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This is another simple roleplay server based off the game (and anime) Danganronpa.
You can use your ocs in this server and we have canon characters you can roleplay with as well.

A new generation of the KIlling game of Hopes Peak Academy, new students, despair running through their veins. Are you going to be a Remnant of Despair? What about the Future Foundation, or a survivor, just trying to escape the clutches of despair? Will you kill or be killed?
Who's the mastermind behind all of this, will we ever find out? Will we ever escape?
Do you tire of Harry Potter servers that are too Politically Correct and don't give you freedom of RP?
Do you feel like most RP servers are over into keeping it Politically Correct?
Well nevermore! I introduce to you Hogwarts: Endless War! Where the Second Wizarding War never ended, Where School possesses merely a thin veneer over the violence within, A world far after the Battle of Hogwarts.
Mystery Club is a new server focused and aimed at fans of the crime genre, thrillers, detective etc.

This is a new server, so we hope that new members can request and suggest new ideas to the server, that we can expand upon.

The game is afoot!
Welcome to Summerfield High School!

Located in beautiful Woodrow, Illinois. Summerfield is a perfectly normal school, with no problems except homework and bullies... you'd think. But there's something dangerous lurking in the shadows, and soon enough someone's going to get hurt...
Tis a baby server! But we have some dope ass robots so... give us a glance maybe?
Dollhouse Lane is a roleplaying server set on the mysterious Dollhouse Lane. A street that has no escape, and which somehow you've ended up at. Mysterious anomalies float through it like it's a transit for the weird and absurd. From random aliens visiting looking to fix their ship, to random incidents of killer fruit it is a dangerous place. Will you find sanity here, or will you get lost in the madness?
In a world called Farfalla there are three kingdoms that rule over different parts of the land:

1. the kingdom of stone, they specialize in the making of weaponry and the making of armor. They have a powerful military and it is the biggest out of the three kingdoms. Most residents are either very serious, very lazy, or very cocky.

2. The kingdom of clouds, they specialize in beautiful architecture and in making music. They are popular with tourists who enjoy sight seeing and are known for their musical prowess. It is full of very pretty looking and very kind people.

3. The kingdom of alt, they specialize in different kinda of magic. And are known to be very secretive though not much else is known about the kingdom or the people either, and outsiders are not welcome at all inside of the kingdom, no matter the circumstance.

Within the kingdom of Stone there is a place for people from ages 14 to 18 who can practice their physical and magical skills, this place is called Arcane Acadmey.
Who will you choose to be? Will you be a student, teacher, bandit, royal, or civilain? Will you fall for the light side or the dark side? The choice is yours.

This is a literate server so no one liners are welcome at all.
But we are very kind and accepting of everyone regardless of your religion, age, or gender!

We are a very small server as of right now, but by joining you can help us grow into a great bug server family! ^ ^
The Garnet Hotel, a family business established 158 years ago in 1801, is a high-end establishment in the middle of the English countryside that boasts a rich history, gorgeous views, top-notch service, large and luxurious bedrooms, friendly staff, and absolutely zero murders!

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the main road from which the hotel is accessed has been badly damaged and blocked off until further notice, meaning that anyone currently staying in the hotel is not allowed to leave, as ordered by the local authorities. We apologise for this inconvenience, however should any guest be required to stay for longer than booked, each night shall be free of charge, as compensation for providing such hospitality shall be covered by the local council.

Thank you for your patience.
Ms Cassie Balmer
Manageress of the Garnet Hotel
The school of Marble High School is a prestigious high school academy with multiple students in your town. However, that is only what it looks like on the outside.
Truly, Marble High School is a place where the most recent atrocities happen, murders, kidnapping, suicide, that's where it all is.
It is most known for its Principal, and the tale of the one who had survived the trenches of the Principal's grasp. Those who are called down to the Principal's Office never return.
In this plot-line, you will face a variety of "bosses" ranging from teachers to students, and each "boss" having their own way to manipulate the students, the people around you, and you yourself.
Welcome to Hell. This is where your school life ends.
Welcome to Marble High School! this is a type of server for casual talks and high school rp. it's in a slight WIP, so if you have any suggestions or questions please message the owner. this rp is mostly serious.
- nsfw server and erp (if you're interested in that)
- high school rp
- an intense plot regarding the mystery behind the school
- art channel
- media channel
- mostly anime related
- custom ocs
- bots
- memes & emojis
- advertising
- lgbtq+ (don't worry we do not judge)
- and some more functions
come along and join us! we hope to see people join the server.
This server is intended for those who are 13+ and can handle mystery-solving cases, as well as a slice-of-life styled highschool rp.
In this Roleplay server, I allow utmost freedom when making an OC, with very little restriction. This server is currently brand new, so i would like some members to at least give this a try, and give me feedback.

oc freedom (like 3 rules lol)
Life in an alternate world
large amount of channels
an owner that listens to the community when possible
no mandatory events
lore barely affects roleplay
secure roleplay
somewhat interesting lore (my opinion anyway)

This is the Realm OF The Broken God.
This world was once ruled by an all powerful being known only as The Entity.
Over time, the power of this Entity died off, and it seemed to have disappeared for good. The inhabitants of this world soon took over, and made it a sanctuary for all beings of all types, under the protection of a group of gods know as the divines. The sanctuary has withheld the torture of time, but eventually all things must end. the utopia that was made, died, and the modern world took over. The once great city that was at the center of it all is now just that, a large city. All things paradise-like about it has been washed away, and its community is no different than cities like that of New York City. The only defining qualities of this city now is its extreme diversity of species, and its big-a$$ pyramid in the center.

I hope you enjoy my new server, see you there!
Hello (name!)
You have been accepted to come to Grey Peaks Academy, here we have many ranges of activities for you to do! Class, make many friends, join any club as you wish and most importantly...have fun! In your free-time, you can exit school grounds and wonder around the town! How cool is that? You'll be offered your own dorm, and in the dormitories, we even have more activities for you to do there! However when it's 2AM, we will lock the gates. Have fun at GPA!

Now, you may be wondering, Grey Peaks Academy? Meh. Well, don't leave just yet! Shit just got exciting! This school has a dark dark past, and we'll need your help to find out. This school has some...weirdness to it...And we'll need you to help us
The year is 2019.
Due to some extraordinary ability of yours, you've been accepted into a high clearance sector of an underground base. As a researcher, you are clearly a bit shocked. However, the sector was heavily guarded. It felt safe, since the Internal Affairs administration was actually overseeing the specific part of the base. The lab director of the facility, Vesper Lee, frequently checks on the research labs, along with CCTV cameras surrounding every hallway. Something is watching you at all times.
...Except in the sleeping quarters, and bathrooms.
The research the Internal Affairs administration wishes you to do is normal research, which is slightly odd. Why such a highly protected sector just for that?
The Demi-Monde Hotel is set in a mysterious, sentient hotel beset with unsettling staff and hungry, hungry rooms. There’s more here than meets the eye- behind the faded belle-epoque gilt, there are a thousand tiny eyes watching your every move.
Phantasmic Demise is an untraditional, completely AU, Danganronpa Roleplay, giving you a more open world to explore, filled with mysteries and quirky people. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the murder, either. How could we?

The fictional Japanese city of Makuba, located within Tokyo, is home to the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy. Most of the people living in the city are previous attendees of the academy, and it is a symbol of pride for the citizens. Of course, that's not to say the school is the only thing here, it's just the only thing that makes Makuba stand out as unique.

Makuba is a rather tight knit community, despite it's size. Many of the older residents know each other, making it feel a lot more small town-ish than it really is, given how modern the city is. If you graduate high school, and are still here, it's likely it's here you'll stay.

Due to this, and the fairly low amount of tourists passing through the area, crime is at a record breaking low. It's quite the peaceful place. After all, someone would have to be downright stupid to think they could get away with something in a city full of the best and brightest problem solvers this side of the world's got.

However... There's someone, or maybe even something out there, lurking in the streets, that wants to give this sleepy little city of geniuses a wake-up call. Horrors after tragedies... The world will be turned upside down for the Ultimate Academy. Are you ready to stand your ground, and prove you're truly worthy of being an Ultimate Student...?
This is the advertisement I have so far
Lost World is a unique roleplay server that has powers and quests with magical items. You can make a party and enter the Underground to battle monsters, avoid ancient traps and find hidden treasure. A mystery about an ancient civilization that suddenly dissapeared. A strange invasion from a civilization deep within the Earth. And a special unit of soldiers sent to erradicate the enemy. All of this for you to investigate.
You and many other people find yourself trapped underground with seemingly no way out . Oddly enough, you have no recollection of your past. With limited resources tension between the people residing underground begins to grow while you desperately try to find a way out to this living hell, could this mean leaving your home, is there even a world outside of the underground. Will you team up with other people and help each other out or will you depend on yourself only? And is there even a world outside the underground?
Want some incredible murder cases, interesting twists, fun characters, exciting story and one lovable Mono? Well, this is it for you! Join us in this killing game and have fun killing!
In a world where anonymity will actually help you, we welcome you to a very questionable place... You must make your choice as to what class you will be, to help you survive in this world... There is always the option to give yourself another name, to give you a better advantage, because who knows what's lurking out there. And things aren't as they seem, with the mysterious M.M. Masq sending odd letters to everyone all of a sudden. But it's up to you over how you want to handle this society you've been thrust into, who you deem trustworthy, and if you can truly stand this new life of yours. Things may not seem so bad, if you can unlock the secrets awaiting you, whether it be alone, or with others.
Welcome to CH40S! You can chat and chill in here and hang out with your friends, or meet new people. Join our community for the ultimate experience! Plus, there's no staff.....or is there?
Celtic High, a school for outsiders, princesses, and princes. But there's some kind of ''mystery'' vibe to it. After the Headmistress went missing, it still went on. Others thought nothing of it, but some do. It still acts like how it did many years ago, however, the Headmistress' office is LOCKED. But rumours say there still are ''talking'' and some..''grunting'' sounds in there? What could be in there..would you like to join us into this adventure? Guarantee you that it'll change your life.
In the year 2004, the first genetic mutation appeared in the form of a small girl who could fly. These anomalies, which people began to call 'Norowareta tenshi', Japanese for cursed angel, and shortened to be called Tenshi, were small in population size, but extremely powerful. So powerful in fact, that they we're killed off by the military, hate crimes, and other organizations.

In the year 2069, the DNA of a Tenshi was found, and projects began to revive the lost race to be used as military weapons. The DNA had the almost magical ability to allow human DNA to merge with another substance, and using this they began to make 'Nise no tenshi-tachi', or fake angels. Once again, the term was shortened to be Nise Tenshi.

And so now, in the year 2121, 52 years later, the project is still ongoing. It has come so far from when it started, now creating stable Nise Tenshi, able to have long lives and control their immense powers, isn't to far away. So now I bring you to a lab, hidden from the public eye, created by the joint powers of several nations. A lab, where the scientists and guards hide a secret. A lab, where Nise Tenshi are being monitored even now as you watch this. So welcome, take you're place among your people. Guards, scientists, Tenshi alike.

This is a sci-fi/fantasy rp where you can choose to be a lab rat, guard or scientist. Each role has their bonuses, and disadvantages.

We have :
- Active admins, always willing to help
- Small but steadily growing group
- Different roles to choose from
- Intricate plot, where it goes is up to the role players

The server is new, so join and snag an important role while you can!
Hello! Welcome to the DANGANRONPA: Contained Chaos. This is a roleplay server where 18 individuals find themselves captured and left in a dingy, dimly lit building. They aren't alone though. With them is Monobah, a shy monochromatic sheep with a country accent. Although seemingly nice and cuddly, this sheep is forcing these individuals to turn on one another if they wish to escape. Goes to show things aren't always as they seem...

Participants are welcome now!
Welcome to gestroven!! A small quaint town in the middle of Washington state! Where monsters live in harmony and go to school to hone there magical abilities!!
[Transmission errrroooooooo--
ƉØ₦₮ ₮ɌɄ$₮ ₮ĦɆⲘ..
You moved into an new neighboorhood.
Everything looks peaceful, your neighbours are all nice / friendly people.
It seems like an peaceful neighbourhood thing is wrong..
There's one neighbour acting weird guy..some people said that there are sometimes screams and laughter coming from his house.
Will you solve the mystery of the neighbour or will you continue living your own life and don't care about it?...