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Hello, my name is Sisi. I am the owner of this new roleplay server, and I come to invite every and anybody to join! The community is fairly small at the moment, and we are very much hoping to expand on it! We have a non-focused roleplay section as well that gives everyone the opportunity to interact with everyone on the server by any means. Staff isn't a problem either, we are hiring friendly therapeutic and funny members to be on the team, but they must also take their job seriously. We have many cool bots to play with and are accepting any more that you think would be good to enhance the server. We take all ideas and evaluate them carefully.

Vendetta City is the overall general roleplay and the main theme of the server if you will. It is simple fun and serious immersive roleplay area, that focuses on heroes and villains. You can own your own Cartel by category or make your own Hero faction by category. You have an economic system to go by, and any item you want to request will be listed with a price and purchasable through a bot. You pretty much have a lot of freedom when it comes to roleplay. You can choose to be PTK or RTK depending on what you like the best. To see more, join and stay a while.


💖We offer a safe and fun friendly community💖
💖Unlimited amount of creativity💖
💖A large amount of server autonomy💖
💖Fun bots and games outside of the roleplaying theme💖
💖A safe environment to seek therapy and perhaps some quiet time💖
💖Lots of NSFW opportunities. Even obscure ones💖
Have you ever wanted to be the child of your favourite Marvel heroes and villains? Well aren’t you lucky!

Welcome to Marvel: New Generation!
Roleplay as a child of your favourite Marvel villain or hero - your heritage decides your future. Will you be locked away like the other villain children? Or will you attend Blue Moon academy with your fellow hero descendants? You decide!

What We offer:

✪ Friendly Staff that will gladly help you

✪ An ever expansive lore

✪ LGBT+ Friendly

✪ A chance to create your own character and make your own decisions to shape the story in your favor.

✪A fun eventful plot with player input.

✪ Choosing your own parent and their abilities

✪ If this interests you, please join us on this journey!
In Brandon City there are four gangs, each ruled over by a merciless leader. Here, the people are based off of popular brands it's perfectly normal.
Who will you join? The Car Gang: the hard packed street racers? Or maybe the Web Gang, who break into the world's most secretive websites? Perhaps the Drink Gang? They own the city's most money-making businesses. Maybe by chance you might find yourself in the underground city ran by the Food Gang, the most secretive and dangerous of them all.

- LGBTQ+ Friendly
- Don't join just to leave
DC: Reborn

This is a Semi-Literate, and realistic server built around DC Universe! Built around it's own stories, yet we still try to keep things as canon as we can, with some freedom of choice.


In this server, we strive to bring a fun, and friendly experience to those who wish to be a part of our growing community. We have a very friendly, and equally helpful Staff Team that keeps things running smooth.


We are always looking for people to fill our ranks, and be a part of something legendary in their own right! Below you find examples of what you will find here:

-Ability to claim Canon Characters, and join iconic factions.
-Freedom to create OCs .
-Many, many locations based on DC.
-Friendly, and helpful Staff Team.
-Mature, and chill community. Void of toxicity.


So if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the DC Universe, come on in and forge your legend! The Presence is watching.

***Birth of Powers***
The world is set in the near future, though recently in the newer generations super powers had started to pop up, even in older people. It seemed that the DNA of humans had forcefully evolved, though no-one knows and some people (the majority) don't have powers. With the pop up of powers the government has outlawed use, punishable by Jail time to even death. Though of course, when the law outlaws something their is a spike of people defying it. With that defiance the people there had either become vigilantes or even criminals.

***The Army***
The army has been scrambling to figure out a way to keep order with the rise of powers. Their productions are still in prototype, a power cancelling cuffs and weapons. Throughout the world rumors of a power cancelling bomb has been spreading. Though rather the truth behind that is somewhat unclear. The army is one of the biggest enemies of power users.

The vigilantes of this world are doing good, but at a cost of the army and law being against them. The public isn't sure what to think of them, some support them but the majority don't like them. One day there was no heroes at all but only criminals, then every person with a TV and a super power suddenly thought they were a person from a comic. Though because of their thought being that their powers make them invincible there have been many deaths. What you do as a vigilante will affect the public's view.

***The Mafia***
Welcome to Earth. It has a rich history of Heroes, Villains, and a plentiful amount of otherworldly beings such as even Aliens or Gods!

The world had come to the conclusion that Heroism was deemed illegal, humanity had became technologically advanced enough to deal with anyone who tried to become a Supervillain, until recently Supers and other beings started to resurface, almost recreating the past events that had allowed them to be accepted in society...

Make your own Hero or Villain, and leave your mark on this world...
In the beginning there was absolute darkness within this Realm of nothingness as something sparked in which the human beings in different civilizations was dragged across universes, their entire cities ripped apart and put into different places mashed all together in The Realm assimilating different cultures into one, which created a drastic upheaval. For someone tried to create a perfect utopia of a universe, whichever deity that did it managed to convey one thing utter chaos and much more. During the convergence 90% of the human beings ripped from their worlds now possessed abilities unlike other ordinary 10% normal average people who is normal, but the abnormals possessed the ability to create fire from their body or fly in the air this uneven realm gave rise to heroes and villains, yet chaos still around.

- Brand New Server inspired by Marvel, MHA, DC.

- Active Staff

- Good Community

- A place to enjoy themselves.

-Non-Toxic Community
Welcome to Delworth.
Its 2054, and heroes and villains have now become a normal part of society. Join the Age of Heroes, have fun, chat with us, and make some new friends!

We offer
- A safe place to hang out with a fun atmosphere and lots of joking around
- Lots of cool people to chill with
- Many channels to roleplay in
- So much more! Come check us out ^^
Hello Gotham City are you here for a life of crime or are you going to be a goody two shoes and stop criminals in this fair city? Then this is the server for you! Choose any of your favourite DC characters from the comics and even the tv show Gotham itself or even create your very own character the choice is yours! Have fun.
A Role-Play server that takes place at the great Gratewood High, an International school for students in the hero course(Other courses welcome). We also allow people to roleplay as Heroes, Hero-in-training, or as Villains!!! We also keep in mind it's the 21st Century and won't insult people on their gender, race, or sexuality, so don't be afraid to come by and roleplay with us! As they say at UA, Plus Ultra!
Hey all!
this is a server for roleplaying superheroes and supervillains in a small town called Peran, and a larger city called Rona. we have some NSFW but it is not the main staple of roleplay. please come join, even if just to pop in!

Welcome to the world of Farago!
This RP takes place in a world of heroes and villains, good versus evil!

Rona is a big city renowned for its lights, size, and most importantly, its heroes. Through the hustle and bustle of all cities, you'll find there is a lot to do here, including shops, restaurants, and arcades. The Millennium Headquarters is the centerpiece of Rona. Its hard to be bored here!

Peran is a small town outside of Rona. It's a sleepy town with big dreamers, has a little river running through it, and a train to Rona. Despite its looks, it was the home of many famous heroes when they were young.
In the year 1995, many people began showing signs of powers, some were not incredible, some were. It mainly begun in Japan, then spread to many other countries. The cause is still unknown.
It is now the year 2020, and two factions have arisen.

Do you like heroes? Do you like villains? Do you like... both? Then come join the League of Heroes! We offer...
-Friendly, active staff
-Well-balanced RP
-Plenty of opportunities for RP and sometimes even just a slice of life.
-Exciting, edge-of-your-seat events and action.
-And much more... join today!
The League of Villains! Here to cause trouble, havoc, and get rid of the FAKE HEROS! Come join and we'll see if you're worthy~
**Welcome to Heroes vs Villains**
Hi we’re a PG-13, Super Hero RP, Dice Rolling Server.

•We have Anti-Raid & Verification Bots

•Multiple Rooms for RP

•A friendly and welcoming staff

•You can play as a Hero, Villain, or a Vigilante

•We use the Mutants and Masterminds 3e System for some of our gameplay and rp mechanics.

•Our Lore and Setting is loosely based on the City of Heroes’ games.

•There is room to grow, this includes staff positions and adding lore to this server’s world.
Welcome To the City of Terry Williams! The Technological center of the U.S.A! We are a bright city looking to the future, we have the state of the art, schools, police, and university's. We pride ourselves for our low crime rate, and the heroes that protect this city! Welcome, to Terry Williams

-Friendly community
-Active owner/staff
-looking for staff
-Plenty of RP channels
-Destroying your local Mc Donald's
-Saving the cat in the tree

We are an Original Character super hero RP, looking to grow. We are brand new, and are pretty small, we have staff positions open right now. And we are looking to grow. We have original lore with characters in there to claim. Super hero team, and Super villain team.

We are a pretty friendly sort, and looking for more people to Join. We want quality RP, and focused on the story between everyone. I hope to see you all join in. Hopefully you give us a shot, and i promise to make it the best out there!
It was only twenty years ago when the ordinary world would be changed forever. It started off as one then four then they soon were all throughout the world but we are only talking about one town.

We are talking about the gifted, the strange, people with powers. The city we are talking about has the most gifted then any other city in the world some have found life with in the dark side while others walk in the path of the light

In this city has the one and only academy for the gifted and people from all around come to learn here. The Crimson Star Academy

Here those who are just discovering their powers will learn to control and use there abilities. Though as unfortunate as it is not all go to become heroes.

Now in the city there are many villain who run rampant in the city. Teams of heroes go out every night to foil there plans.
In this roleplay there will be two sections one for the city and one for the academy. If you leave the academy move your rp to the city section and vise versa

The rules are very simple:

1. Your character must have flaws and weakness to keep the roleplay fair,
2. No god modding
3. Must be Fair and reasonable in fights (hope I don’t need to explain
4. Every one must respect others
5. If your out of character do no be rude or hateful to others

If you are in the academy you must have at least 3 classes
In the year 3055, after the entire world has united as one, they searched to take over and fully explore the Antarctic as a final mission to make the world 100% explored and searched. At some point during the Antarctic mining operation an explosion happened causing a very thin black ash went through the world for over half a day. Several years later children with powers started to show up and soon it was decided that this needed to be regulated heavily. A squad called Hunters was formed to "hunt down" those with powers, however soon a deal was struck with some people with powers **"You hunt down your friends with powers, and you don't get executed"**. In the following years leading up to 3055 people have obtained rare and unique powers. This is where we start the story of Disutopia kyōkai starts!
〣 It's time for Villains to win the battle, rising up, with V.A-- Villain Academia. 〣

《 I am happy to introduce you to BNHA: Villain Academia! I felt the need for Villains to rise up, starting off with their own school. We are looking for-- 》

➢ Literate/Semi-Literate role-players!
➢ Possible Moderators/Submissions Reviewers!
➢ Fun people to hang around with OOC!

《 We have.. 》

➢ RP channels, discussing, requesting, and the actual RP!
➢ Writing and art channels!
➢ Many tasks, roles, and possible Heroes undercover!
➢ Venting channel!
➢ Music Bot for you to listen to music while you RP!

❝Remember, Heroes can't be Heroes without Villains..❞
We are a small server looking to grow! Our roles are based of villains and we are always active, Memes and chats are only one tap away. Have fun!
At one time in the world, the US Government was testing the ultimate nuclear war weapon...but everything went wrong. The bomb exploded and caused a global chaos. It gave everybody affected by it...superpowers. Will you use your powers for good and bring the evildoers to justice or will you use it for evil and destroy or rule everything. Or the third option.
This City of Heroes private server was created for friends to play together in a fun atmosphere.

Server Default XPrate 1.0

Server XPrate will come in waves!

Server XPrate 6.0 ends 26th!

Free-Character-Boost-Lv50 ONE Per Acc/IP ( include Influence + MaxSlots )

Obtain The Boost From The Discord Channel With Name Of The Character
In a not so near future. Heroes and villains began to become even more ordinary. After a while over 90 percent of the worlds population was either a super hero or a super villain. With all these heroes and villains would you be the one to stand out and be the one who will protect or destroy better then anyone? Let's find out shall we