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Countryhumans rp server!
We welcome every member, and hope you like our small but loving community so ch countryhumans some your country and if you want your country for oc


Official Server
Chat rp all channel fun good luck join to countryhumans

—Art (Artisl / Aketch)

I know rule update and pls join my discord server

━・❪ ❁ ❫ ❜ [ Rule ] ❛❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━
-- Countryhumans Roleplayimg --

☆Hello @everyone what's up please read ⬇️☆
       --- 《📋 R U L E》 ---
my server if anyone breaks the rules

(Roleplaying - Channel < Countryhumans and more) "rp - roleplay" use other channel "RP" ⬇️

#🌎┊north-america-ℝℙ , and more.

◇ --- [STRIKE] --- ◇

1) No SPAM or can use is #♾┊spam-channel.

2) Use proper grammar and spelling and don't spam.

3) No use bot commanda some with #🏠┊main-chat and other channel if you want can use ##🤖┊bot-command and "bot" other channel.

4) No hacker or you get BANNED 1 day.

5) No destroyer or you get BANNED 5 days.

6) No spamming only or that can use is #♾┊spam-channel.

7) No "@ username" ping only ( @ everyone / @ here ) i think this roles can uss if other owners "MODERATORS" or if you don't have "MODERATORS" BANNED 24 hr.

8) No nsfw ||porn|| with all channels and i think can putitng hidden nsfw channel and use ``found channel``can that "nsfw channel"

9) No invite with channels or do can use to #★┊server-link and #📢┊advertising.

10) Don't uss N Word or Ban.

11) Don't spam invite lmao and one only.

12) Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or hardware results in an immediate and permanent ban
mentioning @everyone, the Moderators or a specific person without proper reason is prohibited.

13) Other langugaes use all channel #🇪🇸》spanish-general amd more.

14) new template now. (CH Countryumans) please read that channel is #☆┆ch-template can copy message use btw you can think #☆┆ch-submission so i read coreect give u <@&638369007858221096> .

15) Having fun enjoy.

___Update Version for 📋 Rule.___
By TheWolf RinFox

Version 1.1.0 / Version English ( Update version )
```Thank you for read rule```
Greetings from the CountryHumans RP staff team!

Today we would like to introduce you to our server, 🌹 CH RP 🌹, a fast growing server with active and friendly people. We offer you a place to roleplay, chat and make new friends. The staff team is always read to help if you have any questions!

So, why not join?
This little community is based on role play, with the freedom of your choice of role play, whether it be NSFW, funny, dramatic; we love it.

Register a character, and you’re in! We are an accepting and open-minded community with a staff that is there to make sure that you don’t shed a tear.

Of course, this server is massively centred around the countryhumans fandom, and if you don’t know what it is, I suggest you look into detail as to what it is before joining.

The role play is based around the nation of Asharia, in which you will live, if you become one of her citizens. You may become a child, adult, soldier, doctor and anything that makes the role play seem full and lively!

We are undergoing a period of inactivity, so keep your standards down.

If you have any question, feel free to ask!

And by the way, feel free to stay here more than three seconds, thanks.
Welcome to the Discord Server for the Countryballs/Countryhuman fandom!
Here, we strive to make sure everyone gets to experience the best side of the fandom, and we love seeing new members join!
We want to make sure you have the best time you can have here, and as many friends you can gain! Our staff are always available if you need help or if you want to suggest an update you'd like to see, since our server is constantly adding new content! What exactly do we do?
- Host a variety of RP rooms for members to get to know each other.
- Host community events to bring all of our countryball/human fans together.
- Have rooms dedicated to the talented artists of the fandom.
- Have rooms dedicated to share musical taste with others.
- Have rooms dedicated to laughing and sharing jokes.
- Make sure everybody gets the country they desire.
- Take care of the community we are building.
Our staff also welcome every new member individually, making sure everyone is welcomed respectfully and helping them get the feel of our server!
Want to check us out? Just press join! We'll see you soon!
-Staff team and Owner
Welcome to the all ships server, Where Every kind of Ships happens. Show, Cartoon ANYTHING!. You can also rp as your OC We don't mind! ^^ (Also some people can be alittle NSFW-) So if u like to have any ships join the server!

Welcome to the server
In this server you may need to follow some rules:

1. Dont be a toxic, just please :weary:
If you’re some kind of toxic person or a snowflake, well than, i will suggest you to LEAVE THE SERVER

2.No disrespecting the staffs and members(That will be a warn) :see_no_evil:
Hey, it’s never fun to be make fun of right? But joking around is fine. Continuous harassment must be punished

3. We support all ships! :handshake:
U can Ship With Ocs/Or characters
Mhm ture-

4. No spamming :thinking:
Can you stop spamming? It’s annoying. Unless its a spam channel

5.only Self promote at #self-promote (If not at self promo that will be a warn) :angry:
no one wants Spammed links in general

6.No Nsfw In non Nsfw channels :eyes:
There maybe people hating NSFW-

7.Only Post Art In Art Channels :art:
Cause no one wants art in others channels than art-

we will think of more rules, if it is necessary

The Roleplay Rules
In the roleplays you need to follow some rules.

1. No killing or suicide :knife:
If you do, it would leave a warn

2. Do not destroy the places in the roleplay! :imp:
It would never be fun you know.
It might leave a warn, if the situation is very serious, can leave a kick!

3. Do not be too overpowered :crossed_swords:
*hey, don’t be overpowered, it’s no fun and sometimes not right

4. Do not ruin the roleplay :mag_right:
Well, it’s no fun either, so please don’t

5. Please take roleplays seriously! :zzz:
Memeing around in rp around allowed but if there is serious rping going on, please dont ruined it

And Have FUN!
Hello all! looking for a community to sin rp in? to just be yourself? and to have your own country? well welcome to this server!

In order to join, note you have to be okay with nsfw and you need to be 16+
Hello and welcome! I am the owner of CountryHuman central, and I would like to invite new people to my server to chat, make friends, "spill the tea", and have tonnes of fun! So please stop by, and stay for a while, if you'd like.
- A large and diverse roleplay area!
- Monthly roleplay events!
- Server-wide mini events!
A new CH RP server!
Literally made today lmao
we got:
1. RP areas
2. Bots
3. Nice people

yeah this is new so not so many things to offer
Welcome to Countryhumans Roleplay!
In this server you can hangout or rp with friends!

- supportive friends

- 130+ members

- quality bots to use

- quality emojis to use

- active and helpful staffs

- extroverted community

- partner shipping other servers

- LGBT friendly

Come and meet us, we always love new members! (っ・ω・)っ
Hello there! We are a new server wanting to gain members to have more fun as we chat or role-play together. We role-play as countryhumans, or countries characterized as humans, and we would love for you to come and check it out!
A small but growing countryhumans server!

We have welcoming staff, bots, a huge rp area and events!

Come and take a look, and see if you wanna stick around!
Welcome to the House!

Here we allow you to roleplay as the more popular Humanized fandoms, such as CountryHumans/StateHumans, PlanetHumans, GameHumans, App/MediaHumans, and LogoHumans! You can either claim a character to roleplay as or make your own unique one to personalize as you wish! This is an LGBT+ safe community and all characters that may fit under that category will be accepted as well!

We have a friendly and active staff who will be ready to help and answer any questions you have, and the server is up for suggestions as well!
Hi there I see you are reading the description of CountryHumans Fandom RP sever! This sever is based on the fandom CountryHumans!

This sever includes

☾┆No NSFW (swearing is aloud tho)
☾┆CountryHumans! (Of course)
☾┆Fun activities to do with bots
☾┆And a lot more fun stuff!

Hope to you some of you countryhuman fans in this sever! Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a great day!
— From the Owner
»———————— ♡ ————————«
hello, im finally deciding to make my server
public to discord, so this is a roleplay/chat server
for countryhumans. everyone in the server are
basically friends, and im sure we can accept you
into our group if you want. anyways, here's the
stuff we have to offer;
-a bunch of channels
-fun people
-duplicate roles (we have 2+ of the same country)
-holiday events
-8 different bots
-personalised roles
-usually active members
-nsfw channels
so yeah, come and head to the server, no
pressure though. we're looking forward to new
people here.
»———————— ♡ ————————«
Hello there, I see you're eyeing the description, well since you're here might as well tell you what's going on. So this is a new friendly CountryHuman roleplaying community, here you can chat, Rp, share your talent and many more. I hope you enjoy your stay here in CountryHuman Chill&RP
Se você gosta de CountryHumans e fala português, seja brasileiro ou não, aqui é o seu lugar. Nós temos memes, artes, artistas, roleplay e muito mais! Apenas entre, escolha seu país, faça sua ficha, espere e você pode acessar tudo que o server oferece. Bom, se você gostou entre e se divirta! Aqui, no server CountryHumans Brasil você não fica entediado, pois se ninguém estiver conversando com você, você pode ir no chat de áudio "Música" e dar play em sua música preferida!
Se você se interessou, entre no server e se divirta! Nós temos Nutella OuO)d

Caso você já queira saber como vai ser sua ficha, aqui está o modelo básico de ficha:

País que você quer ser:
Por que você entrou aqui:

Se você quiser adicionar mais coisas, tudo bem ^^ Nós não iremos te julgar... Pelo menos não por isso

Bom, se você decidiu que irá entrar... Eu espero que você goste do server^^
-- Hey there! We are (yet again, another) Countryhumans RP server! --

Here's some things that we have to offer:
- Self-assignable roles! 📛
- A variety of channels, both NSFW and SFW! 📄
- LGBTQ+ Friendly! 🏳️‍🌈
- Optional spectator role!
- Don't like roleplaying or chatting? We have bots! Many bots too choose from, and if you don't like any of those, feel free to leave suggestions! 🤖

We are a very small server currently (created in 11/26/2019), and we appreciate every member! Come and join us!

Welcome to The Soviet Union!
This server is a normal chatting server as well as a countryhuman RPING server
or just a RP server

(-Some Normal Information-)

Server Created: 11/17/2019
Made by: Snazzy and Winter
We are a community of Countryhuman fans!
All are welcome, we love newcomers!
Countryhumans Coast is a open roleplay server dedicated just to the roleplay of Countryhumans, but we have lots to do as well!
Including lots of fun bots, OC roleplay and a Fun community!
Come try us out!
Hey there! 🎉

We're a new server, searching for great and active members! 😎
We tolerate everyone. 😌
We let doing erps here. ⚠️
Feel free to join! 🎉
We have welcoming people here! 🤭
The year is 1943. Reich’s forces have been dying out, and he is trying his best to fight against the allies. Times are getting harder for all of the countries affected by this horrible calamity. Starvation is getting increasingly common, and no one wants to keep the war going. Reich has narrowly evaded the Allied Forces on multiple occasions, somehow always getting out of these situations unscathed. But the Allies are closing in. Reich has a limited time left on this god forsaken planet before he meets his eventual demise.