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In the beginning there was absolute darkness within this Realm of nothingness as something sparked in which the human beings in different civilizations was dragged across universes, their entire cities ripped apart and put into different places mashed all together in The Realm assimilating different cultures into one, which created a drastic upheaval. For someone tried to create a perfect utopia of a universe, whichever deity that did it managed to convey one thing utter chaos and much more. During the convergence 90% of the human beings ripped from their worlds now possessed abilities unlike other ordinary 10% normal average people who is normal, but the abnormals possessed the ability to create fire from their body or fly in the air this uneven realm gave rise to heroes and villains, yet chaos still around.

- Brand New Server inspired by Marvel, MHA, DC.

- Active Staff

- Good Community

- A place to enjoy themselves.

-Non-Toxic Community
Hey all!
this is a server for roleplaying superheroes and supervillains in a small town called Peran, and a larger city called Rona. we have some NSFW but it is not the main staple of roleplay. please come join, even if just to pop in!

Welcome to the world of Farago!
This RP takes place in a world of heroes and villains, good versus evil!

Rona is a big city renowned for its lights, size, and most importantly, its heroes. Through the hustle and bustle of all cities, you'll find there is a lot to do here, including shops, restaurants, and arcades. The Millennium Headquarters is the centerpiece of Rona. Its hard to be bored here!

Peran is a small town outside of Rona. It's a sleepy town with big dreamers, has a little river running through it, and a train to Rona. Despite its looks, it was the home of many famous heroes when they were young.
Welcome to Delworth.
Its 2054, and heroes and villains are now a normal part of society. Join the Age of Heroes, have fun, chat with us, and make some new friends!

We offer
- A safe place to hang out with a fun atmosphere and lots of joking around
- Lots of cool people to chill with
- Many channels to roleplay in
- So much more! Come check us out ^^
Welcome Fellow Villians, Team Leader Archie here. Here you can join Teams! You can live out your fantasies of being a villain to those pesky trainers. You can steal Pokemon, battle, trade, etc. Although trainers can still battle you and you can still lose.

When you lose you will wake up in the Pokemon Center with your Pokemon fully healed although you will be broke only have around 5 potions.

Team Bosses are Moderators.
If you disrespect a Team Boss you will be immediately kicked from the server. Also. Team Boss battles take awhile to get to.

Professors are not moderators but they keep watch in case something is going down and warns the moderator. They also give the trainers their first Pokemon.

Trainers go on a journey and try to avoid the villain teams.

Elite Four and Gym leaders prepare to fight the trainers.

There are several characters available for each of these roles.

OCs are welcome just show me your bios.

Moderator spots are open.


1. Respect each other in this server. We're all human therefore treat each other like it. In RP no it's different treat each other however just no NSFW. Take smut to pm.

2. No spamming constantly. That will result in an automatic kick from the server.

3. Cursing, Blood, and gore is allowed.

4. The rules will be added as I go along.
This server takes place in a different timeline to that of that of the comics and to the MCU movies! We really hope you like this server and join it! We will be waiting for you!
**Welcome to Heroes vs Villains**
Hi we’re a PG-13, Super Hero RP, Dice Rolling Server.

•We have Anti-Raid & Verification Bots

•Multiple Rooms for RP

•A friendly and welcoming staff

•You can play as a Hero, Villain, or a Vigilante

•We use the Mutants and Masterminds 3e System for some of our gameplay and rp mechanics.

•Our Lore and Setting is loosely based on the City of Heroes’ games.

•There is room to grow, this includes staff positions and adding lore to this server’s world.
It has been years since the original Teen Titans retired. Now, with the city facing new perils, new heroes will have to rise in order to face the upcoming threats. Whether you're a Teen Titans, a villain, or merely a civilian... you will have a part to play in the destiny of your city.

What will be your choice? Which city will you call yours?

It's a new server, so we're hoping to expand with others who are just as fond of the fandom as we are! ^-^

You will be able to share your literature and art in personalized channels as well!
Welcome to Lost Morals!

This is a superhero v supervillain server. However, the emphasis is not on the heroes, but the villains.

Make any kind of character that you choose, hop into the roleplay and attempt to take over the city! Or whatever else you want to do, idk, do what you want with your life

Warning! This server does not allow full-blown erping, but can get risque. This is not a family friendly server! At least 13 years of age!
Ad : @everyone
Join Hero-Talk today! Here at Hero-Talk we talk about everything new in the comic book industry , movies, comics , news , a lot of stuff. We do SOME roleplays but the main focus is to have fun and talk to other superhero fans like you! Join today.
Years ago, four people got together to save humanity. A plague had broken out, causing people to die within a few days. They started to build a dome, hoping to keep the disease from entering. These four people, brought 50 unaffected citizens into the dome, and started a civilization. Years progressed, as the population started to grow. Some, even developed strange gifts. They have lived in peace for many generations now. What could go wrong?
This RP takes place in 2018.

Humans live alongside a race they know nothing of, Sylphs. Most Sylphs attempt to protect whilst others try to destroy.

Two main factions exist, the Kingdom of Hierstead (the "good guys") and the Stormers (the "bad guys"). The king of the Stormers, Raiden, is after more power that lies in a few Sylphs.

The Stormers will tear this world apart until they get the Westerly language. Until then? Battle awaits.

This is a server used for Hero role playing! If you like role playing, I suggest you join!

SilverLine BackStory:

3056, the year that everything went to hell. Children and their families were dying. War broke out. The survivors were granted a gift by the gods. A child that would save the world from destruction. After the war, the survivors would build a fortress to protect themselves from the acid. Once it was safe to go out, they all started to build a new city. A city that would balance the war. They named the city SilverLine. The city was highly successful. All of the survivors went down in history. Now, the current year is 4050. It is up to you, and your friends and family, to save this world. Go on, heroes!

What this server is:

Nice Staff
Role Play
Organized Channels
Creative OCs
Friendly Community

If you have time, please join!
Avengers Academy houses and hones the skills of Marvel Hero and Villain kids. We also provide a safe environment for students and make sure everything is in working order while we focus on each student's individual strengths and weaknesses in order to further enhance their capabilities. Students get a set schedule, and get to choose different electives. So what are you waiting for? Don't be shy to enroll!
As the Avengers neared the end of the Infinity War against Thanos, instead of them winning, Thanos had one last idea to reset the Marvel Universe and remaking everything, but by doing so he died as well. By snapping his fingers, he erased all of the Avengers and Villains from existence, but ended up creating new ones to take their place with similar powers, abilities, and mindsets. This has opened up new possibilities for the Avengers and Villains, with a flood of new powers and versions of old Marvel characters. Some of these characters retain the same last names and abilities as the old Avengers and Villains, but they bring new powers to the fight of the Heroes vs Villains. The new counterparts of the old heroes are younger than before, so the Avengers haven't been established yet.
A place where every hero is always welcome! Come here to be yourself and meet new people!
Welcome to Stranger Mutants! We're a group of OCs with superhuman abilities who frequently team up to defeat evil or cause it.

Fair and unique Superhero/villain server with multiple daily users and constant updates
A server for roleplaying about characters from the DC Universe. You can any superhero and/or supervillain that you desire. You'll have a good time when you join.
This server is a Marvel AU (We also allow DC Canons and OCs) in which you can make an OC, or claim a canon character! We allow heroes from Daredevil, to Iron Man, villains from some random thug, to Doc Doom. Also, we have a memes channel!
The Raft was once a high security prison for all the supervillans, but in this universe, the villains have claimed it as their own, and it’s now their home, and pretty much a fortress. Hero characters are welcomed too, but the more villains running rampant in NYC, the better. This is a semi-lit rp group, fyi, but come along, I’m sure it’s gonna be great!
Tired of always rooting for the heroes? Problem solved! Come join your fellow Villains and plan destruction!
Hello fellow DC fans! I'm sure you've all had loads of fun with this fandom and its amazing characters, which I have had as well! But sometimes I wonder, why don't we have a way to RP these events as well? Well now there is! Introducing DC: New Dawn! It's a server that has been recently set up, with a helpful staff, great roleplayers, and a world just waiting to be built! So what are you waiting for? Join us now!
Here are some of the fun perks of DC: New Dawn!

★ Active and friendly Staff
★ Amazing community!
★ Chance to make friends with amazing roleplayers!
★ A vast DC universe
★ Major Serverwide Events
★ Minor Events for specific characters

So what are you waiting for? Join DC: New Dawn, and help discover and create a whole new world of fun!
(Canon or oc)

Hi this is a new server come make your favorite character from the dc universe from superman to wonder woman to doomsday or even darkseid.

Created on August 18th
What I have to offer
Plenty of roles
Job as admin or mod
Good plot line
None of the b.s that is in the bigger servers where your lost and no one helps
No dice roll
Friendly owner and co owner
Over 30 roleplay channels from Gotham to Central city even up in the watch tower.

We are a oc and canon server
Come be the ultimate villain or one of the strong heroes