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Hello everyone! We're a relatively big community server with 6 years under our belt and our very own bot called Beemo! Along with a Warframe clan that's also looking into creating alliances with other clans, if you're into Warframe, looking for a clan or looking to create alliances, join up! We currently have one alliance going and even a hub server where all clans can interact with each other!

Note: The clan is only on PC!

We also have our very own public dedicated server for Minecraft, our world is pretty new, and is running on Java 1.14.4. The world covers {Survival} {Creative} {KitPvP} {Shops} {Grief Protection}.

We're also a fun gaming oriented community with a broad scope of interests also included: anime (*Ahem* JoJo), community events, and more!
The Uncharted Stars delves into a world that is home to an old, never touched generation of the Clans. Taking place in the forest territories we all know and love, TUS centers around the five original Clans as they struggle to live in the harsh world of wild-cats.

TUS allows you to..
- Create your own character and join one of the five original Clans
- Roleplay with others that love the Warriors series
- Act out elaborate plots and prophecies
- Become a high rank, or a snag a spot on the staff team
Warriors: Hidden Shadows

In the forest, mountain and on the island three Clans many moons ago build their camps becoming PetalClan, BerryClan and DoveClan, living in peace for many generations and for many generations to come they hope. Maybe they aren't aware of the danger that is threatening the existence of the Clans.

It has been peace in the forest for many generations. Maybe it is a bit too peaceful? The cats of the dead is lurking in the shadows, growing strong where no one is seeing. The places where no one has been before. The place where the cats more evil than in the dark forest go. Banished from the land in StarClan and The Place Of No Stars. The dead is rising...

Now it's up to you. Which path will you choose? Who's side will you pick?

• Open for partnerships
• LGBTQ+ friendly
• Nice members
Hello! Welcome to Warrior Cats - The Great Divide

You're probably wondering why we want you to join our server but trust me I'll tell you all about it?

We have

-Fun bots

-All five clans

-Friendly staff

-Cute emojis


-Will be having running plots all the time when we get a bit more members, (Like 20)

We've also made sure that we have all of the right channels to guarantee that you have great experience but also have a suggestions channel.

We hope to see you here!
🔥 Ember Falls 🔥
😃・Friendly, active, and non-toxic community!
🎨・Position level ranking! Self-assignable roles!
🤖・A bunch of fun, interactive and music bots!
🎉・Giveaways and weekly events!
🎎・Super friendly and helpful staff!
💥・A bunch of cool and animated emotes!
💬・Active text and voice channels! Plus advertising channels!
🌍・Non-English text channel
💰・Server Economy!
🤝・Always accepting partnerships! Hiring staff also!
📢・And MORE!
We are always striving for the satisfaction of all our members!
So give it a try and join us, you might even enjoy it here! 💖
Captain Clan
What we offer:
- A positive community of non toxic gamers including pros that are active
- A place to promote your YouTube or twitch
- Clan wars, custom games, scrims, and zone wars
Join our Discord for more information about joining one of our teams!
Compete as one of three Factions to collect the most Bacti. PvP other players! Discord bot game, no download necessary. Based on BlackBox, A Tamagotchi inspired game with jrpg/pokemon style gameplay! Raise your pet to fight! All pets are unique.
Hey salut, c'est Holome et je vous propose de rejoindre mon serveur Discord pour vivre de nouvelles expériences ;)
Long ago,the great ancestors lived on Qiokaghar in a single clan led by the great chieftain,Ratagan.Ratagan's four sons were always divided among eachother,each wanting to rule the land in their own way which clashed against their fellow brothers'ideas.When their father's death finally came they waged war on one another,splitting the land into four,the war lasted for years,the brothers'thirst for blood getting larger and larger until each of their people decided it was enough and ended the war with a forced peace.Three hundred years later the orcs of the four lands are still split,but no longer only by culture and land,but by looks and actions,the lands they lived in shaping them to fit it.Each year the four clans meet up in the Ancestors'circle,the land that has been said that all of the orcs originate from it,to celebrate peace and prosperity among the clans while also making ammends with eachother in case there have been issues.......but peace can't last forever can't it?These past years the clans have battled eachother in teritorial disputes although trading between the clans is flourishing,but the yearly meetings between the four clans have always gotten tenser and tenser...war might rage through this land once again..

Which clan are you going to be part of?
Hey! You there! Aerilon Clan needs a demigod like you! Join us and help Aerilon clan Thrive! Welcome to the strongest clan of demigods to ever exist!
This server is based on Egyptian gods/goddesses. You get to choose from 5 different residences. There are tons of open spots right now, just for you! Join now for some fun and exciting events!
Two Clans... Each different in their own moralities, structure and will upon their world and what's around it. Will you choose to join The Willows or RidgeClan...? The felines lurking in the forest or those on the hilltop? It's time for you to make your choice.

__**What Does My Server Have?!**__

Come join now if you're interested :D

Céleste est une grande île divisée en quatre différents types de lieu : montagnes, désert, forêts, vastes plaines. Chacun de ces lieux comportent un clan. En montagne, celui du Pégase, en plein désert, celui de l’Hydre, en plaines, celui du Cygne et en forêt, celui du Loup. Ces clans ont été créés après une grande attaque d’un gang, il y a mille ans pour établir des guerriers dans chaque région. Trois grandes villes ont été bâties : Ice Peak, Central Valley, et Dark Wood. Aussi, au centre de l’île, se trouve un temple, un temple qui est là depuis des millénaires, personne ne connaît sa fonction. Des mages et des astronomes y enquêtent et pensent qu’il s’agirait d’un point de visualisation des étoiles. Mais est-ce vrai ? De plus, de nos jours, des hors-la-loi attaquent des villages, pillent. Personne, n’en connaît la source. Arriverez-vous à découvrir ces mystères ? C’est à vous d’en décider...

🎭 Un serveur RPG sur le thème de la fantasy.
🗡️ Un staff très accueillant, à l'écoute et souvent présent !
🏹 De nombreux salons explicatifs ainsi que des salons appropriés pour chaque lieu du RP.
🤖 Des salons pour t'amuser avec les bots, partager des gifs, écouter de la musique, discuter avec la communauté...
🎁 Des animations organisées régulièrement par le staff pour se divertir et pour gagner des rôles personnels, débloquer de nouvelles fonctions dans le RP...
⚔️ Des évents dans le RP préparées par les fondateurs.

Alors rejoins nous et entre dans le monde Célestin qui t'attend !
This takes place in the City of Agrion. Though this appears to be a wonderful city, welcoming and inviting, it can be quite the contrary. Split by the Mother Tree in the center of the city, and surrounded by the walls outlining this metropolises, is two large Dynasties fighting for control over the city. We have the South side, led by the Rat clan, and the North led by the Polar Bear clan.

While the North currently control the city, the South is fighting desperately to take hold. This is a silent war, waged behind the curtains of society. You will be appointed to one of the 24 clans available to you. There are 12 on each side. Which clan you are filed into will determine your abilities and role in the society.

The question now is: Who will you be loyal to?

~ You can RP as an OC, or yourself!
~ Extremely active and helpful staff
~ Heavily organized role play channels
~ Connected universe with a detailed culture and lots of visuals to help
~ Interesting plot filled with mysteries
~ Mee6 leveling system and Marriage Bots to make it even more realistic
~ Areas and clans that you have authority over
~ A variety of different jobs to occupy
~ 24 clans to pick from!
~ Voice channels to laugh and discuss strategies with your clan members
☆𝓣𝓱𝔂 𝓐𝓷𝓬𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓡𝓮𝓲𝓰𝓷☆

The dawn of the tribes occurred once thy ancient felines inhabited the island, many centuries ago. These ancestors did not originate on the volcanic land, they traveled to the untouched domain due to a vision for their upcoming generations:
The arrival of the 'Ancients.'
Three cats created tribes based on their skills and name; Tribe of Lapping Tides, Tribe of Twisting Vines and the Tribe of Scorching Stones. Their disagreement caused bias and rage within the ranks of the tribes and brutal skirmishes continue to plague their battling borders.
Now, a new omen lingers ahead:
☆All will Hunger
Tribe against Tribe in a War for Quarry
Blood against Blood,
Kin versus Kin☆

⊱ ────── {☆What we offer☆} ────── ⊰

✧ Are LGBTQ+ friendly
✧ Semi-lit and Literate Roleplays
☆ Open High Ranks
☆ Fun Roleplays
☆ Creative Plots
☆ A Great Community
☆ Freedom To Explore The Island!

Join us!! :)
Warriors is a family friendly Warrior Cat roleplay following ScarletClan or CryptClan!

⥽ ScarletClan, hard-working and strong, often rude felines
⥽CryptClan, crazed blood thrived Clan that's rebuilding.

⥽ Semi-Advanced, paragraph style 
⥽ Easy for beginners to pick up
⥽ LGBT+ Friendly
⥽ Tabletop-roleplay style hunting mechanics!

⥽ Open High Ranks
⥽ A growing, welcoming and friendly community

ScarletClan: With new leadership ScarletClan thrives and is making itself well known. They now face a dark force building up behind their backs. One is just along their border the other lurks within and seems to hold a great threat.

CryptClan: Building up their clan they have discovered a helping hand from the leader of the Dark Forest. Him and a small group wish to help the cats help the clan and cause some trouble along the way.

Which will you join?
Open higher ranks
Open ranks to help make create or even give ideas for making roleplays for everyone
Friendly and rebuilding!

There are events for all rounds between roleplay and movie nights or game nights!
Welcome to World Nation RP! We are a MCPE military community that have a cool world map to make a military clan and conquer as much land you can get! Join a military or make one (needs to follow requirements). Enjoy large-scale battles and a active community!
Bonjour et bienvenue !
Si vous êtes un fan incommensurable de La guerre des clans, ou que vous adorez tout simplement les chats, l'Aube des clans vous ouvre ses portes.
Le Clan des sables, le Clan des neiges, le Clan de la brume et le Clan du lac n'attendent plus que vous dans leur rang. Choisissez votre rôle, écrivez votre histoire, et entrez dans une toute nouvelle aventure.
A bientôt j'espère, jeune boule de poils !
The Iron Order of Saladin Discord was created to unite both the clans and players of Destiny on Xbox. We are currently the biggest Destiny Xbox discord at 1200! We provide lfg, clans (if you need one), free recoveries to 2100, free raid help, and other help with exotic quests. Join Now!
This server was started to bring everyone who loves the UNSC and the clan community together to help better the community.
welcome to the LxT clan! in this clan we dont add you by your kd or wins, we add you by doing tryouts and edit course's! we have different leagues for different levels; professional, intermediate and casual. all we ask for is that you have a working mic and is active!
You wake up, finding yourself in a starry landscape. To the left is a white sheet of snow, and to the right is a lush pine forest, where you see a cave in the distance.
Two cats step up to you from either side. One is a white tom with ice blue eyes. The other is a black she with an off-white stripe over her blind white eyes.
"Welcome to Cocai, traveler." One speaks, but their mouths don't move.
"It is now time to choose your future." The other speaks now.
Whispering voices begin to grow louder.
"It is time to decide your fate."

Welcome to Clans of Caves and Ice, also known as The Land of Cocai!
Here you can join ZeroClan, the clan of Ice and below-zero temperatures...
Or MirrorClan, the clan of Caves and dark nothingness.

We are a new server, just starting up, and still in a bit of a W.I.P.

Come, and decide your future.

~ Welcome! We're an accepting server, with highroles still open, and looking for active members! We hope you enjoy your stay! ~

May the Stars of Fate guide your paws in your Journeys, traveler.