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Karolina Katalia or better known as The Suicide Town is Prisontopias capital. It's gotten its nickname because the towns suicide rates are around 80% due to the cramped housing, horrid living conditions, lack of hospitals and psychiatric help.
The town has no funding to fix these problems due to extreme budget cuts during the 14 year wars.

The town is the smallest in the country yet has to house the most people. The solution to this problem was skyscrapers. Evertyhing in Karolina is in a skyscraper, from schools to coffee shops. These skyscrapers range from 100 to 600 floors. And it's said that the higher up you live, the wealthier you are.

Due to the small space of Karolina everything had to be built in levels, even transportation. Trains and busses go underground, cars and pedestrians share the above ground and a Prisontopian invention called "The Honeydew" a semi flying scooter have special roads right above the ground level ones.

The air in Karolina is almost impossible to breathe so residents wear a gasmask when they go outside or practice the "Karolina breathing" which is letting in less air than normally whilst breathing.

The town is in a constant state of depression and is not trying to hide it, everything is broken down and dirty and the population is dwindling.
Most people don't have hope that Karolina Katalia will make it, but some do and they try their very best to make it their home.

This is where our story takes place.
Welcome to the Island of Oakmont post war Island Ruled but the Cardinal Command Battle Front, now you must be wondering how did we get there so let's take a step back and look at the whole picture.

In the year 2020 a war broke out between Japan and China which ended with a peace treaty after the intervening of the United Nation. Both the country suffered a heavy Casualty and the Economy was non existent which gave rise to independent small country ruled by mercenaries. One Such Mercenary Group is CC also know as Cardinal Command Battle Front.

Enjoy you Stay here and watch the story Unfold
You wake up in a padded pure white room along with many other people that you have never seen before, or, you think you've never seen them before, you can't remember anything from your past but as you look around you can see a white board on the wall with a list of numbers and names, on your chest you see a number, you assume that your name is on the white board along with your number, why are you here? And more importantly, how do you escape?
It is 3477AD. After the defeat of the Old Families at the hands of our great leader in 3375AD, the current government has ruled the land peacefully for many years, with the Old Families fleeing north.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the government has captured all those with genetic mutations that cause strange powers to appear in otherwise normal humans. You are sent with the rest of the ‘freaks’ to the government managed Fleming Facility, where your threat level is assessed, and you are ranked from S to D. Most are sent to the facility at birth, but some parents of such people are clever enough to forge the results for the government’s mandatory DNA test. Regardless, you are at the Fleming Facility, where you will be trained to use these abilities for the country.

Recently, a boy of fifteen, Alec Macmillan, has been accused of being a spy, and a member of the Old Families, the evil, corrupted government of families that ruled prior to the current government. Macmillan has suddenly rose from a D level threat to an S level threat, and was immediately imprisoned in the highest security cell in the containment facility, cell B18S. However, even after weeks of interrogation, the higher ups of the Fleming Facility have not been able to get any information from Macmillan.

You have completed the final exam and have been promoted to the Elite class. The exam is a paper test on various topics. As a member of the Elite class, you would be allowed to visit cell B18S on your own as a trusted member of the facility, as well as join in on interrogation sessions. The Elite also now have access to the laboratory and the data archives, something you’ve been curious about for a long time. As time goes on, however, you get the feeling that something is wrong—something is out of place. Macmillan knows nothing of the family he is accused of being a member of, and you and a group of others begin to suspect something...
Welcome to The Valley! Here you will be able to either uncover the strange and horrifying secrets of Hallowed Oaks and the area around it, or you can fight to keep its secrets secret from the visiting tourists!

But beware, once you arrive, you can never leave.
Server based on serious high school roleplay with a minor twist. Can you solve the mystery of Foniyo High?
Over 18 years ago a lab opened up and few years into its life, a man visited the place. A explosion happened and a fog formed in the woods around the town, stands started to appear as well but only three years ago it started. The sky isn't always bright and mysterious things happen....A hidden bloody sercet lies in the town....You must figure out what is going on and help solve the mystery
Hi welcome to the house, we’ve been expecting you and we hope you enjoy your stay! Walk around the house, go anywhere except for the basement and other peoples rooms
Welcome to Hotel Despair. You have been invited to stay at this luxurious hotel for, well... the rest of your lives! Do not worry though. There is one way to leave the hotel. It is simple! All you have to do is get away with murder.

So, will you decide to live the rest of your life in this hotel or will you give into despair?

𝔻𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕒𝕟𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕡𝕒 - Hotel Despair

𝒮𝑒𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓈𝑜𝑜𝓃. 𝒫𝓊𝒽𝓊𝒽𝓊~
It's the year 2046. In the year 2020 young children started to develop specific 'abilities'. A rare but amazing sight. These people were known as the 'gifted'. Only 10% of the population on Earth possess these 'gifts'. It is unknown why these abilities began to form but society was afraid of them. The gifted had to hide away their abilities in order to not strike panic into people's hearts. But eventually, they were slowly accepted into society until eventually, they were viewed as superior. In 2026 an academy was built by Ricard Freedman. A gifted man who believed that the gifted could be trained to protect others. You are now the gifted, wielding abilities that you must master to protect the people of earth. You made it through many entrance exams to prove your worth to be at the academy.
Evil lurks around the town of Redhill, hiding in the shadows of the happy civilians, waiting to strike. When will it happen? No one knows. But when it does... the students of the academy will need to band together to protect the town in which their school resides.
Welcome to the land of Moonstone this place is secret to the world and hard to discover by other people. this place is full of mystery and more you don't know what you can find in Moonstone, there's different creatures in moonstone they come to moonstone to find pace or just to find somewhere to live where they can be their selves. there's also different places located in moonstone, so this is where your journey in this land begins hope to see you there.

fresh server (not new just a restart)

what this server offers:

self assignable roles
free help if needed
multiple chat rooms to rp in
friendly and active staff
Welcome to 𝙍𝙤𝙤𝙢 𝙀𝙨𝙘𝙖𝙥𝙚! The idea of this server is to solve a cipher, riddle, or question to escape your room. At the moment we have 20 rooms but we look forward to having more in the future. A little tip for you is that you may want to hold on to your answers, they all may be important in the long run.
New Lellorium, a grunge superhero roleplay: on an island separate from most of America an isolated balance of heroes and villains flourishes. If knowledge is power, there's a select few kings in the streets. Though this island isn't a heaven; monsters emerge in the night, amongst the expected crop of villainy and crime.

A new chapter begins! a mysterious cult rises in the streets, join the investigation or join their cause!
- choose your alignment, Hero, Villain, Rogue, etc.
- build your character and their personality through interaction, with the ability to greatly affect others.
- create your own hero or villain, with whatever powers you choose.
- interact with a lively and active city that turns sullen and dangerous in the night.
- take part in a growing and advancing story that moves with the participants
- unique events and periodic villain/hero/monster encounters.

Looking for more heroes!
In Sinum City, magic lingers in the air. The existence of magic here has been disputed for many years, with many people claiming to have witnessed someone disappear into thin air, or to have someone accurately tell your fortune, while others dismiss it as something odd in the water. However, a large population of magic users do actually reside in Sinum and it's surrounding area, just living their lives, practicing their magics, and trying not to be discovered...
The best students of Oswald Preparatory Academy are invited to a once in a lifetime mansion party held in the cold climate of Russia. They are expected to arrive within individual luxurious carriages, one student per vehicle. The cold and barren land that surrounds the rather large and expensive mansion is also covered with the shadows of large mountains giving the mansion a rather secluded feeling, as there is no other civilization for miles. Once they have made their way into the large wooden doors of the mansion, they had never come back. The local news of Russia began to spark, raving about the tragic disappearances of the students.
Oswald Preparatory Academy is still under wraps, as entry into the academy has been declined.
The Owner of the Mansion is said to be mystery, but they have donated countless dollars to the mansion and to the school.

More students are said to go on their yearly trip, this time from the eyes of civilization.
This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the disappearance of the elite students.

Welcome to CIRCULUS MORS. We hope you enjoy your time here; we are free to take suggestions.

”Let us celebrate this remarkable occasion, with the cold snow as our friend.”
Welcome to Edwish Manor
This is a lore-driven rp server based around a mansion with many twists and turns. Anyone who becomes trapped in these walls are here by chance. Or is it by fate? This is for you to decide. Will you solve the mysteries of this mansion and escape? Or will you fall to the insanity of it and die within?
-This server will grow as the lore progresses. Lore progression only occurs when certain requirements are met. (e.g. members online, members joined, ect.)
-We have filters and bots to prevent raids and spam.
-We have special events and giveaways for the server.
_We hope you accept our invite. Before you do anything here, please read the Rules, Server Lore, and Role Information.
We are currently looking for staff
Lakewood Springs seems like your normal small town in the middle of nowhere, filled with boring and nothing. But underneath its surface, lies the mysteries of the supernatural. The town is infamous for its rumours of magical beasts, creatures, and ghosts... and none of it's a lie. Recently in the small town, there has been a string of murders that the authorities have been unable to identify, and even the underground community of supernatural beings don't know who's behind them, as they have taken some of their members as well. Join us as we uncover the new mystery of Lakewood Springs!

~ Friendly staff!
~ New and in need of members!
~ LGBTQ+ Friendly!
~ Literate RPs!
~ Detailed Plot!

Join us at Lakewood Springs!
Welcome to Northway, Alaska!

In the small community of Northway, Alaska survival is hard enough; the frigid winters make weather a formidable enemy and food is not readily available at grocery store; however, things are about to get a lot harder. When residents begin getting murdered left and right, it becomes exceedingly apparent that a serial killer is in Northway’s midst. Will the citizens band together and stop the killer before the population goes from 20 to 0?
"Welcome To Ketsueki, you'll find Peace here."
Those are the words the townspeople first spoke. It's true that Ketsueki is a small and 'calm' town... But strange things have been happening, disappearances, deaths from unknown causes, they even say once a year... The lake turns blood red... Would you dare to enter Ketsueki?
~ This Server is a Role-playing server. ~
- Mostly horror and fiction. No ERP-
- We also have meme channel and music channel, if you want to relax. -
- Have fun -
→ Flag on server's picture is made by @Jinrra#7695
Our mysterious Planet Of Oreon, has a zodiac profile basis and a mysterious community... Witchcraft? Zodiac Signs? The Galaxy? We got it!
After a high school student is found dead in an alleyway, the people around her begin changing and rumours about the culprit start spreading like wild fire.
It's been a year since now so how have people moved on?
Howdy! Im makeing a Roleplay set in a Mysterious multi-story server! If you enjoy surrealism, mystery, comedy, and a little bit of this and that, this is the server for you! Its BRAND SPANKEN NEW, like a infants soft hide... So join man lasses and lads
Welcome to ladbrook. A normal little town, Right? Nothing too bad ever happens so it's only ironic that a string of terrible events took place to maintain the balance of things. It all started a few weeks ago. Students suddenly started 'disappearing'. There was soon reports of strange sightings and events that was almost unbelievable and inhuman. Around this time, new people started moving into the area, strange strange people. What do all these things have in common? Why is it happening? Who is doing it? All questions you will have to find the awnser to for yourself.
So, we will be looking fallward to your visit...if your brave enough. MWA HA HA HAAAA
A seemingly ordinary small town has some secrets that it would prefer remain hidden...
Heavily influenced by gravity falls :)