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Forest Study Server
Study with over 1500 members around the world using the Forest app, dedicated to keeping you distracted from using your phone! Join us now :)
Welcome, seedling!
Sunshade Forest features a theme based on plants and nature. Start as a little seed and grow into a larger tree! Isn't it awesome?
If you are 'patient' and 'active enough' in this server, we can promise that you'll meet affectionate, friendly people. Join today and make our forest alive!

Important Note. We are currently looking for moderators who's fairly good at using bots!!

🌿 Features we have
· A total SFW environment(No NSFW allowed here)
· 8 unique level roles based on plants and trees
· Reaction roles to show what kind of person you are
· Lots of explanations and guides to help you in your first steps
· Modmail to directly and privately report/appeal etc
· Gatekeeper to prevent raiders, trolls, and bots
· A very talkative Owner(can't deny it)
· Yes, you! You are the VIP of the server! <3
⚘ ══✿══╡°˖✧✿✧˖°╞══✿══ ⚘

Welcome to The Lewd Forest!

╰┈─➤ A lewd forest with lots of lewd members! We are an ERP/RP based server. If you are uncomfortable with in group lewdness, STAY AWAY! We don’t accept DM requests! We are a welcoming community with friendly members who will bend to your needs.~ Come in meet some friends or have a quick fuck~ 17+ server only!

We offer lots of things for our members~

❣️A warm & welcoming community.
❤️Lots of RP channels to engage in!
❣️LGBTQ+ friendly & drama free!
❤️Lots of sweets & cookies!
❣️Bots to play around with. (Even lewd ones)
❤️aesthetically pleasing server & cute roles.
❣️Much more! You’ll have to come in and see for yourself~

Can’t wait to see you!~ 💋
This is a roleplay server like no other.
We have the following

- A easy template to follow.
- a seperate chat group
- great moderation
- Easy storyline
- slots open for important characters.
- small server so it's not overwhelming
- Roles you can choose from
And more! Can't wait to see you there!
This is a Roleplaying server for people who just like roleplaying in a middle earth forest. Also, you can be any creature you want and/or have any power, as long as you don’t power play or even be overpowered.
A place to talk all forest and farm related topics. Ask for help, or just come hang out.
We also have a library of service manuals for farm/forest related equipment.
Stay accountable, work and study with over 700 people from around the world! Corner of Conquests is dedicated to keeping you on track to be productive and achieve your goals 😊
A magical forest where once you're in you can never get out. You must mold into it and use your wits and skills to survive the monsters in the night.
Welcome to DeepHaven! The enchanted forest!

DeepHaven is bustling with monsters of all sorts. Though DeepHaven seems colorful and bright with welcoming faces, there is a looming darkness. There are mysteries to be solved and vast lands to explore here in DeepHaven...

Come to a strange land only to get stranger and stranger. What creature would you like to be? What do you seek?

DeepHaven offers things for its members and more everyday—

🍃 Lots of RP & OOC chit chatty areas.
🍂NSFW sections for all those nerds out there.
🍃A meme section for those meme lords.
🍂A large & friendly community!
🍃 Self assignable roles.
🍂ENGLISH & LITERATE Roleplayers!
🍃Voice chatty sections.

If you plan to join, please know.. we only like 2-3+ lines in every RP you participate in.

~DeepHaven is an enchanted forest that has vast lands to explore. It’s looking for more magical beings and even humans to come RP.~

•DeepHaven is looking for ACTIVE members!• (We welcome everyone but inactivity makes the group die.. and we want to instead see it flourish. Don’t just join to sit.)

Hopefully more semi-literate to literate role players! 2-3 lines minimum ❤️

We look forward to seeing you!~

We are undergoing a bit of construction.. be patient when you join but do not be inactive. :)
A long time ago, there was no Kingdom. The land was a free-for-all, and all who fought for even a tiny piece would battle to the death to keep it. Soon, after decades a death and dismantling of the land, a sickness spread. Only a few of these creatures possessed the skills to heal. Those creatures were the ones who decided to bring the kingdom together, to care for each other and fight together against all enemies. Under the rulers that the healers had chosen, the Kingdom of Hepia now lives in harmony.
The Kingdom of Hepia has been under peace for as long as any woodland creature could remember.
The animals live in harmony, not willing to harm one of a high rank.
But nothing can stay the same forever.
And much will shock this unbeknownst kingdom.
Schaut einfach mal rein. Newbies und Einsteiger sind herzlich Willkommen. Komm und werde Mitglied in unserer Community.
"Country`s freundlichem Scum-Server [GER]" IP:
Discord-Server: https:\\\CUrqZch
Viel Spaß !
Сервер Insouciance.
Мы сплочённое коммюнити, нужны тиммейты - тебе сюда, нужны друзья - тебе сюда. Просто пообщаться хочешь? Заходи, администрация приветливая.
Мы уважаем своё коммюнити, и стараемся сделать всё что в наших силах для того чтобы сделать общение приятным, а пользователей довольными. Присоединяйся!

"Autumn Leaves Is Based In A Forest Called Harvester Forest, A Place Where Autumn Never Goes Away And Stays Orange And Red, Aswell As Having Far More Intelligent Animals.Some Species Are Racist Towards Each Other. The Place Has Many Animals, From Foxes And Badgers, To Bears And Wolves. Some Of These Animals Have Formed Packs Too, Like A Wolf Pack Called Lotus Pack, Or A Badger & Mole Faction Called Dirtdiggers. The Forest Is Also Known To Have Spirits Wander Around Too.."

**We Have.:**
- Friendly Staff
- Bots

**We Are A Semi-Literate Server.**

Come On, Join Us, And Explore The Mysteries Of The Forest!
We’re a roleplay server that is revolved around mystical beings! We’re like a family and love roleplay. You can use any humanoid mystical being but if you aren’t too creative we have a list you can choose from!

Welcome to Bear Forest. Bear Forest is a general-community server that has been around for only a couple of days but we are rapidly growing! If you join now, you can get extra benefits when the server reaches 50 members!

A couple of different topics we have here:

General - Talk about a trending topic or anything you choose to chatter about!
Memes - For your enjoyment, we have the all-time favorite, MEMES! (Only the dankest, of course.)
NSFW - For you dirty people out there >:)
Giveaways - Win ranks, custom ranks, money anything you can imagine.
Economy - Bot related economy. Purchase ranks! Purchase items! Purchase anything you can!
Staff - We have active, helpful, and supportive staff here to help you anytime!
Bots – Come join our sever to play around with the many bots we have!

So how about you just come down and have a great time here in Bear Forest!
Witaj w Wesołym Zagajniku, jest to jedyny w Polsce serwer stworzony na podstawie prawa lasu. Nasz serwer jest w pełni ekologiczny i zachęca wszystkich mieszkańców lasu do dbania o środowisko.
W naszej społeczności znajdziesz administracje, która posiada duże doświadczenie w bytowaniu w leśnym organizmie i wciela zasady, i harmonię lasu na tym serwerze.
Dodatkowym zajęciem na serwerze jest łapanie heretyków - czyli zdrajcy lub osoby współpracujące z wrogami lasu.
Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany dobrą dyskusją to serdecznie zapraszamy na nasze wesołe bagno.
We are a fairly new group awaiting members! We hope you come and join us! We are a role play server with a chance to be any mythical creature you decide! Make friends, adventure, and much more in our group. We hope to see you soon!
The Amazon rainforest Discord server tries to spread awareness about the Amazon rainforests. We give tips on how you could help to save the rainforests. It is really important we save the lungs of the Earth before they disappear.
Welcome to the magical forest where you can be what you want there animals is protecting the forest from humans
Hello There! Welcome to Kayutsuki Forest, I'm Kayo, The owner of the woods. In this woods we have fun here!, Rivers, Nature Hikes, and waterfalls! We Do hope you camp or have a visit to us!
Hello..?.. Is anyone there...anyway..I'm park ranger Daniel, Someone was on the radio in one of the towers at night telling me there were some movement and noises near the campsite..Nobody was there..just trails of blood...There were rumors of rituals happening here....or worse...Anyway..I advise you to kee-
This city's far from a normal one. Nobody really knows why it happened but it did, one day people started showing up from . . . well, other dimensions, I suppose.
What all does this server have to offer?
-A city with just about all you need in it and a forest shrouded in mystery and abandoned government bases
-A very lenient character submission process, allowing for proper self expression
-Active and helpful staff available daily
-No lewds! Especially lolis! Or cubs even if Discord says it's okay!