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A general-purpose server with lax rules. You can do most things you want here, including make your own channels. Has multiple pokemon bots to play with. New users don't have access to much of anything so just wait for me to give you access, it shouldn't take long.
A multi roleplay server open to all but with general purpose too! Chat with others, post artwork and everything else. We hope you enjoy your stay in this friendly community, always open for suggestions of improvement since we are pretty new.
[FR] Serveur français :) Discussions sur tout et rien, écrit et vocal, vous pourrez aussi trouver des gens avec qui jouer ;)
We're a simple, growing community of pretty much everything you're into. Join today.

Anything Everything includes but not limited to:
Assignable chats (i.e Gaming, Tech, etc.) using -assign.
Gaming Lobbies, with 8, 16 and 32 limits.
Fun and interactive bots for all your needs.
Weekly recommendations of music, games and whatever else in Something of the Week.
Give posts 3 stars or more and it'll appear in the #starboard!
A friendly discord community dedicated to gaming, tech, memes, KPop, space and many more.
A server where we can talk about anything and have fun!
Just a friendly, general server. Come in and say hi! Help to build a community and share your experiences, especially if it is new and exciting!
Welcome to Menagerie! This is a place where all people of all sorts can come and hang out, regardless of what you are! Who knows, if there are enough of you, you might get added to our list of Recognised Species!
We're a social discord based around anime, gaming, music, and much more.
A fun small commuity for pokemoin here you can escape the chaos of bigger servers and just chill.
We have 20 Spawning channels.
We Offer:

:sparkles: Partnerships
:sparkles: Plently Of Voice Chats
:sparkles: Giveaways
:sparkles: Friendly Owner
:sparkles: Music
:sparkles: And More Join Today
Howdy Partner! Come on out to the Wild Wild West! We got the saloon, gunslingers, and a lot more! Come out and join us!
an extremely small discord server. just for fun & stuff
***Welcome to Virge!***
Virge is a lounge or hub where you can chat with your friends, battle pokemon and use bots. We are dedicated to promoting B4NE’s channels and Virge.
Calm mods and chill community where we talk about things, mostly football/soccer or FIFA but we talk about other things; sometimes involving music, other games, and life in general, join now to have a cool and amazing time in this great server!!
This is an ironic sh*tposting discord, it was originally an alt server for a small group of friends and we're looking to expand. So join if you want weird ironic humor lol. Very light rules, but make sure you read them
Hello! We are Muffins Pastry Shop and while we are just a general server for hanging out, we have a cute pastry theme! From original emojis to fun roles, we have it all, so come check us out for the sweets and stay for the love.
In this server, we pretty much just hang out and chill. We also play games sometimes!
We support those with personal and mental health issues and are able to provide 1 to 1 support for those who need it with our large support team.

We are also a general community with topics such as gaming, nsfw, art, anime, manga, computing, media, photography, science, maths and more!

Join sheepish

just a chill server to relax, talk to some people
and have a nice time

PCN is just an all-around server, that's open to suggestions at any time. We have people from all around the board, including Gaming, Anime, Television Shows, and whatever you bring aboard.
This is still a very small StarWars fan server. You can be active by leveling and by leveling you will rise in rank. Of course, updates are also regularly.
Just a gaming server, mostly focused around the MOBA, League of Legends. Join if you always get lag!