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Ever wanted to join the Penguin Mafia? Well it's your lucky day, because here's your chance. We're a community that does all kind of stuff. More you don't have to know.

We're open for partnerships.

- The Godfather
A free server where you can chill and make friends, no real rules besides use the correct chats for the correct data, but besides that, no restrictions.
a chill lounge with cursed images and occasional Papa John's promo codes
This is just a place for people to hangout without haveing to worry about censoring. The server isn’t very populated as of right now, but if you join and spread word of this server it could grow and be further shaped to everyone’s preference.

🚫NSFW Channel

💸There’s a game of life where you can compete to have the most money

🎶🎵We have two music bots to give the users a higher chance to play their song

💵💷Gambling channel to play various forms of poker

📺Contact me to see if you’re server is able to be advertised
A place for people to hangout and chill
A server for hanging out and having fun like its 1699.

Also, there will be ghosts.
We don't know what this is either. Do what you want, we dont care.
Better than Vegas, worse the Detroit, Eden is a living city full of opportunities! Pack your bags and bring a friend.
The city of Eden offers many points of attraction, like the lack-luster police force, plenty of space to do your own thing, and even things that you would never see anywhere else.
This server is where you can hangout and have fun, join my streams, play games with each other.
Zap is a server with very little rules, where anything goes. There is no limit to what you can say, do and have a view/opinion on. There is music, loads of bots, and no boundaries...
Welcome to Bubblegum Mafia! A Hangout Server that'll surely "Pop" into your Likings! (We're going to regret that Pun soon.)

What do we have?

Channels for discussing random Topics and even sharing emotional Issues to get help or even sharing Opinions about controversial Topics happening across the World.

Multiple Channels to share Art and Fandoms with other Members in this Server.

Groups of Administrators working together to keep the Server managed. Still looking for some Administrators as it is.

Please! Come on down and see what's there to offer. The Server is new and would like some new Members.
Hey, join Oasis, where all the fun is an illusion, unless you actually have fun, ecks dee -.- I'm Sada, and I'm the Owner of Oasis, just a place to chill. It is currently in Beta, so those who join will get Beta Tester Role, Thanks, and it is totally your decision to join, not mine, definitely join only if you want to, I'm definitely not forcing you. Welp thanks, join now, and bye~! P.S. JOIN NOW, and you will get the exclusive offer of me telling you to JOIN NOW. K thx bye.
When you should be in bed but you can't sleep. So then you look for disboard servers to join yet all of them are those annoying ones with a lot of rules and make you choose your own role and shit and in the end ignored. Yea this isn't that. This is a server that has a general and probably a few other channels I'll make. Teens only 13-17. Sorry college friends.
This is most likely the weirdest server you'll ever find. We gather a bunch of people, and then play ROBLOX or Minecraft on a schedule to hunt down Gamer Girls. That's not a joke. That's what this server is. Enough said, there's also nsfw. Enjoi.
This server is a mash-up of multiple server subjects. Hence the reason I couldn't think of a name for the server. [Insert Creative Server Name Here] serves as a meme server (memes spawning atleast once each 10 seconds), nerd server, nsfw server, anime server, music server, gaming server, and more. Just try not to get killed.
We are just a general server for all you’re needs. We try to keep things friendly here. So come stop by! Drinks on us ;)
A place where you and your friends can chat, play games, do whatever really. Our goal is to run a chill server for peeps to hang out and have a good time. Also we have pretty cool emojis that won't be found in any other server, just saying.
I just made this sever for fun you can do whatever you want too just dont do things that bother or annoy others
this is the server where you can do anything you want, feel free to join us. also we give free sandwiches on the way
shitpost, memes, general chat, philosophy, politics, debate rooms, voice chats chill out meet random people. play games active role ranking system. bots: mee6, slav bot, strodl bot. (looking for mods) LGBT+ friendly