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A dinosaur roleplay server! Be a human or a dinosaur
A small server where you get to rp as creatures from the Mesozoic era, as well as other creatures from different time periods that can be unlocked with certain tasks, on an abandoned island, creatures of isla ora walk freely
I'd like to offer you to be a user of our new roleplaying server!


We are setting a new standard for animal-based roleplay servers for shooting for increased skill and experience. We are in need of experienced members who will enrich the experience of future players.

Here, there are no humans permitted, so keep that in mind. We are centered around dinosaurs, pterosaurs, sea reptiles, and Cenozoic beasts, but once we graduate from beta phase to fully-fledged, other factions will be made.

Dip your toes in a prehistoric world with beautiful biomes, endless opportunity, challenges, and help us get set up and ready to rumble! Beta testers will get a special role solely for them to boast their status, and I personally would love to add you as a watchful eye to moderate our lovely little haven when we fledge fully.

So if you love prehistoric creatures, roleplaying, animals, or any of the sort or are in for a new twist, come and join me and be the first to experience the Ancient World!
Literally, a dinosaur RP server heavily based on The Isle. You don't need to play the game to be in this server.
This isn't meant to be anything huge lmao, but if it gets that way fuck it.
Please join my server! I hope this server will be very successful and have many, constantlt active members!
This roleplay was heavily inspired by Jurassic Park: A Fallen Kingdom. However, you don't have to know anything about Jurassic Park to roleplay here!

Scientists have found a way to re-create the dinosaurs. From the tiny Epidexipteryx hui
to the tall Brachiosaurus, now live today. But, there was a mixup, and the dinosaurs ended up escaping! Now, humans must find a way to live alongside these prehistoric creatures... and hope they don't get eaten.
"Welcome... to Jurassic World..." -Jeff Goldblum 2018
Hello and welcome to Jurassic Fans! A hangout an rp server where you can talk about anything Jurassic related, or put yourself in a dinosaur theme park situation and roleplay! We hope you come check us out as we're trying to grow and are looking for staff!
Roar! This is a (new) server about dinosaurs. Here you can do many things. For example, you can talk about movies, comics and even books about dinosaurs. You can talk about dinosaurs and paleontology. And much more:

- Chat about dinosaurs,
- Use command bots,
- Get ranks,
- Talk about dinosaur movies, arts, books, comics, etc.
- Listen to music and much more,

A RP is planned and will be added soon.
So, I've noticed that there aren't many discord servers dedicated to this gem of a franchise that I quite frankly think needs more attention and somewhere like this for people to communicate as fans of Dinosaur King.

Naturally, this progressed into me making this discord and trying to optimise it for everyone to try to satiate that hunger I feel for Dinosaur King.
A new Ark server that will be up and running as soon as Ark Extinction map is released. Join the server and check the #Server-Rates and #Rules for more information. Hope to see you there Survivors.
We are a group about... well, dinosaurs! We also welcome furries. All we do is talk or hang out. We'll love to grow our group and have more people come.
This game inspired by dinosaur simulation game on roblox . this game in delvopement and currently through a updately now . we need help badly now. This server also have nsfw channel
This server is a brand new currently small roleplay of friends that want to have a good time. If you join you can meet some new friends and have some fun roleplaying. We also partner with other roleplay servers to help show our members as many roleplay was possible!
Welcome to Isla Nublar, about 20 years after an unfortunate tragedy befell a group of tourists on their way to review the Jurassic Park, John Hammond's dream has finally been realised. People from all around the world come to Isla Nublar to see dinosaurs up close and personal! Come and see our new Indominus rex and resident Spinosaurus! Our luxury spas and resorts await you!
Sci-Fi roleplay based off the Jurassic movie franchise but instead of a park on a fairly large tropical island, it's a park on a massive section of Mars. Custom creatures also available.
The Tea-Room is based on playing whatever while chatting with others! Share interests, screenshots, banter, whatever!
Roles are self-assigned, pick what content you wanna see!
NSFW is optional! You don't have to see it if you don't want to.
All advertiser friendly roadbloax deinoseur christian server yes yes
:meat_on_bone: Hello, and welcome to the Jurassic Fossils RP!, this RP is about what happened millions of years ago back in the cretaceous, when the mass extinction happened! but lucky for the dinosaurs, there was a group of scientists, that had gotten the power of bringing dinosaurs back to life, and transporting them into the super-continent known as. "Isla Okane." Isla Okane was basically a huge super island, that was untouched by the meteor, due to the island being so far from the meteor impact. Scientists, and people traveling across the ocean have also spot this island. so the scientists had to close off this island for research reasons. So they can bring back dinosaurs, but. Since this is the year of 2029 in this RP. Scientists had the advanced technology to actually clown an exact replica of all the dinosaurs. But something happened...It's been years now, And the Scientist group left this island, So now the dinosaurs roam freely like they once did 65 million years ago.:four_leaf_clover:

Dilophosaurs... The true master race

A The Isle growing community

The master race... Is expecting you