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Iron Guard is a dynamic World War II roleplaying server. Even though it is historical, the community decides the outcome of every battle. This means exactly what it sounds like, Germany could come out on top, Poland could come out on top, China could come out on top. Anything is possible with a large enough community. That is why I ask you to join Iron Guard so that as a community together, we could create an alternate history universe that you, yourself, decide.

What do we offer?
- Friendly and Active Staff
- Available weaponry and vehicles
- Multiple channels to roleplay and combat in

What do we need?
- More active members
The Pacific Theater is a Roleplay server that is set in 1944 and the war between Japan and America. The Americans are currently trying to push into the Japanese Islands.

We are a growing server with potential. Most World War 2 servers are Europe based servers, this is a Pacific based server. We have friendly staff. We are also a chill server, literate and semi literate. We do not accept one-liners

What does the Server Have?

- Active members
- Friendly Members
- Friendly Staff
- Available vehicles, aircraft, and weapons list
- Members who know their stuff about World War 2
What do we need?

- We need active members
On 1-6-1942, Multiple Japanese plane flew through the last gap near Nome, where Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces (or JSNLF) landed across the peninsula. Arctic Defense Divisions were deployed to secure the Nome, Alaska. Japanese Controlled Territories include Akatland, Moroton, and multiple other villages. Strategic Points include Sinrock River (Contested), Hill 2642 (Japanese Control), and Port Clarence (Japanese Control). Casualties are estimated at 4,000 Japanese, 7,000 Americans (Most of which were during the initial drop). Public told that any battle sounds heard are training exercises.
New fresh sever loking to have some fun together an rp
The war in Europe began in October 1945 (the war started late) when Germany, under Chancellor Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland. Britain and France responded by declaring war on Germany but took little action over the following months. Now, hundreds of countries are involved, and it is now 1948, D-Day.

Thousands of boats and ships were all going towards Normandy. The Americans will storm Utah and Omaha, British Sword and Gold, while Canadians focused on Juno but helped with others. However, miscommunication caused troops from all Allied countries to land in every beach, so Americans, Brits and Canadians stormed it side-by-side (this is just for roleplay convenience.)
This is NOT a Nation RP, In this server you Make a Character to Either Fight for the liberation of France by Resistance/Paratrooper or suppress them by the German War machine, we are not too strict on history except obvious things like equipment and vehicles etc.
1944. The 5th year of the Second World War. The war has been raging on for 5 years, and another age of hell for the brave troops in the frontlines has just sparked. The Axis had just suffered a few backdrops after being nearly invincible, but the Allies are planning on their next move to change the tide of the war. The war was uncertain. It was left on their hands. Both sides are struggling to make moves on each other. Now, the soldiers must do their best, to each on their own, to preserve their nation and hopefully, end the destructive conflict, once and for all.


● We are a new fun growing community, wishing to relive back the authentic experience of the Second World War through role-playing.
● We are also an open haven for history enthusiasts and buffs out there, to lay down and discuss about the war, and perhaps other things, in this relatively new community.
● Be advised that historical symbols (that may be controversial to others) will be used, such as the Swastika, or the Hammer and Sickle. There will also be references to historical groups and people.
" War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. " - George Orwell

This is an RP server, covering various historical wars, although mostly focusing on the Second World War era.

We are a newly made community, looking for some good people to RP with. This description will be updated, soon.
in Defense of the Rhine, you enter the lives of a soldier either attacking or defending the Rhine in 1945. this game is not locked in by the constraints of history, and the player's actions have a say in the ultimate ending of WW2. play as a tank commander, Platoon Leader, Volkssturm, SAS, or other fun ranks as you fight it out in the Reich's last stand!
A server for WW2 RPing have fun going through from 1935 to 1950
Hey.. Welcome to the France, aka hell on Earth right now in 1943. A cold December in Paris.. How fun. You get to play as an axis, ally, and or a person in the french resistance. We have different events like d-day, dunkirk, and operation torch, or just whatever. It's a great server with excellent staff that will care to your needs. See you on the battle-field soldier.
The Pacific War RP is an RP going from September 1941 onwards. You can be a US Marine, a US Militaryman, a Navy Service man, you get the jist. Come on down and get to RPing!

The Afrika Korps was the German expeditionary force in Africa during the North African Campaign of World War II. First sent as a holding force to shore up the Italian defense of their African colonies, the formation fought on in Africa, under various appellations, from March 1941 until its surrender in May 1943. The unit's best known commander was Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.
Hey. We are a server dedicated to roleplaying the Second World War. It will not begin until we have ten members. Also, it has an alternative history twist and the ending will not be revealed, making it more mysterious. The timeline diverts after France, Belgium et cetera are conquered. Who will you choose to be in this alternate, horrible reality?
This is a WW2 RP server. Join and pick a nation to play and we will guide you through the rest.
this is a strategy server and we will do multiple wars scenarios ect. we need more people so please join. If no one is on when you join, check in later and see if we are online.

Welcome to Earth in 1939. On your right, you'll see the Reich Invading Poland. On your left, you'll see The US look on and shipping equipment to the UK. Hell unfolded on September 1st, 1939. You could be a Soldier of the Reich, a Polish Calvaryman, a French Tanker, a British Seaman, or a Soviet Civilian.