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This server encourages all ages of students to join this server, we can help with homework, have conversations about science or just have conversations about random things.
A server dedicated to both tutoring and
technical discussion in STEM topics for students, professionals, and enthusiasts of all ages.
SAS - Serious About Science
A place where you can learn about science and share what you know

✪ Staff Needed
Owner: @TheCosmicKiwi

Hello! This is a server for anyone who loves science!we have different ganras from chemistry to astronomy! And a place where you can just hang out §ëë ýøü ţhëřë!
This server is for active science lovers who learn for mystery and with passion, join if you love the subject or just want to learn!
Rocketry, chemistry, nsfw, cryptography, games, and anything else requested. This is a small server that needs more members. It is a place to discuss anything. It has an nsfw channel for anything too dark for the others.