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Welcome to lo emporium. Here we capitalize on the choice of free speech and being able to do whatever the FUCK you want. We are a chill laid back server with little to no rules. Those rules are simple, NO CP and NO GORE, and finally NO BESTIALITY This place is a shitposting heaven say and do whatever you want. What are you waiting for? Join us at lo emporium (batteries not included)
No censorship and complete freedom of speech, feel free to use horrible obscenities and send disturbing porn
A fun place to talk to open-minded people and share drug experiences. We highly encourage harm reduction and safe use!

// 18+ ONLY //

In our server, we enjoy having tangential conversations of all types. But, most of the time, our conversations revolve around drug pharmacology or experiences. We have a wide variety of members that are from all across the globe.

// We strictly PROHIBIT the sale, sourcing, or distribution of drugs. We are simply a community of open-minded individuals that partake in self-exploring.
Circa 2017, as a result of not banning our member's speech, u/Z3F removed our server from the r/anarchocapitalism subreddit and replaced it with his own startup, after members on this discord offended him.
We are a small server trying to grow. We are anti censorship so you can say what you want as long as it isn’t spam and your extreme nsfw stays in nsfw channels. We are open to anyone to join we love opposing view points as what’s the fun in talking to a bunch of people who believe what you already believe. Hope to see ya here
The Degeneral World Order is a server bent on free speech. You can say whatever is on your mind no matter how degenerate or idiotic. We allow members to create their own channels and roles for even more freedom but will pull the reigns if these privileges are abused. Degeneral World Order is meant to be a breath of fresh air in the sea of discord servers. We hope you enjoy.

Server that promotes freedom of speech , you cannot be muted , but you can still be banned and will be only for TOS breach .

Needless things that owner told me to mention:
A bunch of bots that no one cares about.
Essex is part of porn industry since ancient times ?
Owner is a faggot , okay , I might have added that myself.

Server is dead and you might get some constructive response from me but dont expect much if you write some dumb shit.
What is The Hut?
The Hut is a social discord server where you can talk about pretty much anything you want.
Here we have full freedom of speech, meaning you can say whatever you want with no censorship!

What makes The Hut so special?
As I have already mentioned, you can say whatever you want with no censorship.
Also, we don't allow snowflakes, so you are free to be you without worrying about anyone taking offense!
Our staff is very chill, and we are always open to suggestions and new ideas.

What does The Hut have to offer?
✔ Fun events such as Movie Nights, etc.
✔ Chill community and staff
✔ Fun bots
✔ Zero censorship
✔ We aren't gonna beat you if you're from a specific community
✔ Communication between staff and our members
✔ NSFW channels
✔ Our own Minecraft server

We hope you join us!
Free-speech zone for conservatives, radicals and others. Here you can debate or shitpost.
Nothing is off limits.
A place to share news, information, resources and support that relate to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19. It's focus in on the situation in Australia, but all posts on international news and other virus related topics are welcome, to the extent they are beneficial in keeping those in Australia well informed.
A true free speech haven

Here you are allowed to do, say, and believed whatever the hell you want to; And that can mean whatever you want. This server is a safe haven for controversial beliefs and life styles; But not just that, we also welcome centrists and more average opinions.

I couldn't care less if you are a far-right white supremacist or gay furry trans activist, you're welcomed here as long as you don't get offended.

Feel free to stop by and have a little fun yknow =)
We're a bunch of cringe high-school students

Rules are pretty simple, follow Discord's Terms of Service & we'll be dandy. Free speech is a big reason for my own server so I wont limit you unless someone chooses to be offended by it, & if so, they're the one being offended, not for someone elses sake.
What I or any other mod says are still the rules, these are just the basic guide lines.

Reeing is banned
Mass pinging is not allowed, stop it
Don't spam either, its annoying
If you use a lot of emojis ur a cringe normie
Just a fun server without sjw's

You can also partner with the server and grow your own server/Youtube channel by partnering with us
toxic server
free speech
custom roles, just ask
if im being real we only have like 3 active people atm, so if you cool with that, join. we'd like for our server to grow a bit
just join or else >-<
There is only one global rule and a few basic ones in order to keep things clear . Most of the server is self administered through bots and there will be no admins , I will personally will try to keep a bare minimum involvement.

If you think that is on your liking and tired of dumb mods and admins then give DFS a visit ; to shitpost or whatever you may be inclined towards while staying.
Hello, this is a server based off of free speech and games;
- Everyone is allowed to speak on anything they want to, as long as it's not breaking either Discord ToS or server rules.
- This is a new server and changes are likely, but free speech will not be infringed.
- Hopefully as this server gets larger, there will be more additions and topics.
- All people are accepted here, it doesn't matter who you are or what you think you are.
Thanks for giving this server a try, I will be adding lots more in the near future.
A server where doing almost anything and full freedom of speech is allowed. This includes racism and being mean to people, but there's an extent to this of course. We also have monthly competition where the prize is discord nitro for people who writes story and fanfiction as well. Also an anime server where you can talk to other no life weebs. We also have NSFW if you're into that.