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this is a server based around wicca, paganism and witchcraft. this is a safe, inclusive place for any witch who would want to join. we are open and happy to receive suggestions and tips on how to help out server. blessed be :)

☪️ in our server we have ☪️
💫fun roles
💫places to chat and make friends
💫channels for most different types of magick
💫nice active staff
💫color-coordinated categories
💫a venting channel
💫and more on its way !
A boarding school for children with strange elemental powers, to explore, create and duel. Plenty of different kinds of people are welcome and we have quite the spell system... make your own! A new ranking system and a coming potion system.
Choose from the various types of Spells:

Blaze Reds

Ocean Blues

Earth Oranges

Forest Greens

Spark Golds

Iron Silvers

Tornado Whites

Beast Purples
Welcome Elementalists! Here you can choose to be whatever mage you want. You can be a fire, water, Earth, air, nature, ice, light, or darkness mage!
There are many different specific classes for each element, and core classes too.
-Make friends
-Have Powers
-Learn how to use your powers
-Fun events to participate in
-And more!
**¢αмρ єℓємєитѕ**
Where all the stories of people who can control different elements are true, and you can be one of them.

Years ago, Camp Elements was established to ensure the safety and harmony between all elementals, so that all can live in peace in a desperate attempt to prevent another Elemental Civil War from breaking out. Now, Camp Elements is a must-attend educational camp for all young elementals between the age of 12-22, in place of the “naggie” schools that normal, non-magical humans go to.

But peace is never forever, and chaos is rising. It’s time for the young band of elementals to band together and stop the forces of evil that’s coming to play...

∂єтαιℓє∂ яαикιиg ѕуѕтєм

ѕємι-ℓιтєяαтє тσ ℓιтєяαтє яσℓєρℓαу

fяιєи∂ℓу ¢σммυиιту σf мσяє σя ℓєѕѕ єχρєяιєи¢є∂ яσℓєρℓαуєяѕ

ℓσσкιиg fσя иєω мємвєяѕ
This is a farley new server but pretty decent. We appeal to all type of roleplayers

Millions of years ago. A universe was made. This universe was born with four people. These people were named fire,water,earth,and weather. But most importantly, Dark and Light. Dark and light were always feuding about stuff that wasn't even really important. Until one day dark did it a little too far and all hell broke lose. Dark and Lights people fought for thousands of years until one day an orphan from the fire planet stood up too both of the feuding sides and magically put them all too peace.
Years later all of the elements formed together too make a school in the center of the universe. Teenagers from all planets could come too this school and learn how to become skilled heroes when dark times arrived.
This is an rp server about elemental warfare.
We provide the following :
*Active Owner
*Easy to use system
*Unique Rp type
And more to come.
Make sure to read your welcome message when you join so you know what to do and where to go.
(This is omegaverse. LGBT friendly situation with Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics)

Welcome citizens to Ryeqia, the City of Stars. This city is in a world that is in the not so distant future, 2089 in comparison to our current world, where a small cataclysmic event may or may not have rendered the world's population asunder; climate change as well as a pathogen which is said to have come from the stars infected the people and forced rapid genetic mutation. About 1/4 of the entire population was transformed into these strange monstrosities tied to different aspects of nature. It twisted them. Some say they are no longer even human... another 1/4 of the population died painfully. Every person was infected, yet some survived... so what happened to the rest of them?

Join our server and find out. We welcome any and all who wish to be a part of our world and this server.
1. Respect all
2. Listen to owners, co-owner, administrators, and monitors
3. No cussing unless it has an * (example: b*tch) because people get offended when you actually cuss
4. No bully
5. Do not spam EVER! There is no spam this because people get mad when their phone/tablet/computer blows up because someone pings them multiple times
6. If you ping someone and they get mad because of it just say sorry and person who got mad forgive them!
7. NEVER ping someone when they are offline!
Perhaps damsels in distress.

These are the things you will encounter in this epic medieval themed rp server. Where you can be anyone you want, from a tavern keeper to a cobbler; a marketplace vendor to a blacksmith; or maybe you would like to be a gallant knight and go hunt a fearsome dragon. Or perhaps you would like to be a powerful wizard or some other spell caster. Well, then this is a server for you! We offer a multitude of personalities you can chose from, whether its a knight, a jailer, a werewolf, etc.

We hope thou wilt come down to yon fair village and peruse our fine surroundings and make ye merry with its fine inhabitants!!!
(Uh, I mean...ahem...we hope you'll come check out this server and have fun with us! xD)
Welcome to** __Elemental Frontiers!__**
**Here we have the following!**
😀Friendly Members!
🔥Element choices!
🤸Person Choices!
🌈A Variety of elements!
♾And Much more!
**Server Main Description**
Hello There! This game is about an elements roleplay! It is based of the cartoons "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legends Of Korra." If you have not seen those yet, you should! It's great. Anyways you start by choosing your first element. It can be either 'Fire', 'Water', 'Earth' and 'Air.' You can learn other elements later and buy runes to learn special elements. You earn money by working, Giveaways and trading.
Welcome to our beyblade rp server here u can become an elemental these are the most powerfull beings every from years to years the elements were given to the next generation but not everyone had good intensions so the other Elementals had to fight them and suddenly an Danger bigger than any other appeared will they bladers face it and beat it?
come and support them and become the best blader ever!
We also feature Npcs and NSFW rp is also allowed and the coolest thing is
u can be as toxic as u like Why not check it out?
You will love it.
If not then not but give it a try =)

I have something to ask you...

Have you ever looked around at your friends, classmates, neighbors, and just feel like… you don't belong? Like something inside you ached to be released, but that’s all that ever happened. You ignored the feeling and went on with your life. You lived. Got a job. Probably got married. Had kids. Watched them live and grow. And then slowly waste away without ever knowing the source of the strange feeling.

Maybe not. But if you can hear me now, there is something inside you. Something your family line has tried to hide, afraid of what could happen if someone found out. You, my friend, are a descendant of someone great. Someone powerful. Someone forced into hiding by the human government. But now, that power is resurfacing. And you need somewhere to live.

Join us at Camp Love-Willow!

✧ A safe place where witches and warlocks can learn, train, and make friends.
✧ Figure out if you are earth, fire, water or air user.
✧ Learn how to craft potions and discover secret places that the mysterious camp hides
✧ Original Lore!
Hello people and welcome to The Elite Server it's filled with people who are funny, smart, and overall just really fun to hang with. (The servers still a work in progress but I'm sure things will still look fun). Here are just some of the things that i want to happen to this server!

- I want people to be passionate about what they like to do even if someone dislikes it.

- I want people to feel safe while in my server.

- I want everyone to respect anyone and everyone that suddenly shows up to the server or the people that are here in general.

The Elite Server has special people called Elemental Leaders that will pick and choose which people they want to have on their Elemental Team, it varies from Fire, Water, Lightning, Light, Dark, Air, Earth, Metal, and Crystal. more elements will be added soon! There will also be lots of events taken place here. examples like Art Contests, Karaoke night,[Any Video Game] Night, and etc.

Let's make sure to expand this Team to make it even better!
1) Cool, Interactive Bots
2) Active Staff
3) Unique Roles
4) Supports Gaming
5) Supports NSFW and Anime
6) LGBTQ+ accepted
7) Growing Community <3
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JOIN ALL THE COOL KIDS!! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Hey there! Thanks for checking us out, we are a fantasy/element powers roleplay, of course we have out of roleplay chats though, here is a list of features;

.Active Owners
.NSFW Chat
.And more!

Consider joining! C:
Aquila is currently under development so you will feel like some things are missing, updates will happen from time to time to make things better for you.

Welcome to the world of Aquila, a world that popped into my mind after playing some games and studying. Come join the adventures of the twins that currently appear to run the school. And have fun with all of the other staff members of the school. It's just a chill laid back magic rp of normal sorts. The magic system isn't too hard to get the hand of either! The current server leader is accepting lots of applications right now! So come and join Aquila.!
Here are some things you can look forward to when joining Elemental!
- Fun Games and Bots
- No Ping Roles
- Advertising
- Level Up System
- Lewd Channels
And many more Elements to our server that you can find out by joining Today!
At the start.... there was nothing, only a blank canvas for 4 gods to create upon. The 4 gods worked in harmony, creating their own creatures and landscapes based on themselves, some great, others not. As the gods created, they bonded... growing relationships with eachother and working together to create things, but soon arguments would occur over what was wrong and right, and what rules had to be followed. None of the gods agreed with the rules stated by another so they all fought, eventually all perishing. Their death would cause the beginning of life, their death also caused a significant phenomenon that created four unique biomes, each related to a certain god.

Each person from a certain region was gifted with the ability to manipulate a certain element. As time went on, people unlocked potential to manipulate sub-elements, different branches from normal elements. Everyone who took on a sub-element lost a main one, this led to further research on elements and manipulation.

Some people were lucky.... they could manipulate 3 elements, unlike any others.These people, perhaps one of you, are one of many gifted people, will you use it for the better? Or for the worse? That is for you to decide, in the world of Eria. Eria is run by a group of religious people who control all of what goes on. They believe that they were chosen by then gods to manipulate 3 elements instead of one and kill others who "weren't chosen".

Here at the chosen few, we provide;
-active members
-great staff
-detailed lore
-Nsfw channels for 18+ members
-great social channels.

We hope to see you all soon!!

TSoM is a unique roleplay server with a welcoming community. Join the server, and create a cat in either the Tribe of Ember, the Tribe of Fish, the Tribe of Bird, or the Tribe of Flower, and read the lore, join into the roleplay and have fun!
It may seems that in this world, it is like futuristic and ancient at the same time… This world is in Multiple Worlds.

There are different versions of this world like a world where it is burning and suitable for burning beings, a water world for aquatic lifes, there are so many worlds left to be discovered. All this and there is an ability which everyone seems to have…


This power enables one’s ability to create, manipulate and become an element, but that isn’t all… There exists Gas, Liquid, Solid, Plasma, Organic, Energy and many more.

However, there also exists two factions…

The Corrumbra, a faction which is there to destroy worlds and claiming some as their own.

And the Aether Libra, a faction which is there to save worlds and stop the Corrumbra from claiming the worlds.

In a way, some people could even be neutral or not be in either of these factions, just exists as someone who wants Freedom.

This is just some sort of Virtual Reality, as everyone has their stats. Once their HP goes to zero, they either have to endure it or die.

This story exists as a way which everyone has their own story:
You’re either the Protagonist or the Antagonist of your own story.
The superpowers of the world, America, Russia and China all believed in different ideologies. They were slowly building their military power and influence. Russia was the counterweight to America’s power. Russia did not have the technology that America had nor the money that China had, but they instead had numbers.

A cold, harsh war between America, Russia and China pulled in most of other countries since they were all in alliance with one side or another.
Unforgiving, the war raged on and for 6 brutal, unforgiving and long years. In the end, America emerged victorious.

However, tensions grew between the superpowers and finally, another war broke out. After the bombing of most of the world, almost everything turned into deadland. The bombs that fell upon it left behind a lethal dose of radiation, causing many to simply die, others mutated into strange creatures, and a small percentage lived off of it.

The New World Order consists of the North and South Americas and operates as the Earth’s one and only surviving nation. Just before the bombs fell, millions were evacuated to the safety of the Americas. 2049 saw the greatest migration period in history. This saw the nations splitting and dividing the incoming refugees into groups.

Fifteen years after the acords, the United Nations of Earth was invented. It’s first members being that of the U.S, Canada and half of Mexico. Finally, in the year 2078, the United Nations of Earth was truly united, proclaiming itself as The New World Order.

Lastly, The Utopia Program. This program is run by the NWO and secures those with 'powers' into a remote island. To be kept away, studied and monitored. Away from the public eye and so they cannot hurt others, and in the end, to be broken.

The year is now 2082 and humans are scattered, surviving in their own way. Good luck.

Take on the role of a guard or elemental in the feared Utopia 14, possibly the worst of all the program's facilities.
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"Elementals" is a new Warriors-inspired RP that focuses on feral cats living in Tribes with elemental abilities.

You can either join in on the roleplay or just sit back and chat with other members in the OOC text channels while spectating the RP. It's your decision!
The year is 2037. Humans have disappeared from the land, and any structures that were built by them have begun to crumble and collapse. But before any of that, animals were experimented on.

The experiments had.. "messed up", in a way. The animals that were given the vaccine gained elemental abilities and were more aggressive towards any kind of living being. The main victims of the experiments were domestic cats. It went from cats that lived with humans, to feral cats in the wilderness. But sometimes.. the vaccine would be given to dogs, and they caused much more damage than the cats. They still wander around the abandoned towns today, feeding off of rotting deer carcasses and any type of prey that may be left about.

Not too many animals still wander in the woods, but there are enough to help the cats survive. The dogs aren't so lucky, as they don't go into the woods too often to find anything like a rabbit or two.

Once the humans disappeared from the land, the feral cats formed into groups called Tribes. Fire for The Blazing Phoenix, Water/Ice for The Arcane River, and Nature for The Verdant Fern. Any cats born into a tribe with an element that does not fit in is said to be exiled. These exiled cats normally tend to join The Outcasts, a group of rogue cats that was formed by a young molly named Ivy. (usually known as Poison Ivy)

Each of the feral cats that received the elemental abilities had markings appear on them that glow when their powers are active. (It can either be a simple tattoo-like symbol on the shoulder or a pattern that goes on the character's face or wraps around its legs, etc.)
Welcome to Clairvoyance, a world where powerful fairies are separated into five kingdoms: Nature, Light, Water, Fire, and Dark. Join us on this wild adventure.

This is a new server so don't be alarmed by the number of members; we need you!
The Team Elements server includes everything a proper server needs:

Active Staffs

Bots with mini-games

Self-Assignable roles


We also welcome people from all types of fandoms!