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A safe space for trans people of all ages and identities to hang out, talk about their interests, and other trans related subjects, as well as non-trans related subjects, whatever really as long as it doesn't break the rules, I can't tell you what to talk about, I'm not your mom.

A place where everyone and anyone can join!

🥰 What’s so special about this server?🥰

- This is a place where anyone can freely state their opinions

- Great way to make new friends and form long term relationships! New server so you can easily make friends!

- Cool bots and channels!

- Supervision is 24/7 so whenever you have a problem, we will be there to fix it!

- Positive Community!

- We are always looking for suggestions for our channels!

🥰 What’s more to come from this server?🥰

- More fun bots and channels are coming! (Study, Gaming, and aki coming soon!)

- A feedback/report channel to be added for server problems or server suggestions!
✿ Choco is a new and growing sweet server! We are sweet, kind and a welcoming community! Join us to have some fun and make a bunch of new sweet friends! ✿
This is a small, closely knit community for support around mental health. Everyone 18+ is certainly welcome!

We are a positive environment with a lot of experienced members in mental health. You'd be surprised to see how effective some of our ideas are! We love new members because it keeps our server healthy. We hope you find a home with us.
Hello fellow people. We are a lovely and caring server. We may be small now but with your help, we can grow. If you want to help Suicidal or depressed people then this Server is for you. If you have depression or suicidal thoughts then this place is also for you :3
If you can’t join, message me: CutieCat05#7181
Any Trolls or Spammers will have a permanent ban or use this invite:
Schlappy's Laid Back Camp is a friendly & welcoming community focused on anime & gaming! Chat with similar minded people & make new friends!
•Discuss Anime
•Discuss Manga
•Anime and Manga Recommendations
•Discuss Games
•Game Recommendations
Hello! I'm StoryMakerUpper! I'm the owner of this sever and i'm inviting everyone to join me for some chill and positive vibes. We're all just dorks tryna fit in. I got dinner rolls, dank memes, and beans. Guys, beans.
heliophilia; an attraction or adaptation to sunlight, as the sunflower.

[ heliophilia is a server focused on positivity and happiness. we have a kind and warm community, and all ages, races, genders, sexualities, etc. are accepted! ]

「 36 different assignable roles! 」
「 tons of events such as giveaways, movie nights, and contests! 」
「 clubs to chat about the things you like such as anime, literature, and gaming! 」
「 a welcoming and supportive community you can always turn to! 」

join today! (^:
This server is for people to make friends and talk about things they love in a friendly setting. Some of us are a bit crackheaded but chill. We have places for discussions and for sharing things you have created.
Welcome to the Amazeballs Clan! This is a friendly community, with lots of bots to mes around with, People to talk to about Gaming,Anime + More! There's loads of exclusive roles that you can earn overtime. And we do giveaways aswell. Looking for ideas to help revamp the server
Welcome , I made this server to create a chill place for members to relax and talk like normal human beings for once. Shitpost as you like, just don't be toxic to others.
Open to all feedback and suggestions. Also, Mudae
Official server for Vanquished Misfits
Become a Vanquished Misfit
`✧༺༻∞ Information For 𝓖𝓲𝓻𝓵𝔂! ∞༺༻✧
This is intended to be a civil, chill, positive server for people to hang out!
There's many people here already who have been here for many months already and we have over 100+ members, hoping to gain more, while gaining more activity!
There's staff applications open ranging from Moderators, Partnerships, and event teams.
We ARE open for Partnerships if you're joing to do that just DM the highest rank there is that is staff.
─── ∙ ~εïз~ ∙ ──
This server includes. . .
❥Many Cute emotes
❥Online/active members
❥Low moderation/not-very-strict rules.
❥Bots for your entertainment/personal channels specifically for their use.
❥Allows Multilingual Chatter. (Specific Channel.)
❥Events held every so month.
❥Aesthetic Pings from me~

◜ ◝

ᴵⁿᵗʳᵒ: ᴮᵒʸ ᴹᵉᵉᵗˢ ᴱᵛⁱˡ

1:05 ───|────── 2:53

|◁ II ▷|

∞ ↺

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %

◟ ◞
Come one, come all the lovely unicorns of discord!!! if you feel like you don't belong anywhere you go, this is the server for you. If you feel depressed and need a cheering uping, this is the server for you. If you're a bit of a multiplicity, this is a server for you. This server is for the lonely unicorns out there looking for positivity and love they always needed. We're a small server, but we'll always be active
A pretty chill server where you can bring your positivity and also;
🔰Talk to over 1000 people active at almost any time!
🔰Give yourself a self-role to help explain who you are!
🔰Advertise your discord to make it much bigger!
🔰Play Pokecord with many others to catch them pokemon!
🔰Play DiscordRpg and gather them lemons!
🔰Listen to music or talk to other people in voice chat!
🔰Partner with me easily!
🔰Play a Trivia game to prove you are smarter than many others!
🔰And much More
↬ Do you want a safe and interactive server where you can be free to be yourself? Then Dak's Den is just for you!

↬ Chat with all sorts of people and meet new friends!

↬ Participate in special raves in our music channels!

↬ Join partnered servers or even partner with us on your own!

↬ Take a ride on the wild side and take a look at the NSFW channel!

↬ Climb our ranks by talking and being active!

↬ Looking to diversify our server with new members of any origin!

↬ Members: 100+

↬ Owner: Dakky
In creating The Straggler's Den,
I hope to establish a hospitable
community that can share art, share
music, share all the things of the
creative sort. I aim for us to
be a community that can come
together and be positive and
supportive of each other. So,
we are here and I welcome you,
my fellow Stragglers of the web.
This is just a chill and positive type server. Meeting new people and such. Hopefully this server will grow bigger as time flies by~
You have come across a server that has no purpose :D
Come join now, and help find this server it's meaning of life.
This is a very chill server, with somewhat a lot of bots and very positive people. It's based a lot of Slavic memes and cars.
We respect everyone and anything. We will try to help if you need support.
basically socialize with others who make music and art, or just listen/ look at it :)
New server for music, gaming, and just all around positive and chill vibes.
It's all in the name, and why not join and try making new friends?
We Love To Be Positive So Join In! Make Concepts And Chat With Others In The This Welcoming, Positive Server.
Hello, and welcome to The Compound X

This is a fun relaxed server, where you can hang out and make new friends, we have a number of things that can appeal to many users!

-We have fun friendly staff to handle any of your needs
-Bots to keep the fun going (Including Tatsumaki, Miki, Rythm, and many more)
-Our very own NSFW channel, where you can post all NSFW related posts! (Limited to 18+)
-A leveling system where you can earn merits and gain levels, just for chatting in the server!
-A meme channel where you can post and steal memes!

The owner is Ace Games#9714

This server is chill and very fun, we dont have, or inforce many rules, we ask that you be respectful and follow commonsense!