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Warriors is a family friendly Warrior Cat roleplay following two clans; ScarletClan, HawkClan, and MistClan!

⥽ ScarletClan, hard-working and strong, often rude felines
⥽ HawkClan, gentle and somewhat loners of the moors/waters
⥽ MistClan, friendly and fierce felines that live in water areas.

⥽ Semi-Advanced, paragraph style 
⥽ Easy for beginners to pick up
⥽ LGBT+ Friendly
⥽ Tabletop-roleplay style hunting mechanics!

⥽ Open High Ranks
⥽ A growing, welcoming and friendly community

ScarletClan: A prophecy to be found and uncovered still has yet to be understood with the lack of their guide the cats have been forced to move.

HawkClan: After many attacks and deaths from their clan they forced a move hoping to leave behind the monster eating away at their clan. They struggle to do this move along side ScarletClan.

MistClan: Unknown to the new clans that are descending onto their home the clan is enjoying themselves however they will have this lived short as they will soon discover they must share the land around them.

(MisrClan is also new now looking for a Leader and medicine cat along with the rest of the clan to help fill the ranks of the clan! Join and have fun with us!)
The Dark Mountain is a dedicated role-playing server where you can set your imagination free and play any character your heart desires. We host regular roleplay battles, Roleplay events and offer various other activities such as a role-playing academy and clans.
welcome to the LxT clan! in this clan we dont add you by your kd or wins, we add you by doing tryouts and edit course's! we have different leagues for different levels; professional, intermediate and casual. all we ask for is that you have a working mic and is active!
The MGNM Clan
Welcome to the MGNM Clan! Here we compete in Apex Legends tournaments on PS4 (and hopefully soon PC). Here there are four carefully considered teams. These teams are made up from the best of the clan. Those who get selected will need to play with one of our HRs in 3 matches!
But don't worry if you're not selected! You will still be able to play Apex with anyone in this clan, all you have to do is ask them! And maybe you'll be able to play in certain tournaments too. ;D
Also in the future maybe we'll spread across different game tournaments and participate in those too!
Looking for a clan that knows how to have fun?
Hate drama?
Do you have a brain?
Join legendary clan WREAK⚡HAVOC, always keeping the family vibes strong!
Join SilverClan and ShimmerClan and have fun with your fellow Clanmates!
Its a warrior cats RP server with the clans: BreezeClan, DuskClan, TwilightClan, MoonClan and FadeClan, they all are different from each other and have often fights! Also the evil BlackHearted Troop that seeks bloodlust.

Bonjour à tous jeunes gens ! Nous sommes une communauté forte, soudée et agréable prête à vous accueillir les bras ouverts ! Plongez dans un univers de dragons, avec 4 différents clans provenant de mythologies diverses (on vous laisse découvrir en nous rejoignant (: ) A la clé, un staff à l'écoute, une communauté sympathique avec laquelle vous pouvez discuter, échanger, partager, et des grades à obtenir. A tout de suite j'espère !
~ Semi-lit ~
High ranks are available.
Looking for staff.

Above you, a hawk cries through the mountains. You have travelled far already on search of a new home. Coming to the edge of the mountain, a vast lake stretches infront of you. Is this the place you have been looking for?

Welcome, Clanmate! It seems like you are taking an interest in with the lake territory. Allow me to help you decide if this is the right place for you.
Here, all four main Clans live around the lake:
and RiverClan!
And if you don't like the sound of being a Clan cat, you can become a kittypet or a rogue as well. So what are you waiting for, Clanmate? Your destiny lies here.
A server where you can chat, play pokecord, discuss movies, comics but most of all 👌anime. 👌
Join clans and take part in pokecord tournaments.
There are many friendly moderators if you have any queries. There is also a highly functioning automated role system, a vast range of emotes and very useful bots with a vast variety of commands.
🤩Hope you enjoy your stay. 🤩
Welcome to the warriors of New Mexico!
5 clans
plenty of high ranking positions open
and is still a WIP so you can be part of the early stages and get your own custom roles
Cats in Warrior cats clans have started having mutations and it has become quite a normal sight, it is still rare however.
The Mutations cats are born with are random and all come from *real life* animals, these cats however, never have more than two mutations. Cats with no mutations are still born and are more common than Mutated cats, as well as cats born with only one mutation.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~what we offer

Fun roleplay community✅
Organized chats✅
Symbols for roleplayes✅
Friendly staff✅
Simple, easy to follow rules✅
Great lore✅
Well thought out clans with tons of variety✅
Warrior cats fan? Well this is the right place for you! We have clans, roleplay, and we take suggestions if we dont have something you expected to see! Come and join today! 😄
The trees echoed with voices, voices the clans have heard, but at the same time they have not. Eyes watch them from the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike...

This roleplay is custom made with 3 clans, Creekclan, Fernclan, Pebbleclan. The server has around 30 members and is growing still. It has been going on for over a year and is still going strong. Stop on by if you want to rp or just hang out.
Hi there this is a server for clans and gamers no fortine please

Welcome to: 🐾🌲Warriors: Start Anew.🌲🐾.
Meet the four new clans; GrassClan, SpiderClan, FishClan and RobinClan.

GrassClan: The pacifist and caring Clan who likes to spend their days peacefully in the meadow which they call their home, but who uses the long grasses and thick shrubbery of their territory to their advantage. GrassClan hates to battle, but will really do so and fight hard when it comes down to defending the territory they worked hard to find and build, and the Clan they strive to protect.

SpiderClan: The cowardly and submissive Clan who stalks and hides in the damp, wet forest of their home. They are burdened by sickness. Any strong or powerful cat who steps a paw in their territory will be begged to join their Clan so SpiderClan can have an upper hand. Though they are weak and cowardly, they have learned to be excellent stalkers and hiders, and have discovered ways to distract bigger and stronger enemies.

FishClan: The proud and overconfident Clan who will chase even a defenseless kittypet or loner off their territory. They are fierce fighters and excellent swimmers, who use their marshy and lake filled territory to their advantage when in battle. Their attitude can get the best of them, and most cats from other Clans who are at first friendly to them sooner or later end up having a large distaste for them due to their snarky attitude. They will fight and kill to protect their precious land and Clan.

RobinClan: The laid-back and usually humorous Clan, who is usually quite friendly to cats in their territory, though they will end up getting into a scuffle if the cat decides they don't want to leave. They have adapted to the cold, snowy territory they have, and have the beautiful view of the tops of the tallest of trees on their snowy mountains. They have learned that they can pack snow together to make ice, and more so, use the ice in traps or in battles to throw their enemies off balance. Due to their usual laid-back attitude, they are usually not prepared for sudden scuffles or attacks they do not expect.

We welcome you as a cat to any of these Clans, and hope you adapt quickly and build relationships with the other cats of your Clans. Experience adventure, love, hurt, and watch the Clans grow, evolve, and get the chance to be included in upcoming Prophecies. Make the server thrive.

This is: 🐾🌲Warriors: Start Anew.🌲🐾.
Violet eSports is an OCE team and up and coming that's growing with members everyday!! we have 4 rosters, Duos, PC, Xbox, PS4! we support all platforms!

In a land where dogs live, hunt and fight together... Lives the packs of war. An area in Japan, where it was completely abandoned. The early ages of the packs consisted of many wars and battles over territory, and supplies. After two years, the packs finally stopped fighting over territory and supplies, and there was peace. But it all broke out when groups of rogue dogs, called a band, started to invade the packs territory and ruin the peace. The packs started to battle one another again. Find out what happens in the dramatic, peace-broken story of Packs of War.
In This Discord Server We Promote Eachothers Clans And People Can Join Them!
Join us in this new take on the classic series Warriors! Featuring new clans and territories, follow the adventures of CinderClan, CoveClan, SpruceClan, AlderClan, and SageClan!
We are ZΣ, we are the new up and coming team! we are fairly new so we dont have much members but we are willing to grow we have a PC, PS4 and Xbox teams, if you would like to join your more then welcome to!!

Join one of 6 clans and compete in challenges thought of by the Lorekeepers!

Strong and courageous, this clan is for the natural born warriors.

Social, charismatic, and optionally cunning. This clan is for those adept at social events.

Intelligent and wise, the Amiso are the type to push their (metaphorical or physical) glasses up in any situation.

Driven and determined, they’ll never back down. The “protagonist” Type is who’ll fit in here.

Noble, kind, and born to lead. This clan is for those who are followed rather than those who do the following.

The quirky and creative ones. The artist’s (and other forms of expression) clan.