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Hello, welcome to our server! We provide you a Minecraft Premium Account generator along with a community! I hope you can give us a chance.
We are a society that loves to chill, hangout, and game! We have many gamer bots, specially DANK MEMER. Enjoy the PREMIUM server and feel free to participate in GIVEAWAYS to win FREE COINS while grinding with your friends! We hope everyone gets rich so all of you can flex on other servers. Follow all the rules and enjoy your stay!

Why us?
+ Rob And Bankrobs Are Disabled
+ Premium Server
+ Giveaways Everyday
+ Many Gamer Bots
+ Friendly Community And Toxicity Free
+ Many Members To Chill With
+ And You Get The Highest Possible Multiplier
Welcome to The Dankest Meme!

This is a special place for all of the memers out there who want to help or get helped in Dank Memer. Our server offers:
- Premium Server
- Daily / Weekly Giveaways
- Coin Drops
- Rob disabled
- Friendly heists!

So what are you waiting for? Join us now and don't miss out!
Welcome!! This is a brand new dank memer premium server, we are doing daily giveaways(500k+)(also doing a nitro giveaway today or tomorrow), heists and fun events. We would really appreciate if you joined, we are looking for loyal staff join to apply!! We hope you have a great time in it, and enjoy your day. (this server has rob disabled)
We are a new dank Memer community which wants to bring every dank memer lover into a single server and have some fun, we are Oriented Dankers and we provide all of the things provided below. Enjoy your stay with us whever you join ;)

Premium Perks
Rob & Heist Disabled!
Other Bots
Friendly Staff
• Salutation à toi !

- Mon rôle est de te présenter Heloria. Heloria est un projet de serveur Minecraft de la 1.8 à la 1.12.2 ( les crack seront autorisé ) il sera basé sur les mini-jeux.

•════• ───• Le Serveur •─── •════•

「☕」- Un serveur communautaire, proposant une atmosphère douce et accueillante !

「🍭」- Un staff accueillant, actif et chaleureux. Très proche des membres.

「🌸」- Un Discord Original, remplit de Mini Jeux et d'activités pour ne pas s'ennuyer.

「🎈」- Une communauté chaleureuse, saine et bienveillante, active chaque jour.

「🍩」- Des évents et des animations sont organisées.

「🍨」-Recrutement de staff motivé ouvert.

•══• ──• Alors, qu'attends-tu pour nous rejoindre ?

200 davette 1 adet bedava key 200 invite free key
FiveM Element Club Platinum Unlimited Key Sell Secure payment and delivery with ininal.
Type dm to contact me.
FiveM Element Club Platinum Sınırsız Key ininal ile hızlı ve güvenli teslimat.
Özelden Ulaşınız.
**DankMemer Community is an amazing server, we have:**
🍀 | DankMemer premium
This includes commands as `pls weekly` and `pls monthly`
🤝 | trading system
We have an advanced self-made trading system.
🌐 | active discord
An very active discord with a lot of people in it
🦴 | amazing bots
You can have a lot of fun with all our bots in the server
⛔ | a good staff team
Always staff that stand ready for you
❓| quick help
If you have any questions we are quick to help you out
🎁 | Giveaways
Amazing and huge giveaways, daily about 500k on rewards

Make sure to check it out!
# We are new to server #
# All Content available here #
# Mega Links, Onlyfans, Desi leaks, Premium albums , requested contents#
Minecraft Premium CS:GO hile Ve sizin istediginiz oyunlarda hile yapıyoruz Hepsi Ucuzdur Üstelik İnvite İlede Alabiliyosunuz
we are a server that is still developing .Join and DM me if u wanna get the technical support role to make the server a better place for all
Welcome to Dank Slots™️

Perks of Being Part of Dank Slots™️

🔥 Daily Heist Events
🔥 Friendly Staff Ready To Support
🔥 Trading Area/Selling Market
🔥 Premium Server (Faster Cooldowns)
🔥 Rob and Heist Disabled
🔥 18+ Auto Nsfw Channel 👀
🔥 Tons of Dank Memer Channels
🔥 Great Leveling System
🔥 Very Organized server
🔥 Self and Colors Roles
🔥 Max Multiplier Possible

👑**We want you to join us in Dank Slots™️ to help us expand our community!**👑
This is an Esports organisation server but we also host weekly nitro giveaways along with premium accounts giveaway for boosters like spotify premium, netflix, amazon prime, disney plus etc.
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Hey! When you join this group, you're supporting my Roblox group. When the server and group get to 1k members, I'll do a Robux giveaway. Be sure to check my group in the announcement channel. Thanks!
Pepe's Plaza <Dank Memer>

✧✧Want To Win A Huge Amount Of Money From Lotteries? Pepe's Plaza Is The Way!

✧✧Want To Get To Know A Chill Community With No Toxicity? Pepe's Plaza Is The Way!

✧✧Want To Have Guides Who Lead You To Earn Mills on Mills within Minutes? Pepe's Plaza is The Way!

✧✧Want To Just Chill and Play Bots? Well, We Have That As Well!! Pepe's Plaza is The Way!

✧✧Want To Stay Away From Scammers? We Have A List of Them, Pepe's Plaza is The Way!

✧✧ Wanna Share Your Media And Thoughts? Guess What?What is Our Server For? Pepe's Plaza Is The Way!

Here At Pepe's Plaza, We Don't Only DO GWs And Heists For You, But Make Sure You Have A Pleasant Experience Either Way!!

Just Doing Giveaways Is The Least We Can Do For Our Wonderful Community!
We Want To Brighten Your Mood, Brighten Your Day, Brighten Your Week!We are always there for you!!

✧✧ Pepe's Plaza Dank Memer
serveur discord minecraft semi-rp

bienvenue sur monarch of empire,
un serveur semi-rp cheat avec des villes et des nations, des jobs, des grades, 75% farm2win, 25% pay2win.
rejoint nous vite le serveur discord communautaire pour en apprendre plus le projet en création ambitieux.
et apporte tes idées et ton point de vue du serveur minecraft idéal.
avec une économie travailler au petit oignions et bien d'autre chose.
les créateurs sont à fonds sur le projet
rejoint nous et devient un jour le monarch of empire
Join The Dank Bank! Work, Gamble, Steal, And Climb To The Top! We have...

💠Premium Dank Memer
🎨Special Roles
🥳Friendly Staff
✅Active Members
🐸Dank Memer (Of Course)
💎 Boosted Server
🎵 Music Bots and Channels
🔢Countr Channel

“Gaming Gone Reckless” or “GGr” is a gaming community for all to call home no matter the games you play or the platform you play it on. This discord is ran by YOU, The Community members of GGr. Take full advantage of the different channels for different games, chat rooms etc to connect with your fellow gamer and have fun playing the games you love with other people who enjoy the same thing!
Planet Rewards!

Servidor dedicado a dropear, regalar y sortear cuentas premium de todo tipo ya sean, netflix, spotify ,crunchyroll, tidal, primevideo entre otros. Todos los dias sorteamos ademas de que somos 100% legit en lo que hacemos!