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Welcome to Neo-Tokyo, a neon-soaked paradise where all your wildest dreams could come true! We are a Roleplay server that supports pretty much all types of OCs, with very lenient rules on character creation. Our server is constantly updating and growing greater. Come join us!
We have:
✰ Freedom in making characters however you wish!
✰ Freedom in making techniques/abilities as you want them!
✰ Friendly staff!
✰ Awesome setting!
✰ Events!
✰ At least 2 bots! Maybe even 3!
✰ Tupperbox!
✰ Literate RP!
✰ ERP channels!
Ruby City is a futuristic city set in the 2100 (Yes, we survived 2020). Residing in Washington state of the United States, it is next to the ocean and often deals with dreary weather, like rain and constant dark skies.

Despite being in the future, poverty is still a common thing, so whether you choose to live in the heart of the city or within the slums is up to you. Crime is also a common thing, but they don't go unpunished by the law. It is very difficult to escape these new police.

Nobody is born with magic. Yet scientific experiments that have escaped are still roaming the streets after the Great Lab Explosion a few years prior. The lab is still in ruins, untouched, and the one who organized such a place is still unknown. Technology also grants people supernatural abilities, but they all have some sort of downfall to them.

For example, somebody who can fly because of their technology could result in immense exhaustion upon landing.

Each citizen within Ruby City is different, so be sure to make your character unique!
Come join the Metropolis, Where you can live your dreams In a massive Futuristic realm... It's full of channels, so you can role-play whenever and where ever! The Year is 2086. This mass of a city was constructed on a massive island, that broke off of the U.S.A In 2022. The island was going to be flooded, so it was lifted into the air, Turned into a floating island with a estimated population of 700,000! The city recently came under rule of a martial artist and his wife.. So watch out!

You can Role-play!
It's Full of Channels!
Friendly Staff Members!
Not much Restriction on what you can and can not do!
We ask that you join our server, and if you do...
Enjoy your stay!
This server only accepts semi-lit or literate roleplay.
Everything seems like the best option before you see the consequences.
Welcome to the world of Everlast!

After a worldwide plague swept the world in the year 2000, everything slowly collapsed. Cities fell into themselves, and the crime rates were at a world time high. Everything was shut down and hundreds to thousands of people died, millions even. Though as many put it, the apocalypse had ended as soon as it came. A group of people who called themselves the council banding together and making their own city. Creating technology to keep it safe. Everyone flocked to it, though it was hard to get in. Those who were sick were denied and left out to die. Little children being the healthiest, hundreds were orphaned in the city. Brought up in specific ways to become the headmasters. As many have called them, of the colors.

The world still remains this way, but worse. When hundreds died, climate change seemed to diminish itself slightly. Though it still affects the world, pollution went down drastically. With the water being so clear that you could see the bottom, littering finally being gone. The people who survived, and were sectioned into categories depending on their personality. Though, no one could figure out why. Though hundreds of years later, it became normal. Technology advancing in such a way that it was a waste to leave the city, though people started wanting to adventure out. Take quests, be the fantasy people they wished to be.

Though of course, after a few scavenging quests, people came back reporting monsters. Mutation, and other people. Well, of course, they can’t let everyone else go out thinking there are people out there, now can they! Though, they didn’t get to it first. The only other city that remained, in 2500 tried nuking Everlast and failed. Their city was destroyed and due to the radiation, everything around the city was destroyed. Only those who were inside the city were saved because of the dome. Mutated monsters run rampant outside, and people take quests to kill them. Using their meat for meals, and as a way to make money. No one knows why it came to this, but everyone just regards it as normal now.

Which way will you go? Will you be the rebellion who wants to know if there are things outside the city. Are you an adventurer who chases after the mutated animals, or are you a normal civilian just trying your hardest to live? What will you be in this screwed up world?

What Everlast offers!
- 100+ Channels
- A welcoming community
- Semi-lit to literate roleplay
- Mini events every week
- Freedom of character

And so much more.
Note- We are not the place for people new to role play or who have never done semi-lit to literate role play. Hope you understand.

Why don't you stop by?
In the year 2021 a colony was established on the moon. Extensive reasearch there revealed the keys to unlocking the secrets to the universe.

The year is 4081. Humanity has harnessed all the power in the solar system (KARDASHEV scale 2) and is continuing to look out to the stars. Breakthroughs in technology has occured, include FLT (faster than light) travel. The world is very different from today.

War and greed have been and gone with on Earth, as humanity pulls close together to reach the stars. An international NGO (Non-Government Organisation) called the "Space Garrison" has been created, after the fall of its predecessor NASA.

A Dyson Swarm (image below) has been constructed around the Sun, collecting the energy worth of 1 Trillion nuclear missiles every second, so humanities limits are their own imagination. The Dyson Swarm was created and is maintained on Mercury, which has diminished greatly is size after it was mined extensively for its ores.

With the total population of the human race exceeding 25 billion across the Solar System, there are many different type of people to play as. You could be

- A Civillian, just a regular person just living their life
- A Space Garrison member, working towards the stars with ever breath
- A Bounty Hunter, earning money by completing dangerous (and mostly illegal) missions

But it doesn't end there! With human kind expanding its view on the universe, the chance of meeting extrasolar life (from outside the solar system) increases by the day. Who knows? Maybe one day humanity will find intelligent life out there...
__ ✧ ✦ ――――《AREA-66》――――✦✧__
Please enter a password...
Password: ████████████
Password Accepted.
Secure. Contain. Protect.
Please Wait...
Access Granted.

Welcome, user To SCPI.NET Terminal.
Reading security clearance...
Loading AUDIO logs.
=====《|𝐁𝐄𝐆𝐈𝐍 𝐋𝐎𝐆-𝟏|》=====
Hello Civilian. You've been specially chosen and contacted to join one of the most Highly Secretive Organizations. We are The SCP Foundation. A place that contains Anomalous entities. A place that researches. We shield the eyes of the public from these Entities. Now you're wondering why is it called SCP? It stands for Secure Contain Protect. Some call it SCPF. Why? It stands for Special Containment Procedures Foundation.
Welcome to the SCP Foundation. Your career starts now.
=====《| 𝐄𝐍𝐃 𝐋𝐎𝐆 |》=====
=====《|𝐁𝐄𝐆𝐈𝐍 𝐋𝐎𝐆-𝟐|》=====
The SCP Foundation has and is still trusted by every major world government we specialize in containment And attempts to understand any anomalous entities and or objects that can be a threat to any human life or the anomalies life. The Foundation operates on 3 basic tenants. Secure, Contain, Protect. We secure in the question of the objects to protect the world of humanity. We contain these objects to keep them hidden from the objects so that they can't be used for malicious purposes. Finally, we protect the world so you can live in a safe sane environment where chaos is non-existent.
=====《| 𝐄𝐍𝐃 𝐋𝐎𝐆 |》=====
=====《|𝐁𝐄𝐆𝐈𝐍 𝐋𝐎𝐆- 𝟑 |》=====
Due to the recent events of Highly dangerous anomalies escaping and 3 sites being nuked to that. AREA-66 was made as a place where the most dangerous anomalies would be contained. This doesn't mean that there are not friendly anomalies here as well. AREA-66 is a site mostly made out of steel, concrete, titanium, metal, Diamond plate, and other materials which makes it harder for anomalies to breach and escape. If you meet any person with armor that is dark black or Military camo You are to report to site security immediately on the radio then you are to hide till they have been dealt with. Here in the foundation, we have researchers, security, Test subjects, and Units that are called Mobile task forces, Medical, and more. NOTIFICATION OF FOUNDATION'S EXISTENCE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. We will come to pick you up tomorrow at dawn. Welcome civilian to Area-66.
=====《| 𝐄𝐍𝐃 𝐋𝐎𝐆 |》=====
▬▬▬▬ Commands ▬▬▬▬
Z:\Open File/Folder
Z:\Log out
Z:\Log out
Logging out user...
Shutting down...
•Canon SCP's allowed.

•Ocs allowed

• Helpful/friendly mods

• Huge site

• All foundation departments allowed

• Character creation

• Outside world

• A nice owner

• Partnerships allowed

• Fair roleplay

• Bots!

•The year takes place in 2035

We secure we contain we protect.
-The administrator
The dragons have returned.

It's the year 2055. The world is completely in ruins, and the humans (who are rich enough) had retreated underground. Dragons of many sizes now roam the abandoned cities. The humans who got into the cryo sleep stasis program are blissfully unaware of the state that Earth is in. While in their sleep, they were dreaming of their normal, everyday life. It was peace inside of their mind. That is, until the program malfunctioned, waking up the living patients.

There are groups of survivors, they're equipped with the right things to take down a dragon in a group, but it all depends on the dragon. They've still got some basic human manners. These groups despise the rich people who have lived the life of luxury all the while they suffered, fending off dragons and staying alive. These people are referred to barbarians by the rich (EAT THE RICH). They remain in abandoned school buildings, grocery stores, etc, and can even be found in caves.

Welcome to First Dawn. HTTYD Dragon species are used in this roleplay primarily, sooner or later I might allow fan species.
For years, humans have been the apex on Earth. However, pollution and overpopulation pushes mankind to search for a new reliable place to thrive. This search leads them to the planet known as Ignatios. A planet that has prehistoric creatures roaming and alien life forms taming them to use for getting around the vast areas of the planet. The day this place was found was on February 18, 4790. The original founders of Ignatios died a couple of days later after their discovery.
Ignatios is famous for having unique specimens. Seeing live dinosaurs, humans took advantage and made labs. Scientists captured luminescents, a sacred thing in Ignatios, to try to figure out more about their special power and why it's only the aliens that can have the ability. Because of this, they are rare to see. Few say that the rest had either gone into hiding or they were eventually captured and killed. No one knows what happened to them. So finding a luminescent is a blessing or a curse, as nowadays they take a high disliking to whoever they come into contact with.
Besides the tests on the alien life forms, scientists also do tests on the dinosaurs that roam around. They make hybrids, cyborgs, and dinosaurs that never walked or lived. The main lab, which was in the town named Dymias, had an *accident.* which caused many experiments to escape and roam freely, some more dangerous than others; leaving the town in ruins.
The hands of potentially saving the planet from doom sits upon the shoulders of a young Giezaets. Will he be able to fulfill his destiny that he doesn't know himself or will he let the evil swarm his home? We will have to see...
This server is to help advertise and expand the owner's book, Giants of the Plague. We welcome everyone with open arms and will love have you join us.
What we offer:
Plenty of places to roleplay at
Interesting towns and villages
Nice staff
Reaction roles!
CONGRATULATIONS! You are Eligible for the Neon City Selections Program! The city of dreams, where you can be anything! Where everything is comfortable, and where death is just an obstacle! We will be happy to see who will roll into the city station and who will do great things... but a question is still of importance... WHY ARE YOU SO AFRAID? take it easy!

The Neon City+ is an original rp game show esc server, a futuristic world where death is just an obstacle, the Neon city is the place to be, and the competitors are fighting for their chance to get in, with twists and turns along the way.

Tired of all the bs? The bs of staff bullying members and treating them unfair, creating op characters or allowing someone to create an op character and making things unbalanced? Tired of being told you can’t argue with staff for any reason? Well here’s the server for you! Here I’ve created this epic rp server with many things you can do! Just read the info below or come on in and join us! We will treat you fairly and not bully you for any reason!

Surviving evolution is a server set in the year 4172 where the world was destroyed but then rebuilt after its nuclear apocalypse. Here we have futuristic technology and magic and any species you want except gods of course! You can join a faction and defend the cities, try to take them over or sit on the middle ground!

Times are tough as magic users are treated very badly for the most part because of their special gifts causing some of them to become workers for a faction who’s goal is to fix that problem on their own terms! Who will you join and will you survive?!
"Twelve years of this BS and there's still no sign of any of this calming down... I hope you're ready for a life of constant survival. This city is nothing short of built on violence, but if you want to live long enough to complain about it then this is your best shot. Just don't take yourself off this frequency, keep following this signal, and especially don't tell ANYONE that you ever heard this. Who knows what'll happen to us if they find out where we are..."

Welcome to Continuity, a 16+ cyberpunk-apocalyptic roleplay taking place in the fictional not-so-safe haven city of Selros. We're a community that can provide a variety of roleplay options for our members, including:
¬Slice-of-life vs. story-driven
¬A range of roleplay styles and lengths comfortable to the users
¬Friendly space for newbie roleplayers and experienced alike
¬Malleable world-space for you to deeply interact with, both IC and OOC

It's a delicate life for you to do as you choose. Stay comfortable and live a low-profile life with friends without trouble, or go out of your way trying to discover the darker secrets of the haven that lie within its 7 districts. Whatever you choose to do, remember one thing: the outside world isn't safe anymore.
★・・⊹☾ *"Miserere: We seek Mercy."☽⊹・・★

*"Those who desire peace, must first suffer war.*
*Those who desire freedom, must first be oppressed.*
*And those who seek mercy, must experience agony."*
_ _
★・・⊹☾That is our Conviction." ☽⊹・・★

We are a literate original roleplaying server that incorporates sci-fi, futuristic (with modern touches), and fantasy themes.

★ You must be 18+ to join.

The thin veil of peace that once covered the world after the previous wars has become tattered from uprisings, resistances, political warfare, and invasions.

As a member of our server, you will aid in progressing our story and establishing (or demolishing) connections between the regions and their inhabitants. The action of your character will grow with the story and shape the narrative of the world piece by piece.

Will they join the rebellion, dedicating their life and time to destroying the pillars of power in order to gain independence? Play the part of a civilian working to change the system from the inside? Or will they be a noble who refuses to acknowledge the voices that cry out for equality, instead choosing to silence them forever?

With the current shape of the world almost anything is possible, but how much will your character influence and experience?

★ A writing sample is required upon entry.

__What we offer:__
• A unique lore with distinctive, yet flexible, species.
• Dice and Freeform character sheets to suit your needs.
• A small, fresh, friendly, and growing community.
• A creative and open environment.
• Quest, tournaments, and adventures.

»Welcome to Shujinba, where violence really is the only option…

»Shujinba:Zerø is a futuristic, fantasy RP Server, set in the year 2030, where a dangerous chemical has given the inhabitants of an isolated city on a small island abilities that were before thought to be impossible. It has given some of the population intense power surges, causing them to run wild on their own home, committing crimes and eating away at the life of the city.
With no other option, those unaffected by these personality defects have turned to attacking and taking out this criminal uprising, after prisons fell out of use due to the inability to successfully contain those who possessed these newfound abilities.


»What do we include?

💫 A massive amount of creative freedom! The possibilities for characters are infinite!
🏘️ A fully interactive city to roleplay in! Forge your own path! Create your own unique experiences!
📰 A news system to keep track of major changes in RP!
👥 Our staff are willing to help with your problems and answer your questions!
✏️Completely free of one liners! You’ll always have something to say without running out of ideas!
🛡️ Create and join Criminal Gangs, CAPS Squads and run your own businesses! There’s something for all characters to engage in!
📋 A wide range of channels to talk with others and Roleplay in!
🗣️ Open to any and all suggestions!
🤝Always open for partnerships!


»So what are you waiting for? Will you fix this city, or make it crumble even further into the pits of hell?
See you there!

Invite Link:
The year is 2208. Eight years ago, the Idavian race launched a surprise attack against humanity with a worldwide blackout. Humanity has been fighting back as best it can in the world they've found themselves in, but hope is dim.

Perhaps the hope lies with you. You've been invited to join a team of Elite Special Ops Soldiers in the EBA camp, ran by a mysterious Commander named Rozland who is the last of his species. A species that has already seen the full horror of an Idavian victory.

If you choose to accept his invitation, you will find...

A ROLEPLAY SERVER asking for 16+ Members with credible writing skills. This is a mashup of themes, including sci-fi, military, and apocalyptic.

Friendly people and mods. We are a small server and would like to stay small, but stay active.

A rolling system and stats, with XP earned not only through combat, but by any scene you write.

A good story to follow along with! We hope to have you join us!
Welcome to genesis prime...this is a community of people that wanna have fun and talk to others...we have many places for rping which will be added to and plenty of other fun stuff for you to do..we try to make this as friendly as possible for everyone so they can have the best experience possible..please stay awhile and have fun..we are happy to have new people to experience new rps with
Welcome to 𝑨𝒓𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒂, a land not too far off of Japan. The land was once owned by a small tribe that took a bit interest in the modern age when a pair of scientists from an unknown land discovered it. The tribe and scientists thrived together, and with that day happening, so came the futurists-age for many areas.

The land eventually became its own Continent in the year 2530, from there on known as 𝑨𝒓𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒂. 𝑨𝒓𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒂'𝒔 civilians are known as 𝑨𝒓𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒂𝒏𝒔, and though the land isn't entirely peaceful, as a few wars have broken loos within the continent itself, each war was eventually sorted out with a singular conference meeting, where the whole continent not only became one country with different districts but also became a land where pollution is barely ever a problem and trading is easier due to bridges across the ocean.

( Read the full timeline on our server! We contain plenty of good bots, we promise we won't waste too much of your time! )
Excited about Cyberpunk 2077? The new Blade Runner anime? How about the new Ghost in the Shell anime coming soon? If you are, then join our cyberpunk city, Noxmore!

It is now 2288, police are corrupt, the military and SNE are trying to mute crime in the districts. There are terrorists, hackers, cultists, gangs, and much more. Nobody knows how long Noxmore will survive through the hellscape it's city has become, but it's most likely the last chance for humanity.

We will have regular events in the server, and hopefully expand beyond the walls.
The year is 2063, and nobody can die.

So, how did we get here?
Well, it all started in the 25th of December, 2023. For some reason unbeknownst to all of mankind, after that point, nobody could ever die again, not even animals. 40 years have passed, and humanity has learned to adapt to their new surroundings. Large sprawling megacities now stand atop California, while technology has advanced to adapt to new surroundings.

Death is something that will never go away for mankind, but what if it did? This server explores that concept, and adds in something more to spice up things for roleplay.

We offer:
- Semi-literate roleplay.
- A semi-dystopia and cyberpunk roleplay server, with a twist to it.
- A new, yet welcoming roleplayer community.

Come join the End of Death, and enjoy your time here.
A fun and well organized discord server that many people would love to join. Our goal is to reach to 100+ members and hopefully we can expand. This server heavily uses the colors silver and light blue and we are a frozen server! ^w^
Still under heavy construction! :tada:

Brand new server. Brand new fun.
Must be above the legal age! 🔞

This is a role-playing server that is strongly fixed on the aspects of ABOverse and/or Omegaverse. The setting is set in the far future of a fictional dystopian world. Multitude of fictional species can be found within this very corrupted world. Demons, dragons, elves and etc.

Please do drop by! We'll be waiting here for newcomers :pray:
Through the multiverse sits a Roleplay server filled with Action, Drama, Adventure, Boss Battles, Glory, Romance, and Dungeons(coming soon)... This is The Nine Realms.

Come partake in the roleplay we offer where each Realm is unique! Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Time, Space, and Light!

A long time ago, the gods know as the Dragonsols fought a villain know as D’outhregat. With their combined power, the Dragonsols were able to beat them, but it costed their lives. D’outhregat was imprisoned and the world was at peace... until a universe erasing entity known as Calamity came to the Realms. Their goal: erasure of the Nine Realms and remake it in their image... Due to their interference with the space-time continuum, D’outhregat was freed, and the Realms were turned into a single planet. Then, a team known as the Tower Brigade came together with the Realms' most powerful-est heroes, and even had D’outhregat alongside them. Lives were lost from the battle against Calamity following their deaths at the cost of victory, and the Realms beginning to recover with afflictions to the space-time continuum... but will this Intermission of Peace last...?

You can view our (original) lore here!

:Things we can offer you:

A fun and interesting community of people to play with or even just talk to.

Specialized channels for different topics, even regarding gaming.

Noncanon areas to practice your skills without affecting anything in RP.

Pingable roles for your alternate characters - That's right! We make a pingable role for each of your characters that is not set as your nickname to improve the flow of how a ping is used in RP, as well as to list what characters you play.

And last, but not least, we use Tupperbox, a bot that can pose your characters with their own avatars and name!
DISCLAIMER: This server is not for the faint of heart. If you are easily triggered, this server is not for you.


"Welcome to Blackhaven, a city where all your dreams can come true."


Blackhaven is anything but a place where dreams come true. The government and upper class oppress and exploit the lower class, using their deep pockets to make the law look the other way while the top 1% do as they please to those less financially fortunate.

To the outside, Blackhaven might seem like the perfect paradise, but that is far from the truth behind this wolf in sheep's wool.


Some things you can expect in this server are:

- A friendly and welcoming community.
- Helpful and active staff.
- An ever-changing and improving quality of life.
- Surprises around every corner.
- Simple, but deep narrative and lore.
- Much, much more.


{**Load success**}

{**Establishing safe connection**}



(This is a bit more of a semi-literate to decent to advanced literacy server. One lines are prohibited because it ruins flow.)

Greetings, it has come to our attention that you are a citizen of the galaxy in a war between what is wrong and right and we, The Unlimited Harins have been on the middle ground for far longer than most know. Whatever is your preference or species makes no difference to us. We are a intergalactic militia looking for more members to join our fight. Join our ranks on the side of neutrality. Forced neutrality.


{**Galaxy Status**}

A galaxy enriched in all of the negative and positive drawbacks such as planets ruled by dictatorship, weak and struggling planets, rich and poor. It's up to the U.H to enact in forced peace within their very own mentality in the otherwise lawless deep, deep outer rim of the Galaxy.

Come! Join us! As our motto says, "We Agree".


{**Unlimited Harins Description**}

The U.H is not like a regular intergalactic military, as for they have their regular military and side branches of other things. They are dedicated to have peace within the galaxy, but they are not labeled as a peace-organization, they are more of a self-faction that deals with vigilante justice and puts themselves in situations that can cause the entire galaxy to crumble. If the U.H were to be described using 2 things, Forced Peace and Preparation.



{**Load complete**}

What we have:
- Custom ships, custom Species,
- Ton of planets to choose from for missions and more coming soon!
- Freedom in character depending on the rank you choose to make.
- Galactic Militia
- Character expression not only in bios but channels including headcanons, discussions, themes, aesthetics, etc.
- Friendly staff!
- Staff that are also very protective of conflicts that pop up.
- Environment for people enriched in sci fi fantasy roleplays.
The Lewd Future is a growing ERP server that wants to welcome you with open arms! (Or legs~). With a variety of channels to choose from, erp and rp, events, and more, theres plenty to do!