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We're a bunch of cringe high-school students

Rules are pretty simple, follow Discord's Terms of Service & we'll be dandy. Free speech is a big reason for my own server so I wont limit you unless someone chooses to be offended by it, & if so, they're the one being offended, not for someone elses sake.
What I or any other mod says are still the rules, these are just the basic guide lines.

Reeing is banned
Mass pinging is not allowed, stop it
Don't spam either, its annoying
If you use a lot of emojis ur a cringe normie
A server where doing almost anything and full freedom of speech is allowed. This includes racism and being mean to people, but there's an extent to this of course. We also have monthly competition where the prize is discord nitro for people who writes story and fanfiction as well. Also an anime server where you can talk to other no life weebs. We also have NSFW if you're into that.
This is so far a small community of cool people
A server that pretty much allows anything. Close community.
Just a fun server without sjw's

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