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Want to talk about your fandoms but no one wants to listen? Want a place to nerd out about your favorite show? Then we have the place for you! Blizz and I have created a server for every fandom to come together and help out. Here we always listen to your favorite fandoms, and never feel that you need to stop! We are always adding more fandoms, and if you don't see a favorite, please tell us so we can add it! Here you can talk about anything, rant about anyone, ship any characters together, and have fun!
Hey, It looks like you found a kingdom for furries. Maybe you're thinking "Wait I'm not a furry, can i still join?" The answer is Of course you can!

We have
-Bots for music and fun
-Self assignable roles
-Friendly Staff
-Open for suggestions
-NSFW available for those over 18

And so much more. Come on down and join us today, We are a new server looking to grow!
Here you will be able to Chill / hang with with friends and do almost anything all while making new ones in the process !

We also support local creators in this lounge if you are and hard working content creator please allow us to help you grow by advertising your hard-work FOR FREE (No funny business)

we also allow Partnering to help out discords that show that community love <3

We offer a range of different activities that are guaranteed to get you something to do during your stay here. Everything from Casino/Gambling all the way to Pokemon and leveling !!

The Lounges
We have 3 main Lounges that make up the whole server that we thing you will find some interest in!

- The Chill Lounge =
everything for the laid-back and caring people, here you will find all the Dank Memes, Hobbies, and overall talk of everything from the common human being.

- The Gaming Lounge =
here lies everything that gamers look for in a server, everything from Sqaudmaking for all games but Stats Sheets for all games to show your gaming experience. Gamers can also suggest all the crazy and fun games they play while Showcasing their gaming passion :D!!!

- The NSFW Lounge =
Need I say more
Hey, It looks like you have stumbled upon this friendly community. Lets start by telling you what we have.

-Custom roles on request
-A variety of channel categories
-Channels added by suggestions
-Family Friendly server, no NSFW content.

We are a new server and we are trying to get off to a good start. Come on down and join us today!
A pretty laid back server tbh, though there are some harsh rules that hopefully nobody breaks. I'm too lazy to dazzle this up, sorry.
Ein deutscher Gaming-Server für Jedermann. Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß auf #DieCrew und hoffen, dass dieser euch gefällt. Und jetzt nicht lang schnacken, schaut doch einfach mal vorbei.
This server is very active and in need of some new, cool people. Our staff are amazing and everyone on here are chill. We have multiple channels such as -General -When you’re in your feels -memes -bot commands and a lot more. We also have multiple, cool roles (and will continue to add roles)and QOTD and AOTD as well as some music channels and -Spotify song suggestions. Sister squad is for everyone (despite the name lol) and we have a variety of people. Sister squad has 3 owners, Abby, Ashley, and Gabby. We have some cool bots and even have game nights.
We are a small server of friends trying to get more people to hopefully grow a bigger community
Ein Roleplay Server auf dem jeder joinen kann und Spaß haben kann. Erstellt euch einen Charakter oder wählt einen den es schon gibt. Ihr könnt der guten oder der bösen Seite beitreten. Nette Leute, Action und Spaß.
Welcome to The Gaming Tavern! Here you can meet new friends and enjoy discord while in the community. Make sure to check out the server and have an amazing day!
This server is for everyones likeing if theres items or ideas to be added we can take your ideas also this server is always expecting people and its kid friendly.