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After a short period of pause, this server is back up and running. This current iteration begins in the year 1980, during the Cold War. Players here will pick a nation and then get to do what they want(within realistic and legitimate abilities) with their nation. You will control the fate of your country, so choose your path wisely.

You can go to war with your enemies, use political intrigue to outmaneuver your rivals, take control of the economy and more! Take on the might of the United States or Soviet Union. Hell, you can pick one of the super powers to side with in order to weaken the other. It all depends on how you want to play.

-No, this is not a custom nations game.
-Wide variety of possibilities and nations available.
Ever wonder what it would be like if the US single handedly took on Russia and China, along with North Korea? Well in this WW3 RP it is all possible! We have just opened so membership is low as you can probably see, but that doesn't mean we are not active. We are all experienced RP'ers and we would love it if you joined our server! Hope to see you!

🔥 An Extensive amount of channels!

🔥 Detailed faction information, and in-depth terminology for those who are not good with military terms!

🔥 This RP is set to change, with more channels, so nothing is set in stone, as the tides of this war are always changing.

🔥 We have friendly staff, and many bots to server your needs!!

🔥 We use dice roles, but for deciding the outcome of large scale battles, pvp is to your best judgement.
A world divided.

The year is 2020. Seven asteroids have fallen to Earth, seven shooting stars. These are not any ordinary asteroids, for they hold powers from beyond the stars. Seemingly at random, people have started getting strange powers- Superhero powers- dangerous powers. In the wrong hands and with the right influence, these powers could overthrow the government.
Come, enter the world of Fallen Stars: E7er Lasting, discover the power within you and remember:
Not everyone is who they seem.
We are a friendly roleplay server, looking for new members to join and roleplay with us!
Welcome to Witherstone, a beautiful Kingdom full of secrets and a dark stories. The kingdom starting with three sons, one turned greedy and two mysterious murders. But, now we wouldn't want to much getting out... join the village and see for yourself, the wonderful and mysterious kingdom that lay ahead.
Welcome! Do you want to live in isolation, dictatorship and misery? Do you want to serve in army where brainwashing is common thing? Do you want to live in country where children want to die for their state? Do you want live there? You can try typical life of ordinary people on this server!
This is a server about making or playing your own country. Small server so far.
We have a global map, so you don't have to be stuck in one continent. This is set during the start of the colonial era (in this fictional rp)
Strion 106: a faraway planet that is inhabited with all sorts of thought to-be mythical creatures and new, strange wonders. A world full of an element unknown to mankind when they had first arrived: Aspect.
This strange ‘magic’, as some would call it, filled the world and brought it to life in ways mankind never knew how.

Earth was lost when humankind began to move over onto Strion. An asteroid smashed it to smithereens, ending its billion-year life and the people there. It took decades for the last few remaining on Strion to repopulate once again.
Things on Strion are very different now. Everything has changed - almost all things on Earth have vanished now. Many things were carried over to Strion, but much was lost.

Now, a school - Pine Valley Haven - has opened up for many spectors (Aspect users). A safe haven for all spectors after one too many people - whether they be human or dragon - took advantage of Aspect and used it for their own selfish, greedy purposes.
Then again, not even the school can stop a creature from taking advantage.

The safest place for spectors on Strion, people would say. But after a threat is given to the school, this changes everything.
Welcome to my roleplay server.
It's a server where you can roleplay as anyonr that you want, make new friends, and have fun.
More info is in the server
Come Join the Soul Realm! We offer you a community and a place for you to roleplay! Build your legacy within the borderline of sane and insanity!
We offer the following!
- A welcoming community! (Don't be toxic!)
- LGBT+ Don't be afraid to express yourself!
- Continuous Storyline! Build your own Legacy!
- Fun/Active Events! And Story Arcs!
- Solid Ranking system!
- And more!
Now! I'd like to welcome you to the world of The Soul Realm! Reborn from the ashes of one man! As a great and heroic man once said, "The more you read, the better you're going to become as a storyteller." - Stan Lee

Become the realm's protector! Or.. become the realm's deadliest threat.. Now create your path, Save? Or Destroy?
Éire is a alternate history version of Ireland with a completely different government. There is a King, PM, and a Parliament. You can create a political party and rise to power and much more. If you’re interested please visit our server and check it out.
It's a fictional world in 1936. Take control of a country and guide it through these dark times