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Elementals. They've been there since the very beginning. Magical humans with abilities normal humans "naggies" have no access to.
Wars savaged the population of elementals, and that's where Camp Elemental comes in. A safe haven for young elementals to learn how to harness their magic.
Are you going to be a normal little elemental? Or a protectorate one who will defend your kind with your life? Or maybe even all the way up there as the Captain of your elemental?

~Just starting, fun little community
~Magical fantasy roleplay perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Shadowhunters and more.
The superpowers of the world, America, Russia and China all believed in different ideologies. They were slowly building their military power and influence. Russia was the counterweight to America’s power. Russia did not have the technology that America had nor the money that China had, but they instead had numbers.

A cold, harsh war between America, Russia and China pulled in most of other countries since they were all in alliance with one side or another.
Unforgiving, the war raged on and for 6 brutal, unforgiving and long years. In the end, America emerged victorious.

However, tensions grew between the superpowers and finally, another war broke out. After the bombing of most of the world, almost everything turned into deadland. The bombs that fell upon it left behind a lethal dose of radiation, causing many to simply die, others mutated into strange creatures, and a small percentage lived off of it.

The New World Order consists of the North and South Americas and operates as the Earth’s one and only surviving nation. Just before the bombs fell, millions were evacuated to the safety of the Americas. 2049 saw the greatest migration period in history. This saw the nations splitting and dividing the incoming refugees into groups.

Fifteen years after the acords, the United Nations of Earth was invented. It’s first members being that of the U.S, Canada and half of Mexico. Finally, in the year 2078, the United Nations of Earth was truly united, proclaiming itself as The New World Order.

Lastly, The Utopia Program. This program is run by the NWO and secures those with 'powers' into a remote island. To be kept away, studied and monitored. Away from the public eye and so they cannot hurt others, and in the end, to be broken.

The year is now 2082 and humans are scattered, surviving in their own way. Good luck.

Take on the role of a guard or elemental in the feared Utopia 14, possibly the worst of all the program's facilities.
Here are some things you can look forward to when joining Elemental!
- Fun Games and Bots
- No Ping Roles
- Advertising
- Level Up System
- Lewd Channels
And many more Elements to our server that you can find out by joining Today!
The story was there were once one mage the bestowed the 7 each person one of the seven element but after a wile he found humans unworthy of the gift and hid the rings away and so this story takes place 10,000 years after that when the darkness magic people try taking over and the mages descendent has to find the rings and master all the powers before the darkness users take over and he dose so with the help of his friends skilled element users
Welcome to Clairvoyance, a world where powerful fairies are separated into five kingdoms: Nature, Light, Water, Fire, and Dark. Join us on this wild adventure.

This is a new server so don't be alarmed by the number of members; we need you!
Welcome to** __Elemental Frontiers!__**
**Here we have the following!**
😀Friendly Members!
🔥Element choices!
🤸Person Choices!
🌈A Variety of elements!
♾And Much more!
**Server Main Description**
Hello There! This game is about an elements roleplay! It is based of the cartoons "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legends Of Korra." If you have not seen those yet, you should! It's great. Anyways you start by choosing your first element. It can be either 'Fire', 'Water', 'Earth' and 'Air.' You can learn other elements later and buy runes to learn special elements. You earn money by working, Giveaways and trading.
1) Cool, Interactive Bots
2) Active Staff
3) Unique Roles
4) Supports Gaming
5) Supports NSFW and Anime
6) LGBTQ+ accepted
7) Growing Community <3
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JOIN ALL THE COOL KIDS!! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Choose from being a water user, fire user, air user, or earth user. You can even train to learn new elements that add on to your original element like magma or cloud. The possibilities are endless
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"Elementals" is a new Warriors-inspired RP that focuses on feral cats living in Tribes with elemental abilities.

You can either join in on the roleplay or just sit back and chat with other members in the OOC text channels while spectating the RP. It's your decision!
The year is 2037. Humans have disappeared from the land, and any structures that were built by them have begun to crumble and collapse. But before any of that, animals were experimented on.

The experiments had.. "messed up", in a way. The animals that were given the vaccine gained elemental abilities and were more aggressive towards any kind of living being. The main victims of the experiments were domestic cats. It went from cats that lived with humans, to feral cats in the wilderness. But sometimes.. the vaccine would be given to dogs, and they caused much more damage than the cats. They still wander around the abandoned towns today, feeding off of rotting deer carcasses and any type of prey that may be left about.

Not too many animals still wander in the woods, but there are enough to help the cats survive. The dogs aren't so lucky, as they don't go into the woods too often to find anything like a rabbit or two.

Once the humans disappeared from the land, the feral cats formed into groups called Tribes. Fire for The Blazing Phoenix, Water/Ice for The Arcane River, and Nature for The Verdant Fern. Any cats born into a tribe with an element that does not fit in is said to be exiled. These exiled cats normally tend to join The Outcasts, a group of rogue cats that was formed by a young molly named Ivy. (usually known as Poison Ivy)

Each of the feral cats that received the elemental abilities had markings appear on them that glow when their powers are active. (It can either be a simple tattoo-like symbol on the shoulder or a pattern that goes on the character's face or wraps around its legs, etc.)
Hello people and welcome to The Elite Server it's filled with people who are funny, smart, and overall just really fun to hang with. (The servers still a work in progress but I'm sure things will still look fun). Here are just some of the things that i want to happen to this server!

- I want people to be passionate about what they like to do even if someone dislikes it.

- I want people to feel safe while in my server.

- I want everyone to respect anyone and everyone that suddenly shows up to the server or the people that are here in general.

The Elite Server has special people called Elemental Leaders that will pick and choose which people they want to have on their Elemental Team, it varies from Fire, Water, Lightning, Light, Dark, Air, Earth, Metal, and Crystal. more elements will be added soon! There will also be lots of events taken place here. examples like Art Contests, Karaoke night,[Any Video Game] Night, and etc.

Let's make sure to expand this Team to make it even better!
The Team Elements server includes everything a proper server needs:

Active Staffs

Bots with mini-games

Self-Assignable roles


We also welcome people from all types of fandoms!
This is a roleplay loosely based off The Elementalists from the app Choices. However it is in my image of how I would of liked it to be.
A battle between Four Gangs, has the land divided and dangerous. Wars and drawn out skirmishes are inevitable, one might expect this to be going on forever. Will these gangs ever make peace? What will become of them? Shall they all be annihilated by the chaos of war?

Will you join them to defend each gangs honour? What gang will you choose? Perhaps you'll choose the gang led by the Fire wielding leader Moyasu. Or even the Wind wielding leader Hail. Maybe your heart lies with the Water wielding leader Blizzard. Or does it lay with the Earth wielding Branch?

"Join me in the Northwest Gang! I promise you won't regret it! I'll lead us into battle and fight alongside you! Entrust your lives to me and I will bring you endless victory!" -Moyasu

"War is nipping at our paws with every passing day, and a storm beyond belief is brewing. If you wish for valor and triumph join us in the Southwest. Our allegiance will keep us in the eye of the storm, grit will keep us on our paws." -Hail

"We seek peace, yet at the same time yearn for war... Those are the two realms belonging solely to us. Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something that only we could do. They're two sides of the same coin... to protect something... another must be sacrificed follow me and we shall stop this endless cycle. Join us within the Northeast." -Blizzard

"Join me, I will lead the Southeast Gang to the horizon. We will see the next dawn and our enemies shall falter before our might!" -Branch

They will be marked down in history, shall they be known for being the peace makers? Or shall they be known for causing utter destruction.

Like RP? Like magic? Like D&D? Like Fairy Tail? Like Harry Potter? Wonder what it would be like if they were all intertwined? The Realm of Ekkelar provides just that. With intricate magic systems, a deep lore, and many races to choose from, this is an ideal place for those to immerse themselves into an RP world full of magic.

⊸ Over 30 types of magic.
⊸ 18 races to choose from, influenced heavily from D&D races.
⊸ Brand new server publicly opened on 1/2/19 with many possibilities for starting out.
⊸ Bots like Tatsumaki, RPGBot, Miki, Dyno, and more.
⊸ Active Staff that will help wherever needed.
⊸ Potion and alchemy system being created!
⊸ Non-Toxic Community.
⊸ Quality Rp (no one-liners allowed)
⊸ d20 Roll-based combat with weakness and resistance systems.
⊸ Fair rules for general and combat.
⊸ Equal Treatment of all players.
⊸ Guilds in each of 5 major cities.
⊸ Mission and currency system in the making.
It's been 10 years since the entire 'Callum Hunt' incident as they called it. A new generation of young mages are working to be accepted into The Magisterium and train their powers. All is silent for now, there hasn't been another Makar either. But who knows? Maybe more trouble will stir up...

The Magisterium is made to train young mages to control their powers, make friends and defend their world from mystical threats.

This is a new server, inspired by The Magisterium series. Feel free to join as we're a very small server looking to grow.
Elements. Join and pick your element in Announcements.
Custom Lore
Custom everything, pretty much.

One day, the human's species started to evolve. Soon enough HUMANS weren't even HUMANS, but it was rare for a baby to come out a different species. The world was infected with a virus 200 years ago, wiping most of mankind out, but it evolved into a virus that would give others super-human abilities/powers. The virus was starting to get rare as the years came by, you could be born without or with the virus. As the world evolved, the nation did as well, crimes and such broke out. Lots of things happened to the world as it evolved with the humans. One day, a large cube hit an old man straight on the head, the man wondered what happened, looking around he saw nothing, but then he turned his attention to a glowing rainbow-like cube that sat there on the ground. First he poked at it, then he lightly picked it up, it dropped. He picked it up gently again and took a closer look. A huge beam shot into the sky and had a twirl around it. It was some sort of rainbow beam. Not a lot of people around saw it, most of them just didn't care since they thought it was someone training their element. The man was virus free and was weak. After that his skin turned a light green color, then glowed rainbow like color and soaked into his body like some sort of liquid alien trying to claim a host. After that he felt a bit weird... one day when he was walking around he flicked his finger and a small fire flicked out of his fingers, he waved his finger around and screamed, but got use to after a while. He was fine after a while. The man was just walking around, then heard a scream. He walked over and saw a big fire on a house, he acted fast and ran into the building. While he ran in a HUGE gust of air put the fire out like it was nothing.
He looked around in confusion, but helped the people in the building. After a while, he went to the doctors with suspicion that he might of got the diseases, the results came back and nope, he didn't have it. But he was sure of it! The man struggled years after years to find these answers, but couldn't. While the years went by, he got use to the elements that he had. The man had ALL 4 elements. He called it, "The Aether Element" 12 years later, he died of old age. This mysterious rainbow cube was gone as well.....
A conflict brews within the realm of elements. The light, dark, fire, water, wind, gravity, and beast; all of which seek there own ambitions within this enjoyable rp elemental war server! (WOAH MAMA x2!)
In 2025, a war that almost ended in extinction has devastated the globe. Europe is a wasteland, Asia in anarchy, Africa is being Africa. People from all over the world have fled to places of the world that are still in tact. All surviving countries were United after several years of hard work, a new world order.

The year is now 2053, 28 years have passed since the end of the war. People have started developing inhuman abilities, the government of the new world has decided to isolate these people for research. Highly guarded settlements have been set up for these individuals, the Utopia Program. You will be put into Utopia 14, one of the more laid back facilities, your new home.
Welcome to elemental kingdoms. Long ago, the Four kingdoms of Fire, Water, Earth and Air were at war. They always seemed to be at war. After devastating each other for years, they decided on peace.
-Kind Staff
-Multiple roles
-Many fun bots
-Much more!
If you like Skylanders or Skylanders Academy, now you can RP as your own character in this server.
A (currently) small roleplay server about all of the elements, taking place in the modern era! Come take a look, will you?
Terra in Umbra is a role-play about a world that revolves around the use of elements. Most of the species in Terra live in a city known as Eden, a place that used to be full of peace and opportunity. Now, the economy is going bad, violence is rising, and a secretive organization that can control shadows is starting to take over Terra! Choose an animal species and an element and fight against the organization, survive on your own, or help the shadows consume the city once and for all.

[This is not an ERP server.]
Long ago, 6 gods rules over the lands. The God of Fire: Hephaestus, The God of Water: Poseidon, The God of Air: Zeus, The Goddess of Earth: Gaea, The Goddess of Night: Artemis, and The God of Day: Apollo. Together these gods kept peace over the lands, before disappearing. Its been eons now without them, and the chaos is starting to spread. Will you be the child of one of these gods, born and made to be a Guardian against the Chaos? - Lore created by my friend, which is pretty lazy to add Disboard by herself.