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Grateful Kin (beta)

Welcome to the Grateful Kin music discussion, share space, and general chat Discord server!

A server based on classic psychedelic rock from the 60's & 70's and beyond, as well as music of all types and genres.
A place to share music, photos, crafts, hobbies, videos, and just about anything under the sun.
Centered around The Grateful Dead, camping, and the parking lot scene.

This server is currently under construction, but feel free to stick around and watch as updates are rolled out!

Grateful Kin is place to share music, photos, art, crafts, hobbies, videos, upcoming events, and just about anything under the sun.
We encourage people to share pictures, audio, and video from their personal outings to see live music, as well as clips from the past of their favorite live sets and studio albums.

Server features:
Tons of self-assignable color roles!
Including expression roles, Grateful Dead themed honor badges, and wristbands!

Plenty of bots for playing games, quick access to various types of information, and listening to music!
Multiple voice channels for listening to music in party mode as a group or by yourself if that's your thing!
Separate voice channels to play your own live music and receive feedback on your playing style!

We have a vendor's section!
Visit Shakedown Street to show off your own music, art, and crafting creations or to share links to your personal vending profile.

More to come in the days ahead!
Hallo zusammen!
Dieser Server richtet sich an alle openminded ppl da draußen, die über 18 sind.
Wir sind auf der Suche nach mehr Hippies für unseren kleinen virtuellen Kult :kappa:

Die großen Themen dieses Servers sind:
- Cannabis/Drogen + Legalisierung
- Feminismus
- Veganismus
- Philosophie
- Kunst

Für weitere Themen sind wir alle sehr offen!

Peace out meine friedlichen Genossen und Genossinnen!
Gaia erwartet euch, um euch mit Rosen überschütten zu können... oder so :3
Hey everyone! This is a server meant for talk about weed for those who use it recreationally or medically. It’s also a general talking place for anyone! Feel free to join :D
This server is for "Bohemians". What that means can be rough. If you somehow generally fit under it though, you're welcome to join. This server is generally for "Bohemian" Teens, but as long as nothing weird happens, anyone is allowed.
mature community of individuals that play a wide variety of different games such as; Rainbow 6, FiveM, MW, Minecraft, CS:GO, PUBG, Rust, Battlefield and so on... Feel free to join in on the fun with us.
Currently maining Rainbow6.
This is a newer server ment for everything vintage and hippie!
Run buy a hippie chick stuck in the 70s, im super open to adding new channels and roles <3
Everything from clothes, youtube videos, classic cars, and more!
Hello psychedelic Babes ❣️🍄🌿
Are you interested in a positive energy , self love server? Well then why not join this one! We are just a small general server filled with friendly people & positive energy. We have plenty of things to offer such as :
•Fun roles
•Many channels such as : Music channels , psychedelic channels , crystal energy , positivity & support.
•Friendly owners & staff
•Cool emotes
•Jam sessions
•And many other things to offer! We are open to any suggestions
If this is something that interests you then please feel free to join Alien Babe 👽
Fox Squad is a discord for you and your friends to come and have fun! For furries and normal people alike. And we do not work on any political biases here, we promise you will not be silenced. Please read the rules and have fun! ^^