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Ankh's Pyramid is a chill server meant for discussion of all topics! We're just beginning as a server, so do keep that in mind as you join! Mods are active if you'd like to make any suggestions or questions.
Guild made to link our Minecraft server and our forum together.

Join to enter general purpose forum where answers are asked and articles are written.

A good alternative to Quora or Reddit.
A place to come and just chit chat about homestuck!
A friendly community to come hang out and chill and talk about anything you're interested in. We pride ourselves on being a kind, caring, non-judgmental group of friends who will do everything to make sure you don't feel left out.

We feature:
- Self assignable roles
- Many channels to discuss any interests
- Friendly staff and members
- Leveling system to earn secret special roles

Interest channels include:
Movies & TV
and always adding more!

We are always adding more things and taking suggestions! Help grow our community and come to make new friends in a relaxed place where you can be yourself. We are small now, but please come give us a chance to grow. We accept kindness only.
[FR] Serveur français :) Discussions sur tout et rien, écrit et vocal, vous pourrez aussi trouver des gens avec qui jouer ;)
What makes us special from others? Not a lot tbh, however, we do have our own bot, "quality" emotes, our server is *fairly* accepting, since we have a connection to a fetish server, but don't let that scare you off, most of us are nice and probably won't bite. But no promises. You can share a bunch of stuff or meet some new people, I try my best to ignore no one. But like I said, we're not that much special from other servers. So, feel free to join or not, I'm not forcing you.
This is just a chill server. You can talk about anything on this server, just use the right channels for the right things and we'll get along just fine lol. We accept anime and memes so yeah. Do what you please.
A growing server, which with your help can grow more and more daily. We sport an advertising channel, self-assignable roles, and even our own custom bot. Mod applications will be open at 40 members, so invite your friends too!
We're a simple, growing community of pretty much everything you're into. The name pretty much explains itself. Join today.
Inside the roleplay, you step into a unique fantasy world jam packed with Mythical creatures and a mmo like leveling system, equipped with dozens of moves to choose from accompanied by your own.

Outside of roleplay we like to meme, chat, game with each other, talk about anything in the server or irl, but most importantly, be our selves. We are trying to make this server one big family, so please, join us and expand it.
Fun place for dating 13-18 we have memes and its a place to have fun and maybe meet a special person
We're a social discord based around anime, gaming, music, and much more.
Welcome to Hell. Anything can happen here. Do what you want, and beware the consequences.
OTF/GLO was originally a private server for my internet friends. I decided to turn it into a general lounge where people can just chill or talk about random stuff. Join at your own risk.
A server where we can talk about anything and have fun!
Welcome to Menagerie! This is a place where all people of all sorts can come and hang out, regardless of what you are! Who knows, if there are enough of you, you might get added to our list of Recognised Species!
I made this because it's 1 AM, I'm bored and diseased, in need of interaction. All people are welcome. Bring yourself, your memes, worries, art, musical suggestions, your joy and all that. Different channels for different things, some of us can even help you with your homework or at least cry about it with you.
We are a general discord server where you can find friends or talk to some of your best friends! We have roleplaying, monthly events and competitions (best memes, best dj, trivia, etc.) We are family friendly, but allow abbreviations or "*." We have advice and questions if you ever need it. We also have dares! Roasting/burns, movie nights, karaoke nights, conspiracy theories, advertising, partnerships, and SOOO much more! The fun doesnt stop here! Come join!
A general-purpose server with lax rules. You can do most things you want here, including make your own channels. Has multiple pokemon bots to play with. New users don't have access to much of anything so just wait for me to give you access, it shouldn't take long.
A Very Spooky Server!

We have..
An active community!
Freedom of speech!
A chat as well!
Voice channels!
An active owner!

Join now!!!
its a new server
fair owners
do as you want