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Oh is that a rabbit hole? I wonder where it leads to?

¸ „„.•~¹°”ˆ˜¨♡♡♡¨˜ˆ”°¹~•.„¸**¸ „„.•~¹°”ˆ˜¨♡♡♡¨˜ˆ”°¹~•.„¸

Welcome to Wonderland!
Seems like you fell down the rabbit hole.
Since I still have time until I need to go, I will tell you what we offer:+

🗝events and giveaways!
🗝Self roles and colors!
🗝2 server shops (still working on it)
🗝daily check up and daily positivity
🗝partnerships and affiliates
🗝level roles!
🗝looking for mods/helper and pms/ams!

and more....

Are you interested? Come check it out! We also have tea and cookies!
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➶ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ➴

♤ — welcome to cafe 'o wonder!
**cafe full of wonders!**

──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦ what we provide;;

🔮 daily events ˊ˗
🔮active members & staff ˊ˗
🔮welcoming server ˊ˗
🔮aesthetic layout ˊ˗
🔮tons of cute emotes and more! ˊ˗

──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦

♦️ owner: -✧ anna#0807
♦️ est. *26/05/2020*

──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
Come and enter the mystical realm of Wonderland! Corruption is seeping into the mad world, turning its usual wonderful madness into something entirely different. Come, Alice, and save our world!

What we offer:
- LGBTQ+ community
- Helpful staff
- A new take on an old fairy tale
- A soundtrack to help with stressful days
This takes place a few years after the film Alice through the looking glass, The two sisters has reconciled and alice has long gone back to her own world. The portal between the two worlds has yet to be opened in this period of time,it has been quite peacefully mad in wonderland. The towns has been rebuiled and the citizens still as mad as ever.

However there is an evil lurking in wonderland,many new beast has appeared as well as mysteries to solve and adventures to go on.So to all the wonderful roleplayers, would you be somebody who had just fallen into wonderland? Someone who was born in wonderland? Or someone who didn't bother to go back to their old world after falling into wonderland? That is all your choice.

And hey even if you're not a big fan of alice in wonderland, you can still enjoy the roleplay here. To those that are not roleplayers,this also serves as a hangout server!

Or if you want to read the roleplays but not actually roleplay,No problem!We have spectator roles for all the roleplay readers out there!

•We have:
♤~LGBT friendly community
♡~Hangout areas and game areas
♧-Many species to play
◇-Non-toxic and welcoming community
☆~Many roles to choose from
○~Many rp channels to roleplay in
✧・゚:* Welcome to Mystical Wonderland*:・゚✧

✧・゚:*Who are we?*:・゚✧
Mystical Wonderland is a toxic free brand new community.

✧・゚:*What do we offer?*:・゚✧
Here at Mystical Wonderland we have:
✤ Reaction roles
✤ mimu
✤Dank memer
✤ Yui
✤ fun chatting channels
✤ Media channels
✤ Self promotion
✤ And more!

✧・゚:*What are we looking for?*:・゚✧
Mystical Wonderland is looking for:
✤ Sweet and caring members that follow discord's TOS
✤ responsible staff
✤ A non toxic chill place for all members to enjoy


Rappelez-vous de cette petite fille qui tombe dans un monde où les habitants semblent être touchés par la démence. Où les fleurs chuchotent à l’oreille des oiseaux au corps de cage qu’une âme errante se rapproche. Où une dame possédant une énorme tête ordonne de couper celle des autres [...].

Rappelez-vous de ce jeune garçon qui pénètre dans la chambre des enfants pour les faire monter au ciel. Ces enfants qui ne grandiront jamais dans ce monde hostile où les pirates veulent les saisir. Où les magnifiques sirènes usent de leur voix hypnotique pour les attirer dans le fond marin. Où ils ne verront jamais plus leurs parents [...].

Si vous réalisez que ces histoires ne sont finalement pas aussi idylliques que ce dont on le croyait, c’est que vous avez grandi. Neverland et Wonderland ne vous prendront pas dans leur bras. Mais peut-être vos cadets ou vos enfants…

Par une voix chantante, les habitants de Wonderland et de Neverland plongent dans un profond sommeil. À leur réveil, Leur univers a fusionné avec l'autre qui leur est complétement inconnu...


:pushpin: : Libre à vous de vous inspirer d'une oeuvre en rapport avec Wonderland ou Neverland pour la création de votre fiche personnage.

:fairy: : Rpg roman qui demande des réponses rp de qualité.

:tophat: :
Deep within the underground of Marmoreal City lies one of the most feared, dangerous mafia families, and it goes simply by the name:


Above ground, they are known as the rich and famous. Though not blood related, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous if you mess with one of their members. Within underground crime rings, Wonderland is one of the most influential mafias to rule the tunnels. They control major lines of communication, revenue, weapons, you name it. What you think might be useful, they've got a tight hold on.

Each member did not start off being as notable as they are now. They earned their aliases among the public, and uttering their names strike fear into the hearts of civilians. Their true faces are not known to the public, and it is highly suggested that you tread lightly. This is their turf, after all.

So, won’t you come to Wonderland?
Welcome to Wonderland! Were we're all just a little mad!
We have super fun bots to play with!
Open to suggestions for our server.
We accept anyone here!
LGBTQ+ safe!
Come take a look and enjoy your stay in our crazy world!
A wonderland does not exist in the real world. So why not make one in the digital world!

Want to make friends, find a community that's just for you?

Wonderland is more than welcome to have you!
Cosmos is an aesthetic space and wonderland vibe. You can chill and talk and you can even learn facts about space!
This is a discord server made for a roblox game I made, Wonderland Cafe. You can become a staff member, learn stuff that we made up, play with bots, attend to trainings and interviews, chat with others, and be happy!
Basically, this server offers:
- A community, you can chat with everyone! (Looking for more members to make the server more active!)
- Events!
- Trainings-Interviews!
- Staff!
- Colors for your name!
And more!

Join Wonderland Cafe today!
Welcome to ~Wonderland~, an alice and wonderland themed server (obviously).

~Meet new people
~Have fun with bots
~Help create a new server
~And just overall vibe

I hope to see you there!
It’s Wonderland, but not. You can be the White rabbit, the Mad Hatter, Maybe even the Queen Of hearts! You are able to Rp in this land! There will be small events here and there, but no major story to follow! Use your creativity, and make your characters! Magic is real, and it’s everywhere!
🌳 A long-lost nature made paradise, bending the lines between dreams and reality. Coated by warm sunlight during the day, and caressed by ethereal, sweet moonlight at night. Inhabited by all sorts of beings straight out of fairy tales. A small piece of wonderland you and i can call home. 🌳
╭ ✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚╮
   .· ´Welcome to Curiousity server,
    we are all rather mad here...
        but then
    all the best people are ☆´¨) ¸.·¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* ¨)

  Curiosity is owned and run by Alice
   & her very helpful moderators.
    It is a multi lingual server
     we accept everyone
      for who they are,
   regardless of their backgrounds.

   (Now despite that most, people
    still prefer to speak English,
      it is not compulsory)

     The server itself is
   Alice im wunderland themed
  and is always striving to improve.
Jump down the rabbit hole into the mad land of wonderland
Pick a character (thats not chosen) and sip tea with mad hatter or cut off heads with queen of hearts
We use chearcters and things from the book and movies. Just join and be apart of wonderland. Also we are a small server just starting out so we have lots of characters open.
Welcome this server is based on Alice in Wonderland... But is taken place after Through the Looking glass where Alice has gone out to sea and exposuring the world on her father's ship call Wonder, She goes to a new place but this time is not wonderland is a different place... She meets some of old friends but she also meets new friends she has not seen before

↬ wєlcσmє tσ wσndєrlαnd! í'll вє чσur guídє, hσldíng чσur hαnd undєr sαpphírє skíєs. lєt's gσ єхplσríng, σr wє cαn just gσ fσr α wαlk. whєrє shσuld wє gσ? thєrє's α tєα pαrtч αlσng dσwn thє rσαd. mαkє αn αppєαrαncє αnd mαчвє thєч'll síng us α sσng! wє'vє gσt ít αll! pσtíσns αnd pαstєríєs thαt mαkє чσu grσw tαll, fσrєsts αnd cσttαgєs, cαstlєs αnd cαrds thαt cαn tαlk. lσσk whєrє чσu'rє αt, mαddєst σf hαttєrs, thє chєshírє cαt! mαgícαls cαвíns αnd lσvєlч whítє rαввíts wíth clσcks. dαncíng thrσugh α drєαm, undєrnєαth thє stαrs. lαughíng tíll thє mσrníng cσmєs. єvєrчσnє thαt lєαvєs, hαs α hєαvч hєαrt. σh wσndєrlαnd, í lσvє. ♡
Fall down the rabbit hole and enter Wonderland. Corruption is seeping into the world of madness, affecting its residents. Sensing the danger, we have called upon you, Alice, to save our home.
Welcome to Crazy Wonderland
We are all mad here
But then again. The best of us is
Crazy Wonderland is ran by me and my
crazy helpers
We accept everyone for who they are
Regardless of their background
We are in need of Admin's and we provide:
♧Multiple channels
♧Anime chat
♧Vent and support
♧Server partners