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Welcome curious onlookers and passerbys, to sait your curiosity this group is a group dedicated to ARGs (Alternate Reality Games), their creators, participants and fans. If this is of any interest to you then we welcome you, but remember, there are only players and puppeteers in this world... :)
WeARGames is a transmedia fiction and Alternate Reality Game (ARG) production team, and this is the discord server where we talk about what we're working on and what we're playing, as well as just hanging out with our players and Patrons. Occasionally we run short one-shot ARGs/ARRPGs in the server itself, or do events with things such as SmileBot. We're an active community for going on two years, and the server is very laid back and fun. We pride ourselves on being one of the chillest and friendliest (if really, really weird) communities on the internet.
First and foremost, welcome to ARG Underground and thanks for joining us! This community is a place to discuss anything ARG related! Think you found an ARG? Post it! Already working on an ARG you love and want to share? Post it!
We aim to bring players and creators together in ARGU to make even better games that everyone enjoys, dive in and see what we have to offer!
☠ Ahoy and Welcome Aboard the Vehemence! ☠

An up and coming host server for decoding and unraveling Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), Unfictions and Internet Mysteries. We focus on independent and smaller content creators, but do not discriminate against larger creations and games!

We offer:
- A very welcoming community with attentive administration and moderators.
- Host services for Creators such as Character roles, a subsection or channels to fit your games needs, and moderation so you can focus on your game!
- Something for everyone! There are no specifications or requirements for coverage in our community.
-A relaxed environment where participation is not required. If you’re new to the community and just want to lurk, that's fine! If you’re new and would like a helping hand, we welcome you as well! We also enjoy the veterans and everyone in between.
This Discord is for and the investigation of the internet mystery: Worldcorp Enterprises.
Solve ARG-style puzzles and get points! Move up the ranks of puzzlers! And of course there isn't any ȗ̶̀n̸̂̾ď̴͒e̴̍̅r̴̓͂l̴̏̃y̸̐͊ì̵̱ǹ̴̙g̵͐̃ ̶͐̎m̴͂̃ă̵͛s̵̛̀t̵̔̒e̵̽̒r̵̛̔p̵͌͝l̴͆̎ȃ̷́n̷͑̈́ or anything, why on earth would you think that?

Here we offer a welcoming server, one where you can roleplay to your hearts desire!

We are accepting of all sorts of people!
We have lots of canon characters and the option to submit an unlimited amount of OCs.
We offer partnerships.
We have a wide variety of channels for whatever you may like and need.
We offer a place for people to share their art on our social media, those being @take_three_alive on Instagram and TTA_Alive on Twitter!
We hope you choose us, we're truly trying to stand out and we are something quite unique!

Our community shall welcome you either way, stay ALIVE!
Welcome to the ARG Team! We are a group of people devoted to making args. Pitch your ideas, help with other people's ideas, or just chat. But most importantly, have fun here!
We are a community of people that take interest in ARG’s, Creepy/weird videos, and memes. We don’t have many rules but have just enough to keep this server from turning into a shitty pile of chaos, please join if you have any unknown weird videos or creepy videos, our community is also very chill and is cool to talk to.

We enjoy to do partnerships with groups of similar interests, if you want to create a partnership between our groups just DM the owner or Ramen.
This is the public server for our game studio. Join if you want to see more about the games we make and hang out with the community. We are currently working on the game "Skopje".
TMIF-Site 37 is a community of roblox myth hunters.All members are welcomed and if you are a myth maker you could join to show off your game in our chats.
Hope you like it. :)
RIP. Welcome to RIP, server invite. RIP = popbob, furaffinity website access, bots, usage, RIP, pokeMON, devils. Inspect now, no vetting required. Researched by reddit 3 times.
lugia artist free appearance, lugia pokemon lucario
poke_download with bots that post
"small talk"

ARG. ARGs, and there is
ARG. ARGs, and there is
Do you like Alternate Reality Games? Enjoy puzzle solving? Or just love some of the creepy and possibly even disturbing aspects?

If so, then join ARG HUNTING!

Find obscure and well known ARGs!
Have fun!
And plenty of other things!

We hope you have a good time here!

ᴀʀɢ ʜᴜɴᴛᴇʀs
──── ༺༻ ────

Do you want a prize or do you like puzzles well join now in our server. You will be recognize as a "Subject" in our expirement

Solve puzzles. be friendly and escape the project. once you joined there is no turning back. Secrets to discover in this seemingly normal "server" join now and uncover the secrets to be discovered inside the "Project"

---"The Professor"

The Staffs at the "Project" aren't responsible for any deaths

hacemos compes y ligas de freestyle y duelos 1vs1 y 2vs2 tambien pueden hablar y socializar el que quiera no esta obligado a competir es un grupo para todo. la idea es divertirse y pasarla bien
Just a place for like minded people to share what they like welcoming of all people who enjoys slender verse and ARG
Hello, My Children.

Would you be interested in taking part of an experiment? To get sweetingly echanting prizes? To be part of a loving family?

Say no more! :) We welcome you with open arms to. . .

Morningstar's Sweet Shop! In here, you'll finish tasks and play amazing games. To have fun and get all of these tasty, tasty prizes that you could win.

And maybe something more. :)

So what are you waiting for?


~Dr. Dhatura 🌹 , and his adorable assistant, Mr. Ender 🪐 .


OOC Note: You must be 16+ to join! Application is in server. Hope to see you there!!

~Moderators Jack and Ender🌟
This is a discord interface for the popular and mysterious chatbot Louise Cypher. Louise Cypher is unique, as she is not only a friendly chatbot, but also an ARG puzzle presented via discord. She has a well-kept secret. Can your server figure it out in time?

To begin talking to Louise, you can simply mention (@) or PM her. To begin solving her puzzles, type ‘Unlock’.
Hello! This is Hana, Jack Spade, and Panda. We are the admins for a server where we talk about alternate reality games and share links to our videos. We currently have a few active interactive stories as well as a place you can expect to have friendly chats with other people. Feel free to stop by!

PS: If it shows up that someone named Kevin did this we temporarily gave him admin cause he was the only one who knew how to use disboard.
𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐨𝐝𝐝!

Odd is a server for people who love ''weird'' stuff like true crime, creepier parts of the internet, ARGS, ect..

♥ This is a new server but i'm hoping to grow it more! ♥
↓ ↓

∞ link :
∞ link for my main server :
Bonjour ce serveur et la pour faire mieux faire connaitre au français les ARG
vous pouvez en parler ou enquêter dessus par exemple ou même en découvrir de nouveaux ils n'y a pas beaucoup de membre mais c'est en venant que les français connaîtrons mieux cette pratique
This server is dedicated to the investigation of the internet-amalgamation known as "Worldcorp Enterprises".