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A server for people who love the fashion, music and the culture of the era of Paradise Garage. 1977-1987.

Genres include: Disco, funk, soul, electro, synth-pop, new-wave, Hi-NRG, post-disco, r&b, house and many more.

The only server devoted to club music on Discord.
Here is where we talk about different types of music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s! INCLUDING THE EARLY 00’S!!!
A server dedicated to the band Supertramp! We welcome all fans!
•Relaxed but fun and caring staff
•Many roles
•Fun channels to discuss Supertramp and other music, whether that be through showing off your vinyl collection to talking to fellow fans! We have a lot of ways to share your love for Supertramp and music!
Welcome to « The Queen Discord », as you can guess from the name, we are a server dedicated to the British band who rocked the entire world: Queen! Everyone knows a track or two, so why not come around and join us?

Discuss anything from their music, the related side projects or have a chat with our close-knit community! Let us entertain you with our ranked roles, bools, and listening events! See you there!
A server all about CCR! Hang out with fellow CCR fans and have a discussion! Drop by to see what we're up to!
Welcome to The Wall! We're all about Pink Floyd and their album of this name. Join us to discuss, post or even joke with us about the album. We'll be waiting for you!
*Ah Yes,The Sixties,A time where Racism Was around for many,WW2 Just ended,Soldiers were coming home to their wives,Wives Who were expected to stay home,cook and clean for their family*

~ Welcome to your life There's no turning back~ *Though the 1950s was in many ways a period of conformity with traditional gender roles, it was also a decade of change, when discontent with the status quo was emerging.
Popular culture and the mass media reinforced messages about traditional gender roles, consumer culture, and the Cold War ideal of domesticity, but the reality of women’s lives did not always reflect these ideals.*

~Even while we sleep We will find You acting on your best behavior~

*African American women faced particular difficulties in the pursuit of postwar material abundance and the “American dream.” Popular portrayals of ideal femininity and home life ignored the lives of minority women and families.*

~Turn your back on mother nature,Everybody wants to rule the world~

*The 1950s is often viewed as a period of conformity, when both men and women observed strict gender roles and complied with society’s expectations. After the devastation of the Great Depression and World War II, many Americans sought to build a peaceful and prosperous society. However, even though certain gender roles and norms were socially enforced, the 1950s was not as conformist as is sometimes portrayed, and discontent with the status quo bubbled just beneath the surface of the placid peacetime society. Although women were expected to identify primarily as wives and mothers and to eschew work outside of the home, women continued to make up a significant proportion of the postwar labor force.*

~It's my own design It's my own remorse~

*Now,Imagine,What would it be like if Something Were To Wreck it?*


~Help me to decide Help me make the most Of freedom and of pleasure~

*Some mysterious force of will broke the timeline between the 50’s,60’s ,70’s and 80’s,Like,The Barrier between the generations break and they all get sent to the fifties,Unaware of what's going on.Would they ever be the same? What would life be like if a male from the 80’s Fell for a girl From the 50’s? Having the Girl Be Almost Dumbfounded when she doesn't have to cook and clean and practically be a housewife? How would the Generations Adjust?*

~Nothing ever lasts forever,Everybody wants to rule the world~

*19 years later, after this barrier's 1969, a new generation must carve their way through. The once teenagers when it first happened are now adults with their own children, the children are teens. Now that the civil rights movement is raging along with the Vietnam war and other protests, everybody has realized their fate of never getting’s not very different anymore.*
Blue Öyster Cult is an American rock band formed in Stony Brook, New York in 1967, perhaps best known for the singles " The Reaper", "Burnin' for You", "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll", and "Godzilla." Blue Öyster Cult has sold more than 24 million records worldwide, including 7 million in the United States alone.
Welcome to Sunrise Diner!
This is a 50-70's (SFW) themed server!
We have:
-Self assign roles
-Friendly staff
-Music bots
-LGBT Safe-space
-Homework help and school channels
-And more :)
Welcome to Blustar Springs!
Chances are you've moved here because you wanted to get away from the confines of your city life, or you just wanted to settle down in a quiet town in Oregon! Well, look no further than Blustar Springs! We have everything covered for you, and there's definitely no secret underground groups here!

This roleplay server takes place during the 1970s, or, atleast, it looks like that from inside the town. For some reason, its almost as if the town itself was trapped in time, no one uses cellphones or computers, and cars are vintage, for instance people use Ford Mustangs, Volkswagen Beetles, etc, you get the point.

What we offer:
-A welcoming community that will help any newcomers that find this interesting
-Several bots for fun use, as well as music
-NSFW free
-One liner, semi-literate, and literate roleplayers are welcome! Your skill doesn't matter; as long as you have fun!

And as always, have loads of fun!
✰ 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠, 𝕨𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕤𝕚𝕟! ✰

welcome to that 70's server, a retro roleplay server that takes place in the small town of point place, wisconsin. you can do almost anything here in point place, as we offer:

♫ an inclusive and welcoming community
♫ a wide variety of 1970's-themed roleplay opportunities
♫ fun roleplay events for everyone to participate in
♫ the chance to join our staff team
♫ and much more!

stop on by and check us out!
Hey! Do you like 70's music? Do you call yourself a hippie? Please Join this server then! You won't regret it! 16+
A server where you can listen to oldies music! We also have many other channels to communicate with others.

Hello, welcome to Haverhill! A small humble town located in London, England. We hope you enjoy your time here and make sure to ignore those foolish kids who still believe in that mythical monster in the lake... Crazy, right?

Some things our server has to offer:

↳ LGBT+ Safe
↳ NSFW content stays in the NSFW channel
↳ Spectator role
↳ Request to have a Category for your own residence
↳ Roleplayers can be 2-liners +
↳ A huge range of shops and occupations for your character, and part-time jobs
↳ A simple and easy template for OC submission
↳ We have Tupperbot

This server is very, nay incredibly new, please take into consideration that some things might not be complete. This also means that at the moment the number of people in the server might not be that much, but we are slowly growing. Thank you!
meme server for people who like *looks at smudged writing on hand* lead zipper
it's 1976 and the NYPD and the F.B.I are trying to take down the mariano family so strap in for a wild fucking ride
This is the unofficial Van Halen server! everyone in this server is a fan of Van Halen (i hope) So you can make new friends.
For Music lovers & Roleplayers alike! A niche little place for those of you who love both!
A teeny tiny server for the discussion of pre-2000s anime.
Please help us grow and share your love of old school animation.
Channels are available for the 60s through 90s so no matter what decade you are into we have you covered!