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Just another server for talking or sharing stuff you enjoy. No specific theme. Mostly 16-21 year old members but any age is of course welcome (as long as it doesn't break Discord TOS, of course (aka under 13)).
Whether you play Don't Starve or not, we accept everyone! This server is mostly general talk with some Don't Starve chat rooms. Hang out with us and join the Wortox gang!
Bonjour le serveur Poireaux blaew mazik est majoritairement un serveur tranquille sans prise de tête, pour passer du bon temps avec des personnes accueillantes et sympathiques;
si vous n’êtes pas trop cul (ouais parce que y’a quand même bdsm dans nos tags lul) ne vous inquiétez pas vous n’en trouverez pas dans les salons qui n’y sont pas dédiés.

Tous le monde est convié à rejoindre ce serveur alors n’hésitez pas et venez partager de bons moments avec nous 😊
This is a new server I started on my own! I will take considerations as to how to make the server better in any way possible so please let me know of anyway it can be better!
Small server just starting out. If you want a place to relax and meet new people, this is the one for you. Whether you're a gamer, general shit-poster, anime lover, friend of the world or a dramatic bitch, we have it all here right in this server for you.
This is Sans’s community and it is a server based on games , general discussion and as you can tell undertale. But anyone is welcome.
Arsam Multipurpose Server

We are a small friendly and diverse community looking to grow. We have many different types of people, as well as many channels to accommodate everyone. Come check us out, see if ya like it.

What we offer...

Therapy channel
Question Of The Day
NSFW section
2 music bots and channels
Streamer friendly (channel for chat, bot with announcements)
Anime channel
Alphabetized organization
Autism friendly

If any of these features are something that peeks your interest, then come give us a try.

Owner = Arsam1114#1834
💙 Hello and Welcome to Blu! 💙
Are you looking for a server to make friends, hangout with others and have fun!
Then Blu is the place for you!
We're very welcoming and LGBT friendly and if you're feeling blue we're here to cheer you up!
🔹 Fun Bots! •°• °•°•°•°
🔹 Active Members! •°•
• 🔹 Friendly Staff! °
•°• 🔹 Chill Atmosphere! °•°•°
°•°•°•° 🔹and Much More!
We hope you enjoy your stay!!
Oh also fun fact: this server likes the colour blue.
An experimental server made by Athel where we gather the most creative minds on Discord from all walks of life to hang out and to hopefully make some new friends! We are all completely welcoming and accepting of anybody and everybody, so pop on by if you want to share any writing, art you've done, or if you just want to come to meet new friends!
[FR] Serveur français :) Discussions sur tout et rien, écrit et vocal, vous pourrez aussi trouver des gens avec qui jouer ;)
a mix of weebs, nsfw , e girls, and whatever tf else you want. join us or youre an incel
Welcome to Hideout~(˘▾˘~)
pls join to meet friends if u r 13-17 qwq
idk how to make this description gud
This server provides you an opportunity to connect with new people from all around the world and make some new friends. You can meet new people here, with different types of personalities, interests and hobbies, so you find new people who have common traits as you as well as people who are different from you, whoever you feel more connected with. You can also use several bots and use our suggestions channel to suggest new things we can add/do, in order to improve the server. So, come and hangout in our server and we hope that you enjoy!!

We have the following bots:

- Dank Memer (Robbing is disabled)
- OwO
- Discord Fast Food
- Mantaro
- Rythm
- Groovy
- Tastsumaki
- Akinator
- KDBot
- UnBelievaBoat
- Yggdrasil
- Carl-bot
- Dyno

And more to be added!!
We are a growing and friendly community. On this server you can just have fun and do nearly whatever you want. You will be made welcome here. The server was once thriving in October but is currently pretty quiet. We'd love it if more Americans and Britons joined. The server has many text channels. There are text channels available in French, Spanish, Japanese and more. Thank you for reading
Welcome, fellow stranger, to the Kingdom of Anor. Amongst new companions what you should hope to find in these plentiful lands include:
• Dedicated point system
• Ranking system based on activity
• Occasional server wide games
• Fun roles to make your server profile more colourful
• A channel for everything to express yourself in
• Welcoming community
• A fun place to hang out
The Realm of Anime is a small server looking for new members. We offer a wide range of things to do. We have channels dedicated to technology, memes, art and creativity, music, tv shows, anime, and more! We also feature a self advertisement channel to those who want to grow their server as well. We include several bots for various things, such as ranking and music. We have a nice community with friendly moderation.
Chill space with friendly, level-headed people. Fresh new community trying to get started and find like-minded folks to just hang out or do whatever you want. Anyone is welcome :)
Haha this server used to be academic only but the owners are dumb so uhh hello. Also there areonly math helpers for now so ping the math nerd role and yeah its cool. Oh yeah this server has like 14 bots and no people and also the math nerds only go up to pre cal. And by the way, only one of them goes up to pre cal while one goes to geometry
We're a relatively small server of roleplayers who want to find more roleplaying partners and people to talk to, in general. Come join us and contribute to a growing community as we have channels to socialise and roleplay in (where applicable), and we're more than happy to have you around. The staff is generally very friendly and are open to suggestions, but we do make sure to keep the server rules in mind and ensure the overall safety of the server. If you have any feedback to give us, especially constructive, feel free to! We're willing to make the server a better place for everyone.
Welcome to the City of Smiles! A social server where you can meet new friends, chat with server members, and find common interests with other people! We welcome people from all walks of life, so come and take a look around!
Zelint is a lively discord server which brings many things to the table! We have a huge variety of games to meet others on and discuss, geek out with others! We have an active staff team and a very friendly one too. We remove toxic people so the community will be clean of unwanted guests.
We host weekly gamenights ranging from the Jackbox Party Packs to Skribble to Spyfall so come join us and make yourself at home!