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After an anomalous event unfolded and a global meltdown ensued, the world was left in ruin. For years, survivors struggled with one another to rebuild society as they knew it, toiling in turf wars and reconstructing cities from the urban corpses left behind. Now, a new era has given way to an endless amount of opportunities.

Will you wander the cruel wastelands or pledge your allegiance to a faction? Maybe you'll prevail and lead your own faction into glorious victory? Possibly even uncover the secrets behind the anomaly that created the world as you know it? All of it comes unto you, the player.

Our server offers:
❯ A 16+ environment.
❯ Quality paragraph/multi-paragraph roleplay.
❯ An open-world experience including expansive lore and several distinct settings.
❯ The ability to create your own factions and participate in the growth of the roleplay.
❯ Mysteries for you to discover!
❯ A welcoming community!

This server is fairly new and in need of experienced staff willing to invest themselves in the creation and further development of the server.
Join Borderlands 3 Discord.

The first Borderlands 3 server in Discord.
We are enthusiastic players and share this Discord game server with you.
Tell us your platform and your favorite character to join us.
Note our server rules and let's play, have fun together.

Supported Games:
Borderlands (all editions)
The Quantum Nexus, a small dimension in the midst of many; represented solely by a singular, small world, though the realm is still relatively new; exists as a crossover dimension intertwining many different universes. You can expect elements of any genre, be it Fantasy or Sci-Fi or anything in between, to be found somewhere, if you just know where to look, in a world with no such imaginative limitations.

That being said, this server offers many social possibilities, not just in roleplay. To be clear, roleplay is NOT the main focus of this server, but rather the opportunity to socialize in any of several ways, such as, of course, roleplay. However, there's significantly more to it than that.

Options include, but are not limited to:
-Server Crossovers
-Custom-Color Event Roles
-NSFW (Channel exclusive)
-Custom Channels
-Bot Interaction (Such as Nadeko, Tatsumaki, and Rhythm)
-Voice/Music Chat
-Social Events (May be requested)
-Social Roles
-Tutoring and Commissions (Optional)
-Open to Server Partnership (See owner for details)
-Open to suggestions!

No matter what social premise you have in mind, chances are, this server may very well have it. People can be here from a variety of time zones, but please note that activity has a tendency to follow the US Central timezone. And don't worry, we also come with an anti-discrimination policy ;)

Also! We've had our first anniversary a while back, on June 27th!
This is a server majority for roleplaying purposes, you can submit yourself to be a DM or play one of our campaigns (so far we only have one but you're welcome to come by and make your own!). We are very open in terms of rules and gameplay so comeby to say hi ! ^^
Yamataki University, a prestigious college in which students are given sex slaves to reduce academic stress. Live out your wildest fantasies without holding back.


🛑We will not accept request at 3 am. Thank you.

🛑All roleplaying will take place in our discord server, the mrpg campaign is simply for advertising. 🛑

⚠️Anyone who doesn't show up in the discord will be removed after two days. ⚠️

Our roles include:

- Student *pretty self explanatory

- Slave *bound to their student masters

- Teacher *teaches at the school

- Nurse *works in hospital or the school

- Janitor *cleans the school, and the slave rooms

- Secretary *works in any or all businesses that require a secretary

- Cafeteria Worker *works in the school cafeteria

- Police Officer *works at the police station, enforces server rules

- Chef * works in any or all restaurants

- Waiter / Waitress *works in any or all restaurants

- Maid / Butler *works in the hotel

- Slave Keeper *manages the graduated slaves, works in the slave house

- Orphan Keeper *manages the orphanage

- Neko *works at the neko cafe

- Shop Owner *manages any or all shops

-Theme Park Employee *works in the theme park

- Doctor *works in the hospitals

-Vet *works in the adoption center

-Theater Employee *works in movie theater

-Night Watch *watches over the server late at night

-Counselor *Manages vent channels

-Fire Fighter *Works in the fire station

-Bank Teller *Works in the bank

-Bouncer *Works in the Nightingale

-Club Owner *Works and owns any or all clubs

-Child *Can be adopted or birthed

-Priest *Works the wedding chapel

-Stripper *Works at clubs

-DJ *Works at clubs

⚔In order to be accepted, you must have a discord, you need to write your name, and role, and you must have experience with roleplaying. All members must be 18 or up. Inhuman characters are welcome! Furries, lgbt, etc. are welcome! We don't discriminate ^_^⚔

We're attempting to build the server to hold enough people to run a school. a town, and a neighborhood, invite your horny friends!

You may have multiple characters, and participation in the server will not be counted. You are free to use this as much as you choose to, and will not be kicked if you are not as active as much as others, however, we are looking for active members of our community.
The Lands of Nexarial
A beautiful world filled with mythical creatures as far as the eye can see. Dragons and griffins fill the sky. Mermaids and sea monsters in the ocean and so much more! These lands have been conquered by many. The two most known being Gravitis and Seadour. Both large and wealthy kingdoms, but of course these kingdoms hate each other. Gravitis is ruled by a young tyrannical king who only lets his people leave the walls of the kingdom for war or trade, and then there is Seadour. Seadour is ruled by a wise queen and a loving king, but who knows what they could be hiding within their walls. Then again we have to keep in mind the world is always changing. In that case kingdoms may rise and kingdoms may fall so who knows what will happen!

-We accept many species

-Fun Bots

-All forms of roleplay allowed

-And much more!
Imagine a world in which you can be anything, one where you can be any person you desire and explore a vast, untouched land. A world in which you can make friends and foes alike, and test your mettle in combat against them if you so choose. A world in which you may very well be the first person to discover its deepest secrets as you take on challenges yet to be conquered by any man.

That world has been laid out for you in the form of Multiversal Juncture.

Multiversal Juncture takes place in the realm of Odrora, a world boasting appeals to the adventurous, the combative, and the easygoing. Join others in spinning the tale of how each and every character will find their way in this expansive realm, where mystery and bright futures abound.

If this open world at all interests you, we would be honored to have you join us and write your own tale in company with us.
Welcome to the world of Ezili! A medieval Fantasy world full of kingdoms and lore. Gods grant their followers amazing powers making everyone unique and powerful in their own ways. Live a life that you choose! Build a Kingdom. Make a Harem. Become Rich. Adventure!!

It's up to you to choose your story. With limited rules and vast content to explore there's fun to be had anywhere and everywhere!
Star Wars: Galaxy at War is a fun roleplay server based around Star Wars, specifically the Era of the Galactic Empire. With elements of canon lore, but also with a bit of freedom on how you create your own character, we hope to give you a balanced experience. You can explore uncharted sectors of the Star Wars galaxy, fight in epic battles, and even command your own ship! Our “Shop” mechanic immerses you in the action, allowing you to purchase your own ship, your own troops, bases, weapons, and much, much more. You can fly to any world within the galaxy, from Endor, to Naboo, to Coruscant, Star Wars: Galaxy at War lets YOU shape your adventure! (Note: The server is not complete, but you can still join to make a character. The shop is the only things that isn’t finished.
Hello, new exciting 5e homebrew server here, full of life, great people, free speech and all the good stuff homebrew, open world and very few rules. We welcome everyone who is into playing DnD, our staff is few but very determined and helpful. Also, we continuously let people voice their opinions and ideas, even new homebrew and such.
STAFF is needed, but will have to pass a short trial to prove they are good at what they do.
IMPORTANT THING: Please do not leave the server if you see only a few channels, there are many more beneath permissions you unlock with roles you get through agreeing to rules and adventuring, or becoming staff.
We believe in a fair gameplay server and we hope you like it and enjoy yourself. Also, details, if you want to read them, are below :)

So this is how it works:

-The server is gigantic, but the permissions have been made in a way so that people unlock roles as they agree to rules, adventure on etc for their own convenience. You will only see the starting channels when you enter, but you will unlock more once you get the roles required

-we all start at level 1 and consider levels 1-3 tutorial levels where you get the hang of your characters

-we have four continents in a world full of different and engaging places and characters,as well as different planes of existence that can spice up the game. Also, everything has lore behind it, we leave nothing to asspulls.

-we have a shitton of homebrew, carefully written and balanced to ensure the game does not break, but if someone manages to playtest a multiclass or something and break the game, we will laugh to ourselves, admit the mistake and rebalance accordingly. Spells, classes, new item and game mechanics and ideas, all of it is here.

-we value freedom of expression, hence we do not have many rules and we do not punish people for not being politically correct or some bullshit, we rather nurture different kinds of banter and humour between people.

-the whole gaming experince is basically built around fairness, so you will get rewarded/punished accordingly for your actions withing the game or server. There are no handouts.

-we are open to suggestions, opinions and critics, because that is how we built the server in the first place, by learning and improving every day. So we intend to continue to do so.

There is only a single advice I can give to those who to who come to this world and that is: "Mind your wording"
Welcome, to the Aether. The twisted reality, beyond your own imagination! Anything can happen here, anyone one from any reality can enter. From many different creatures, to visit others. You can make friends, with your OC's enemies, lovers. Or just sit around and chat. Anything is possible in the Aether. This isn't just for the purpose of, Rping could be used as hangout for friends. With this twisted reality, anything is possible. Imagination isn't even the first thing to become a thing here. What happens will stay, and always be affected. We welcome you to the Aether. Come on in, and explore. Visit and sit down and have a drink, listen to music make new friends. Just be ready for the impossible that can happen.
Zalistar is an open-world, story-guided, sci-fi roleplay set in its own world of connected solar systems, each with a set of planets to explore! Create a character and start on one of the three starting planets, and then work your way into space and anywhere you want to go!
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
A magical world
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
Oralchon is an open world filled to the brim with magic and various ways to harness it. Channel your power via spells, use a weapon to unleash artes, master the usage of magic talismans or another magic style of which there are plenty. And if that was not enough, there is a wide selection of magic types, from elementals to chaos magic, while you can also learn non-magic classes to boost your physical strength.

The world itself is in a time of changing. While a good portion of the Western countries is still in a Renaissance-like state, the countries of the far north have started to industrialize, seeking freedom from their old governments and progress, slowly spreading industrialism. There are also various threats like plundering nomad hordes from the east, the Chaos, and more.
The middle and far east, on the other hand, have their own share of circumstances to deal with and the west and east are both connected via the silk road. There is also the far south that is still mostly unexplored.

▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
>> Make use of a special magic system that allows you to earn points, spend them to rank up magic Disciplines and eventually reach new heights of power, either starting as an apprentice, a bit more experienced wizard or someone that starts with a class and no magic. However, you can learn everything with time, both magic and non-magic abilities.
>> Go on quests and explore dungeons to experience all different kinds of adventures! Or make your own ones and GM them to get rewarded.
>> Play an apprentice that is still learning, join the Buster Imps mage guild, be a mercenary, explorer, a pirate, be part of secret society or just stay independent
>> A big world that allows players to customise much about appearance and lore, such as races, NPCs, and even whole countries
This server has nations, ranks, races, classes, stats, and of course... Chaos. We'd love for anyone to join! Just please follow the "storyline" and no custom races unless they're approved by us!
This is a fantasy/medieval role-play. When joining, be prepared to read a lot of stuff. But don't worry, hopefully, it'll be fun from there on out!
Please note that this is a V2 of another roleplay server. It has few attachments but is really just a new and improved version!
Long ago, monsters and humans ruled together. Creatures came, they weren’t human or monster. Lazars, there was two types of them. Most of them were horrible, but some didn’t want to take over everything. They took over the land with their new technology and made a utopia. Casted out the ones who tried to rebel. 5 years have gone by. In the underbelly of utopia, A rebellion started to brew. Spies were all over the utopia, reporting of any new events. The government suspected something was up. They sent troops to investigate. Fortunately, the rebellion hid. Only few were taken and held at the headquarters. The leader of the rebellion is the descendant of Novis. Saber the leader of the government controlled the land very, very tightly. He made sure his father utopia was perfect as the day it was made. Nothing comes in, and nothing comes out alive. So the rebellion has lost so many people, they were not willing to trade lives However, the leaders are willing to take Saber down. So it can be a true utopia for all creatures alike. Will you assist saber and take down the rebels or will you join Ray and take down the government.
The Destroyed World is a Fantasy Role Playing server that is very D&D-esqe where every myth and legend can come to life! Come join many colorful characters, explore, and have adventures in the Destroyed World!
Year: 2019
Location: Blackrock Bay, United States

Taking place six years after an event known as The Traveler's Prophecy, roughly five percent of the world's population has some form of superpower. Some choose to hide them, viewing themselves as monsters. Others do nothing at all and live normal lives. However, for those truly willing to step into the fray, they embrace them. They become the icons of tomorrow as heroes- protectors of mankind. Or, they fall. With any light comes darkness. A natural balance to the world. These people, these villains, fight against the order and what is right- for reasons only they know.

In the wake of the Traveler's Prophecy, certain key cities have sprung up around the United States as gathering points for those with superpowers. Idyllic metropolises protected by the super-powered elite or hubs for the denizens of the underworld? Only time will tell. These are the tales of Blackrock Bay.

- Handwritten lore
- Server-wide events and more personal ones
- An expansive, custom city (Blackrock Bay)
- Science-based and magic-like powers
- Easy to jump into RP
A soft core pvp envionment, in-game pve event where your base will be raided by the wicked.

~Very Docile server
~Relaxed non-toxic environment
~Banter is allowed
~All welcome
~4 Map cluster
~Join in for the fun

-Links will be provided as soon as you join the discord-

Ash and Dawn: New Era is a re-work of our previous Server Foxhound Academy.

In Ash and Dawn you can create your own original character and join one of several faction or build up your own. You can also (if the spots are open) apply your bio as a King/Queen and rule over one of the 6 Kingdoms. Or maybe you start to dominate the industry with your products? Maybe you will become a famous hero or a feared villain? The path is laid to you by destiny.

We feature:

- A Unique Story Line
- Several Factions you can join and the opportunity to build your own.
- Several Staff Sections keeping the server in check and making sure the RP goes balanced and fair.
- A merit progression system for your character to develop and improve.
- Lots and lots of content and new systems and mechanics developed constantly.
- We are also very willing to recruit staff members, giving everyone the opportunity to show their skills and working in one of our 4 staff sections.

Sounds good? Join up and take a look for yourself!
Welcome to Day R survival!

Do you want to talk to people that like this game too, Then join us!!!
We organise game nights and more

1. You can rank up in this server to show your dominance
2. A warm and welcoming group!!
3. We have great bots!!!
4. You can have fun jobs here
*Quit the biching and join us..
Open world D&D 5e campaign with random encounters, a team of dms, and monthly missions. Or if you're just looking to have some good ol' fantasy rp fun, come join us!
Welcome to Silver Reach, an open-world fantasy role-play server! Set in the medieval era, the four kingdoms (Riverfell, Storm Isles, Meacedel, and Accegar) live in relative peace, all governed under one ruler. Each of these kingdoms were created with different play styles in mind, so a rogue can fit in as much as the average blacksmith. Create a character and venture out into the great unknown, completing quests, encountering gods, and uncovering the truth behind various legends and folktales throughout the region. With an active staff and a variety of quests, you can do anything from owning a tavern to slaying a dragon, the choice is yours.
Welcome to Domum!
Domum is the Latin word for home, and that's what the owners strive to create, a home for anyone to join and to create friends in.
We're a growing roleplaying server, made for anyone to join and to have fun in,

- A large roleplay, with a lot of channels.
- A large amount of lore for the entirety of the server to be discovered as you roleplay!
- A staff team who are all skilled in roleplaying and making character who would be happy to help if you're just starting, or if you're a professional already!
- Open to partnerships and affiliations!
- A friendly, welcoming community!

We look forward to seeing you here!
Owners: Sariel#0326, ビクセン#7840 (Vixen), - Pigeon -#1340