world.
- Staff Oppurtunities OPEN!
- Giveaways!
- Blitz events!
- Bots for serious and fun use!

Come Join, and be a special part of this fantastic server!
= = = WARNING: Slightly WIP = = =
Liveran - home to many continents, nations and species of creatures. From a top-down perspective, on the far left is Margion - a grey and decayed continent, with many parts of it being composed of almost large lakes and seas. In the middle, there's Malsea - a rugged piece of land shaped like a horseshoe which juts out far into the right. A large sea passes through it. Below Malsea, curving around it, is Casteo, a U-Shaped land which has a drastic change from a more desert area in the south to a much more tropical part up north-east. The Murcian Islands are found to the north-west of Malsea and are dotted upwards as though Malsea itself were splitting apart. It's composed of about 15 islands each connected by a bridge in a spider-like web visible from miles high.

The creatures that inhabit it are found nowhere else in fantasy, from the dangerous divine espionage of the Uperafolk to the bringer of the Four Seasons, the Rematopodie, with some races that you might be familiar with, like Manarans (Humans) and our own take on Golems, for those who prefer a more traditional fantasy experience.
= = = FEATURES = = =
- 18 Races to choose from, most of which are unique to the Liveran lore (Over 90 if you count all of the varied subraces)
- A constantly expanded Bestiary, with user suggestions.
- An economy system to buy weapons, legendary items and even your own Guild.
- A group of admins and mods who are more than welcome to assist you
- Over 70 Types of magic, which doubles when including the dangerous Forbidden Magic. You can even create your own, if you're active enough.
- Events, quests, dungeons and new additions to the world all within a large amount of (optional) lore!
- A large open world that can be traversed freely, if you don't want to do quests or events!
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Essence of Horhsal is an original science fantasy that features a great open world with lots of custom content, both low- and high-tech countries coexisting together, endless possibilities, and an age of change - and the Essence, a supernatural force, as a replacement for magic with its own abilities it can grant to people.
In the Age of Expansion, countries all over the world strive for new heights: empires and great powers are more stable than ever, colonization of a strange, unique ocean is still in progress, high-tech is spreading, and old nations try to consolidate their power while new ones fight to become acknowledged by the world.
Join in on the opportunities this new age brought or ignore them and lead a peaceful life somewhere. The choice to do whatever you want is yours.

▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
★ Help to develop the newly created country of Kowarik and to give it an identity by voting on important matters, creating characters with various jobs to build new buildings, and in other ways - every player and character can have an influence on it!
★ Custom races with different abilities
★ Use transformed weapons that give you a unique ability - there is even an optional system that allows you to completely customize them and their abilities to make them really your own!
★ A massive world with unique continents that has the potential to hold countless countries
★ Try your hands on fun challenges that can earn you medals
★ Add your own lore via databases (just go into a database and click on the Add button - that's it)
★ Lots of website features like easy character creation that require an account (recommended) - alternatively, you can use a proxy account for Discord-only

Join us, in the world of Aeoura! An odd planet containing one supercontinent and strange powers and entities alike.. Come and explore the vast lands of Aeoura in the kingdom of Avare.
>| Spectacular Academy |<

Woo boy, your everyday highschool with powers roleplay.

I swear it's more than that, though. Way more. It uses original lore, and takes more of an inspiration to Soul Eater. The roleplay has a few paragraphs worth of lore, few bots, and many activities in the roleplay. It will feature varying locations, events, and take many turns outside of being your casual school roleplay!

Though, as much as I'd hate to say it, it's still a school with powers roleplay.
Least it's original.

It uses its own template, locations, etcetera.

Nothing is "canonical" with anything existing, very few things are based, and overall it isn't your everyday school with powers roleplay.

To those who join, welcome, welcome to my creation!
This is a brand new server and we’re looking for people!

Welcome to Abnormality Academy! This is a place where children born with powers called "Abnormalities." These are classified into different categories. Pick your own Abnormality and have fun in this amazing server!

During the mid 1900's, children were suddenly born with odd abilities the world had never seen or thought could have existed. Scientists ran all kinds of tests on these abilities, had figured out that they can classify them into different categories, and found out that people could have the same abilities but weaker or stronger. However, these "Abnormalities" did not go well within the world. They were heavily discriminated against by the people who did not have these abilities, they feared that these people would one day overthrow everything. This eventually died down, even though this discrimination still exists, which still affects these Abnormality Wielders to this day. To prevent this from affecting the wielders of these Abnormalities, the Head Master, Sayasho Nakatsuyi, founded the school, "Abnormality Academy."

The school, Abnormality Academy, was founded to be a safe haven for children with these powers, so that they could strengthen and develop them without getting injured, along with develop their academic skill to succeed, making it one of the most prestigious schools in the world. The school protected their students and helped them gain control of their powers, to make a better, brighter future.