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As time began to move forward from the past and to the present, the future started to unfold. As the world kept on its course, a stellar object which contained large amounts of alien energy soared through space before it plummeted through the atmosphere and struck Greenland. The impact caused most of Greenland to be destroyed, but the materials from the impact and the object were priceless. They contained limitless amounts of energy that would never run out where all the countries began to fight over. As greed consumed the earth, on January 7th, 2020, World War 3 occurred. All the global powers of the world that obtained the Etherium began investing their money into creating Mechs, giant machines that ran off of the unusual energy. They were each comparable to fifty men, some were powerful enough to be compared to a whole army. The war continued for years until September 27th, 2030, where the United States of America, Britain, and Russia had obtained a refined version of etherium which was twice as more efficient. But much worse. Other countries began to use it and created missiles with them, and without testing them they immediately launched them off at other countries. The missiles worked, but some of them detonated before launch and caused massive damage. They were much worse than the past bombs that were made, causing even worse radiation effects and changing people drastically, giving them powers or turning them into monsters. The detonations even changed the mechs, making most of them go berserk or shutting some of them down. On the 30th, the berserk mechs started their onslaught of mankind by first building factories to create more berserk mechs.

And after many years leading up to April 4th, 2104, most of mankind had been wiped out by the mechs but a few empires had been built up from the humans and the rest of mankind became nomads and most of the wildlife of the earth had been irradiated or infected by the radiation. And the world began taking its course. But unusually, the earth had shrunk to 1/3rd its size due to the radiation of the several years of the detonations.

No Future
In the midst of World War 3, spanning from January 7th, 2020 to September 27th, 2030 an invention called Mechs were created. The Mechs were powered from an unknown star material that suddenly began to fall during July 5th to the 23rd of 2028. The material gave off unimaginable amounts of energy and even Magic, they dubbed the material as Etherium. The Mechs were powerful, just a few being able to take down whole armies, and never run out of energy.
But on September 25th, a small country that began to develop in Antarctica called Enigma created Missiles that contained 'Pure Etherium', declared war on each of the other countries. It shot the missiles at each of the world powers, and erased them from the world, destroying most of their highly populated cities and the locations of important government facilities, and spilled deadly radiation over the areas of the blasts. This affected many nearby lifeforms and re-structured their DNA, it changed them into creatures that were mindless, but few survived and gained powers that would be called Ether which would give them abilities over the elements or simply giving them abilities that would been as super-human. These blasts affected many of the mechs and made them go berserk, to the point that they began killing off all life around them and leaving nothing in their path of total destruction. On the 26th, the mechs began creating factories to upgrade or repair themselves, or even make more of them. On the 27th, 70% of the global population was annihilated from the mechs and irradiated lifeforms, all countries fell to anarchy, and the rest of humanity was left to wander their now darkened grave of a home. But, time has passed and it is now 2134, and more things are beginning to unroll...
Arcadion is a selfmade futuristic RPG, with use of the Tabletop RPG Stars Without Numbers. Creative character creation and endless possibilities! Join now! :3
This is a server specifically for futuristic roleplay! In this server, you can roleplay as your very own character and join a faction. Now although this server is mainly for RP we always take suggestions to do new things!

(story) The world is at war and people have joined factions survive some people just stay alone, find your place in the world and chose if you want to join world or the other factions and save them from the others
An alien faction called the off-worlders have invaded and are planning something
Vespoia is a nation-based roleplay server, where members can create their own nations, be god-like beings with powers, or even just be a normal person. We have many sources of information on the roleplay, ranging from the community channels devoted created for newcomers to the long-time roleplayers themselves. Most of the roleplay that goes on here is casual roleplay, so I might advise against joining if you're a hardcore serious roleplayer.

Our empire welcomes you with open arms!

━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━

Hello there, young Voyager!

I see you, lurking around. Are you looking for some fun and some dirty times?

You have hit the jackpot!

A.A welcomes you into its realm, magical and futuristic. Come and discover all the wonders of Amphigúeis, an ethereal dimension where all races cohabit and fight your fight in Azura, the so futuristic Earth, situated in 3027. You may find that things are slightly different now, where technology is the new religion and peace reigns.

However, do not adventure too far out, for you might find a quite desperate view.

There is always an option, though, to get your mind off things. Drugs, my dearest. They have been banned in Azura, and thus for years now, but do not be fooled. They can easily be found if you search the right places. They may lead you to a magical place named Amphigúeis, where magic and happiness rule everything.

Stay with us and uncover the mysteries of this new realm, along with the exciting adventures we have reserved for you! And do not worry, have as much fun as you want ;)

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

We are a small server barely flying yet but I can assure you that you will feel welcomed and we will do anything to ensure that! Allow yourself to be fully submerged in this futuristic world filled with gorgeous landscapes and a heck of a ton of magic!

We have friendly admins and we allow you to create unique and fleshed out characters, based on what you like all while following the lore.
Time exists, but not in the way that we know it.

Time, despite not having a physical form, is something that people live with. On, even. Time has adapted into land. Land covered in cities, towns, and villages. These exist all at once, rather than being a chronological set of events. And while they exist at the same time, they are largely unaffected by the other eras surrounding them.

Time exists while not existing all at once.
Time is the world, and the world is made of time.
- - - -
We are a paragraph style, SFW, OC roleplay server! Feel free to join for more info!
The Lewd Future is a growing ERP server that wants to welcome you with open arms! (Or legs~)
In this server, your just a man (or machine) trying to live your life in futuristic world, will you get into trouble, try to rebel against the ToN, will you become a bounty hunter? Or will you just spend your days in an arcade, or even Duke it out with metal contraptions. it is yours to decide, the future, is what you make it to be.
Galum Industries was founded by Sebastian Galum three generations ago when the shadow creatures known as Nightmares began popping up everywhere. It was meant as a branch of military of sorts to try and combat the Nightmares. Eventually Galum Industries became interplantary in an attempt to colonize on another planet to get away from the Nightmares when things were looking very bleak for humanity.

The Nightmares ended up sneaking on these ships that were built and sabotaging them, one crash landing on Orion where the Nightmare population began exploding and thriving. The Nightmares on Earth began disappearing mysteriously but no one complained, they were happy they were gone.

But Mr. Galum wanted to study these creatures and find out more about their abilities so he began sending out trained soldiers to raid areas where Nightmares hang out on Orion and bring them back to Earth one at a time where they'd do experiments on them, which usually result in the Nightmare dying.

Flash forward to today [which is sometime in the future] where there are regular trips to Orion to bring back Nightmares. There's still little known about these creatures but one thing's for sure, you don't want to be scratched by one.
Semi-NSFW. an Erotic Role Play And Role Play server, if you are under the age of 16, you have been warned. Lore: Holoville is a walled in country/town that expands for acres and acres of land. it Exists in a modern world with magic. This allows Witches, demons, ghosts, humans that can turn into an animal (like a werewolf), merfolk, talking animals (not to many please), humans, yes furries are genetically possible in this world, And mythical unplayable creatures such as a Griffin, serpent, hippogriff, slime, dragons, Etc. But they also have modern technology and a few forests. all in miles and miles of walled in land! The leader of Holoville
-the Banana Shaman
🛸NovaScape - Cairo Egypt🛸

✣ Greetings!

✣ *We are a growing community of literate role-players that value storyline and character development. Everyone is Welcome!*

**What is NovaScape?**

__Novascape__ *is a new system that was created by the government in the mist of the world going into decay.*

*Novascape is the preserving & improving of the humanoid race. Its a way to refine & enhance humans as we know them. It’s a way to have intellectual & physical upgrades for a better society. This new species will be called Novalites.*
✦Features and Benefits ✦

An active & growing server.

✦Character progression

✦A story developed with multiple arcs and events to partake in.

✦A place to meet like-minded roleplaying individuals.*

✦An active staff to answer questions.*

✦A creative environment where your character can reach any heights possible with time and effort!

✦A fun, enjoyable server with amazing members!

So what are you waiting for? Join now!
The world was a peaceful place where the people were united and stood together, a world of peace and prosperity, but it didn't last, people with different groups and ideas split up and it was going to almost be a civil war, and it was, the civil war has divided the people into 3 different factions, The Empire of The Falling Moon, The Republic of Dormund Kast, and the Union of Lolateral, more details about them in the factions catagory. As a result, some of the beautiful nature were destroyed due to the war as well as towns and cities, each faction has formed their own countries and cities already, but the major war hasn't begun yet, and each country is preparing for it, as it would be one bloody battle between nations.
Which side will you take? The Empire, The Republic, The Union or will you be neutral an not participate in the conflict, can you survive?

You can create your own characters and roleplay as them, but you can't steal characters from other fandoms
”City Of The Dawn is a Futuristic roleplay server where different people from different universes are gathered [Does not include Dbz Naruto Or One Punch man Plz don't ask] the people who come to the City Of Dawn are shocked by its beautiful Scenery and Futuristic cities"
It's 3019, California USA. The biggest city in the united states is VENUS, a giant hub for crime gangs, hackers, and poor lung health! It's a terrible city but, the best you'll get any time soon. VENUS is nicknamed the "Neon City", of course, due to a large amount of colorful and decretive neon lights, maybe one of the only pretty things about this horrid place. The air is full of thick smog and the night sky is almost always hidden by the amount of artificial lights each tightly pact together building emits. VENUS is the outcome of war, bankruptcy, and corruption. VENUS came to be after world war three, or, as some call it, "The space war", this is due to the war being fought in space! Sadly, there weren't really any winners, it was basically a loss for each country, causing them many unfortunate things to happen, some even got wiped from the maps. The government in VENUS is as corrupt as it could get, just about no one in any high power role cares about the well being of the citizens, all they really care about is themselves and money. Anyone in the government will tell you VENUS is doing extremely well, and on the outside, it looks like it. The lie is, it's not, VENUS is doing very unwell. The economy is in constant decline, and the government is in debt to multiple people. Police brutality and crime are also at all-time highs. Its normal to walk past an ally and see someone dealing drugs or getting killed, but this is al covered up by stupid celebrities and flashing colors, though, every once and a while every light in the city will go out, excluding major government buildings- but they tell you to not worry and it's getting fixed. Of course, that's probably a lie, right?
This is just a new server created to be just loose at first instead of worrying or chewing down on specifics too much, to include genres such as action, romance, and etc all in one. But, overall this is one of those superpower city roleplays. It's set in a retro futuristic era. No specific lore yet and this is very new server so a couple admins are wanted too.
The humanitarian universe had been invaded in 2018 and a rift opened to another universe. Monsters have entered the human universe and after a long, bloody war... There is peace. This brings us to 2045.

Welcome, Creature, to Legends of Ethereal!
Legends of Ethereal is a roleplaying server filled with creativity. You can be anyone you want to be and any race you can think of! Aside from roleplaying, we have game bots, events, and more!

Are you ready for an adventure?
Hello, and welcome to the city of Utopia! The city was discovered only 10 years ago, so the city is fresh new (And so is the server). Are you born here? Migrated here? Or was running away from danger? Either way, you’re welcomed at Utopia, where you’ll be safe.
Or are you?
The outer world is slowly discovering Utopia, and as World War 3 slowly rises, it’s up to you, citizens, to make sure the no harm comes to the world

A server that has just begun and has not yet been thoroughly developed. You’re still welcomed to join and help us out, though!
"An electric plastic island linking between the sea of Japan and America's Los Angeles, surrounded by small bits of land. brought a float like landfill, creating more ground to tread. an island made of bright lights and techno beats. it's the year 2110, technology has reached it's peak. flying cars, and bikes. streets made obsolete and the sky always hitting that aesthetic ombre."

large projections of ads, and the thought of Android girls hit the headset of everyone's eyes. the beating of the electric city, has it's own set of music constantly beeping and chiming. all seems prosperous. but with all the tech enhancements, and the less need for manual human work. people are left unemployed in a world run by light and money.

this drives people to band together for good or ...for worse. you decide."
《 Welcome to Garasu city- a futuristic cyberpunk dystopia. filled with urban strife and struggle. a mixture of hotline Miami, Blade Runner and Gta San Andreas. retrowave cyberpunk society, fit with most gang/slice of life. it has a mixture of fantasy, scifi to let you have freedoms on how you run through this city. 》

° We accept all types of roleplayers and are willing to help with writing or literacy.

° We have a server support system to aid those with questions with ease and shorter wait times.

° We currently have a currency system usable for roleplay, custom made items and apartments.

° Start out money is 20 grand, and there are apartments based on area chosen to live in.

° Narration system for a real life set and pace, well kept lore willing for any added integration through roleplay.

° A growing city, and specie index, willing for suggestions.

° Up to 10 playable gangs, with different gang leader positions (opened !) and an application for more led by you.

°We have gang hierarchy, and mission subsets that are able to earn currency for other needs in server like apartments, cars, hang outs etc!

If you like cyberwave type roleplays, this is the server for you.
A roleplaying server set in the future with of course, aliens! "Madrome the clustered city off the coast of Florida, though over the many years the oceans around the city had become an underground tunnel system and roadways for cars and vehicles to travel upon. Though being the busy and never sleeping place it is, the city its self is named after its Mayor, Maddox the second. Little did the city know, the event that plagued it so long ago was about to happen again." Join to find out more and to be a part of our growing community!
Based around the current lore of halo, with a few extra details, in 2252 a new threat has arised, known as Insurrectionists they are hell bent on destroying the USNC and regaining some colonies for themselves. With the discovery of new planets, some friendly and some highly dangerous, and the constant idea of new material being found, wages new found wars between the factions, in order to get these rare materials, and possibly win the war, with civilians got in the crossfire, many evacuating or being killed. With more and more covenant defecting from they’re own, and siding with the USNC, it seems that the Humans night just have a chance.
Cyber-Fantasy is a brand new roleplay server! It's essentially a fantasy RP set in a cyber-punk world. We have aliens, fantasy creatures, cyborgs and more! We're always welcoming new members. Please note we are also LGBTQIA+ friendly!!!
A fairly chill discord roleplay server. Please note that we are looking for literate roleplayers comfortable with a GM based storyline.
Premise: The year is 2689, and America has just been liberated from the shackles of the Xylopods, aliens from the past. We've created a settlement in Hamburg, but we need your help! Join us now to help the cause!
A small list of unique values that this roleplay offers:

{> A detailed world

{> An occupation system - you decide the path your character takes

{> An ever-growing world set in a post-apocalyptic Europe

{> A huge array of weapons, armor, and items

{> A GM based storyline for individuals/groups

{> A well organized server with visual aids

{> A unique combat system