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★ A Friendly & Fun Community Awaiting New and Experienced RPers!

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If in any case the Invite does not work, friend and DM CMOmega#4747

A huge war took the world by surprise, and when the powerhouse of a nation that was the United States wiped out everything East of Iceland, many thought it was the end of the world. However, as time would show, this was not the case. Over the next few years, many immigrated to the US and other areas in the Americas. No countries survived, and soon, most people in what was deemed as the deadlands fell to either gangs or became part of them. Once more, Europe, Asia and Africa became tribal areas.

In all the chaos, the US took charge, signing deals that would see them annex Canada and Mexico. This trend would continue until every remaining government was absorbed, forming the New World Order, or as most know it, the NWO. This p[process was complete in 2078.

Over the next few years, the NWO would become vastly authoritarian, a state ran by people who wanted far more control than they deserved. A military the likes of which had never been seen before was developed to defend the NWO's home territory, and deathsquads were made to take out any tribal fishing boats that got further away from shore than they liked. Soon, the NWO was on expeditions into the likes of Africa and Europe, in this time, they discovered something. People had gained inhuman abilities, all ranging in variety and power.

Though originally thought to have stemmed from radiation, the NWO soon found these people on their own soil, and were quick to set up the Utopia program. A vicious prison system for those with abilities. Though originally a research facility on a quiet pacific island, Utopia-14 was transformed into a prison in hopes that the prisoners would be able to figure out what a giant building was.


You may choose between playing a person with abilities or a guard / soldier character
The war of the gods is a fun roleplay server, were you can roleplay as gods, minor gods, mortals and many other creatures. You can have fun playing around in the many channels we have on this server. And make new friends and meet new people along the way.
choose one element out of earth, air, fire and water and meet new people :)
Magic has been almost completely forbidden since the Forever War, over 50' 000 years ago. . .

Until now.

The Ozars are once more being unlocked, and the Sources venture from Heaven once more. Magic is more potent than ever, and tensions are rising between nations. The magic-wielding elementalists of the modern day can rise once more, and develop themselves into strong magic wielding opponents, and maybe even one day take on the Sources themselves to become the new Source.

Join us, be it as a nomadic non-magic-wielding warrior or a knowledge seeking wizard and all in-between, and see how the realm of Ozari shifts!

Will you advocate and pursue your destiny as a magical superpower? Or will you falter and wish to rid the world of the corruption magic brings and side with the Empire of Balazah?
Welcome....welcome....has you can see the war just started....are you ready to fight for your Empire? just join 1 of the 6 empires ,"level up" and fight for honor!The choosed is yours (Others): börkodian language✓!¡ Element powers! Nsfw(but no)! Games. Make friends and find the love of your life!!!(good lucky whit that....)
This is an rp server about elemental warfare.
We provide the following :
*Active Owner
*Easy to use system
*Unique Rp type
And more to come.
Make sure to read your welcome message when you join so you know what to do and where to go
*Welcome to Isothis, Land of Elementals!*
This is the land of Elementals!
Now, what is a Elemental?
A Elemental is a person that can control the element they were born with!
(Kinda like a superpower)
In this Role Play group, you don’t have to be human!
You can ask a staff member to be any race you want!
There so much to do in this group! You can :
-Make a character with a deep backstory!
-Role Play with the awsome community (though not so active, but awsome!)
-Join a Elemental group! (Hierarchy system involved, check group info for more)
-Become King of Isothis! (Certain Requirements needed, again check group for more info)
-Talk with the owner and staff!

In Isothis Elemental Role Play, you can do so much!
This server is for ages 15+ for sexual content, cursing, and possible violence in rp.

The elemental werewolves have been around since the beginning of the world. There are four packs, the pack of Aer (Air), the pack of Dóiteán (Fire), the pack of Talamh (Earth), and the pack of Uisce (Water). [I got these off of Google translate I don't actually know what I'm doing :3]. Basically each of the members of the packs have a sort of elemental magic that goes according to their pack. They are stronger, faster, and have better senses than humans. A werewolf's magic increases as they grow and practice. Werewolves that lack elemental magic are called Voids. Packs live in a large forest, which is divided into different territories.

Elementals Within is a Warriors rp server where each clan has elemental magic! Fire, water, nature, wind, earth, electricity, ice, light and shadow
Many Rivalries and hate are happening within the clans, which is affecting the magical tree that lended these cats their powers. What will happen to the tree if all this rivalry and hate keeps up?
This is a rp where all elements are working together to defeat all evil in the world.Every action that you take will be remembered (maybe) but you could explore train and create your own move with your element

🔥 Ever Scared of Nature and its Inhabitants?
🌊 The Elemental Kingdoms is the Place for you! Humans control Elemental Abilities in this Medieval-Modern realm.
⚡ Interesting Plots
🍂 Looking for partners
❄ Over 60 Spells for the Elements!
🐉 Anything can happen!
🤖 Fun Bots!
💡 Inspiring Roleplays and events!
🕷 Intense fights!
🌺 Help us bloom into a Popular server!
☁ Easily create a character with our original character system!
💥 Action-Packed Fun
☘ A fair experience for all!
💫 Roleplay your character in the Sea, or in outer space! Your experiences are infinite!

✨ And much more!
**Join Today**

I have something to ask you...

Have you ever looked around at your friends, classmates, neighbors, and just feel like… you don't belong? Like something inside you ached to be released, but that’s all that ever happened. You ignored the feeling and went on with your life. You lived. Got a job. Probably got married. Had kids. Watched them live and grow. And then slowly waste away without ever knowing the source of the strange feeling.

Maybe not. But if you can hear me now, there is something inside you. Something your family line has tried to hide, afraid of what could happen if someone found out. You, my friend, are a descendant of someone great. Someone powerful. Someone forced into hiding by the human government. But now, that power is resurfacing. And you need somewhere to live.

Join us at Camp Love-Willow!

✧ A safe place where witches and warlocks can learn, train, and make friends.
✧ Figure out if you are earth, fire, water or air user.
✧ Learn how to craft potions and discover secret places that the mysterious camp hides
✧ Original Lore!
🔥 Choisissez entre le feu, l'air, l'eau et la terre !
🌊 Quartiers uniques dont vous pouvez proposer l'infrastructure de celui de votre élément.
☁️ Vous avez le droit dés votre arrivé à un pouvoir lié avec votre élément. Un autre pour les personnages de plus de 25 ans avec un animal proche de l'élément en question.
🌿 Vous avez la possibilité d'améliorer vos capacités au court des scénarios.
☮️ Staff à l'écoute et disponible pour une expérience agréable.

[ Résumé ]

Il y a des choses que nous ne savons pas expliquer. Des choses dont nous n'avons aucun souvenir comme dans cette tragique histoire où le destin décida de supprimer tous les souvenirs de ce monde. Laissant à ces gens de simple rumeur pour faire vivre leur curiosité. Ces gens là ne sont pas comme les autres. Ces gens là, c'est vous. Doté de capacité que nul ne sait expliquer. Le feu, l'eau, la terre ou bien encore l'air.Parfois un animal vous est associé, parfois de grandes responsabilités le sont. Il faut apprendre à se battre, à ruser, à se cacher mais aussi à fuir car ces gens différents de vous, ceux qui ne partage pas vos capacités ne vous aimes pas et vous ne les aimez pas davantage...
Magick, a server that encourages creativity, doesn't have too many restricting rules and a simple server. There's not much to say about this server but it is a server that you can enjoy!
**¢αмρ єℓємєитѕ**
Where all the stories of people who can control different elements are true, and you can be one of them.

Years ago, Camp Elements was established to ensure the safety and harmony between all elementals, so that all can live in peace in a desperate attempt to prevent another Elemental Civil War from breaking out. Now, Camp Elements is a must-attend educational camp for all young elementals between the age of 12-22, in place of the “naggie” schools that normal, non-magical humans go to.

But peace is never forever, and chaos is rising. It’s time for the young band of elementals to band together and stop the forces of evil that’s coming to play...

∂єтαιℓє∂ яαикιиg ѕуѕтєм

ѕємι-ℓιтєяαтє тσ ℓιтєяαтє яσℓєρℓαу

fяιєи∂ℓу ¢σммυиιту σf мσяє σя ℓєѕѕ єχρєяιєи¢є∂ яσℓєρℓαуєяѕ

ℓσσкιиg fσя иєω мємвєяѕ
The elements have shown a strange interest in you now use there power and learn,make friends and explore the world they have created.
New sever so ideas are all opened
The Year is 2087, the continents have merged into a supercontinent named Harmonium, which is led by a Council and the Emperor/Empress. Technology has advanced and reached a level where society is dedicated to bettering itself in terms of human experimentation and augmentation. Thus the creation of the SAREF, The Special Anti-Radical Experimentation Force. The members of such are dedicated to maintaining order in this new world, they deal with extreme threats.

The Elemental Society is a roleplay server focused on story, it will start once we have some more members to enjoy it with, the story will change as peoples actions effect it, and your characters can be part of a plot and make new friends.

Join the Elemental Society to

Make A Character who can harness the power of an Element, like Fire or Water.

Fight against or with SAREF or Criminals

Make your story, your rules and your character in this Interactive Story Roleplay!
🐲 yo-lo (yolo?) ._.

Avant toute chose,excusez moi pour ce mauvais jeu de mot ): que j’ai dû expliquer bref commençons.

Ce serveur est un simple serveur qui peut vous permettre de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes (: vous y trouverez des gens avec du flow 😎 (apparemment) MAIS aussi des gens sympas ! et presque drôle (presque..) mdr.

Vous y trouverez aussi des jeux de mots VRAIMENT très marrants (en vrai c’est bof bof :c mais faut pas dire).

C’est un serveur que je qualifierais de « détente » même si on est fous ;-; mais pas grave.

(Oui c’est très court mais je n’avais pas trop de truc à dire ;-; et puis si t’es curieux(se) bah rejoins (je ne gratte pas des membres na))

Bref bisous bisous baby dragon 🐲 (ah oui ! On est sur le thème "Dragon" :) logique non ?)
⛓ jtm bb ⛓
Elements war!! Be a lord and conquer other Elements territory!! Here you can date Top!!! Be happy here. NSFW not allowed
We are a friendly server who is just starting out, Please join us and help us become more well known.
We have roleplay, clan chats, uniqe roles per user if they earn it.
And most importantly!
We provide roleplay!!!
And fun comes more with each person you bring along with yourself!