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Danganronpa: Transparent Hope is a Danganronpa video series project. We are really in need of voice actors, cg/splash artists, etc. I would appreciate it if you joined even just to join! It would help a lot though if you auditioned to be on the team! our server has Bots such as: Komaeda, alter ego, tenko, and chiaki! Please join if you would like!
Hey are you sad, fat, and ugly? We cant fix that but join our server
𝒞𝒽𝒶𝑜𝓈 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒟𝑒𝓈𝓅𝒶𝒾𝓇
We have-

- Family Guy Streaming (Hehe lois)

- The g a y

- Weird Shit

- Horse Hate

-Gremlin Knowlege

And a lot of Danganronpa stuff
Join now! Or our gremlin expert will steal your kneecaps
Btw the roleplay already started

Hello! This is Danganronpa: Despair City! Everyone is welcome to have fun and rp with us. This takes place on the islands just like SDR 2! This is a killing game so there will be violence and there will be some descriptive stuff. We only accept OCs so no canon characters! Come and enjoy the life on the island... until it gets chaotic!
Welcome to the Danganronpa Cult! This is a roleplay server for Danganronpa obsessed weebs! We have plenty of roles to share an go around!

💞~ A nontoxic community! We’re all just crazy crackheads!

💞~ Spoilers must have “||” around the spoiler. Or spoiler tag the image!

💞~ Invite people that you’d like into the server! more the merrier!

💞~ Racial slurs, advertising, and rudeness in general is strictly prohibited!

💞~ We have plenty of roles to be taken! you can also use ocs! ✨✨

💞~ If you decide to join us, thank you!💓
Are you looking for an exciting Danganronpa Roleplay?

Well, Danganronpa: Hidden City is the perfect roleplay that combines the excitement and mystery of Danganronpa with the new concept of a hidden and underground city!

This roleplay is semi-lit to literate and it is 13+ since that is the minimum age you must be to join discord based on Discord's Terms of Service. This roleplay also deals with serious issues such as gore, death, and murder.

I hope you enjoy this murder mystery roleplay as much as I enjoyed making it
I, Monokuma, have made Hope's Peak a public school. Why? Well, we may have run out of our budget but! Do not fret! I shall show you the true meaning of despair!
An alternate world, killing games are just starting
You can be a oc, or you can be someone from the original classes at THE HOPE HOTEL
Welcome to the server description, thank you for considering joining our server! We’re quite small at the moment, which actually is a bonus as it means most characters are open! We currently only accept canon characters!
╰☆☆ Read on for the lore! ☆☆╮

This is an AU where Junko Enoshima never interacted with Ryota Mitarai, so no despair video was created and the killing games never occured. Hajime Hinata and Izuru Kamakura are separate people (official relations to be decided by roleplayers), and Hajime, Komaru, Natsumi and Sato all attend Hopes Peak in the reserve course. All V3 characters keep their in-game personalities, Mikan is not affected by Junko and Makoto is not dating Kyoko (unless decided by the roleplayers). Trigger Happy Havoc are in class 78, Goodbye Despair are in class 77-b, Warriors of hope are in class 80 of the middle school department, Killing Harmony are in class 153 and the reserve course students are in Reserve 2.
Want to meet new interesting people and discover new anime, manga, or video games? Come on over to this server, we provide voice chats, bots, and many more things. This is a completely SFW server and no NSFW content is allowed.
A non canon roleplay server based off the structure from danganronpa! The roleplay is based on a camp resort where the evil villain Camp Ranger Monokub has devised an evil plan for 16 unsuspecting strangers. The game has yet to begin to feel free to join the server!
After the first killing game, the students were back in the tubes sleeping. Infinity members would laugh and be happy since they finally freed them all. Even the dead ones were back. Right when they would release and awake them, the light shut out and a gas would fill the air. You awake in the tower lobby.

Become an Infinity Member and try to survive this Unique Killing Game!
Welcome! to Danganronpa: The despair continues!

You and your class wake up in hopes peak academy! Though something doesn't feel right, or look right! everything looks as if it was about to start rotting!

That's when...You guessed it your favorite build a bear reject pops up! That's right your in another killing game!

In this role play you all have to survive a killing game! And try to continue living in the despair apocalypse! We include all the survivors from trigger happy, The remnants of despair and both Despair Sisters!

We hope you enjoy the server, your favorite student- Junko Enoshima

p.s Isn't irony I said hope? Lol!
Trigger Happy Havoc... redo!
The victims are different! Murderers are different! Executions are different! Even the mastermind may be different! We've got a group chat, plenty of RP channels, and the whole THH cast to choose from! Enjoy :-)
We welcome everyone in the danganronpa fandom to come chill in our cult! We worship all characters, but Nagito is main god. Caution, we have many, many spoilers here for the games!
Welcome to the Train of despair! Yes this Killing Game does take place on a train, need I say more?

We are currently looking for more people to join in on the rp and applications are still open.

We hope to see you there.
Welcome To Killing Game 11! Set On A Cruise Ship, Our Group Of SHSL’s Are Ready For A Lovely Holiday To Botswana. Who Knew Despair Would Knock Them Off Course!
Come join our Danganronpa Role Play server we have all kinds of fun stuff, Murder, Executions, Trials and Distrust, We have only the deepest despair for the new members.

we can get a bit..... dirty so please keep that in mind if you dont like dirty things lol