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A small gaming server. We play CS:GO and Minecraft mainly, we have our own Minecraft server aswell.
Chilling hangout server for any Irish, British, Non-Irish and Non-British are welcomed! Men and women with knowledge in Gaelic and Britonnic languages such as Irish Gaeilge, Scottish Gaidhlig and Welsh are highly needed, including Irish and Scottish Gaelic learning.
We are a new Irish roleplay server join and become a successful businessman or a poor begger the options are limitless.
Casual server for people looking to hang out and play games, we also have our own esports teams. We also talk about PCs and other gaming things.
We are a new Discord server, with the hopes of creating a server including people from all around Ireland.
Little "roleplay" server where we just have some fun.
Flower Pot is an active and laid-back international LGBT community with a wide variety of channels including politics, gaming, and gay and straight NSFW. We aim to be a friendly and close-knit community sharing in various interests.
A server for Gypsy (roma) and Irish Travllers. Come join all are welcome.
Gallic Renaissance is a Irish right-wing political Discord inspired by /pol/.