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Dragon and Viking rp!

The Land of Lorusio is populated with many different kinds of dragons, all sporting a different element. Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Ice, Lighting, Light and Darkness. With each element comes a vast and wide variety of powers and abilities. However the Land of Lorusio aren't just populated by dragons but are there are also the Vikings who live there. The Dragons and Vikings have learnt to co-exist and respect eachother as equals, of course on the terms that the Vikings only live in their land. Each element has its own respective leader and their own land to live on, they can't walk into each others land and can only share the humans' land. Some dragons and Vikings enjoy becoming companions while others set to explore and adventure by themselves. The choice is yours and regardless of which you pick you are bound to have an adventure of a lifetime. Welcome to the Land or Lorusio.

• Many different dragon species
• Leader roles open
• Play a Viking
• Based off of How to Train Your Dragon
• Staff Needed!
• New Server

(Semi- literate to literate rp)
America was a powerhouse. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that they were eager to show off what they could do. They took care of their opposition at the cost of half the world, obliterating it with nuclear bombs. If the bomb itself didn't kill those who remained, the radiation did.

After the catastrophe people started to appear with the strange ability to control elements. They were quickly named Elementals due to this.

While these Elementals started popping up, so did the New World Order (NWO). The NWO viewed, and still does view, the Elementals as a serious threat to others so they imprisoned them.

The NWO worked on special prisons, many in remote places or inaccessible places to the general public. One of these is called Utopia 14.
Centuries ago the Fire god gifted a small tribe with his power, they soon grew into a powerful Kingdom, now there are other kingdoms with the magic of gods gifts that are appearing, will there be war or peace?

Cadalion Online is a 3D massively multiplayer online role playing game based on platforming, puzzle solving, exploration and an elements /weather system which makes players adapt in combat
Welcome To Beyblade Burst: Elemental

This is an old franchise I made 2 years ago and decided to reboot with more quality, logic and more common sense. This is a beyblade roleplay with a self made training and experience system along with elements who are custom boosts you can design yourself. An OC only roleplay with a custom plot and original people.

-Active People
-Nice Community
-Cool Roleplay
-Custom Beys and Parts
-OC Only
Magick. Mystery. Mayhem. For you, your whole world is about to change.

Welcome to Penderghast Academy for the Gifted! Here, you will find classmates to study your Attunement with, go on quests (albeit unknown quests,) and make friends.
Here at Penderghast, anything can happen.

- Friendly Staff!
- Lots of Attuned roles!
- Many roleplay channels!
-Custom Giveaways
-Many More!

We hope to see you soon!
𝐷𝑒𝑎𝑛 𝑆𝑤𝑎𝑛
☼ - ☁ - ☽ ꫀꪶꫀꪑꫀꪀ𝓽ꪖꪶ ᧁꪖ𝘳ᦔꫀꪀ ☾ - ☁ - ☼
Welcome to the Elemental Garden, a place for all ages (above 13) and abilities of witches! We are looking for enthusiastic members to help our server grow!

Our server welcoming and open to everyone aged 13 and upwards, but that's not all!
We also have the following:
★ Lots of roles to define you and your path!
★ Friendly and helpful staff!
★ A channel guide to help you get around!
★ Witchy resources!
★ Verification system to prevent raids!
★ LGBTQIA+ and system friendly community!
★ Future classes and interactive learning opportunities!
★ Sabbat and moon phase updates!
★ Venting channel, accessible by a role!
★ Unique emojis!
★ A range of bots, such as economy, levelling and divination bots!
★ Rewards for levelling up, such as custom name colours!
★ A friendly community and a fun place to just vibe!

Classes and lessons are now in session :3


As a note, bigots and disrespectful people ARE NOT welcome here. You will be kicked/banned if you are such a person!
do i have to copy the entire thing? *distant talking* ok, fine

but first, a TLDR: basically its an rp game similar to D&D but a bit different. basically there are two worlds, each the same but different. at some point a portal opened up, allowing the two worlds to meet. one of the worlds is Elementium, where everyone controls one element, which can be pretty much anything. yes, even pollen or dry wall. read the entire thing to find out more, cause honestly i dont wanna write this description anymore (i mean, look at how long it is)

“In 1903, January 3rd, a purple mist appeared in a hospital room. Seven people came through. One with the element of the earth, another with fire, and the other three had air, sound, and water. Along with dark and light. All of them the leaders of a kingdom they control. The alliances were...
air + sound
fire + light
water + dark + earth
Air was in South America, sound was in Africa, Fire was in North America, light was in North Pole, dark was in the South Pole, water was in Europe, earth was in Asia. While many lived in harmony, light and dark have always been at a pause in war.

People started traveling regularly, the world was the same to ours, but everyone controlled an element, even paper, and mythical things. As long as it is in someone’s imagination, someone could control it. Then, the fire kingdom separated.

The fire kingdom had many ice elementals living in it, and in our universes Canada, Matthew Rema caused a revolution. All the Ice elementals would fight the fire elementals, a war was happening. The two kingdoms were at war. The soldiers for both count their numbers, along with their days.

While all born in Elementium have the ability to control an element, the royal bloodlines always are hereditary, not needing to love their own element, of course. Now, it’s just like the real world, but there are places to take over, rule, as there are Unlimited Elementals.”
wow, surprised you read the entire thing
Hey! Welcome to Elemental Academy ((EA for short)). This server allows you to roleplay and have tons of fun!
~We have amazing staff and different bots,
~A fun environment for 13+
~An arrange of interesting conversations
~An owner who interacts with everyone!
~LGBTQIA+ safe and BLM safe server!
~Swearing is allowed, Just not too much
~Promotion Channel! ((This is only accessible through roleplay and/or application))

All you are is a few clicks away from making your ATLA or other OC come true. Trust me, It's worth the clicks!
Thank you for understanding and enjoy your time at Elemental Academy!
There are 4 elements, they once worked together to balance peace and power from the realms closing any contact with the outsiders. Who are the “outsiders” you may ask yourself, The outsiders are humans that have no element ability or are just civilians outside of the realms. The realms are protected by 4 statues, they light up and the gates open if a traveler from the realms have returned. They all got along perfectly, until one day...

2008 February 20th
The fire element turned on the other elements beside the earth element, the water realm was angry on how he betrayed them like that. He declared war on the other elements. The earth element helped the fire element and together, they rained hell on the other realms.

2012 January 2nd
The war went in for years, many lives where ruined and tribes killed. Finally, the dark and light realm was born. The light protected the Air and Water realms, and the dark realm protected the fire and earth realms. The war still continued, but civilians lives where protected and only the tribes that fought where nit protected, but they where still strong, not weak.
You materialize into a new world, you notice you came through a portal that was situated behind you. Where did you come from? Why are you here? That's for you to find out. You notice your name and age on your left forearm. You feel something surge inside of you, powers? You tried to go back through the portal, it just pushed you back, there's signs around telling you the names of areas you see in the distance. There's Rysil to the North, Amber, Northeast, Triton, East, Eskana, Southeast, Nephran, South, Golcrest, Southwest, Klybehl, West, Sigil, Northwest. Choose your path. Explore to your hearts content. Be careful, some of these ways may lead to your death...
"'Dive in to an island that is home to a massive valley- discover the hidden world of the elemental clan cats, and why they stay seperated from life outside the valley...."

A literate warriors rp with a twist of elemental bending! Their world is a massive island that houses a valley full of powerful life, four different clans and four differently attractive territories! Enchanting history, and upcoming kick off plot that need rank spots to be filled!

:Our clans involve:
- Beachclan's fire benders🔥
- Treeclan's air benders 🌪️
- Cliffclan's earth benders☄️
- Islandclan's water benders 🌊

...and a number of hidden rogue elements 🌱

Join us today!
We are a roleplay server with a weak magic system.
What that is you might ask? That gives you alot of freedom and creativity with the powers of the elements you're given and makes the roleplay much more fun with those less limitations.
Although there are still rules and moderation to stop biasing. Wanna give it a try? Why not join?

We Offer:

-Unique Story
-Friendly People
-Organized Server
-Roleplay World
-Alot Of Freedom
this server is a roleplay focused server full of elemental magic, story building and lots of personality.
It contains 7 different elements to choose from, and the people who have those elements all have a general personality type that you can learn about in the server. The elements are Light, Air, Water, Life, Fire, Earth, and Dark. The people in each element are somewhat a team, but they arent required to always work together.
If this server goes well, we might make it into an RPG, so we're trying to get it to grow to a reasonable size
Avatar: Forgotten Harmony


Four elements, and four nations meant to live in harmony. Years ago, the world was in balance and at peace until shortly after the passing of the previous avatar, Kyoshi. Knowing the avatar was to be a fire bender in their next life, the fire lord plotted against the world.

Eight short years after the birth of the new avatar, around the time he learned who he was and began his training, war began. Battles broke out across the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes. The Air Nomads took a more passive role in the beginning. They did not wish to partake in the war. The Fire Nation still did not have a means to strike at the Air Nomads as their temples were only able to be reached through flight.

11 years passed, the war has spread but the Water Tribes and Earth Kingdom are fighting hard against the Fire Nation. Calling on all who are able to fight and relying on their natural defenses and advantages. What will be your role? Your decisions will effect the world around you.

What we are about
This is an Avatar server in an alternate universe. To put it simply, the majority of characters we’ve come to know have never existed! With this being the first time around this war has ever happened, Rewrite history your way.

**What we’re able to offer**
-Quality Role Play.
-A close group of friends across the server that welcomes all with open arms!
-A very character development based server with great potential. We’re very open minded, we’re always up for ideas to make the server better.
- Fun story arcs! While you have the freedom to choose your characters direction, we as a staff like to unite everyone together. We host events and arcs from time to time putting the entire server together creating a fun experience for all involved!
- Constant updates being made by the staff to ensure the server runs smoothly!

With that being said, come out and join us! We’d love to have you😊
An "Avatar: The Last Airbender" based server!! Need more members to join the community, you will also be able to particiapte in many events! Join the server to support us.
This is a server coming back from the dead. We are trying to revive it and bring in more people with the same passion. If you enjoy having the power over fire or be able to bend water like from the shows, then you'll love this Elemental based server! You can be an animal, humanoid, or what living creature that fits your style. You can choose to be a hybrid or have a single element. There are plenty of elements to choose from. From the normal tour(fire, water, air, earth) to the some new types(blood, music/sound, metal).

------------------☆You'll find☆------------------
●plenty of roles
●awesome lore
●amazing people
●staff slots open

--------☆lore(summaried slightly)☆--------
20th of June, 9005. A all out war between the elements on a vast island had started. The island is secret to civilization as natural occurring magic is sacred. The creatures on the island, which are born with elemental powers, keep away from society; however, few humans manage to find the island and stay among the elementals. They soon get a taste of the magical essence of a element. Over 9 humans were corrupted, mind and soul, and a female Kitsune made them meet their demise. She is Ren, a Tengoku Kitsune, that been working with other half-gods to figure out peace between all of the elements.
War is something that we all don’t want to think about as many had bad experiences. Ren is hoping to prevent it to continue on. Families and friends killed during the Vargach Di Ro Ixenic, or Battle of Eternal Fires. A battle between the fire and acid elementals. Large amounts of creatures were killed on both sides, it ending on the 20th of June, 9014. Other battles occurred between


On the 4th of January, 9034, the peace treaty was created and passed around the island. It took longer than Ren had expected, however, everyone had agreed to keep it. The Metal, Poison, Acid, Blood, and Ice elementals still fight and hate each other, like fire to water.
Ren would of made action to stop them, until a assassin from the Darkness territory had penetrated her heart with a death-touch dagger. Because of that, the ’peaceful’(Life/Nature, Light, Music/Sound, Gravity, Air) elementals grew angry at creatures that contain the Darkness element, threatening them in every way.
Few fights between elements happen, some destroying cities and sacred lands. Some gain allies or enemies… one of Ren’s famous quotes: “Put light against light - you get nothing. Put dark against dark - you get nothing. It’s the contrast of light and dark that each give the other one meaning. We can’t have fire without Life/nature.”

Welcome to Elemental Aenigma, a fast growing RP server. We might not seem like much but we are growing at speed only being founded very recently. We hope we can entertain you during you boredom and give you a little family to come to.
Welcom to Akins city!

Akins City is a hidden city made up of creatures of all kinds, and humans who are okay living amongst the creatures most would be afraid of. there's only two ways to get to the city: walking through the vast deep forest or taking the train which you need certain verification to get on.

the creatures that know about the city and can fly or teleport also fly or teleport in on their own.

The city overall is a very peaceful city where everyone lives at peace with one another, of course like all cities theirs crime and fights, but that's to be expected.
Avez-vous déjà rêvé d'être un magnifique et grand dragon survolant des paysages uniques ? Ce serveur vous offre cette possibilité ! Incarnez le dragon du type que vous voulez, formez des groupes d'amis et combattez les autres clans de dragons!
De type métal, feu, eau, végétation, métal ou pierre, faites ce qu'il vous plaît !
Lien du serveur:
(This is omegaverse. LGBT friendly situation with Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics)

Welcome citizens to Ryeqia, the City of Stars. This city is in a world that is in the not so distant future, 2089 in comparison to our current world, where a small cataclysmic event may or may not have rendered the world's population asunder; climate change as well as a pathogen which is said to have come from the stars infected the people and forced rapid genetic mutation. About 1/4 of the entire population was transformed into these strange monstrosities tied to different aspects of nature. It twisted them. Some say they are no longer even human... another 1/4 of the population died painfully. Every person was infected, yet some survived... so what happened to the rest of them?

Join our server and find out. We welcome any and all who wish to be a part of our world and this server.

Welcome to Camp Aether, camp for the elemental teens! Enjoy fun and exciting adventures as you explore camp and make friends.


If your not in it for the roleplay you can always enjoy fun chats with our supportive staff and members! We accept all weirdos out there in the world who just wanna feel like they belong. If your weird and crazy come join us to have a supper fun time!


(っ◔◡◔)っ The Positive Side of Roleplay

- Friendly Rolplayers!

- LGBTQ+ Group

- Nice Staff and current growing Community!

- Accepting Partners Now!

🔥 Ever Scared of Nature and its Inhabitants?
🌊 The Elemental Kingdoms is the Place for you! Humans control Elemental Abilities in this Medieval-Modern realm.
⚡ Interesting Plots
🍂 Looking for partners
❄ Over 60 Spells for the Elements!
🐉 Anything can happen!
🤖 Fun Bots!
💡 Inspiring Roleplays and events!
🕷 Intense fights!
🌺 Help us bloom into a Popular server!
☁ Easily create a character with our original character system!
💥 Action-Packed Fun
☘ A fair experience for all!
💫 Roleplay your character in the Sea, or in outer space! Your experiences are infinite!

✨ And much more!
**Join Today**