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COSMIC STARS server is about a friendly community that loves spirituality. Maby you are new to spirituality or maby you know alot about it. Come join this server if you want to talk about spirituality and get help from other members.
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A home for all of our kindred ~healers~ who are interested in expanding their crystal intelligence.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves; and so we come together here as sisters in a fanatic whirlwind of revelry and unbridled esctasy. Huzza sisters! We hope to include all modalities of healing and include Healing Classes, Intuitive Development Seminars, Past Life Regression, Guest Speakers, Healing Circles, and Meditation Soul Journeys. Connecting within allows us to connect with the world around us and experience peace, love, joy, abundance, and success in all that we do and to achieve all that our hearts desire. I want this to be our group and our community, so please suggest topics to explore or guest speakers from whom you would like to hear. We welcome you to the Altar of Avià ✞

Love & Light,
Charity, Solstice & Sapphira
Join our discord for all things Meditation & Mindfulness, non-affiliated. We have a book club, study group, group meditations and teacher Q&A's.
Share your insights, tips & tricks and learn from others. Everyone is welcome :)
This server is the best place to be if you want to know how to Astral project, lucid dream, meditate, or just chat with a community.
We are a brand new lucid dreaming server! Come along and share your lucid dreams, aswell as normal dreams! You can also come and learn how to lucid dream with our resource library.

Happy dreaming :)
Productive Pandas is Discord Server focused towards topics that enhance self growth and self mastery. If you are interested in discussing these things in a friendly setting, then this server is for you. We hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to the Transformational Meditation Group
Are you interested in meditation and want to do more than use meditation for relaxing purposes? Do you want to do more exciting stuff with meditation? Join our server and learn how to use meditation for transformation an manifestation. Join our meditations in Second Life live from discord and listen to recordings afterwards. Welcome!
Hello and thank you for checking out House of Healing! We're a community-focused group of people interested in the more easy-going areas of witchcraft. With focuses on meditation, yoga, and herbalism, as well as a frequently updated library, there's plenty to do!
A community for psychologists,psychotherapists,philosophers,medical professionals,cancer survivors.
Hello and a warm welcome to all new members, thank you for joining us, our server is the transcendence realm where through communication, meditation and personal discovery as well as other techniques, we will all take the journey together to become one with the cosmos and find meaning to many questions that we may have as a collective force and as individuals
We also have:
- Discord emotes for our server
- 50 changeable role colours
- Server rewards (and giveaways coming soon)
- A warm, loving and accepting staff group and server.
> Channels for music, art, films&tv, food&drink plus more

If you would like to check us out, and maybe even stay a little, we'd love to have you with us ❤

Permanent discord link:
welcome to fulfillment of mind we are a brand new community revolved around the spiritual including meditation, chakras, occult, astral projection, and many other topics we are a community with a open flow of knowable as well as fun games a PDF library friendly staff and much more
Die Themen dieses Servers sind Spiritualität und Magie. Alles von Meditation, über Energiearbeit, Divination(Kartenlegen, Astrologie usw.), bis Rituale kann hier besprochen werden. Profis sind genauso willkommen wie neugierige Anfänger. Stellt oder beantwortet Fragen, diskutiert und habt einfach eine gute Zeit mit Menschen, die sich für tiefere Ebenen des Seins interessieren anstatt nur an der Oberfläche zu kratzen.
Are you a Buddhist or interested in Buddhism? We welcome all schools and sects. You don't even have to be interested, just come and enjoy peaceful company and have fun!
Occult means hidden or unknown, Esoteric means Wisdom that is only understood by few. Initiation means One has Awakened to Awareness and Self Initiation means One has Awakened by himself. This is the great mystery One seeks through all Occultism, what is that Great Mystery the Allegories speak of. Oraculum of Compendium means A Prophecy of Knowledge and a Knowledge of Prophecies, this is a place where One can come and learn to discover who One truly is and take their first step into Spiritual Evolution.
Heyooo! This is a Discord Server where you can share your experiences and share your knowledge (like interesting articles or videos). Please be serious and have an open mind. Welcome to all people and all beliefs :)
A server for people interested in expanding and exploring their consciousness. Come discuss meditation, yoga, breathing, the occult, and many other spiritual practices!