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Chill Family is a place where you can come and hang out with us! We treat each other like family, and welcome you in our beautiful arms!

We are looking for anime/gaming fans to help us create a friendly family community!

We have channels for gaming, anime, music, voice chats, bots and we host giveaways! We are ready to start the journey with you guys <3 (13+)
We love to meet you soon,

Chill Family Team ~

Hello fellow people. We are a lovely and caring server. We may be small now but with your help, we can grow. If you want to help Suicidal or depressed people then this Server is for you. If you have depression or suicidal thoughts then this place is also for you :3
Any Trolls or Spammers will have a permanent ban.
We are a friendly discord server that strive to improve and better every day!
Active members who are kind and happy to talk whenever! Join for some positive vibes <3

Owner is also a YouTuber and streamer!
youtube: /betrayeryt
twitch: /betrayeryt
A pretty chill server where you can bring your positivity and also;
🔰Talk to over 1000 people active at almost any time!
🔰Give yourself a self-role to help explain who you are!
🔰Advertise your discord to make it much bigger!
🔰Play Pokecord with many others to catch them pokemon!
🔰Play DiscordRpg and gather them lemons!
🔰Listen to music or talk to other people in voice chat!
🔰Partner with me easily!
🔰Play a Trivia game to prove you are smarter than many others!
🔰And much More
We Love To Be Positive So Join In! Make Concepts And Chat With Others In The This Welcoming, Positive Server.
Hello, and welcome to The Compound X

This is a fun relaxed server, where you can hang out and make new friends, we have a number of things that can appeal to many users!

-We have fun friendly staff to handle any of your needs
-Bots to keep the fun going (Including Tatsumaki, Miki, Rythm, and many more)
-Our very own NSFW channel, where you can post all NSFW related posts! (Limited to 18+)
-A leveling system where you can earn merits and gain levels, just for chatting in the server!
-A meme channel where you can post and steal memes!

The owner is Ace Games#9714

This server is chill and very fun, we dont have, or inforce many rules, we ask that you be respectful and follow commonsense!
New server for music, gaming, and just all around positive and chill vibes.
Greek gods is the theme, tho all the roles are kinda off theme now lol. We have a money bot where you can either work and be a lower class citizen or... GAMBLE YOUR MONEY AWAY!! You can buy most roles for the money you get from the bot, when you talk you gain rank and thus gain roles and each role has an income.
A new comfy server for Filipino-Gamers from different parts of the world to connect with other gamers! (^o^)/ Other ethnicities are welcome too♡
We are a soul family catering for all that lead a mystical and psychic pathway, we are a study group but a laid back one, relaxed, but friendly. Respect and Mindfulness ought to be key as we are opening our home to you. No negativity, no group wars or site drama, and no egos. Thank you.
Welcome to Good Boys!
We are a new Community based on gaming, artwork and similar.
We are currently trying to get many members so we can start an active community. We listen to our community so that's why we add things that not only we want but also what you want.
we are a fun server dedicated for chatting with friends or making friends! :D admins and mods are very respectsfull and if u dont have friends, we will make sure you get some ;3
our server is all about spreading positivity! we have art channels, music, bots, and more! we would love it if you joined us!
This server was created for all cosplayers who just wanted to talk and hang out.
The future of inclusive gaming!
We are proud gamers who know having fun comes before being the best. With an emphasis on being social and helping one another. We know that the gamer playing the game is just as important as the games themselves.
My server is all about positivity and helping each other out to discover new things that come and go. We also have an lfg channel that can help people find groups for any game. Come in and have a fun experience