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Update 4/18/2019: We're currently not accepting any more original characters until the rest of the Main Trios are filled. We will open up slots of original characters again as soon as those canon roles are taken!

Kingdom Hearts: Time/Line is a long-term literate roleplay server following an original plotline that serves as a sequel to Kingdom Hearts III.

The guardians of light have succeeded in their battle against Xehanort, ending the threat of Kingdom Hearts and the x-Blade. However, darkness continues to plague the world, and new villains rise to challenge the Light yet again.

Assume the roles of familiar Kingdom Hearts heroes and villains, or take up the Keyblade as an original character. Then, adventure on to solve the mystery of Sora’s disappearance; on this quest everyone plays a vital role, even characters from Disney and Final Fantasy both familiar and new!
Hey everyone! Welcome to our server page! This server strifes to be free of drama, ship friendly, LGBTQ+ friendly and we would love if you join to talk about Kingdom Hearts, final fantasy, other games and other fandoms!

You can share your favorite art, cosplay, fanfic, videos etc. or your own creative content!

Pros for joining:
- lots of bots to have fun with
- RP Channels!
- KH3 spoiler channel
- chat about other things (anime, other games, TV shows etc.)
- NSFW categories for older fans
- Share theories in theory channels
- friendly ship and let ship community
- tons of different ship channels (or suggest one!)
- no drama, no antis!
- open to all ages!
- (future) intern events (such as gift exchanges)

Currently in progress:
- a daily prompts channel for your own prompt suggestions
- custom bots
- level up roles
- more reaction roles

(DISCLAIMER: do not invite “Lord and Daddy Satan” or they will be banned)
Realm of Dawn is a fun interactive Kingdom Hearts roleplaying server! Canon Characters or OCs available, but applications are required. Any type of RP allowed except ERP.

The world is full of locks, both physical and metaphorical. emotional baggage, regret, loss and grief. these things tear the human soul asunder, leaving us as heartless and nobodies. however, there are many, MANY people who have found the key's to these locks. life may seem dark and gloomy, but when we band together and support each other, we find that have forged a Kingdom of Hearts, far stronger than the darkness we once feared.

Become a defender of this kingdom of joy, or tear it down as a nobody. the choice is up to you to decide the fate of the world, so get out there and pick a side!
Kingdom Hearts Academy was founded after the Keyblade War. After the appearance of the χ-blade it was determined that the fighting had to stop and a organization had to be formed to train young people and prevent anything like the Keyblade War to ever happen again. Thereafter an Academy was formed at Twilight Town under the watchful eye of Master Yen Sid. Teens now enroll in the Academy from multiple worlds to hone their skills in combat against the Heartless and Nobodies that have steadily increased their activity. An unknown entity has been gaining traction with the darkness and looking to spread it to every world. The entity hopes to lure those who believe in the power of darkness to convert from the light with a hidden goal of creating enough death that the χ-blade will once again come to existence.

《➣ Semi-literate, Literate server.
《➣ Custom storyline taking place after the Keyblade War.
《➣ Random Encounters during play.
《➣ Fight to get stronger.
Lookin for a small, ship-positive place to yell about Kingdom Hearts? Or do you have lots of feels about KH3 you need to get out there?
This might just be the server for you!
Welcome to Scala ad Caelum, This is a Kingdom Hearts server were you can just chill and meet people with your same interest in this beloved franchise!

We have a RP with a Custom Combat System made as similar as possible to the KH’s Saga Combat System!

Please give it a chance and join the server! Thanks for reading and see ya soon!
Welcome to the Official Kingdom Hearts RP Discord!

This is a community hub for fans of Kingdom Hearts who enjoy roleplaying. Join us and assume the role of your favorite or original characters. Romance, adventure, mystery and humor — the possibilities are endless!

You can also register an OC in the directory for others to see!
a general kingdom hearts fan discord for all things kh. for discussion, headcanons, aus, fanfic, fanart, manga, gameplay, and pretty much anything else you can think of! open to all. multiple pairings and some (restricted access) nsfw.
We are a 100+ member discord that celebrates all thing Kingdom Hearts! We have dedicated categories for all art, radio, pictures, chats, and the Union Cross App! We also are starting to host contests, Secret Santas, and Movie Nights!

So come on in! Make new friends! Love the games!
Brand new Kingdom Hearts RP server, and accepting staff as well who are willing to support this! Canon claims are available and you have a chance to create OCs here as well to explore the worlds that you love the most!