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COSMIC STARS server is about a friendly community that loves spirituality. Maby you are new to spirituality or maby you know alot about it. Come join this server if you want to talk about spirituality and get help from other members.
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↳ ➤This community has the following amazing features:
⭐️~ Non-toxic & open community
🔢~ numerology
✋ ~ palmistry
🃏 ~ tarot reading
🌌~ astrology
🎨~ art channels
📻~ 24/7 ambient radio
🤖😸~ A cool spiritual cat bot
🌿~ off-topic channels
⭐️~ Teacher Q&A's
Welcome to Spiritual Family ❤️
Spiritual community come join! Help better yourself & help others. Come join our family 🌍
Willkommen auf der Wegkreuzung!

Der Server richtet sich an Menschen mit Interesse an Spiritualität, Magie und Religionen.
Wer sich zu diesen Themen mit anderen austauschen will ist willkommen. Sowohl Erfahrene als auch Anfänger sind gerne gesehen.

Konkret beschäftigen wir uns mit:

-Spirituellen, magischen, religiösen Menschen- und Weltbildern aus verschiedenen Traditionen und Kulturen von den Anfängen der Menschheit bis heute

-Methoden der Selbsterkenntnis

-Meditation, Energiearbeit, Divination (Orakel), Ritualen und anderen magischen Praktiken

Gelegentlich veranstalten wir Vorträge mit anschließenden Diskussionen:

-Themen werden ständig hinzugefügt, auch eigene können vorgeschlagen werden, bisherige kommen aus dem Bereich alter Kulturen, einschließlich der damaligen Sichtweise auf die Welt und den Menschen.
Insbesondere behandeln wir sie bezüglich ihrer spirituellen, magischen und religiösen Praktiken, und wie diese auch heute relevant und anwendbar sind, einschließlich psychologischer Aspekte.

Auf Wunsch gibt es praktische Anwendungen/Demonstrationen von Astrologie und Kartomantie:

-Kein Aberglaube, keine Scharlatanerie, kein TV- und Zeitschriftenniveau, sondern die Nutzung von Synchronizität, Reflexion und Analyse im psychologischen, spirituellen, empirischen Sinne.

Wir streben zwar NICHT gezielt "gewisse Themen" an, aber dennoch richtet sich der Server eher an Erwachsene, das heißt das Mindestalter ist 18, in Ausnahmefällen 16.

Lustig sein ist erlaubt und erwünscht, ABER Rassismus und sonstige Diskriminierungen haben Rauswurf zur Folge.
Identity manipulation is the process of teaching your brain to identify itself as more than one person, allowing some of your thoughts to feel like they are coming from another identity.

Have you ever heard of an author whose characters seem to act on their own? Have you ever noticed how you behave differently when surrounded by different groups of friends? These are common examples of the foundation of identity manipulation. By encouraging situations like these to occur, you can train your mind to habitually speak in another voice and with another personality, and you can create the impression that those thoughts are not your own.
Ce serveur aborde tous les sujets concernant la spiritualité ! [Voyages astraux, rêves lucides, magnétisme, méditation...etc] Mais un en particulier, la télékinésie/Psychokinésie (faculté de faire bouger les objets par la pensée).
Nous sommes une communauté sympa et amicale. Rejoignez nous ! ;-)
Weekly offerings of group meditation, resources to learn more about meditation and mindful living, as well as a community of people devoted to communicating compassionately and mindfully to create a mutual awareness and respect of each other and the environment while we walk step by step on the path of meditation.
This server is dedicated to the discussion and exchange of knowledge centered around the spiritual path and practice of Shamanism. We are not focused on any particular culture or people of the world and welcome all.

Remember that we all are brothers and sisters.
All people, beasts, trees and stone and wind.
Discord server for spirituality, new age esoteric discussions. If you are on a spiritual awakening journey or anything of the like, come join us. :) Meditation, witchcraft, astrology, energy work, etc.

We welcome the following but not limited to:
- witches/pagans
- mystics
- starseeds
- artists
- overall conscious individuals <3
Herzlich Willkommen im Tempel der Sonne!
Tretet ein und tauscht euch mit anderen spirituellen Menschen über viele verschiedene Themen aus.

Unsere Bereiche:
AKEs / OBEs / Astralreisen
Inkarnationserinnerungen / Rückführung
Remote Viewing
Transzendente Wesen

Zu dem gibt es zwei Gruppen:
- Eine Gruppenmeditationsgruppe
- Eine Shared Dreaming Gruppe

Wir verfügen über ein Reaction Role System, wodurch sich jedes Mitglied selbst aussuchen kann, auf welche Bereiche es Zugriff haben möchte.
‧⁺˚*・☾𝕆𝕗𝕗𝕚𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝 𝕄𝕚𝕟𝕕 𝔸𝕦𝕕𝕚𝕠 ℂ𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕒𝕝 𝔻𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕕 𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣☽・*˚⁺‧
✧ Friendly and active community
✧ Subliminal result chats
✧ Great moderators with experience handling drama
✧ Always open to suggestions and improvements
✧ MAC updates available on the server
✧ Sub maker uploads automatically shared
✧ LGBTQ+ and minority friendly
✧ Pronoun, username color, and announcement roles
See you there! :)
Welcome to the Transformational Meditation Group
Are you interested in meditation and want to do more than use meditation for relaxing purposes? Do you want to do more exciting stuff with meditation? Join our server and learn how to use meditation for transformation an manifestation. Join our meditations in Second Life live from discord and listen to recordings afterwards. Welcome!
A community of self-improvement focused people with diverse backgrounds and experience. If you're looking for a place with a growth mindset, come join us!
We are a community of meditators who come to discuss the challenges and benefits of meditation to help everyone grow. People of all beliefs and faiths are welcome, however these topics are not central the to server.

We host daily group meditations and have a friendly staff, so please come check us out! We want you to thrive!
>>Join our discord for all things Meditation & Mindfulness<<

Are you looking to develop habits that promote more happiness in your life?
We have channels for positive psychology practices, habit building, and much more, along with a warm, peaceful, and tightly knit community where you can easily make friends and enjoy yourself.

This community boasts the following amazing features:
🌸~ Involved and friendly team of staff
🌸~ Guided group meditations
🌸~ Weekly book club
🌸~ Weekly study group
🌸~ Level-based roles
🌸~ Non-toxic & open community
🌸~ Teacher Q&A's
🌸~ A cool meditation bot
🌸~ Cute emoji's
🌸~ Laughing Buddha memes

Find support and the tools you need to improve your life!
Share your insights, tips & tricks, and learn from others.
Everyone is welcome! We hope you will join us <3
Welcome to The Spiraling Void!

Have you been searching for a long-term hypnotic connection, as opposed to other servers that make you feel like you are having a one night stand, or are you experienced with hypnosis and looking to grow and share your knowledge? Well, we’re just what you’ve been looking for! Welcome to The Spiraling Void! We are a hypnosis-oriented server, which places our founding principles of Safety, Intimacy, Long-term interactions and Comfort at the forefront! Or SILC for short!

This is not a casual hypnosis server, we seek for long-term, lasting relations between subjects/hypnotees and hypnotists on the premise a pair click.

Our server offers you plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy. You will find spaces to meet and interact with new friends. We have places for you to share your experiences and seek input from those with similar roles. As well as rooms in which to play. For those seeking to learn more we have areas to help you grow. Now, all you simply have to do is take the first step and join and be willing to communicate.

We invite you to join a server of people looking for genuine hypnotic connections, and maybe make a friend or two along the way.

See you soon!

Note: We are an 18+ community and require verification prior to accessing the server.
Welcome to the official server for Witherer! Witherer is an up and coming subliminal maker on Youtube, and this server allows you to communicate both with him and other subliminals users as well!

-EXCLUSIVE subliminals for the discord only
-Live chat with other subliminal users
-Updates and announcements that only the discord will see
-Helpful members
-Subliminal requests!

So why not join us? We hope to have fun with you, so we can create our own reality together!
For those currently in their journey to reach their highest potential/self we welcome you to join our server!
A small server for those interested in practicing the art of lucid dreaming (the ability to control your dreams) in a friendly, tight-knit environment.

Book discussions
Dream interpretation
Dream Journal sharing space
Art and inspiration
Dream yoga and philosophical/theoretical discussions
Come learn or share what you know about the chakras, yoga, tarot, meditation, and astrology! Community bots to use and a friendly atmosphere.
The purpose of this server is to act as a safe gathering place for like-minded spiritual seekers and meditation enthusiasts.
This server is the best place to be if you want to know how to Astral project, lucid dream, meditate, or just chat with a community. The rules are clear and simple, and the Mod team is ALWAYS on your side first.

The server is also a universal hangout server!
Im Andrew, The owner of this server. It is my goal to make sure the people in the server get to where they need to be. :)

See ya there!