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Welcome to Ancient Awakenings! We are so happy that you found your way to our discord and Isle Server. Please take a moment to read through the rules in #discord-rules and #server-rules before playing with us. Ancient Awakenings is a Semi-Realism Survival Server. This means that you will start from a fresh juvie dinosaur, fighting to live amongst others, eventually growing to the top of the food chain. We have profiles in #how-to-carnivore and #how-to-herbivore set for each of the species of dinosaur and pack/herd limits to abide by. We strive to be as lenient as possible with the rules but they are there to make the game fair and playable for every player that joins us here on our server. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please add them to #feedback-and-suggestions channel for the staff team to read and consider. We hope you have a great time on our server and enjoy your time spent playing on Ancient Awakenings!
Discord server to Ark Survival Evolved server
Jungle-Life [PVP]&[PVPVE][X100][Fully Modded][Steampunk]

----Server Settings----
#Map:The Volcano[PVP]&The Center[PVPVE][Cross Ark, Can travel between maps freely with all items staff and stats save]
#Stats Are Around x100, Some Stats Balanced[Fair Play][Solo Easy]
#Max Player Level 500![And More Levels To Income In The Future]
#Wild Dino's level 800+!
#Tamed Dino's level 1200+!!!
#Fast Tame&Hatch Times
#Quick Forge
#Offline Protection Only on The Center, The Volcano map is pure PVP!
#Gamma Setting Open[Type "GAMMA 3.5" in console for better view in dark areas]

----Server Mods----

#All dino's is on the map,Aberration,Extinction,Scorched Earth[Means mantis on lava coast] , Noxious Creatures, Primal Bosses and more.
#Ark Steampunk Mod!HOT🔥🔥🔥
#EcoTrees Mod[can craft&place redwood anywhere and much more decorative stuff to craft.]
#All Items Open+ More Then 1000 NEW items,Armor and Weapons!
#All Tek Items Open and More New Items!
#All Primal Fear Mods installed on server[MAY TAKE A BIT LONGER TO LOAD, MIGHT TIME OUT. if so please try a couple of times till the mods are fully downloaded.]
#Classic Flyers
#Upgrade station[can upgrade items (+1+2+3...)
#Tek Plus[No Durability tek items, means no repairs needed :)]
#Super Trank[knock out even the most powerful dino's 1-2 hits]
#Ultra Stacks
#Dino Tracker
#Tranquilizer Stuff
#DLC & TEK Engram Unlocker
#Gem and Crystal Crafting Forge.
#Improved Loot Creates
#Improved Fishing Loot
#Bitou2k's Binocular
#Bulk Crafters
#Ammo Pools
#Engram Unlocker(Eat and unlock all engrams one click)
#And Much More New Stuff To Explore!

🔗Server full mod pack here:

🎤DISCORD[contact admin here]

🔗WEBSITE[You can download mods manual from here right side of website]


Hope to see you in :)
》☆ Welcome to the Roley Roleplay group. A group specifically based on roleplaying as dinosaurs. We let our roleplayers roleplay as whatever dinosaur they like and any passed animals that have gone extinct, { Example: Tasmanian tigers, wooly mammoths, Iguanidons, Tapejeras, and more! }. Our group is still growing and is in need for friendly, nice, and experienced roleplayers to make our roleplays stand out among the rest. Our group gives access to many different roleplaying section with even more to come. We want to be seeing people roleplaying all the time instead of a small, inactive group, so please help us by joining in on the awesome roleplay adventure today! ☆《
"Welcome... to Jurassic World..." -Jeff Goldblum 2018
Hello and welcome to Jurassic Fans! A hangout an rp server where you can talk about anything Jurassic related, or put yourself in a dinosaur theme park situation and roleplay! We hope you come check us out as we're trying to grow and are looking for staff!
>>{Welcome to the Dinosaur Simulator Fanbase Server}<<
What is dinosaur simulator?
-Dinosaur simulator is a ROBLOX simulation game (Unlike normal, tacky simulation games)created by ChickenEngineer on ROBLOX along with his team of helpers. If you haven't checked it out, please do!
What our server includes:
-A fairly new and friendly Discord community just waiting for you!
-Art showcasing!
-A Trading Centre!
-Easy to follow rule system!
-Game leaks!
-And much, MUCH more!
>>>{COME JOIN US!}<<<
*Server Icon is NOT my art nor anybody's in the server*

Welcome to Atomic Realism, a Semi realistic server on a game called The Isle. On this survival server we have easy to read and understand rules as well as an open and fun community. We love gaming and dinosaurs. If you want to come play the Isle with us feel free! Happy Gaming!
Hello there! We're a Jurassic Park Club! We have many channels with all the subjects you can talk about, from regular dinosaurs to Lego Jurassic World! Join us today because once we hit 50 members, I'll be grabbing 2 new mods, and maybe more! Come on down!
Welcome to The Dinosaur Rp! This server is in the Mesozoic perio (although were chill on other animals too). We are looking for members! This server allows you to be all kinds of dinosaurs that you love! We also are looking for staff! We plan on keeping this server clean from all NSFW. Our staff are planned to be friendly! So come on and dont get killed by a stray t rex!
Join this amazing RP server, we are very low on people so we need you to join!

You are in Jurassic world, what means there are dinosaurs that kill humans. You can check in as a dino or as a human :o

As a human try to survive
As a dino you can do whatever you wanna do :3

Dinosaur species:

Stychimoloch Ankylosaurus
Of Course there are more, but these are common ones...

~Anne the admin :3~
A dinosaur roleplay server! Be a human or a dinosaur
Lore bit; Specimine implant
As a human you have an implant in your left wrist, shaped like a diamond. It gives you access to your inventory and stats. When you die, you can respawn (without your inventory) but everything else is kept unless your implant is destroyed.
This is a server about wanting to have sexual intercourse with the prehistoric glory that is yutyrannuses. Please only join if you truly have a passion for these beautiful creatures that were sadly taken away from us.
If your a JP fan or dinosaur fan in general your sure to love BioGen! Join BioGen today and help us create some the best dinosaur theme parks around the globe!
Welcome, to Jurassic World.

An in depth roleplay server for in depth Jurassic Park fans. You can roleplay as a dinosaur or human.

:meat_on_bone: Hello, and welcome to the Jurassic Fossils RP!, this RP is about what happened millions of years ago back in the cretaceous, when the mass extinction happened! but lucky for the dinosaurs, there was a group of scientists, that had gotten the power of bringing dinosaurs back to life, and transporting them into the super-continent known as. "Isla Okane." Isla Okane was basically a huge super island, that was untouched by the meteor, due to the island being so far from the meteor impact. Scientists, and people traveling across the ocean have also spot this island. so the scientists had to close off this island for research reasons. So they can bring back dinosaurs, but. Since this is the year of 2029 in this RP. Scientists had the advanced technology to actually clown an exact replica of all the dinosaurs. But something happened...It's been years now, And the Scientist group left this island, So now the dinosaurs roam freely like they once did 65 million years ago.:four_leaf_clover:
~| Gaia |~
Gaia is a well known dinosaur/animal park, and their land extends farther then the eye can see. However, they experimented a *little* too far. An outbreak has occurred, and now dinosaurs live free in the world. The park however, is still up and running and is basically a shelter for most people. The dinosaurs have fled from the park, so it's safe. Will you stay in the walls of the park, or venture forth? Most people adapt, some people don't. Will you survive, with a world inhabited by dinosaurs..?
~| Gaia |~
A new, small dinosaur RP server! We hope you join and have fun.
Literally, a dinosaur RP server heavily based on The Isle. You don't need to play the game to be in this server.
This isn't meant to be anything huge lmao, but if it gets that way fuck it.
Please join my server! I hope this server will be very successful and have many, constantlt active members!
This roleplay was heavily inspired by Jurassic Park: A Fallen Kingdom. However, you don't have to know anything about Jurassic Park to roleplay here!

Scientists have found a way to re-create the dinosaurs. From the tiny Epidexipteryx hui
to the tall Brachiosaurus, now live today. But, there was a mixup, and the dinosaurs ended up escaping! Now, humans must find a way to live alongside these prehistoric creatures... and hope they don't get eaten.
Roar! This is a (new) server about dinosaurs. Here you can do many things. For example, you can talk about movies, comics and even books about dinosaurs. You can talk about dinosaurs and paleontology. And much more:

- Chat about dinosaurs,
- Use command bots,
- Get ranks,
- Talk about dinosaur movies, arts, books, comics, etc.
- Listen to music and much more,

A RP is planned and will be added soon.
So, I've noticed that there aren't many discord servers dedicated to this gem of a franchise that I quite frankly think needs more attention and somewhere like this for people to communicate as fans of Dinosaur King.

Naturally, this progressed into me making this discord and trying to optimise it for everyone to try to satiate that hunger I feel for Dinosaur King.
A new Ark server that will be up and running as soon as Ark Extinction map is released. Join the server and check the #Server-Rates and #Rules for more information. Hope to see you there Survivors.
We are a group about... well, dinosaurs! We also welcome furries. All we do is talk or hang out. We'll love to grow our group and have more people come.
This game inspired by dinosaur simulation game on roblox . this game in delvopement and currently through a updately now . we need help badly now. This server also have nsfw channel