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A new space themed server for all ages 13+, as long as you're mature.

>> Now accepting partnerships! <<


── ୨୧ Interest channels
── ୨୧ Locked 18+ area (chat, nsfw)
── ୨୧ Self assign roles
── ୨୧ Pokecord
── ୨୧ Venting
── ୨୧ Friendly owner & staff
── ୨୧ LGBTQ+ Friendly
── ୨୧ Fun bots

And more to discover!

Come make new friends in an open, accepting, and welcoming environment!
We are Tycho, an off-topic, SFW server designed for anyone and everyone. We are welcoming, kind, and LGBTQ+ friendly. We have a global chat with a few other servers, amazing staff and members, and events every month or so. Anyone and everyone can enjoy being themselves here. Join us today! <3
↤♡♡Welcome to Rainbowly!!♡♡↦

Here we chat,make friends,and perhaps find a partner...♥

↡Here's what we can offer↡
⇛We are a LGBT friendly server
⇛Self assignable roles
⇛Accepting community
⇛Caring staff
⇛And we always are here for you when you need someone to talk to
⇛ALSO WE ARE LOOKING FOR STAFF(staff applications are open)
⇛Updated channels and roles
⇛A server in progress
⇛Emotional support
⇛We don't judge
⇛Cool emojis
✧;── what we have: ──; ✧

╭ ⁞ ❏. kind owners

┊ ⁞ ❏. nice members

┊ ⁞ ❏. active chat soon

┊ ⁞ ❏. fun activities
-- Welcome to your new home --
• Friendly staff and people!
• Promise that it will be a safe place for you, and for you to express yourself and hobbies.

Hello, A happy homeland is a place that can be a second home for everyone, we love to express ourselves, and we don't judge. I hope you'll be with us soon.
😱The Great Archipelago🐲

💬Nice Community🔕
This server may have just started but we are nice and have very few pings!

☯️We have Partnerships!📳

**__--__ __Lore__ __--__**

You live on a world that is believed to be flat. You live on the Archipelago, and land inhabited by the primative species of Vikings. Wether you're a person who lives to kill dragons, or a trainer, we all live in the same place. Dragons inhabit every nick and cranny oh the world. On Berk there's a friendly economy, and everyone loves dragons! Outside Berk... Hunters roam the lands trying to scour up dragons for their masters. You task is easy, as a trainer, go to work, earn money, and save dragons. For every dragon you save, you can earn money. A barge carrying at least 50 dragons, will come through the area every 3 days. Take the dragons and earn money. As a hunter you can earn money by finding dragons, capturing them, and taking them back to your master. You can also steal dragons from trainers in a battle(decided by a coin flip) There are many islands to explore and its your job to do so!
Queen bee is a server all about one singular person being dominated by hundreds of guys multiple times
This is an Autism channel run by Autistic people! it is well organized, friendly people as well as a safe community for people. we only ask you respect us and if you are an ally you are welcome too! We have a bunch of channels would love to see you there!
Midnight is a Socially friendly server to meet new people and have fun!

We provide:
Casino and nerd games
Request able special roles and anything you'd think would make our server a better place

We're LGBTQ+ friendly,
Self assignable roles

Singing and drawing channels to share your artwork!

We hope you enjoy your stay!
We also might need a suggestion chat for the most part.
Welcome to Ilinati Academia!

We have erp here, so please be okay with sexual content!

Please be nice, and respect others!

Caramel - Owner
In this server we do lots of Simon says and we have
*Partners Channel
*Staff Chat (of course that is always needed)
*Mewna for leveling up and having economy!
Friendly server that needs members to have fun
•fun people
•fun bots
•fun memes
•mainly about anime
This is chill, fun, fairly new server with bots, memes, music and much more! This is a non-toxic server with barely any rules and welcomes anybody!

- Bots
- NSFW channel
- Music and suggestions
- Venting
- Custom colour roles

and much more! So please, consider joining this fun server filled with kind individuals!
This is the server where you make friends and meet new kind people. So, come on down to Friends only!
Chillzone Gaming is a community server to meet new people and have fun, We have amazing friendly and helpful staff, we hope to have a good community, and we also plan on doing special events in the future ^^
Are you depressed? Do you need someone to talk to?
Well this is the community for you! We have a few members that want to help you!
- Reaction Roles
- Custom Discord Bot
- Active
- Kind
- Non-Judgemental
- Level system
- Non Toxic
WELCOME to :D a server for social and a positive get along member area, A place where you can come online and just chill and have fun with other members, a gaming chat with other gamers and a get together area
• Chatrooms
• Minecraft Servers
• Lots of B0TS
• Frequent Giveaways
• Server Partners
• Friendly Staff
• Staff Applications
• Youtube Applications
• Music Channels
We hope you will choose to join us, :D
This is a pokecord server that is just starting out and would like some new faces to join and say hello.
I will personally welcome you to the server (if I am on)
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your time in our server! :)
Welcome to Snowside Academy! Currently this server is in development and needs help being built!

I am for this server to be a high school rp (and erp ofc) server. Any ages are welcome. Right now, besides the server being built, it is used for community chat and suggestions of what you think the server should have.

Join now to have your say in the development of this server!
Welcome to: Distance!

Distance is a new, fun, friendly and almost defiantly furry comunity.

This server is a kind, loving comunity of (1 person atm) people!

Anyone and everyone can grab themselves 2 custom, personal* roles that means something to them!

The server is comunity based, but artwork is enjoyed just as much!

The owner is always active* ready to help you with anything and give you some personal, custom roles.