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Weeb Kingdom
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Weeb Kingdom

⬥ Active staff!
⬥ Active chat!
⬥ Active VC!
⬥ Friendly and kind community!
⬥ Custom bot with leveling, currency and shop!
⬥ Lots of fun events!
⬥ Same day anime simulcasts! (Watch episodes the day they air as a community!)
⬥ Dozens of self-assignable roles!
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Coles quarter price broccoli Coles quarter price broccoli
Its the complete opposite of what i thought and thats a good thing
this is a place where we eventually talk about complete bullshit but its a good place to be and is a positive place with alot of people having weird nicknames like, swipe left to raise taxes, Russias biggest love machine,ZHlzdG9waWM= | base64 and many more. also this review was made with alot of my bullshit compressed into a small happy cube of bullshit
Juu Juu
Love it!
Absolutely love it, despite the fact there are some things that can't be helped, it's overall a wonderful server with great members, interactive staff and member friendly.
The Phantom Fox The Phantom Fox
The one and only, WEEB KINGDOM!!
Relaxing, chill, a great place to have friends, cool and awesome people, mental, a flexible server, a vast community, "Weebs Unknown Playground", cool beans, Jacob Friday... uwu
|benthekul| |benthekul|
Great server that is chill and doesn't have pings every 5 seconds that plug themselves. Great community with no trolls or people you could hate really. Owner is very nice as well. Will always have a great time there.