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♡♡Welcome to Rainbow Skies server!!here we chat,make friends,and perhaps find a partner...♡♡
⇛We are a LGBT friendly server
⇛Self assignable roles
⇛Accepting community
⇛Caring staff
⇛And we always are here for you when you need someone to talk to
⇛ALSO WE ARE LOOKING FOR STAFF(staff applications are open)
⇛Updated channels and roles
⇛A server in progress
⇛Emotional support
WELCOME to :D a server for social and a positive get along member area, A place where you can come online and just chill and have fun with other members, a gaming chat with other gamers and a get together area
• Chatrooms
• Minecraft Servers
• Lots of B0TS
• Frequent Giveaways
• Server Partners
• Friendly Staff
• Staff Applications
• Youtube Applications
• Music Channels
We hope you will choose to join us, :D
Are you depressed? Do you need someone to talk to?
Well this is the community for you! We have a few members that want to help you!
- Reaction Roles
- Custom Discord Bot
- Active
- Kind
- Non-Judgemental
- Level system
- Non Toxic
This is a pokecord server that is just starting out and would like some new faces to join and say hello.
I will personally welcome you to the server (if I am on)
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your time in our server! :)
Finding a server with friendly environment?Well,we are friendly and always up for chat.We are a new born server with pokecord and we are PUBG FREAKS and boobBot,yui
and soon gonna add more bots as we keep growing.We need some suggestions to grow our server and some good pokemon trainers.Hope u join this new server and support.NSFW now available...join for that as well maybe xD.THANKS!
Welcome to Snowside Academy! Currently this server is in development and needs help being built!

I am for this server to be a high school rp (and erp ofc) server. Any ages are welcome. Right now, besides the server being built, it is used for community chat and suggestions of what you think the server should have.

Join now to have your say in the development of this server!
Welcome to: Distance!

Distance is a new, fun, friendly and almost defiantly furry comunity.

This server is a kind, loving comunity of (1 person atm) people!

Anyone and everyone can grab themselves 2 custom, personal* roles that means something to them!

The server is comunity based, but artwork is enjoyed just as much!

The owner is always active* ready to help you with anything and give you some personal, custom roles.
Hey! We are happy to be releasing our new debate server! We offer!


- Respectfulness.



-Staff Applications.

- And last but not least we love to make sure you have the best time at debate babes :sparkling_heart:! So make sure to join! I guarantee you will love it! :heart:

Permanent Invite-
A LGBTQ server for anyone looking for a small and fun community!
Welcome to Café Island.
Here at Café Island we are a active community which has a range of amazing bots which will assist you in every way.
If you were to ever have any concerns just ping @High Ranks or @Super High Ranks, they will be sure to assist you in the best way possible.

Still not happy? Be sure to DM a Board of Directors they will soon get you back on the right track and enjoying your time here.
We are a small group, but are hoping for people to join and make our community so fun for you guys! We always accept ally requests, we respect all groups and hoping to become big one day! :D
Friendly server that needs members to have fun
•fun people
•fun bots
•fun memes
•mainly about anime
Welcome to the Melody of Freedom server! We are a social server that promotes positivity and respect. We are also a server for the working development of a visual novel named Melody of Freedom; however, we invite members to simply hang out and enjoy themselves on the server.
We offer the following things: Friendly Staff and Members, Self-assignable Roles, Bots that you can mess around with and have fun, Partnership opportunities, and A Kind and Caring Environment
With these attributes, we can ensure that you will have a great time on the server! Come join today!
Established 11/23/18
What we offer:
✩-Friendly and mature staff 😊
✩-Fun bots 🤖
✩-Custom roles 🌈
✩-Over 100 members 👥
✩-Events 🎉
✩-Color roles 🌟
✩-Anti-Raid System
✩-A growing community
✩-Dank Memer
✩-Gaius Cicereius (Anti-Raid bot)
✩-Member Count
✩-Reaction Role
✩-Giveaway Bot
Make sure to come and join our growing family! <3
A pg server that includes lots of fun emojis, and is based for nitro users only *cough* not me cause mines about to end, it also has a nsfw
💮 💮 A new server that will be for emotional-development ,friendship, and mental health betterment. Our general chat server is the-garden and we also have a music channel🎵 for lofi chill music. Right now our community is small so we're also **looking for mods and admins.** ^-^ come join and be a original member.
This server is a fun chill server❤ that welcomes everyone into my garden of peace✌ it would be an honor to have any of you in my server? and if you join welcome to our garden?
Welcome to our server!
Here you'll find awesome bots!
And so much more!
Our owner Is a literal angel! Who doesn't like FRIKIN angels?! Please stop buy! We've got so much more and we do so much, were a growing community full of teens wanting to make friends. Thank you for your time.
We need active members and new mods. Our server has events for different holidays and we are all like family and we don't judge.
Join Sneaky's Communtiy to meet new people or to just hang out! We are looking for staff. We help you in any situation you wish to tell us! We are the safest community out there so why not give it a try?

⭐Special Roles⭐
-V.I.P Pro
-First Class

We also do giveaways! What's a server without giveaways?

-Google Play
And more!

We also support gaming people! We do events on special games.

-(Your requests)

Everyone is welcome here! We hope to see you here and have a great time at Sneak'ys Community!
Welcome to Nobodies! This server is a place for people to talk with each other and to have fun doing whatever! If you are in need of support we will offer that as well c: