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Horror's Dawn is a horror based server dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the internet, focusing on online and real world terrors as well as immersive media such as Alternate Reality Games, or ARGs for short. We value a close community and friendly conversations.
A Marble Hornets roleplay server! We are renovating things but be free to join! We would be happy to roleplay with you, or just talk to you. :)
Les. see. now its air. air i see now. parse two definitions. while world is going on outside. i see something. people, air, trees... everything is passing by so fast. why am i today? is this today? why am i in this part? is this even true? oh, the air is going further blue air now dark blue air do you understand what i'm saying? why is communication so limited? is this even today? why is today not today. air is today when air is tomorrow if black air falls go away, falls is forest and dark green tree leaves... i see the road, the dark sky and Southwest passage cover art. when true is real, well... it's all gone now its gone be ok its gone be ok its gone be ok its gone be ok friday night its gone be ok back to parsing. ok. back to parsing. ok now definition two. nothing happened to the outside. my only conversation is with myself and God. toda

0310XTV - gabber synt esoteric deep server interest.

vetting process here. if you fail, check out R.I.P.

RIP. Welcome to RIP, server invite. RIP = popbob, furaffinity website access, bots, usage, RIP, pokeMON, devils. Inspect now, no vetting required. Researched by reddit 3 times.
lugia artist free appearance, lugia pokemon lucario
poke_download with bots that post
"small talk"

ARG. ARGs, and there is
ARG. ARGs, and there is
An original character-driven game done in the style off of the seven trials of Habit from the web series EverymanHyrbid. Unity is an experience like no other. Witches, Proxy's, Cannibals, Ghosts, Deep Web depravity, Killer plants, and a strange mastermind behind it all, are you up to the challenge to see if your character will survive?
Obscuratio, the home of the bizarre, creepy and outright weird! We discuss and investigate obscure pieces of media, ranging from movies to videogames to websites and args, with everything in between!
The ARG Library is for everyone who wants to solve ARGs. As the name suggests, we have a lot of resources you'll need when solving ARGs. If you are new, don't worry! We have got a small guide for you so you too can start this amazing journey of ARGs!
this is an idea of mine that I have so if you wanna be apart of it then here's how and some info so this an idea I had when I first watched marble hornets I loved it and I thought hey let me try to revive the fandom for as long as I can there are a lot of things you can do in my server
1. you can audition to be one of the 4 mh kids
now the 4 kids are jane merrick, milo wright, jack Thomas, and Carly kralie
you know who's kids are who if you know mh but there are some requirements to be one of them 1 you have to be active 2 you have to know how to rp idc what style you rp and 3 you have to be able to feel the character (even thought im gonna tell you how they act and stuff)

2. you can watch the rp go down.
now I know it might not sound fun just to watch the rp but I basically want my server to be the vary first arg discord server (if there is not already one) but trust me just try it out

3.if my server gets enough attraction then you can cosplay, draw and ask the 4 children questions and also ship them and make aesthetic mood boards of them too

4.this is for the future people who want to adution for either jane, milo, jack or Carly you can chat in character in a voice channel

5.and if you decide to give this server a chance either you wanna help out or you wanna watch I will try to plan server events like Halloween, 4th of july, thanksgiving all that good stuff

so I hope that I've convinced you to join and I do need all the help I can get so if you like marble hornets and next gen story rps then come on in
Hey 👋, this is an ARG server, Alternate Reality Game, a story you tell online to make it seem real, their really cool ! We have a lot of them here in the sever. We also just chill out and talk about whatever, art, video games, tv shows that sort of thing. Feel free to join.
We are a group of Argentines that sell all kinds of games and other digital objects at a lower price. If you need to buy something just tell us, we sell steam, origin and microsoft games. We have experience and we are trustworthy people, any questions ask us.
A very community oriented server with a small story running. There's occasionally events like a weekly puzzle or theme.
ARG Wonderland is a place where you can put your own ARGs and see how people like them.The server will always have an ongoing server ARG which the owner makes. Advanced and beginner friendly. The owner is friendly and is nice to anybody! Join us and have some fun solving puzzles or relax!
We are Cicada-1088. We are looking for individuals who think outside the box. Good luck
WeARGames is a transmedia fiction and Alternate Reality Game (ARG) production team, and this is the discord server where we talk about what we're working on and what we're playing, as well as just hanging out with our players and Patrons. Occasionally we run short one-shot ARGs/ARRPGs in the server itself, or do events with things such as SmileBot. We're an active community for going on two years, and the server is very laid back and fun. We pride ourselves on being one of the chillest and friendliest (if really, really weird) communities on the internet.
Community server for creepypasta fans! Share your stories, experiences with the paranormal, or favorite reddit/arg threads!
Welcome to Bounty!
A puzzle-solving, competitive game!
Join 1 of our teams and work on original, arg inspired puzzles.
If you'd like to be a writer, you get to watch people (struggle to) solve your puzzle. Please talk to one the owners to apply.
We have a super friendly community, and are always looking for new players and puzzle creators to join our ranks!
We hope you join us and solve plenty while you're here! If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the owners!
A small ARG server all about solving the hidden puzzles from all over he world.
We are still very new with only 20 players. We have links to Ciphers and other helpful links.
We also have people willing to help the new guys and or just overall help solve the ARG
Watchpoint: Dorado (formerly known as the SombraARG).

We're mainly focused around Overwatch and would love for you to join our community! We were one of the major contributors to the Sombra ARG and we are also ready to shift to become an ARG server.

We regularly discuss speculations of new heroes/maps/gamemodes.
a server for solving the latest arg NNN aka the new noology network
A new ARG (Alternate Reality Game) That is still being built. We'd love to have new members to build the server or join the game!