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Hello everyone! We're a relatively big community server with 6 years under our belt and our very own bot called Beemo! Along with a Warframe clan that's also looking into creating alliances with other clans, if you're into Warframe, looking for a clan or looking to create alliances, join up! We currently have one alliance going and even a hub server where all clans can interact with each other!

Note: The clan is only on PC!

We also have our very own public dedicated server for Minecraft, our world is pretty new, and is running on Java 1.14.4. The world covers {Survival} {Creative} {KitPvP} {Shops} {Grief Protection}.

Note: Our Minecraft server is currently on hold.

We're also a fun gaming oriented community with a broad scope of interests also included: anime (*Ahem* JoJo), community events, and more!
▼ Dedicated Channels! ▼

▷PC 💽 & Console 🎮

▷Mobile 📱
✔Battle Bay
**Game Bots! Music! Memes!**

*Pokemon Gyms and Badges!*

▼**Join us Here!**▼

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The barrier holds us all in this blank space. Its impossible to find our way out. You, brave traveler, could be the one to set us free.

Revenant Barriers is an RP server with lots here and lots more to come. Feel free to drop by and take a look around.
As little as a few generations ago, four groups of cats became Clans, after the original clans fell apart. MeadowClan, of the moorland, RockClan, of the cliffs, StreamClan, of the river, and NightClan, of the pine forest- These four Clans have formed in these lands.

Now, the question remains- will they last? Or will they crumble like the first clans. What will become of these Clans, only a few generations old and still finding their place in the world? Still developing their ways?

Join us, become one of these early Warriors, and find out! You shape the story!

- This roleplay is new, and many ranks are still open.

-This community is LGBT+ friendly, so please don’t judge anyone, and over just be kind to everyone on the server, even if you disagree with somebody.

- With this roleplay being based on a set of very early Clans, there is a ton of potential for the roleplay itself to shape how the Clans evolve and change! No Clan is truly set in their ways yet- it's up to each Clan's cats to forge its path. Every cat has a chance to become a legend.
☆𝓣𝓱𝔂 𝓐𝓷𝓬𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓡𝓮𝓲𝓰𝓷☆

The dawn of the tribes occurred once thy ancient felines inhabited the island, many centuries ago. These ancestors did not originate on the volcanic land, they traveled to the untouched domain due to a vision for their upcoming generations:
The arrival of the 'Ancients.'
Three cats created tribes based on their skills and name; Tribe of Lapping Tides, Tribe of Twisting Vines and the Tribe of Scorching Stones. Their disagreement caused bias and rage within the ranks of the tribes and brutal skirmishes continue to plague their battling borders.
Now, a new omen lingers ahead:
☆All will Hunger
Tribe against Tribe in a War for Quarry
Blood against Blood,
Kin versus Kin☆

⊱ ────── {☆What we offer☆} ────── ⊰

✧ Are LGBTQ+ friendly
✧ Semi-lit and Literate Roleplays
☆ Open High Ranks
☆ Fun Roleplays
☆ Creative Plots
☆ A Great Community
☆ Freedom To Explore The Island!

Join us!! :)
The Uncharted Stars is an active, literate, long-term Warrior Cats roleplay taking place in the old forest territories! TUS centers around a generation of the original five Clans that have never been spoken about, and will continue to create new generations to expand upon the books.

TUS allows you to...
- Create your own character and join one of the five Clans
- Enact elaborate, interesting plots
- Explore custom lore
- Roleplay with other WC lovers
Hello! Welcome to Warrior Cats - The Great Divide

You're probably wondering why we want you to join our server but trust me I'll tell you all about it?

We have

-Fun bots

-All five clans

-Friendly staff

-Cute emojis


-Will be having running plots all the time when we get a bit more members, (Like 20)

We've also made sure that we have all of the right channels to guarantee that you have great experience but also have a suggestions channel.

We hope to see you here!
Many moons ago, when Sky Clan were forced to leave the forest territory, a mass exodus of cats took place. These cats disagreed with the leaders’ decisions and wished to found their own clans. They came across a large new home and five clans were born. Now, their origins have faded into legend and these five clans are beginning to face hardship. Not only are they recovering from a tyrannical leader’s foul reign, but there’s a new scent in the area, one that could spell disaster for their once tranquil ways of life. (More in-depth lore in the server.)

This roleplay takes place in a Warrior Cats AU with five clans and something a bit different: a dog pack!

★ Brand new with staff spots open!
★ Five unique clans each with different characteristics and territories!
★ Open high ranks like leader, deputy and medicine cat!
★ LGBT+ friendly!
★ Option to be a member of a dog pack!

Come have a look around if this sounds like your cup o’ tea, and enjoy!
Welcome Shinobi and Kunoichi to the Hidden ninjas! Earn your way to the top by starting from a Genin(ask the owner for permission if you want a higher ranked one!).

It has been 500 years since the end of the fourth shinobi world war. Most of the tsiled beasts have left for the pure land and an Uchiha sits as Hokage for the first time in history. The surviving members of the Senju and the Uzumaki have arrived in the Leaf Village, to take their place alongside the Uchiha as the Guardians of Ashura and Indra’s souls. Ninja from across the world attack the village regularly, on a small scale, trying to break into the temples in the compounds, to capture the powerful souls to use in plots most nefarious. A new akatsuki has risen from this need to possess the souls, they kidnap Uchiha and Senju alike, torturing them for information that they refuse to give.

Will the two ever be able to continue to reincarnate? Will the new akatsuki be responsible for a massacre? Where does your clan fit into this drama? Do you want to help protect the village and the spirits hidden within or do you want their power for yourself? Step into the shadows and uncover The Hidden Ninjas.

What we have:
♤places to roleplay.
♡Fun Bots.
♤Places to rant.
♡A short and simple template or a long one for more detail.

Whats coming:
♧Maybe more places.
◇Different types of species.
♧More fun staff :).
◇Clans that you create.
Warriors is a family friendly Warrior Cat roleplay following ScarletClan or CryptClan!

⥽ ScarletClan, hard-working and strong, often rude felines
⥽CryptClan, crazed blood thrived Clan that's rebuilding.

⥽ Semi-Advanced, paragraph style 
⥽ Easy for beginners to pick up
⥽ LGBT+ Friendly
⥽ Tabletop-roleplay style hunting mechanics!

⥽ Open High Ranks
⥽ A growing, welcoming and friendly community

ScarletClan: Driven out of their territory by CryptClan the clan finally found a new home, everything seems peaceful, however along the journey many of their clan died from hunger and mild and or high temperatures. They seek others to join their clan.

CryptClan: Building up their clan they have discovered a helping hand from the leader of the Dark Forest. Him and a small group wish to help the cats help the clan and cause some trouble along the way.

Which will you join?
Open higher ranks
Open ranks to help make create or even give ideas for making roleplays for everyone
Friendly and rebuilding!

There are events for all rounds between roleplay and movie nights or game nights!
Compete as one of three Factions to collect the most Bacti. PvP other players! Discord bot game, no download necessary. Based on BlackBox, A Tamagotchi inspired game with jrpg/pokemon style gameplay! Raise your pet to fight! All pets are unique.
Rogues have invaded the clans and destroyed them, showing no mercy. No clan was safe from this threat. Rogues tore apart the camps, scared away all of the prey, and took the life of countless warriors. The cats who were left scattered. ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan were no more. The rogues claimed the territories for themselves. The cats got together again and decided to make new clans. And so they did. Now there was BirchClan, PuddleClan, and BreezeClan. BirchClan, located in a birch forest, are known climbers and are excellent at hunting birds. PuddleClan, located on a peninsula on the lake, are great at catching fish, and of course swimming. And finally we have BreezeClan. This clan is known for their swift running skills and their ability to easily catch rabbits. They’ve made their home on the moor. So far the clans have lived in peace, but will that change?
Hey! You there! Aerilon Clan needs a demigod like you! Join us and help Aerilon clan Thrive! Welcome to the strongest clan of demigods to ever exist!
This server is based on Egyptian gods/goddesses. You get to choose from 5 different residences. There are tons of open spots right now, just for you! Join now for some fun and exciting events!
Nous sommes dans une face cachée du monde, où créatures et humains vivent ensemble et en harmonie. Il y a les gens qui veulent profiter du monde et mener une vie paisible. Malheureusement, il y a les orcs... Des créatures qui ne sont nés juste pour semer le cahos et la désolation... Pour les combattres, des guerriers se sont portés volontaires pour recevoir une formation. Les magiciens, les trolls ou encore les démons se battent contre les orcs. Ils ont un jour créé des clans... Des associations de guerriers pour venir à bout de ces monstres sanguinaires... Les différents clans peuvent faire entre eux des échanges de biens ou des guerres, mais, le principal, c'est de tuer les orcs...
Ton billet:
HEY!!! Welcome to Team ANTIX where we game and compete in different types of events. We just recently just became a team and are looking for new members to join us whether it’s to join the actual Team, or just be a part of our community! We’re always open to new games to have teams for and play, so shoot your ideas toward a Mod or the Owner and your idea may become a reality!!

What we currently have teams for:
-Call of Duty Modern Warfare
-Apex Legends
*There are not prerequisites so feel free to take a chance and tryout for the teams!!*

What are you waiting for? The next step toward becoming a true competitive gamer is just a click away! Come join us and our community and make some great memories with us!!
Hello! Im the owner of CloverZ a fortnite clan We will play more games in the future! enjoy you're stay here we are a new clan we have about 9 members including me
A roleplaying server with five different Clans (BlazeClan, PloverClan, SunClan, BeeClan, and SquidClan) to enter into. Enter in soon for a chance to get a high rank such as deputy, medicine-cat, or leader!
NOTICE: we are especially in need of cats in BlazeClan and SquidClan! Nearly all roles are open in both of those Clans!
It also features:
-A helpful bot
-Five well-designed Clans
-And easy-to-maneuver channel system

We are currently in need of a leader and deputy SquidClan! If you want a place of authority take deputy or leader there!

Each Clan also has a description for what its territory, prey, hunting techniques, and fighting tactics.
We would love for you to join the RP and enter as a clan cat, or as a rogue, loner, or kittypet!
There are also extreme tensions between BlazeClan and PloverClan, two rivaling Clans. Neither are evil, of course, none of the Clans are, but these two do clash a lot and tend to get into quite petty arguments that often end in fighting. If you’d like to join a Clan that has lots of battles happen, you should join PloverClan or BlazeClan, though I’d recommend BlazeClan because they are more in need of cats. The other Clans are usually calmer, however there are always times of battles between all the Clans.
Gatherings will happen each Saturday, as well. There will also eventually be prophecies from StarClan and more to come.
We would gladly welcome you to our server!
Currently all roles are open in each Clan.
Leaders: open in SquidClan
Deputies: open open in SquidClan
Medicine-Cats: open
Warriors: open (always)
Apprentices: open
Queens: open
Kits: open
Elders: open
BlazeClan is of the high, rocky ridges; PloverClan is of the dense, dark wood; SunClan is of the soft, clay-earth valley; SquidClan is of the quiet, mysterious swamp; and BeeClan is of the bright, floral pines.
Note: this server is very new still, and doesn’t have many people yet, so we might not be able to roleplay immediately. But I encourage you to join still, because eventually then there will be enough people for each Clan and lots of roleplaying. However if you join and then immediately leave we won’t come any closer to that time. No pressure, of course, you can leave if you want to, but if you join I would really appreciate you staying around until we have plenty of people for this server ❤️
This is GamingGodzilla's official Discord server where all of his fans hang out! he has been streaming since Christmas Day 2019 and has already started to grow his channel. He streams on Twitch almost daily and sometimes uploads on YouTube.

We have a very friendly community and those who violate our rules are punished, ensuring a kind environment for everything. Feel free to come and say hi, even if you're not interested in the streamer who runs this server, because the members themselves are wonderful people!

We have also just introduced clans!

Watch him on Twitch
Find him on YouTube:
Warrior cats beyond the clans is a roleplay based server from the series Warrior cats written by Erin Hunter. We welcome everyone and anyone so don’t be afraid to join we are supportive of everyone! This server doesn’t have the original clans from the book series. We made up are own, Mountainclan, Fireclan, Frostclan and the newest addition Cypressclan. All of the admin and moderators are friendly and respectful. So don’t miss out!!
Wir sind ein Bauteam was auf einem Minecraft Server eine Großstadt aufgebaut hat. Wir nennen die Stadt Stadt Dooglamu. Wir bauen auf einem 4 merge (600 x 600 Blöcke). Wir sind auf der suche nach neuen Teammitgliedern. Wir würden uns freuen wenn du auf unserem Discord Server kommst und uns unterstützen möchtest.

LG Stadt Dooglamu
Long ago, back when the five original Clans were still together. A warrior, by the name of Stormclaw ran away from her Clan and went back to the old territories. She found herself a mate and had four kits with him, their names..Wind, Heather, Shade and Juniper. The family protected and loved each other dearly. And when the time came, Storm and her mate died and the four cats would need to find their own territories. Wind and Shade changed their names to Wild and Dark for some sort of reason still unknown. The four cats recruited the local loners and kittypets to join their Clan. Each sibling found the Clans old territories, such as Wild found ThunderClan's territory, and Heather found WindClan's, The four cats settled in their territories, and soon the four new Clans were made, WildClan, HeatherClan, DarkClan and JuniperClan...Years have passed and yowls and mews of unknown assessors have been heard, and sometimes turn cats who hear it..insane.

Here at Warriors: The Calls of Unknown, we make sure everyone is safe and welcome here. You can also make some new friends here as well, post art, make OCs and even roleplay! We have friendly staff, high ranks and we're LGBTQ+ friendly! We hope you stop by and have a look, and may StarClan light your path..

Partnerships are now open again, but you have to stay for atleast a day before leaving, thank you for reading and goodbye.
The Forgotten Empires is a species server created by 爪卂乂 , where two different species thrive in a magical world of both hate, and love.

The server is mostly a roleplay pack/clan type of server, where you are able to create your own story, make new friends along the way, and have fun on a journey of secrets and hope.

What else is featured on the server? Well we also have:
⚜️Fun/Friendly Staff
⚜️Give Aways
⚜️Art Trades
⚜️And much more to come!

All we wish for you is to have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the wonders of the Forgotten Empires!
Dragon Factions Is A Minecraft Realm Where You Can Make Your Own Guild / Faction, Raid Eachother, Build And Much More! Join Our Discord For More Information And Realm Invite!