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Newly Formed Anime Server! 🥥

20+ Members 🌵

Mudae and Waifubot Included! 🍤

Open to Partnerships! 🍣

Looking For Partner Managers! 🍢
Just a general chatting server to meet new people. Meet some people to play games. Advertise your stuff such as social media or gaming, and such, if you want. Don't brag/flex, either. One of the admins hates it.
A great server to make some new friends and socialize. Active chats and group voice chats. Plenty of bots. It would be awesome if you become another member of our community. Don't have to be Australian to join.
Welcome to Kestin's Household!
KH is a small server for general use. There's different channels for different topics, and some bots for some fun commands.
There's also a suggestions channel, so you can suggest to add any bots, channels, emojis, and anything of the sort!
We have channels for roleplay as well, where we mainly use tupperbox bots. You do not have to use tupperbox to roleplay, though! :>
We don't discriminate against anyone, and if anyone in this server does discriminate against you, then I'll give em a strike, so no reason to worry!
If you do join, make sure you read all of the rules first!
Thanks for reading, and have a great day! :D
We are The Cult
We are a community sever just here so you can make friends and talk to people.
So join are cult you wont regret it.
Welcome to the ILA247 TV Discord server! It is a new server in search of moderators. For more information please join the server. Thank you!
✭ Heyy! Please join dis cursed mess i have created <3
✭ It’s just a chill pit in the darkness of hell that we call a server :3
✭ We do cursed fanfic reading sessions which is always fun
✭ Eee i will be your friend :3
✭ We got art, cosplay, roleplay, one word story, mudae, pizza and more >:3
✭ Have a good day <3
✭ Remember you are valid!!
The Purge Chat is a new server started by me and my friends, everyone is welcome here as we try and support everyone who has joined the best that we can. we have active staff and plenty of fun people to talk to. We are still growing and Improving as the server is generally new. we would love to see you there.
"Conservatism is a settled conviction that we’re given certain goods like truth, beauty and justice that we ourselves didn’t acquire, but are privileged to pass on. Society is, as Edmund Burke would say, a contract between the living, the dead, and the yet-to-be-born."

With a centring on conservatism, we are a broad intellectual server that seeks to give a platform for debate that anyone can join on.

All are welcome - we encourage those with differing views to check us out and challenge others in civilised debate!

Welcome to Kokubunji General Roleplay! A simple, anytime roleplay based in Western Tokyo. With a very simple channel and rule arrangement, you'll surely find your place! We have excellent staff, excellent systems, and we are certain that this roleplay will grow and become amazing! While we are a small, ragtag bunch right now, we hope you'll grace us with your stay. What kind of character will you make? Noble, or treacherous? Proactive, or reactive? We feature:

:rosette: Events! Cultural festival and much more to come.
:rosette: We accept anyone and everyone!
:rosette: Welcoming members of the server
:rosette: Kind, respective staff

What're you waiting for? Come along with us!
[FR] Serveur français :) Discussions sur tout et rien, écrit et vocal, vous pourrez aussi trouver des gens avec qui jouer ;)
Whether you play Don't Starve or not, we accept everyone! This server is mostly general talk with some Don't Starve chat rooms. Hang out with us and join the Wortox gang!
Welcome to ミアのサーバー (Mia's Server!)

We're still a new server, but we're opened to a lot of things!

What we have to offer!
☁️Non-Toxic Community ☁️
☁️Friendly Members☁️
☁️LGBTQ+ Friendly☁️
☁️Furry Friendly ☁️
☁️ Self-Roles☁️
☁️Laid Back Staff☁️
☁️NSFW (Given upon 18+
☁️Partnership Friendly☁️
☁️Lots of bots☁️
☁️Brand New Art Section☁️
☁️And so much more!☁️
This is a gaming, anime, community chill server! Please join! Come chill and hang out with others.
This server doesn't have too many active people... join if you just want to talk about random stuff with us, based in AU
Arsam Multipurpose Server

We are a small friendly and diverse community looking to grow. We have many different types of people, as well as many channels to accommodate everyone. Come check us out, see if ya like it.

What we offer...

Therapy channel
Question Of The Day
NSFW section
2 music bots and channels
Streamer friendly (channel for chat, bot with announcements)
Anime channel
Alphabetized organization
Autism friendly

If any of these features are something that peeks your interest, then come give us a try.

Owner = Arsam1114#1834
♡ This is Firefly’s brand new server! ♡
♡ You can chat with friends and ♡ ♡ make new ones too! ♡

This server is a Work-In-Progress.
Please do not rush Firefly or anyone else.
Facheros Tristes es una pequeña comunidad sin fines de lucro, sirviendo como alternativa a varios servers tóxicos de shitpost.
Aquí abarcamos varias temáticas: desde videojuegos, memes, música, manga, cómics, arte, literatura, estética y temas variados de interés público. También se puede socializar y convivir de manera sana, de vez en cuando con un poco de bardo.
1.-Respetar la temática de cada categoría y canal
2.-Ganarte la confianza de la administradora si queréis el mod
4.-Respetar a los miembros
5.-Solo hay un canal NSFW y este solo está abierto para mods y admins pero el canal NO tiene esta temática
6.-Ser activo
We are a Bleach Brave Souls community. I own a stable A rank guild called “Squad 0” and we join Epic Raids/Awakened Epic Raids/Extreme Co-op/Inheritance Zone. I also post the latest BBS news in the server. Our server has bots for buying roles, gambling, mudae, and memes.
sup fam 😎

welcome to the 𝙗𝙧𝙤𝙨𝙠𝙞𝙨 (¬‿¬) <3

we’re a chill, funny, and all around wack server with 200+ members 😳 you can meet new people, have fun, and just be cool.

here’s what we got:
» dope age and gender roles (special roles for server boosters!)
» funny emojis
» non-toxic members
» chill and respectable staff
» partnerships
» cool ass bots (more to come!!)

we hope if you do join, you have an amazing time and make sure to have fun <33