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NeverEndingLeX is a indie company which I hope to get going and start creating games which I think could be unique to the market and also something which people didn't know they wanted to play!

Games in the making / made:
The Trapped Princess - A maze game which you have to collect 6 items in order to escape! (Single-Player)
Forgotton War - Create a mini empire to defend against the oncoming hordes! Every level you will unlock new cards which you can customize on your desk screen, MVP will be out to test around December or more. (Single-player / Multiplayer / CO-OP)
Selam Dostum, Bu server de digerlerinin aksine illegal,legal olmak üzere her türden insan barınmaktadır. Sadece yazılım degil kendini bir çok alanda geliştirmek isteyen bir kişi isen hiç beklemeden aramıza katıl !
RETROIT is an upcoming mobile-first MMO set in a massive, sprawling city, where every vehicle is driven by a real player. Head over to the official RETROIT website at or join the Discord server for a chance to become a RETROITER and enter the city before anyone else!
PSEUDOSCIENCE ACADEMY is the way that provides more freedom of creativity and exploration in discussion without a given narrative to follow. But an invitation to not take all the given opinions too seriously or even as factual reflections of reality - it is more like a free lab of sharing thoughts.

We want to encourage everyone to learn more and explore more and don't stop learning academically. We have the goals and objectives to help each other. We want to show the good use of the server to learn. We want to provide and share the knowledge we know and learn from other people we will encounter on this server. We want to enhance a new knowledge management system in virtual world which allows us to build a network of great contributors.

We focus on making a game inspired about Socionics and Attitudinal Psyche and enhance different road of skills and learning.
Hey, we are The Coding World community

For all of the coders out there

》What language do we support?

- Javascript
- Python
- Go
- Lua
- Java
- Ruby
- C Family (C, C#, C++)
- Others

》What if you don't code?

There are still many things to do in here even though you don't code
- :robot: Bots (Dank Memer)
- :video_game: Gaming Chat
- :sunglasses: Exclusive Chat (can be gained by being active)
- :tada: Giveaways
- And More

We are also looking for staff! want to apply? just join the server and see a Staff Application channel

Invite link

A friendly server dedicated to both tutoring and technical discussion in programming and networking topics for students, professionals, and enthusiasts of all ages (13+) and backgrounds. Whether you're a student or just interested in learning about any of these subjects or related fields and want to improve your skill and share with others, this server is for you! Feel free to start/join in a discussion in any of our subject-related channels or just chill in any of our general ones.

- Android Development
- Web Development
- Networking
- others subject-related

others :
- Job Vacancy
- Events
- Udemy Free courses

¿Estás buscando una comunidad de desarrolladores hispanos?
¿Específicamente de Minecraft Java o de otros lenguajes?

¡Al parecer encontraste la comunidad correcta!

Una descripción breve de la comunidad...

En el pasado la comunidad solo brindaba soporte específicamente a Minecraft Java Edition, pero debido a que ahora hay muchísimos lenguajes para aprender, el equipo administrativo decidió expandir la comunidad a todos los lenguajes de programación, contando con que otros miembros puedan ayudarte.

Si necesitas soporte, muchas de las personas pueden ayudarte sin problemas, pero recuerda, todos somos personas que aprendemos continuamente, y usted no es la excepción.

En la comunidad puedes aplicar a una mejora de rol, aunque estos roles son mas para su descripción, digamos un curriculum. Estos roles pueden ser aplicados haciendo un ticket, y proporcionando algún proyecto a los revisores.
Find patient zero before an alien virus takes over San Francisco and the cepheus protocol is enacted. Command your squad, save civilians, and stop the Pangu virus. Kill patient zero and save the world.
ForestlyGames is a Revolutionary Roblox game making service looking to hire developers, builders, managers, artists, etc. We are offering employees Robux and other rewards for working!

This service brings customers to developers! Developers can also work on soon Front Page games and get a percentage of the profits! (Previously made games have consistently made 1k Robux or more per day!)

We also have a fun community for hirers! You can create projects right on our discord server for your development team, or even just a project channel where you can post updates and gather lots of fans!

Join the server to apply for a position!
A Chill and fun server for developers and gamers. Special developer channels and stream and enjoy with your friends.

Here you find :

🤖 - Best handpicked bots
👨🏿‍🤝‍👨🏼 - Nice staff members and active owner
🌎 - International community and all language channels
🐸 - Special Dank Memer Beta bot and many memeing bot
🎮 - Game Discussions and exclusive rewards 💥
🖥 - All Coding Language Support and even support for bot hosting etc.
🎁 - Daily Giveaways like dank memer coins and a lot of stuff
🏅- Best leveling bot and moderation.
📺- More than 30+ streaming and voice channel so that you can stream even in peak time.

Don't think it is a dev only server. It is for everyone and let's join together and make it big.

Why are you waiting still.... Join now and be a part of a big gaming community :D
Hey!, come and join us, this is a server where you can have fun as a developer.
You can have some coding help, and you can have some fun too
See you there!

Heyyy, darf ich vorstellen? Ich bin Akora ^^ Ich bin ein Discord bot der gerade ziemlich viel Dinge erlernt ^^ auf meinem Support server, kannst du mich und meine Schwester Shinu testen ^^ oder dir einen eigenen bot erstellen lassen :3. würde mich freuen wenn du mal vorbei schaust :3 Sayonara~


> **Bot support Server für:**
> `> ΛΚΘRΛ Bot (Bumps zählen)`
> `> Shinu 死ぬ Bot`
> `> Bot Bestellungen`

:nut_and_bolt: Custom Beahvior[11]
:gear:Moderation [14]
:moneybag: Econemy[20]
:tada: Fun[21]
:bookmark:Info [15]
:white_flower: Roleplay Gifs [28]
:underage: NSFw Bilder [61Tags]
Sprachen: :flag_de: :flag_us:

⌬│Server Name : EVIL ARMY
⌬│Region : Asia
⌬│Girl Mods



**🍉 » Oficial Discord De Scripts Españoles, Orion Leaks**

**🍉 » Subimos 1 Pack De Scripts/Mapeados/Hud Cada Boosteo Del Discord**

▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ **__OFRECEMOS__** █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂
**SOPORTE 24/7**
**__════Y Mucho Mas! ════__**

[EN] Bannyd bot list is back !!

Are you looking for a bot / s? Do you want to share your bot (s)?
Bannyd is made for her!
・ ──────────────────────── ・
Bannyd bot list is a website and Discord which brings together
bot share by dev bot
You can also invite them and for more info speak with the bot developers
by joining the Discord
・ ──────────────────────── ・


[FR] Bannyd bot list est de retour !!

Tu cherche un/des bot/s ? Tu veux partager ton/tes bot/s ?
Bannyd est fait pour sa !
Bannyd bot list est un site web et Discord qui regroupe
les bot partagez par les dev bot
Vous pouvez aussi les invité et pour plus d'info parlez avec le développeurs du bot
en rejoignant le Discord
Discord :
Site Web :
Like building machines? Programming applications? Making designs?
If so this server is for you. All creators, builders, and designers of any skill level are welcomed. Come get inspired and share your awesome projects.
Home to the programs of Xarvex#0826. Chill down here, interact with the bots, and suggest new features, or even take part in testing phases!
Mooses World is a one of a kind place to come and get Development help as well as a public listing of a bunch of scripts that are found around the community. Unlike other Leak servers we have everything organised and are adding every day. As well as we care about our members and host giveaways.

This is a Discord server with people in it that want to play Minecraft with you!!!!

Join it please!!!!!

I'm waiting....
A open Source community for developers to interact and collaborate to solve & innovate solutions.
Hi I'm Klaus the Owner of the Clubhouse. I'm a person that is M.A.D.

I have different hobbies such as content creation, streaming, gaming, digital arts, and a few others. I wish to grow an amazing community with people of similar goals and interests. If you like what I do, you can do it yourself and my staff will help you!

Things to do in server:
> Gain Points/Rewards for prizes
> Chat with fellow creators and friends
> Listen to music or stream
> Level up and purchase server items
> Use your imagination...

Anywho I welcome you to the Renegade Clubhouse! A new and upcoming community!
We are a community of developers geared towards helping you find each other for collaborations/hiring/selling etc. Mostly ROBLOX developers but all are welcome to join!
——————PLEASE READ——————
Hi, I am George I am 24 and a FiveM sever dev, I offer the highest quality work for some of the lowest prices!

I also offer FREE training on how to learn to code your own sever! Join my sever and let’s get started!