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Forest Study Server
Study with over 1500 members around the world using the Forest app, dedicated to keeping you distracted from using your phone! Join us now :)
Welcome to: 🌳🌙 Lunar Forest 🌙🌳 !

Lunar Forest is a relatively new and semi-active SFW Discord server aimed mainly towards furries, although non-furs are welcome too!

🖌️Self-promotion available! Don't be afraid to show off📝
🚫Guarded by a simple verification process🚫

Here, we accept anyone and everyone. Regardless of your pronouns, preferences, interests and desires, we’ll all support you together; as a pack. So come on down and visit the mystical Lunar Forest, maybe even join our family.
You surely won’t regret it!

Discord ToS and rules apply; 13+ only.
Description for the server so far: Welcome!! We are a forest-themed teenager only server mainly for chilling and chatting with others. We are mainly based in the US but we also have members from all over the world. We have self-assignable roles. We host monthly events. We form partnerships with other servers
A study server that supports and organizes online study groups utilizing the 𝑷𝒐𝒎𝒐𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒐 𝑻𝒆𝒄𝒉𝒏𝒊𝒒𝒖𝒆.
✧ 24/7 Lofi Channel
✧ Text-Only Study Groups
✧ Screenshare
✧ Studying Challenges & Awards
✧ Custom Study Bots
✧ Forest App
✧ Cuckoo
In a land far away, there was a place where all creatures lived harmony until hunters came and started poaching the nearby area! Evil packs spread around and it is your job to try and survive this. Will you change the future with your actions? Or will you not? Only time will tell...
Join this study server to plant trees together with our users, add people for friendship achievements, show off your cool forest plots and more.
This server is based on the forest app from seekrtech (on android and iOS).
⚘ ══✿══╡°˖✧✿✧˖°╞══✿══ ⚘

Welcome to The Lewd Forest!

╰┈─➤ A lewd forest with lots of lewd members.(or normies whatever your taste is) We are an ERP/RP based server. If you are uncomfortable with in group lewdness or in group RPs/activities, STAY AWAY! We don’t accept DM requests! We are a welcoming community with friendly members who will bend to your needs.~ Come in meet some friends or have a quick fuck~ 17+ server only!

WE NOW HAVE role-play fights or combat role-play and a dark side to the forest.

We offer lots of things for our members~

|🌼| A warm, active & welcoming community.
|🌻| LOTS of RP & OOC channels to engage in!
|🌸| LGBTQ+ friendly & drama free!
|🥀| Bots to play around with. (Even lewd ones)
|🦋| {UPDATED} Aesthetically pleasing server & cute roles.
|🍀| Added lore. {NEW} Dark side added in for variety.
|✨| {ADDING MORE} 100+ fun and cute emotes.
|🌈| Lots of colors to use.
|🌷| Much more! You’ll have to come in and see for yourself~


We are trying our hardest to be active for you... Hopefully you’ll be the next step in helping us flourish, don’t be shy!~

Can’t wait to see you!~ ✨💖
This is a server where you can communicate, role play, and have fun with people that have the same interest as you. This is mainly going to be an RP server.

This server includes:
✨Non-limited Creativity✨
✨ Events✨
✨Non-judemental atmosphere✨
And much more!
hi! welcome to my forest roleplay where you can be whatever animal you want to and join my pack! we do all sort of stuff so yeah ❤️
A place to talk all forest and farm related topics. Ask for help, or just come hang out.
We also have a library of service manuals for farm/forest related equipment.
Welcome, seedling!
Sunshade Forest features a theme based on plants and nature. Start as a little seed and grow into a larger tree! Isn't it awesome?
If you are 'patient' and 'active enough' in this server, we can promise that you'll meet affectionate, friendly people. Join today and make our forest alive!

Important Note. We are currently looking for moderators who's fairly good at using bots!!

🌿 Features we have
· A total SFW environment(No NSFW allowed here)
· 8 unique level roles based on plants and trees
· Reaction roles to show what kind of person you are
· Lots of explanations and guides to help you in your first steps
· Modmail to directly and privately report/appeal etc
· Gatekeeper to prevent raiders, trolls, and bots
· A very talkative Owner(can't deny it)
· Yes, you! You are the VIP of the server! <3
Stay accountable, work and study with over 700 people from around the world! Corner of Conquests is dedicated to keeping you on track to be productive and achieve your goals 😊
There are 3 clans in this territory; Tundraclan, Tangleclan, and Twilightclan.
Twilightclan lives in mostly dark, white Tangleclan lives in the forest and comes out in daylight, and Tundraclann lives mostly on the moors.
What clan will you join and what will your story be?
Frostbite forest is a magical forest lost on the earth forever. This forest is older than human beings and no one knows how it came to be. It has borders that protect them from any humans or simple creatures. There is a problem, though. Wendigos. they always seem to pop up out of no where. especially the thing... a hybrid of an elf and a wendigo.
if you join the frostbite forest, you'll explore loads of adventure and fun. so don't wait! join frostbite forest and be another little fairy friend and have fun.
1. Do self roles first
2. If you chose pixie, fairy, or elf, role for your element
3. you must chose one of the creatures in self role. you ARE aloud to be half human half any of the roles if you have a good backstory.
4.if you would like to add a creature to the list, you are aloud to dm me openly without asking.
5. human figure means something with a human face. ex: druids, dryads, or nereids
6. creature figure means something like fur. ex: daemons, hybrids, (sometimes), or wendigos.
7. A hybrid is any two animals you want (except for druids) It could be part human, part whatever. As long as you put the two different species in your submission.
*{~+-+~}*I hope you enjoy my server!*{~+-+~}*
Witaj w Wesołym Zagajniku, jest to jedyny w Polsce serwer stworzony na podstawie prawa lasu. Nasz serwer jest w pełni ekologiczny i zachęca wszystkich mieszkańców lasu do dbania o środowisko.
W naszej społeczności znajdziesz administracje, która posiada duże doświadczenie w bytowaniu w leśnym organizmie i wciela zasady, i harmonię lasu na tym serwerze.
Dodatkowym zajęciem na serwerze jest łapanie heretyków - czyli zdrajcy lub osoby współpracujące z wrogami lasu.
Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany dobrą dyskusją to serdecznie zapraszamy na nasze wesołe bagno.
This is a Roleplaying server for people who just like roleplaying in a middle earth forest. Also, you can be any creature you want and/or have any power, as long as you don’t power play or even be overpowered.
This is a roleplay server like no other.
We have the following

- A easy template to follow.
- a seperate chat group
- great moderation
- Easy storyline
- slots open for important characters.
- small server so it's not overwhelming
- Roles you can choose from
And more! Can't wait to see you there!
🌳Welcome to Did You Ever Imagine.., a roleplay server! I’m so glad you stumbled upon us!🌳

🌳We welcome all people, of all ages!🌳

🌳Please be aware this is a strictly no NSFW server!🌳

🌳I hope to see you there!
"There lived a world, a world where humans did not exist nor did their buildings or anything of their legacy. Nothing but a small planet named Earth. The world was beautiful, left untouched by a creature who wanted to rule above all but it was rather lonely and bland. So, nature was allowed to flourish and within it flourished the children of mother nature. One by one, they sprung from the wet, bare dirt, with different forms. Some were tall and others small. At first, their appearances the same, a rich yet bland dirt color with nothing beautiful to it. Until, one by one, they were allowed to pick colors to paint themselves so that they could be a beauty of their own. By the end of it all, none looked alike. Yet even this did not seem to soothe their appetite for something to set themselves apart from the rest. Soon, they grew jealous of each other and from the jealously flourished a division of predators and prey. Now, in this beautiful yet dangerous haven, who should you pick to be?"
Hey reader! Welcome to Hearts or the Wild! Here we offer many things like:
-Kind Staff members
-LGBTQ+ Community
And more! Hurry and join! You'll be missing out!
Bonjour, vous cherchez un serveur The Forest détente ou vous pouvez faire de belle rencontre. Alors ce discord est fait pour vous ! Ce serveur permet de joué en amis ou entre joueurs à The Forest. Si vous êtes intéressés , rejoignez nous !
Hello and welcome to our little hideaway in the forest!
Right now our forest is still growing but we should have plenty for you to enjoy!
We offer
>many media channels featuring things like games, anime, memes, and more
>an nsfw channel that can house whatever your heart desires ;)
>several bots for you to mess around with
>and more!

We are still a relatively small server but were hoping that you can join your community, and help our forest grow!

P.s. srry I dont really know what to write here